The Dirty Truth & Living the Good Life

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lake-stream-fog-mountain-KristenTodayJupiter and Pluto’s square climaxing on Thursday stir up some dirty truths.

Navigating unknown territories can make you again turn avoidance cheek that already has made things worse than they need to be.

You can and must get through this expedition. Life is peaks and valleys, just like Sagittarius, where Sun entered Monday the 21st. 

Sun in Sagittarius breaks you free of imagined boundaries that you didn’t even know were holding you back.

Time will fly by, so this week’s void moons help you setup for easy wins later on.

Spend your time with astrological know-how and give your intentionality a boost with This Week’s Considerations.

This Week’s Astrological Affinities and How to Spend Your Time

Tuesday – Virgo Moon can make you anxious in the morning, until it goes void at 12:41pm ET. You’ll have a number of people to talk to, business to wrap up, maybe even a contract to finish. The afternoon’s void moon offers some relief to wrap things up to return to later.

Wednesday – Before the holiday-hustle incessantly murmurs, take advantage of the morning void moon (ends 2:42pm ET) to plan and de-clutter your work for next week to auto-pilot. Go with today’s flow, and setup your no brainer moves to ace later.

Thursday Thanksgiving astrologically is packed with aspects. Ideologies are challenged, but balance and love want to come through. You might have to try a few different ways to help it find the resonance you know is possible.

Friday If you do your shopping and might want to return it, do it before 8:52am ET. If you want to buy something and not have to think twice about it, then buy it afterward.

Void moon all day can get you in the lull of lots of activity without order. Emotional impulses might rear their heads. Shopping therapy can become like that bag of potato chips that was supposed to last as a treat for much longer than it did.

Saturday – Scorpio Moon, and Mercury trining Uranus make for a very focused and active day. You get what you want. Trust your intuitions. Speak from your truth place, especially to those you can influence or those who can support you.

Sunday – Saturday-lite, Moon continues in Scorpio until it goes void at 4:48pm ET. Moon’s aspects can bring up some pain points you might not want to face. But it ends off helping you remember the values you stand for – helping you rise up to them one step at a time.

Monday – No aspects today and prepping for the New Moon, it’s twiddle-thumbs quiet. Maybe some optimism peaks through (yay)! Veg out and daydream. A new 2.5 cycle begins tomorrow.


Avert the Crazy & Understand the Dirty Truth

You can encounter a little cray-cray as the Jupiter-Pluto square climaxes Thursday with dirty truths.

Pressure builds up to Thanksgiving day and will spill into the following days (and New Moon’s 2.5 cycle initating).

Jupiter magnifies whatever is happening. In Libra, it has to do with where you stand opposed to “the other.”

The ominous other could be a best friend or partner, or they could be a defined enemy whether a single person or public type.

Tempting as it is, Libra doesn’t ask you to change (that’s Scorpio).

Libra searches for the fulcrum of where it is you both can own your space with respect so everybody gets along happily.

Yet, it may not be that way.

Jupiter will enhance whatever is going well or is imbalanced.

Pluto adds dirty secrets, hidden sides, and dark fantasies to the pot of s***.

You can see how this Pluto-Jupiter square tension can end up poorly.

Without negating the importance to find outlets to express your feelings – in word, movement, visually, or however, it is equally important to recognize the affectation of them.

Your expressions may influence and trigger others – whether family members or if seen from afar in situations of protest, riot, or demonstration.

To reveal conflict and demonstrate a “difference” attitude will enhance “your enemy” even more. Like attract likes, and counter-action often follows in not a peaceful manner.

However if you reveal conflict, and challenge yourself to bridge understanding and resolve inappropriate aggressions at the world onto a single person, you will be hard-pressed to find another who won’t try to match your maturity and respect.

They might not be as strong as you are to pull themselves through to step up and be a bridge like you, but in the efforts of trying they get better for next time.

Thursday is Thanksgiving. So while you may not be in the front-lines of protests – dinner tables surely can get heated with more than just food.

This NYTimes article on does a great job on helping you bridge those conversations – whether it’s politically loaded or just a conflict.

Put your best self forward because Sun in Sagittarius wants you to live fully!


Welcome To Sun in Sagittarius: Generate Your Happy Place for Long-Term Good

Air of the pompous know-it-all, big fat Jupiter rules Sagittarius and can be thought of enjoying Thanksgiving dinner every meal. Whatever your happy-place is, generate it – make it happen.

Life is GOOD when Sun is in Sagittarius.

Farmer mentality to try on: you can’t stop the process of the crops dying. The growing season is what it is.

So, might as well make a party of it, celebrate the riches you do have, and worry about tightening up next month.

When you’re in an optimistic mood, your ability to visualize increases enormously.

Nature tells you that it’s the season to live it up.

That’s why Sagittarius governs our high hopes, our religious convictions, order and government to abide by, and outlook in every way.

The sign encourages taking in what’s foreign to you to be more worldly, rounded, experienced, uplifted, more, more, more…

In general, this signs wants more. “Stretch your limits, they might be imagined,” Sagittarius says.

Don’t forget the archer is a Fire Sign, that means your inner passion is kindled and wants to be stoked.

Do it for the love of life. You deserve it.


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