Deep, Powerful Meditations: Jupiter Retrograde – March 8th-July 10th

jesse-bowser-mountain-fog-meditation-KristenTodayWhen I first started to meditate, I was looking for the blissful, peaceful places that were idolized. What I didn’t know then was how important the opposite end was to find the most beautiful places in spirituality.

Like scraping off a stubborn stain, over and over I had to muster up courage to face my insecurities, fears, and patterns. I brought myself there time and time again, not because I’m masochistic, but because I felt insight and lighter in my body and heart whenever I did it.

As time progressed, I started to see the source of my worst self and the triggers that set me off. My outside life started shifting. The quality of people around me shifted to be more supported and inspired. I could receive love, attention and appreciation like never before. (I had also opened to give myself those things in meditation).

Next, I started to lose (most) emotional attachments to past pain itself and could observe and feel it without worrying I was going to lose it mentally.

Now I’m not a Buddha, but after doing this for over a decade now, it’s a quick process to go into the deep, recognize my faults, let them go, and continue toward the more peaceful spiritual places. It’s so much easier.

Jupiter stations to Retrograde around midnight, specifically 11:46pm EST on Thursday, March 8th. Retrogrades bring the focus inward, and Jupiter magnifies and accumulates.

In Scorpio, Jupiter’s focus is about your own depths, particularly psychological and analytical. The endings are the seeds to the new beginnings, but you still have the journey ahead to make them geminate.

Like my meditation beginnings, in this Jupiter Retrograde, we all are asked to face the negative to bring light to the positive. And, I believe meditation is probably the best way to use this Jupiter Retrograde.

This Week’s Considerations takes into account the cosmic landscape at the time Jupiter goes Retrograde. The particular moment’s cosmic picture will rebound for the entirety of Jupiter’s Retrograde.  

So even though it’s only a week’s considerations, take it with you for the next 3 months. Think of it as a season of self-awareness.

Meditation should be liberating. I’ve explored 3 common struggles below to help free up the mental space to engage in your Jupiter Retrograde more easily.


You Can Have A Daily Practice That Doesn’t Suck

You owe it to yourself to lighten up about the shoulds and coulds of your meditation practice. You seriously have enough of that to manage in your everyday life!

My own beginnings in meditation made me believe that if I followed a recipe of a standard meditation practice, then I would attain enlightenment and be happy the rest of my life.

Really if you’re looking for an actualization of the greater Self, you’re looking to tap into something only you can sense.

Meaning, there can’t be a prescription to self-actualize yourself if it’s about resonating fully as yourself.

Therefore, embrace your eccentricities and engage in meditation in a way that you feel like you. Maybe it’s explorative, maybe it’s calm.

There are countless facets of your ultimate personality. Try to illuminate them all, and explore how to get them to work together. Discover the meditations that work for you.

Your daily practice is actually just finding the thing that brings you peace and integration for that moment.

For some, a walking meditation in nature of 5 minutes a day is perfect. Others need a whole day to themselves. Still, others need to exercise then meditate for 20-minutes.

Each person’s meditation will reflect who they are. Let your meditation become you, don’t assimilate yourself into someone else’s spiritual wardrobe.


Contemplate… Then take Real-World Action!

Spirituality has been valued in traditions since the beginning of humankind. In the past, across cultures, you’d retreat to a life in prayer or meditation to commit to your spirituality.

However, like I mentioned above, the character of how meditation should look today is probably different.

The modern world is not comparable to the world where many of the spiritual masters found their own attainment.

Our times are fast-paced, interconnected, and individualized on the positive side of the spectrum.

The skills today’s person learn are more mental than physical than ever before. That helps us explore what it means to be human more than trying to survive with food and shelter.

The world’s problems are today’s concerns more than the past could fathom when survival and war were constant threats.

It seems to me that we have the perfect situation today for contemplation and real-world action to work together.

Develop your spirituality as your primary source of inspiration, peace, and grounding. It feeds the positive force to do something in real life that equals the powers of spiritual grace the masters before us offered to the collective

Long-form meditations build your muscles of self-awareness. The connection to the energy of purpose (not just work) propels you to also do something, not just sit still.

Beyond acts of charity or good nature, I offer that the quality of your interactions with others can bring out the best in them if you are your own best.

The engagement with your work and expertise can propagate goodness by those who encounter, consume, or distribute it.

Don’t discount supportive of behind-the-scenes roles for their influence.

Often at my accounting job at a design firm, I’d see symbols and images drafted for jobs that symbolically meant a lot to me in my own spiritual world.

You just radiating you in a pure form – which is what meditation helps deliver you to be – has a noticeable influence on others around you, even if it’s subtle.

Trust your fellow human beings to pick up on the great transformative work you’re doing. Let the world of awareness spread as a quiet blanket over all those you interact.

That way in your meditation, you’re going to the dark, uncomfortable place to liberate yourself, but you’re also doing it for something greater than you in the real world.


Others May Not Understand You

It’s not every session, but sometimes you leave a meditation with profound insight. You leave it empowered, with a new vision of how things can be.

So you go out in the world and start to act differently.

Then your friends or family members get strange around you. Even if it’s better for you, they are concerned something is different. That difference may or may not work out, and they want you to be safe.

Your newfound enthusiasm can taper, or you can overcompensate for the unanticipated reaction.

Mercury-Venus’ transit in Aries will give you that enthusiasm to speak and relate in new ways.

Their square to Saturn shows you’re defying the status quo and what people say you ought to do.

Empower and demonstrate the validity of your own authority – and the value of those meditative insights – by going into that necessary resistance. Cosmos got your back on this.

Well-skilled communicators may be able to talk it out, but this is what I’ve found more effective.

Every time I feel really different and renewed from a series of meditation, I invite the energies of those closest to me in another meditation.

Like a spiritual fashion show, I show them my new energetic colors. I state my intentions, even if there are no words – just the feelings mostly!

I invite them to recognize me or to not. (But really, I’ve never felt a rejection after I honestly show myself on a spiritual level).

The real-world effects from this practice have been mind-blowing for me.

I’ve had phone calls where a loved one says something that shows they understand my new perspective without me saying a thing about it.

Why does it work? Because we are all connected, and doing work on yourself, you’re also doing work for all of us, especially those closest to you.

Go to your depths in meditation and adventure out to being more you in the world.


Astrological Day Guides: March 6-12, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.


Tuesday – Don’t avoid today’s intense feelings, but don’t let your mind think this is a forever thing. Feelings of loss, depression, and helplessness can rear their head. Exercise your positive thinking to break out traps your past self would venture down. Be careful of unloading on others. You’re in the mood to shake things up, and that can cause a similar angst to others.
(Scorpio Moon trine Neptune-Pisces and sextiles Pluto. Venus enters Aries).


Wednesday – Take a low profile today. Try to calm your temptation to just mess everything up or start from scratch. While a new strategy is gaining steam, it doesn’t need to negate or dismiss what already has gone well. Take the energy to want to do something to figure out what needs either undone or preserved first. (Jupiter Retrograde is super close).
(Void Moon until 5:30pm EST followed by Sagittarius Moon trine Venus and Mercury).


Thursday – Short-term pleasure can trump the bigger picture you have. True -you don’t need to be serious and purpose-focused 100% of the time. Yet, the carefree nature of today can feel more careless later on. Stay convicted to what you know about yourself long-term. Jupiter’s Retrograde around midnight brings the focus back inside YOU.
(Sagittarius Moon square Neptune. Jupiter Retrograde around midnight EST).


Friday – Explosive day. Firey passions butt heads against egos and make everyone around them agitated. Instead, take a personal retreat away from it all and shake up your own status quo.
(Sagittarius Moon square Sun, conjoin Mars, trine Uranus. Goes void 9:27pm EST).


Saturday – Words can be terse and rushed. Reframe any things missaid to reflect what you want them to accomplish. For example, “What I’m trying to get at is….” Today asks you to hold patience for your direction and to interact with others to get new movement on it.
(Capricorn Moon square Venus-Mercury, conjoin Saturn. Mercury-Saturn square approaches).


Sunday – Feelings start to settle from earlier and progress can be felt. Stay focused. Let the sensitive feelings from within keep you true to yourself while you move forward on risks and necessary changes.
(DAYLIGHT SAVINGS BEGINS → SPRING FORWARD CLOCKS AHEAD. Capricorn Moon sextile Neptune-Sun, conjoins Pluto. Mars-Uranus trine. Sun-Pluto sextile).


Monday – Hit the ground running Monday morning and focus on bigger picture concerns. Reorganize in the afternoon to take advantage of the quick, connective, and multi-armed energies of the coming days.
(Capricorn Moon until 11:36am, then Void with a square to Uranus until 6:44pm EST. Evening Moon in Aquarius).

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