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kamil-pietrzak-603302-unsplashSomething has radically changed since March 2011.

I know that’s uber specific, but I want you to think back then.

For me, I had recently received my coaching certificate as well as a step for astrology accreditation. That was on top of getting ready to get married!

At that time, Uranus ventured out of spiritual “I believe” and “I dream of” world of Pisces and entered firey Aries to revolutionize your sense of you.

You began something, you stood for something else… well, humbly so.

It was rooted in something you really felt as your calling, yet it wasn’t yet developed.

And now, through the passage of time, you’ve come out with a unique perspective to match your experience.

Indeed, you are a little different now, and probably more secure in the uniqueness that is you!

For my passage, I’m no longer working as an employee and I’m only working for myself – as a coach, astrology, and lol, married person!

Typically the beginning and end of a transit through a sign is very similar.

As you go through this week’s content, allow yourself to be very literal.

This week is Uranus’ last in the sign of Aries for your lifetime, unless you’re a child.

It’s the time to recognize what you’ve mastered and what you learned to carry it into a new chapter.

Below, check out This Week’s Considerations on Uranus’ last days in Aries.


Do You Know Uranus?

Uranus goes to beat of his own drum. He comes and goes as he pleases, no one is really sure what he’ll do next.

But they hope he’ll come near them.

There’s something exhilarating and magnetic about him…

… like meeting a celebrity or being gifted a surprise party with your most exciting friends.

It seems like good fortune when he’s around.

But then goes away, contemplating, sitting and waiting for the next creative impulse to carry him back right where he was. Must be lonely and isolated out there with no one around…

Oh, Uranus loves to create. He’ll go to all ends to make things a reality, even if it’s under-thought or in haste.

Don’t ruffle his feathers – you might take his eccentric flow and tilt it further off axis, and things might get chaotic, unorganized, and crazy in a not-so-favored way.

But if that happens, maybe it was the easiest path out to regain overall balance??

Know Uranus.

Uranus brings you the thrill, the confusion from true inspiration merging with your status quo, and all that brings back up to the surface buried things.

In Aries these past 7 years, the possible journeys (aforementioned) show the possible arcs you may have felt.

Like a pulse of electricity, they come in and out, and often seem perfectly timed.

I want you to find your Uranus story that began in March 2011 and is ending now. Like mine with my career choices and public standing, get grounded in yours. You’ll want it for the next chapter ahead.


Proof in the Pudding: Harness Saturn

Uranus has been in this Aries journey for 7-years, and whenever I hear that number, I know someone else in the sky is also talking – Saturn!

Saturn creates structure, discipline and authority to take care of what’s necessary in your life.

He gives lessons the hard way – tough love!

Saturn takes about 29 years to orbit around the zodiac, and it works out that 7 years +/- is a quarter of its cycle.

In astrology this is significant because it corresponds with something called the square aspect, which brings an edge, definition, and sometimes anxiety to the story at play.

For Saturn at 7 years, the effect can either be something that encourages you to take action and/or something that helps you make meaning of it all.

(That part largely depends on how it interacts with the planets in your personal charts).

Details aside, if Saturn is talking there’s something that has crystallized and taken shape.

For me, my certifications (the Saturn part) in coaching and astrology (the Uranus part) 7 years ago really had no meaning without work. Sure, I’ve been doing this in smaller ways these past years, but I will admit this past month there has been an intense creative flow – and easy-to-create framework – to bring to my practice. (You’ll enjoy the benefits of that very soon)!

Meaning, there’s something solid, grounded, and earthy – think physical evidence – that your Uranus journey has provided you also thanks to Saturn.

Saturn probably gave you some tough lessons in there. Maybe you weren’t committed enough, or you didn’t know enough. You probably faced your karma and ultimate “getting stuck” patterns.

However, it was for something… if you can get your mind to frame it positively. Because likely, you did something about it because Uranus made that spark in you to feel alive in this inspiration of “who you can be.”

The mind is pliable to the level of consciousness you bring it.

Think back to your Saturn cycle as a cue to shape your experience as something valuable to cascade into further.

Put your ideas into writing or frameworks, and trust that this time there’s a level of mastery within you to make it wildly (Uranus) successful (Saturn).


Feeling Resistance? This Might Be Why (energetically speaking).

Going one step deeper, I’ll brush you up on some mythology tied into the meaning of these orbiting planets around us.

Uranus fathered Saturn with Gaia. Gaia had Saturn kill Uranus. Saturn’s son is Mars. Mars and Saturn don’t get along because they too have tried to kill each other.

That’s some serious family karma to work through – glad that isn’t mine!

I mention this paternal line because even though these planets would rather not deal with one another, they are inherently tied together.

Saturn gives shape to the erratic behavior of Uranus. Mars brings into reality the frameworks Saturn imposes.

Moving through the energies isn’t necessarily “snapping fingers” easy, but you get much more bang for your buck by working through their uncomfortable relationship to make the most of their potentials.

Meaning, get into “massive action” mode Tony Robbins style with the insights you gather from your Uranus & Saturn experience.

Mars is in his favorite sign, so your efforts are more likely to be fruitful and purposeful than usual.

No excuses, please! Work through the resistance (Hint: it’s the karmic patterning that you’re not a victim to, but rather an agent to work through)!


Next Week: Uranus in Taurus

Astrological Day Guides: May 8-14, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday – Pulled in many directions, avoid the octopus effect. Ask for help where you can. Keep a notepad nearby for the things that need to get done but you’re in the middle of something else to keep it top-of-mind.
(Aquarius Moon sextiles Mercury and Uranus then goes void at 10:29pm EDT. Sun-Jupiter opposition. Pisces Moon begins 11:11pm EDT).


Wednesday – You may feel like you’re trying to make shapes out of clouds. Before the overwhelm sets in, reset expectations. Balance the needed rest and daydreaming with concretizing efforts.
(Pisces Moon sextiles Saturn).


Thursday – Magnetic and unifying, use your powers for good. There’s something magical in the air, and why not make something out of thin air? (Hint: dream big and seek to bring it to action).
(Pisces Moon trines Jupiter, squares Venus and sextiles Sun and Pluto).


Friday – Morning time gets a kick in the pants. If you check your phone, expect to put out some fires. Might want to exercise and get the stress out before more adds on. Not that it’s bad stress, but it can be a bit a shoulder.
(Void Moon until 8:40am when Moon enters Aries. Sun-Pluto Trine & Moon squares Saturn).


Saturday – Hot head alert. Everyone can feel a little cray-cray today with both Uranus and Mercury ending their tenancy in Aries. Before you blow up the house, air out your frustrations, delays, and impatience. Find a way to make it rest at least another week.
(Aries Moon squares Pluto. Mercury-Mars square).


Sunday – Straddling two worlds, you can feel on edge at the same time you feel like ground might be getting more stable. It’s not quite there yet, but both are true.Embrace the laissez-faire part to temper the cray-cray that continues from yesterday. Notice how your words can start to slow down and be more deliberate starting in the afternoon.
(Aries Moon squares Mars and conjoins Uranus until it goes void at 2:05pm EDT. Taurus Moon follows soon after at 2:15pm EDT that conjoins Mercury. Mercury also enters Taurus today just after conjoining Uranus).


Monday – Intensely creative, let your inspiration take you back to your past. Reimagine the old in a current context. Present yourself with new perspectives on how your experience has prepared you for today. Step forward.
(Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune and opposes Jupiter).

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