Blindfolded in the Catacombs

oscar-keys-blindfold-blue-KristenToday-scarfThe energies this week can be dark and winding, much like a catacomb. What is buried, forgotten (somewhat), and hiding is present.

The past reckons with the present. And in the mixing of them, jewels of insight can be captured and used for your future.

There are moments that can be quite magical. Like Thursday’s Libra Moon that aspects 4 different planets to make a cosmic geometry that opens up new avenues seemingly out of thin air.

And, there are moments this weekend where your intuition likely will let you know there’s more behind what meets the eyes and ears.

Yes, you may feel blindfolded, and with that aimless, scared, and ungrounded.

This Week’s Considerations offers some tools to help you move through uncertainty with grace.


Feel Like You’re Exploring a New City

This past week I went on a retreat in France. I only had 1 day to spend in Nice, which I haven’t traveled to since I was 13.

I wanted to look for souvenirs for family without getting caught in tourist traps. So, I ventured on an experiment because everything was unknown for me anyway.

I used my eyes to see where I was going, but I made my direction choices by my other senses.

I had a hiccup to my method.

At one point, my eyes caught a cute wine shop. After listening to a man for 5 minutes about a wine, which I was going to buy in the 1st minute, my other senses told me it was a tourist trap. So, I excused myself and forgot about it.

Like a game of connect-the-dots, I found little treasures for my family that I wouldn’t have thought to look for… flavored salts for my husband, lavender from a market for my grandmother, a fireman watch for my son… and when I was exhausted with options for my parents, I let myself be led by my other senses again.

To my surprise, I again landed in a wine store. This one had been open since 1910, and it looked a little run down – not very catching to the eye. But the owner was quick to tell me which wine was overpriced and what was typical for the region. He didn’t want to upsell me at all.

My other senses led me to experience a memorable and magical day. A day that perfectly came together.

When one’s sense is impaired or turned down, the others tend to heighten.

If you’re feeling cut off from full-access of information this week, encourage your other senses to sensitize.

Like I turned down my sense of sight, figure out what your loudest sense is and try using the rest more.

The information you receive is different, yet it also completes the reality of what is. It works just the same as the others, as my example in Nice did.

Notice what senses you lean on most strongly. Notice which are more difficult for you.

Over time, work on balancing them.

It may sound experiential, but the real-life applications are invaluable. They’ll lead you to opportune place and turn you off to things that seem good otherwise, like that first wine shop I visited.


Embrace Your Personal Darkness

The childhood thrill of the lights going out during a storm. The adventure of darkness and light, navigating the unknown.

The dark represents the unknown, and the childhood self has an innocence and naivety with it. After all, much of their lives are subject to change, redirects, and structure without much warning!

The result is often that children are quick to forgive and they let go of pain once the sensation is gone.

The adult self steps away from childhood comforts in the darkness. And with it, the relationship to what you can’t control or prevent.

Noble and optimistic, the adult performs the role to put darkness away and restore the light.

It’s the energy behind Justice. Principles. Rights.

It’s the shadow behind Homelessness. Hunger. Unconstructive Politics.

Every person on earth is complete. Just as the earth is made of dark and light, human beings too are made up of dark and light in a mix that is truly individual.

Your dark spots are your fears, demons, and karmic patterns.

Do you have a child-like relationship to them? Or, have you adopted the adult perspective of how you “ought” to behave and the “right thing to do?”

Find your balance between the benefits of both the dark and the light.

You wouldn’t be you without the dark.

The dark shows up when you’re about to do something really important.

When you’ve accomplished something truly beneficial.

The dark seizes its power when you believe it. But it actually is just an illusion. It’s empty. It’s just unfilled space.

You bring the light from within.

What is that? Your light from within is what makes you smile for no good reason.

Go to that place when you’re in the darkness, and you’ll see the reality for what it is. And, with your heightened senses, you’ll be able to navigate through it with ease.

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.” — Anne Frank.

You are that candle.


Sun in Gemini Gives You Exit Options

Sun entered Gemini last Sunday evening and will be there until the Summer Solstice, which this year falls on June 21st.

Gemini is always a time for splitting your attention and focus. The sign loves options, multiple-tracks, and choices.

It may seem indecisive, but at the heart is a thirst for learning and experience.

Gemini doesn’t like failing just like the rest of us, but it more easily can handle it because there are backup options.

Use the Gemini energies to put your bet in several pots.

Use your senses as described above to make good estimates. And let yourself trust that at least one of them will be more successful than the others. (That’s the Gemini way).

Embrace the Gemini energies, especially according to the house archetype in your natal and relocated charts.

Meaning, make options, come in with a learning attitude, and a thirst for dialogue.

By doing so, you’ll have plenty of “exit options” for the catacombs this week may unfold.

Astrological Day Guides: May 22-28, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday – People pleasing is an easy temptation today, especially to take care of people who need it or deserve it. However, the key for today is to watch Mercury’s travel more than the Moon’s whims. Let your communication offer vision and hope, even if it brings news contrasts previous strategies.
(Virgo Moon trines Saturn and approaches to oppose Neptune and sextile Jupiter overnight. Mercury sextiles Neptune and opposes Jupiter).


Wednesday – Put yourself in an unfamiliar environment – with plenty of sunshine – and let the ideas for next steps come out of you. Think of it more as a spider’s web brainstorm than something logical to follow. Get out the inspiration as quick as possible, then go back to notes to go deeper into its parts. Remember, the void moon indicates this is better personal work than with others.
(Void Moon after 10:55am throughout rest of day. Sun-Mars trine).


Thursday – Abracadabra! Go with the flow and lean into any pressure you feel. A breakthrough easily can happen and get you started on something really powerful. It may manifest through your friendships and partnerships… or whatever house Libra is in your chart. Astrology nerd moment – the Moon is carrying to light to make these special aspects today and therefore a quiet powerhouse letting the whole reveal its magic.
(Libra Moon makes Grand Trine in Air with Mars & Sun, makes a T-Square with Venus & Saturn).


Friday – Tough decisions have to be made. And likely, it’s about ending relationships as they’ve existed until now. Things may be decent, but they just don’t align right now. Sometimes what’s practical isn’t easy emotionally. Sometimes what’s smart is hard news to stomach.
(Libra Moon until 5:03pm. Jupiter-Neptune trine. Mercury-Pluto trine. Venus-Saturn opposition).


Saturday – Explosive day where taking personal responsibility is a challenge. Frustrations bubble to the surface and whoever is in sight can receive the blame. Expect protests, marches, and others acts of social resistance, especially around the mass shootings. Remember to assure your safety as well.
(Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus, squares Mars, and overnight sextiles Saturn, and trines Venus).


Sunday – Be aware of temptations and “deals with the devil.” Better to keep a low profile today and give commitments a couple days’ buffer to reply.
(Scorpio Moon conjoins Jupiter, trines Neptune, and sextiles Pluto).


Monday – In the morning, listen carefully to what is said behind the words actually spoken. Do not take people or things at face value. Take personal space in the afternoon during the void moon for meditation, rest, or getting specific on your upcoming milestones.
(Void Moon after Scorpio Moon opposes Mercury from 1:25pm – 6:29pm EDT).


Photo by Oscar Keys.

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