Bad Behaviors & Their Exit Plans Revealed. Solar Eclipse & Venus in Libra

Recently on a carnival ride, I felt myself settle into the rhythm of the loops up and down, side to side. And after some time, I thought, “Oh that’s enough, they’ll probably stop the ride now.”

The ride continued for a good while longer. I was wrong. Then, I noticed something.

My “enough” wasn’t about boredom.

It was an artifact of my spiritual awakening beginnings when I thought that detachment from worldly pleasures would facilitate spiritual growth.

My “enough” was actually about cutting myself short of pleasure and disconnecting from the present moment of connection with the person I rode with.

Going even further back in my timeline, I probably resonated with this spiritual concept of detaching from worldly pleasures because I witnessed women compromising their pleasure for the sake of others – the children, spouses, friends, etc.

In other words, my frame of reference of what it meant to be a woman was to take in only so much self-interest and there would have to be enough to give others.

I now know that that my most profound spiritual growth is when I let myself go and run through a moment with fullness until it reveals itself as completed. Also, the abundance mentality supersedes all these restraints of finite units we seem to measure everything against.

But that didn’t prevent me from acting like every other human being in a limited resource world on an innocent carnival ride!

Yes this carnival ride was a small example. It could seem insignificant. However, it became a small window to see how I repeat this behavior all over my life.

Saturday’s solar eclipse at 18 degrees Leo 41’ is a sensitive moment that can reveal your bad behaviors.

The eclipse reckons with your past, through many facets. And at the same time, it asks you to start on a new path with lightspeed.

This Week’s Considerations explore some key themes this new New Moon Solar Eclipse. The Day Guides below to navigate your week’s journey.

Work Through Your Past & Bad Behaviors

Are you really the sum of your past – your experiences, your past lives, the family and world’s history before you?

Logically that seems likely, but eclipse consciousness makes space-time leaps.

At once you’re the sum of your family but also a light of unique perspective and evolution from that family tree.

Follow steps like these to mobilize the eclipse energies to your benefit. (Strongest to do this on Saturday anytime).

  1. See your patterns that you inherited from your family and social conditioning. (i.e. my observation of how women put themselves second).
    Pallas Athanae conjoins the eclipse.
  2. Reflect to how you showed up in past interactions. Was it truly yourself, or was it that conditioning? Might it still remain true today? (i.e. my early spiritual development & the carnival ride saying yes it’s true).
    Mercury Retrograde next to eclipse & Pallas Athanae.
  3. Observe the bad behaviors that usually go unnoticed. See how they perpetuate the conditioning and prevent you from evolving.
    Mars-South Node opposing the eclipse.
  4. Choose your own light. Sit with the essence of you and magnify it. Through the power of the eclipse, send this energy to ask for help to overcome your past and energetic/behavior inheritances. By stating what you want to the cosmos (your true essence), you give the signal of what to attract your way.
    Eclipse is next to the North Node & square Jupiter in Scorpio.


Some additional info on this:

In one moment, you can take all these conflicted feelings about the past and move them into a ball to throw yourself into an alternate reality.

What you change is only your mindset and relationship to these past things.

The past is like weights with strings. Your soul is the hot air balloon and its karma is the weights. They attached with the strings of your physical body to your subtle bodies that constitute your whole self.

These weights can pull you down, or they can be your foundation on which you elevate yourself to new heights. That’s your choice – through your consciousness and practice in real-time.

New Moons set intentions for 40-months. If you can, imagine what new behaviors look like. Or if you don’t know, put it out there that it will be revealed to you.


The Exit Plan: Venus in Libra and Her Square to Saturn

Also, Venus in Libra is making a square to Saturn Retrograde. She emphasized Pallas’ position discussed above on recognizing your patterns.

Venus too can see the patterns and with them the structures, situations, and mental frameworks that perpetuate “the issue.”

Not only that, Venus helps you feel able to overcome them.

It’s a time when your heart feels capable of pushing up against the tough guys, no matter how small you feel in comparison to them.

There’s an awareness – a conscious intelligence here. Open yourself in meditation to see the clear picture.

Saturn’s influence is present, but it’s retreated in some form of brokenness, unassuredness, and desiring better outcomes.

Venus can help you get out of Saturn’s funk. She encourages you to interact with the world in a way that puts you outside your own comforts. That’s so you have something to compare against and find a better balance for you at this moment.

Here are some ways you might want to harness Venus’ influence right now.

  1. Go to cultural events, particularly ones you normally wouldn’t go to.
  2. Spend quality time with your best friend or partner, and try not to default to the same conversations.
  3. Make a list of things you love, at this moment. Go beyond where you think you can answer. Those last answers that stretch it give you some powerful insights to putting yourself in the present moment and better surrounding yourself with the people, places, activities, and things that bring you joy.

Putting it together:

Coupled with the awareness that the primary aspects to the eclipse brings, overall recognize that you have the support to practice new behaviors. (Thanks Venus)

Take the awareness of your bad behaviors and move through them with more ease than normal thanks to this aspect.


Astrological Day Guides: August 7 – August 13, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday –  Notice the shifts and turns present. Feel the unfinished business have a door reopen. Prepare for the chute and ladders this last half of the year offers.
(Uranus stations Retrograde to eventually re-enter Aries. All day void moon).

Wednesday – Exercise your generosity. Show people your leadership and care. Be available to help find solutions through emotional gunk. Maybe it’s be a model person day. 😉
(Cancer Moon trines Jupiter. Sun-Mercury conjunction).

Thursday – Use the morning to evaluate the root of your professional challenges. How can you change your relationship to the structures and obstacles you can’t avoid? What if you leaned into playing with the system more (even if it’s broken)? Empower yourself to make the best of the cards you’re dealt.
(Void Moon 7:20am – 12:18am EDT Friday. Venus-Saturn square).

Friday – Festive and fun, you’re in the mood to be around the people you love the most. Bring people from your past to the forefront. Through them, feel rooted in your history and also your progress only they can have the appreciation to witness alongside you.
(Leo Moon sextiles Venus, squares Jupiter, and conjoins Mercury. Mercury-Jupiter square tightens).

Saturday – Set intentions with your New Moon Solar Eclipse. You might find that ideas from the past feel most vibrant. Maybe it’s about going after the same feeling but at a different approach. Sit with the energies you want to manifest – past and present – and ask the cosmos for their support, including with the unknown paths.
(Solar Eclipse at 18Leo42’ at 5:58am. Then all-day void moon until 11:59pm EDT).

Sunday – Deja-vu can leave you disoriented. It can feel like you’ve been there – done that. Try to stick through the murk in a practical and methodical way. There’s some unfinished business to resolve. Get your hand dirty.
(Moon in Virgo. Mars Retrograde re-enters Capricorn).

Monday – Difficult conversations can prevail today over words and actions of the past. Employees can file complaints. Cheating on agreements can come to surface. The price gets paid today. (If Harvey Weinstein is in the news today, not good news for him, but justice will be served).
(Virgo Moon trines Pluto and Mars).


Photo by Ryan Oswick

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