Autumnal Equinox & Full Harvest Moon: Demand Truth & Nurture Non-Toxic Relationships

“As above, so below. As within, so without.” — The Emerald Tablet of Hermes

The cosmos are macro example of the same reality on our Earth. If one is like the other, we can look at the Earth to better understand the cosmos.

The Autumnal Equinox is Saturday, and nature will take a dramatic leap of faith on itself, as it has every autumn.

It will allow parts of its body to die and compost in the faith that a new life will arrive in the coming seasons.

Trees will keep their structure – the trunks, branches, and twigs. But they will have new “hands” through their leaves to interact with its similar, but changed surroundings.

You too have the opportunity to let go of old things – even if they’re good things – to make room for a new perception of self and your surroundings.

Monday’s Full Harvest Moon highlights all that can be changed about how you initiate and begin projects in your life.

And likely, it will reflect a relationship between authorities, masculine energy, and men that you’ve danced through all week.

In conditions of opportunity like these, there are 3 strategies I’ll practice to keep me on track.

  1. Being in my truth.
  2. Renewing my trust in myself.
  3. Facilitating non-toxic relations (by practicing 1 &2).

In This Week’s Considerations, I dive deeper into the meaning and opportunity of Mercury entering Libra, the Autumnal Equinox, and the Full Harvest Moon in Aries. I also review the best ways I’ve found to realize these strategies to keep both of us on track.

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Day Guides below.

Things are getting to be higher quality problems to solve… <3

Astrological Day Guides: September 18 – 24, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday –  You may have to go “against the grain,” but if your vision is honestly your truth – you can find successes – both long or recently anticipated. When you settle into your truth, the strategies for you to find your outlet to realize them also discover their path. Seize it today.
(Capricorn Moon sextile Neptune, conjoin Pluto and sextile Jupiter at night. Mars-Uranus square).

Wednesday – Ship it! Put your hard work in a package and let the world see it. Then marvel the afternoon in what you accomplished. This Virgo stuff is almost over…
(Capricorn Moon trines Mercury-Sun then goes void 1:10pm-7:52pm EDT. Aquarius Moon will square Uranus just before midnight).

Thursday – Put yourself in unfamiliar environments, and shine out the energy of what you being in service feels like. The moon sets up opportunities for others to size you up and support you. They first will sense your energy. If you get challenged – remember to frame it as interest – not aggression. Invite them in your world, one step at a time.
(Aquarius Moon squares Venus. Sun-Mercury conjunction perfects at 9:52pm EDT).

Friday – You can feel at odds with a kind boss or mentor – it’s not that they’re bad, it just something may not resonate with you. Regroup in the afternoon’s void moon. Find some places to connect with your closest friend or confidant tomorrow.
(Aquarius Moon squares Jupiter at 1:13pm EDT to go void the rest of the day. Mercury enters Libra. International Day of Peace).

Saturday – A time of hope and promise. Nature surrenders its trust in the partnership with itself. The trees will shed their leaves, the ground will brown. All in faith that fertility exists by letting the old die to find rebirth. Share the sentiment with nature and let your old ideas, frameworks, or even voices of authority fade into the ethers in partnership – with yourself – to bring a new fertile perspective in the coming seasons.
(Autumnal Equinox – Sun enters Libra. Pisces Moon sextiles Uranus and Saturn).

Sunday – What you feel is right may not easy to define. However, you can tell when you’re in truth and radiance – and when you’re not. It may be time to end old working agreements, or even working dynamics with old bosses. The way you communicate and relate to men, in particular, is showing a new opportunity. Stay in your truth, and the rest can shake out cleanly, even if it’s choppy waters.
(Pisces Moon conjoins Neptune and trines Pluto. Mercury-Saturn square. Mercury-Mars trine).

Monday – The longest Full Moon of the year often yields the bountiful ends of summer crops. For those with planets at the first 5 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, pay closer attention. This full moon asks you to make conscious of your reactions to authorities and masculine energy. Do you act out of fear? Do you act out of pressure?
The Moon also asks what relationship you can have to the ways you initiate your energies and carry through with your actions. Perhaps you’ve been stressed, disoriented and frazzled?
Another choice could be is to take action from a place of community or interconnected factors that stabilize you. To do things out of unadulterated passion instead of fear or anxiety.
(Aries Full “Harvest” Moon at 2 degrees Aries squares Saturn and trines Mars).


Photo by Matt Collamer

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