The August 21st Solar Eclipse Over the United States + What Happens After

Solar-Eclipse-2017-USA-KristenTodayEclipses have a knack for steering you in the right direction, whether or not you can recognize it in the moment. They bring up things that are unexpected for the recipient.

For some, any change in “normal” can cause ripples of chaos and necessary reorganization. In the end, when all is resettled, you often see the value of that moment.

On Monday, August 21, at 2:30pm EDT, the second and highly anticipated eclipse for the season casts it shadow over the United States. Where an eclipse casts its shadow is important because that is the place on Earth temporarily cut off from the Light – the very Sun that helps make life possible. It’s a moment of death for that place, and thank goodness it’s only temporary!

At the final degrees of Leo, this eclipse takes on the weight of the whole sign in its height. Leo, governor of pride, leadership, play, and honor, shows us that the for the United States, the reign as leader of the world as the way it has been done in the past is closing.

Thing is, eclipses bring on unexpected events and turns.

So, how the country changes, and what causes that ripple effect is largely unknown.

It can be said that already in the energies to the eclipse, the shocking news in Charlottesville, coupled with the lack of condemnation of it by top leadership, could be the type of ripple that changes the way the country operates.

That event could be the telling disclosure of what’s really happening in America. And from that, people can maybe start movements to heal and treat others with respect and understanding. (This interview with a former skinhead on NPR could be an exemplary story of a movement to come, for instance).

Once the eclipse is over, the story is not. In fact, things get very busy, and I feel called most to share you what’s on the horizon for over two weeks so you can prepare.

What Happens AFTER the Eclipse is Even More Telling

Like I said, what happens after the eclipse is even more telling than the eclipse itself. For one, the surprise element that you can’t change of the eclipse is out of the way. Secondly, the way these planetary events stack up show a clear process and path to help you make the most of your 2018 upcoming Saturn in Capricorn achievement mode.

Here’s what happens:

  • Friday, August 25th – Saturn stations to Direct Motion.
  • Saturday, August 26th – Venus Moves into Leo & Juno Stations to Direct Motion
  • Tuesday, September 5th – Mars Enters Virgo & Mercury Stations to Direct Motion

In essence, the planets are conspiring to help you get into achievement mode for Saturn in Capricorn in 2018. To get there, you have to create the environment and context for success to rise.

This foundation is this current (and closing) period of Saturn in Sagittarius. It is your inner vision of yourself and your outer vision of what life looks, smells, sounds, tastes, and feels like.

With your senses alive, you build the environment, your daily life, routines, and responsibilities. You commit to the daily process of becoming. (Mercury Retrograde & Mercury Retrograde during Saturn’s stations Direct).

From there and with that momentum still building, you draw in relationships that are committed to the same values and causes you are in. This is your support system. (Venus & Juno coupled with Mars’ transit to Virgo).

With all these in place, you can be aligned for an amazing 2018.

Fall into the energetic support from the cosmos to get ahead and take advantage of all to come.

More details on these upcoming planetary movements below:


Saturn Direct Motion August 25th: Higher Concepts & Frameworks to Get to Your Goals

On Friday, August 25th, Saturn stations to Direct motion. It’s his last journey in Sagittarius for almost 30 years.

That means Saturn is completing the structure of your inner vision & mindset and now wants to focus on higher concepts and frameworks that will get you to your goals.

When Saturn leaves Sagittarius around Christmas time, it’s accomplishment, success-building mode for 2.5 years.

Maybe you’ve just let your responsibilities slip to enjoy the good life these past couple years. Or maybe you’ve taken my advice some of the time and now tired of all these internal visioning moments.

I need to remind you of the 2012-2015 period of Saturn in Scorpio and that sometimes brutal rebirth process. For many, it brought on the most trying, soul-wrenching times.

But by the end of Saturn in Scorpio, you knew who you wanted to be in 30 years.

The Saturn in Sagittarius time period is stocking up value and making a foundation for that rebirth of yourself you fought hard to emerge from in 2014/2015.

From 2014 to the end of this year, you’ve been working on setting up the mindset, vision, and experiences that make you have faith in this newfound recognition of yourself.

With that, you create a vault of previously foreign frameworks, concepts, and experiences that will pull you ahead to what you want to accomplish what you haven’t seen before.

When Saturn enters Capricorn at the end of 2017, you’re in the mode of accomplishment to this vision coupled with learning how to do the basic elements of your envisioned rebirth self at a level excellence.


August 26th – Venus in Leo & Juno Direct Motion: Draw Others In & Commit to Make Something Meaningful Together

The day after – Saturday, August 26th, Venus moves to Leo & Juno stations to Direct Motion. Venus in Leo passionately expresses herself, moving her emotions and insecurities from Cancer into full view.

By being seen, Venus feels heard and valid.

Take that in – give credit to the need to express yourself!

Venus will work well with Juno to compel others to be on your side and work together for what matters. Venus will draw others in through your expression, and Juno will help make something of it.

Juno in Direct Motion encourages you to put together relationships that have been broken, disadvantaged, or let go in order to help move the “we” forward.

You also might have to cut out some people to make the relationship that matters work.

Juno is in Capricorn, so she’s all about the crossed “t’s” and dotted “i’s.”

No need to embellish what you want or what the other wants. Say it how it is, get what you want.

Get the people on board who will commit to you – and commitment is key with Juno – to see through the goals you both find valuable.

In another light, it’s also time to commit to the goals you want to partner with yourself to realize.


September 5th – End of Mercury Retrograde & Mars in Virgo

After Saturn and Juno’s Direct Motions have settled in, Mercury will end his Retrograde on September 5th. In fact, this is an important element to take note in.

Mercury Retrograde’s theme of re-examining your daily routines, habits, responsibilities, and support from others can and should be applied to Saturn’s final months in Direct Motion in Sagittarius.

The life you envision for yourself is on a “tryout” these next few months – try out the daily habits, routines, and responsibilities you picture yourself having in these final Saturn in Sagittarius moments.

Put yourself in the shoes of your future self!

The Mercury Retrograde theme continues throughout Saturn’s last tenancy Direct in Sagittarius because that is the sky’s condition when he changes direction. (The moment a planet changes direction can be captured as an energetic pulse that ripples through the duration of that planet’s condition).

And just when Mercury is about to station Direct, Mars changes signs into Virgo.

Mars will hold you to do what’s practical, be good to your body, and pick your battles to win.

He will remember Mercury’s discord during his retrograde throughout his tenancy in Virgo and hold you accountable, even if he has to make you sick to realize it. (Yeah, Mars is a little cranky in this sign).

In other words, Mars will have to follow through on what your Mercury Retrograde story brings up. Yet, he still maintains his proud, boastful desire to show what’s he made of, even if he’s hiding in the weeds!


Day Guides: August 15 – 21, 2017

Read these guides as a whole to get a sense of flow for the week. Then dive into them daily.

Tuesday: Make a mess. Clean a file a cabinet, un-clutter your brain by making notes of all that’s in it. Gemini Moon invokes the Mercury Retrograde, so you’ll be drawn to pull yourself in many directions that are mostly backwards-to-get-you-forwards. Also, you can schedule a visit with an old friend, neighbor, or sibling you haven’t seen in awhile. That’d be fun! Too, all this might be strategic in making you feel more secure and empowered – Venus and Pluto perfect and opposition today.

Social-20pix Productivity-20pix Journal-20pix Fun-20pix



Wednesday:  Gemini Moon is less able to channel itself as positively as yesterday. You’ll have a lot of people to talk to, and sometimes you and they will just be tempted to let emotions run free. Breathe, take a step back (always a plus with a Gemini Moon during Mercury Retrograde) and just let the excitement wither away. Venus and Jupiter get close to a square aspect today. With Venus (a woman) extra-sensitive in the sign of Cancer, she won’t like the news, even if it’s well-intended and informative (Jupiter in Libra).




Thursday: The morning pauses energetically, even though there appear to be messes around you. During the Void Moon in Gemini (9:38am – 12:13pm EDT), spend it on activities that don’t require feedback. Re-organize piles that got too high, take time to reflect, and be internal. The afternoon opens up to Moon in sensitive Cancer. Especially with the Solar Eclipse nearing, “danger” (meaning instability in the norm) pulls the hairs up on your arm. As a result, the Cancer moon shows that people might be extra protective of their family members and comforts. It’s not the time to bring up a sensitive subject if the timing can wait. Put your patience at work. Keep your comforts nearby, and try to have some healthy snacks around… just in case, you know.

Low Profile-20pixLove-20pixJournal-20pixCreativity-20pix



Friday: The stresses brought on by Venus’ transit on Monday and Tuesday are re-kindled by Cancer Moon’s transit today. On some level, this is unavoidable and requires attention to move through it. On another level, it’s just anxiety from the eclipse, and the real issue is something much deeper than the topic at the surface. Sometimes you can’t change the way things are, that’s just how deck is dealt.  Be there for those who need you, ask for the support where you need it.

Low Profile-20pixLove-20pix



Saturday: Enjoy a long and late brunch today. The void moon 11:17am – 1:55pm EDT in Cancer puts you in the mood for do-nothing and feel good. Once Moon shifts to Leo, you’ll feel the stresses of the Solar Eclipse more acutely. While you can, rest and re-energize with close to those you love. Take pleasure in innocent fun – maybe a board game or a silly movie is in order!

Social-20pixLow Profile-20pixLove-20pixFun-20pixAdventure-20pix



Sunday: Leo Moon has you fired up over principles of what’s right and wrong. Channel your passion to helpful and safe mediums. I expect many protests that can turn into riots and violence this weekend in response to Charlottesville and the general U.S. political climate. If I were you, I’d temper your free speech to more lasting expressions such as writing, giving Facebook Live talks, and taking care of the people you love (practicing your values). The eclipse just wants to happen already, and it makes the anticipatory energies unstable and almost uncontrollable. Be mindful and renew your own spirit of Love that drives through everyone’s hearts, even if others seem unconscious and falling away from it.




Monday: The long anticipated Solar Eclipse over the United States occurs today at 2:30pm EDT. A temporary death with the block of light. Keep your internal space clear and bright, hold dear to your mind all your intentions for Love to prevail and heal those who are being eaten in the darkness of their fears and insecurities. Hold yourself to a high esteem and remember the greatness you are. The Light is Within You. Hold your flame up high. Read this first section of This Week’s Considerations for more context to the eclipse.





Legend Key:

Accomplishment-45pix Accomplishment Creativity-45pix Creativity Fun-45pix Fun
Journal-45pix Journal Love-45pix Love Low Profile-45pix Low Profile
Productivity-45pix Productive Purge-45pix Purge Social-45pix Social
Adventure-45pix Adventure

Image: Wolfgang Strickling [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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