Retrogrades, Taurus, and Full Moon: A Call for Peace

Old-Woman-Pray-Hope-Yellow-Wish-KristenTodayMundane astrologers might call the Pluto and Mars station to retrograde an influence to the recent catastrophic natural events.

However, we as a human race aren’t doing much better to ourselves or for ourselves.

I’d prefer to use these planetary retrogrades (4 going on 5 planets) for good, for honest effort in the A+ human being game.

Astrology teaches doors to awareness by shedding light onto our subconscious influences.

This week – I’m making a call to the strong in spirit to do the personal work for the collective well-being of this place we all call home.

In This Week’s Considerations: Mars & Pluto Join the Retrograde-rs, Sun Enters Taurus, & Full Moon on Friday


Consideration: Mars & Pluto Join the Retrograde-rs

Mars stationed into retrograde motion Sunday and Pluto does the same on Monday, April 18th. These two planets join Saturn and Jupiter who already are in retrograde motion.

Even for someone who doesn’t know astrology, you’re right – that’s a lot of planets…

… and I’ll add, particularly planets further from the Sun than us. Meaning, those are some significant outside influences going back on what you thought they were.


Hold-in the freak-out a little longer. Comfort lies in awareness and finding inner peace.

Right now, there’s the part that just needs to wait and see what happens (tolerance for what is and what will be – a.k.a. love), and there’s another part that can decipher the clues about what’s happening to get ahead.

How you get ahead is by looking at the archetypal possibilities of the planet in the sign (and if you know it, what house in your chart it’s transiting). Then you see which of those archetypal possibilities are resonating in your life.

Simply, you then work on it.


Somehow marketing successfully has associated consciousness with bliss. What they don’t let on to, though, is that bliss comes after you do the hard work to breakthrough the pains and sufferings your mind or past has created for you.

Many say it in pretty much the same way – you need to move from the primitive brain (fight or flight, primal needs) and into the higher brain (interconnection, potential for empathy, sharing, love, etc.).

Doctors talk about this, yogis eventually talk about this if you probe long enough, shamans talk about this, texts from enlightened meditators, psychologists…



When you search for resonance in these planetary archetypes, it may not be easy breezy, feel-good meditations.

You likely have to engage in the inner fight within yourself to look in the hard places and ask yourself the tough questions.

When you find the sore points, you then need to consciously and deliberately infuse them with positive energies, using your inner wisdom you have not yet applied in that area of your life.

The more you do it, the more your life becomes like a live fantasy film. I speak from my experience – what happens in my inner world becomes my outer world.



Now you may be asking…

  • What use does this process have?
    Personal evolution happens through conscious choice to leave behind the past and create a new today.
  • Why should I search for something so “deep” if everything is okay as it is?
    There is something powerful about those things you worked hard to get. We learn best through challenges. This is the same. Finding the gift in a retrograde planet is harder than when it’s in direct motion (unless you were born with that planet retrograde). It’s against the grain of what you know. So it helps you grow.
  • Why do I have to search for a sore spot?
    Because we’re talking about “malefic” planets, and that’s what they’re known for. That’s your clue you’ve calibrated into the energy.


The “malefic” planets, including Mars, Saturn, and Pluto, are traditionally called this because they tend to cause problems and war (thinking division, contradiction, etc.) within your psyche.

Retrograde, their effects are dampened a little – because we all are stronger when we move forward than backward.

Electional astrologers – those who find the most favorable times to get married, start a business, have a baby, etc… use these retrograde periods to their advantage as it makes sense. They’ll put those “malefics” in the places they are weakest to help the chart do the positive better.

That doesn’t mean these planets are absent, though. It just means that they are out of view.


And that’s what I want to drive home to you – just because the s*** is out of sight, make sure it’s not out of mind.

You don’t want to risk paying the price later on for ignoring this time period. You have what it takes to be both vulnerable and strong, use your gifts for good!


So here’s some places to look:

  • In the beginning of the year, you could have chosen one path or project, but you decided on something else. Reintroduce what once was dismissed, see if it’s valuable to your life today, and determine where you might reintroduce it in a couple months.
  • You accomplished something difficult, but it didn’t feel as meaningful and transformative as you had hoped. Learn from this experience and begin brainstorming a new goal for yourself that pushes your own boundaries in a different way than usual. It should make you accountable to something or someone greater.
  • You began a new direction in your business projects but expected it to have bigger results. Find the patience within yourself to see it through just a little longer, until Jupiter stations into direct motion mid-May.

Make time every day to ask yourself tough questions and to make room for new solutions to come through. Even if you only have 5-minutes a day to contemplate, build your inner sanctuary by checking in and shining light into it.


Consideration: Sun Enters Taurus Tuesday the 19th

Sun moves into Taurus Tuesday, helping you ground in and get practical. This is a welcome feeling to the rush of Aries (although emotions and relationships are still high energy in the Aries feel).

Inwardly, you can better find your calm and appreciation for life’s simple pleasures in the sign of Taurus.

From the stability of Taurus Sun, you can hone in on what’s important. And stay fixed on it.

It’s like digging your heels in the ground, and you’re loving that feeling.

The earth is your open palette, and it’s time to create slowly and steadily by shining light into that inner palace inwardly daily and slowly making it an outward reality each day.


Consideration: Full Moon Friday the 22nd

Summarizing all this energy, there’s a full moon on Thursday on the Taurus-Scorpio axis.

Honestly, it’s a pretty intense one, bringing truths to the surface that you may not like.

It questions what you’ve created equally to what you’ve let waste away.

We’re on the other side of that Scorpio New Moon last autumn.  (Click to read about that here). Remember what you seeded in your rebirth story so you can see what’s happened since.


Full moons traditionally are celebrated for all that has been harvested from the moon cycle.

Please give yourself credit where it’s due, full moon or not.


Yet, is something worth celebrating even if it’s not the best situation?


Look at the state of the world right now. As a humanity, we are in a backyard war where violent terrorist acts could happen to anyone.

The earth is having more and more catastrophic events against humanity – probably to present its own life.

You cannot see these natural disasters as against one culture or people than the other. It’s happening to all of us – we each can know someone personally affected by these crises just by digging a little through our FB or LinkedIn networks.

So maybe this full moon can we all can contemplate on

  • Creating peace on Earth?
  • Sending love and healing to those affected by natural or human tragedy?
  • Encouraging swift aid to those suffering so they might return to the pleasures of everyday life?

Together let’s do this for every cell of the earth-  from its rocks, stones, and sands, to the plants that are the living lung of the planet, from the animals to us human beings who are affecting this delicate balance of life.

I believe each of us has the power, especially through mindset, to change the world.

Sometimes it’s about action, and other times it’s about inward positioning.

With all the retrogrades, it’s a ripe time to create the fertile environment within yourself to expand and create the positive impact we all must for the world, for humanity, and for existence…

Individual inner strength creates the radiance to inspire the best in others. Believe in the power of yourself.
photo credit: The wish via photopin (license)

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