Astrological Deja Vu? Broken Record?

Broken-Record-Michael-Cote-KristenTodayThese past 3.5 months astrologically have required endurance. With different instrumentation, the same 3 song-playlist has been looping over and over… Is it astrological deja vu? Or simply a broken record?

It’s with caution to look at the results of these past months. Sure you’ve been working – and working hard – but something’s not clicking.

Here’s Why:

  • Mars: Mid-March to Mid-April, Mars played the slow-and-steady-wins-the-race in Taurus. That might have met you with welcomed calm, or feeling like you’re still chugging away uphill, losing time.
  • Venus: Your heart’s been played with since February – and still today – with Venus transits in and out of Aries.
  • Mercury: Words come slowly, you can feel like a puppet, with all this time Mercury’s spent in Taurus, not in Taurus, and in Taurus once again.
  • Sun: And then Sun, ending its transit through Taurus this week, puts stress on what all this Taurus (and Venus’s transits by association) time has been about. Like you really wanted to think about all that.

Light Ahead

Once Sun enters Gemini on Sunday, the light ahead is more optimistic.

Each week will start to feel more relief and momentum from this admittedly slow and faith-shaking time.

Two weeks after that, the week of June 4th, things really pick up.

  • Jupiter stations Direct (finally), helping your one-on-one relationships move the things that drive you forward.
  • Mercury enters Gemini, where he moves MUCH faster and is MUCH happier.
  • Venus enters Taurus, where she’s more steady, peaceful, and calm.

Think less angst, more action in just 3 weeks. AKA Your mojo returns. Amen!


This Week’s Astrological Highlights


  • Sun Enters Gemini on Saturday where can feel confident in how you manage your multiple focuses, OR you can feel overwhelmed with the options in front you, not knowing what is important and which ones to take. Moon is busy the moments before, helping you direct where you land on that confident/overwhelmed spectrum. See Saturday’s Day Guides for more info.
  • Moon Nodes in Leo-Aquarius continue to help you express yourself fully with all the joys and pleasures you can imagine. All while leaving behind negative attachments, wishful thinking dreams, and friends who hold you back. Click here for Last Week’s Considerations, dedicated to this topic.
  • Saturn and Uranus Trine Thursday Night and can enter your dreams to give you some important insights for your future and direction. As I say in the Thursday’s Day Guide, be sure to have a way to record that right away next to your bed.
  • Venus and Jupiter Oppose on Friday and can frustrate you. You know you need others to make your wish list come true, but they’re not available… yet. Friday’s Day Guide reminds you to give credence to your convictions (even if they’re seen as impulsive) and wait until the conversation is ripe again, once Jupiter is direct after June 9th… and put July 1 in the calendar (when Jupiter is in the same place to Friday) to revisit the topic if you haven’t already done so already.




Day Guides: May 16-22, 2017

Tuesday: For East Coasters, the morning is kind of shot with a void moon from 6:22am – 1:50pm EDT. This time is better spent re-organizing whatever got messy in the “just get it done” phase during this void moon. (That’s because the Capricorn Moon’s last major aspect was square Uranus before going void). For the rest of the day, take advantage of Aquarius’ Moon by flying through your task list, expanding your network, and taking a break from the more emotionally charged stuff. 

Social-20pix Productivity-20pix Fun-20pix Creativity-20pix Accomplishment-20pix



Wednesday: Great day to build momentum. Aquarius Moon helps you connect the dots, bring the right people together, and pull through due to that natural caffeine-like high the Aquarius Moon provides. Her aspects to Venus, Mars, and Jupiter make that flow possible. Organize your activity where you can gain that momentum. Not a day for complex problem solving if you’re stuck. Important to dislodge from what keeps you stuck on a subject to move onto those you can gain momentum.




Thursday: Aquarius Moon continues to help you be productive and gain momentum in a similar way to yesterday (see Wednesday). Saturn and Uranus also perfect a trine in the night, 2:14am. Keep a journal or the audio recording app on your phone nearby your bed. These two planets can come into your dreams and give you some important insights for your future and direction. You’ll want to remember that in waking life too, 😉




Friday: An emotionally charged today with Pisces Moon. Venus and Jupiter oppose today, putting your no-compromise desires against someone or something that can’t commit. That can be upsetting, to say the least. But know that whoever or whatever you’re trying to collaborate with is shifting, and they’re not reliable anyway (until Jupiter goes direct June 9th). This is where it’s important to recognize the value of your own feelings, understand those of others, and table the conversation for when it’s more ripe… not that long from now. If you haven’t had the conversation by July 1, do it then. (Calendar reminder worthy).

Purge-20pixLow Profile-20pixLove-20pixJournal-20pixCreativity-20pix



Saturday: Sun changes signs today to Gemini at 4:31pm EDT. With Sun in Gemini this next month, you can feel confident in how you manage your multiple focuses, OR you can feel overwhelmed with the options in front you, not knowing what is important and which ones to take. Cleaning house before that moment, Moon in Pisces makes aspects to Neptune, Venus, Pluto, and Mars that help you clarify through tense emotional feeling what is important and valuable to you going forward. ** If you can spend the first half of the day in the energies of the Moon, gaining that clarity of focus (and putting it in a place to constantly remind yourself), your month of Sun in Gemini can be a lot more integrated than dividing.

Purge-20pixLow Profile-20pixLove-20pixJournal-20pixFun-20pixCreativity-20pix



Sunday: Moon enters Aries 6:10am EDT, prompting an early rise. The new energy of Sun in Gemini coupled with Moon in this position can fire up your energy to get things rolling. Probably more a starting than completing energy, and more a multitasking than singular focus. You’ll need the variety to keep the energy up. This could be very productive and very positive for social exchanges.




Monday: Another firey day like yesterday. Aries Moon makes plenty of aspects to the other planets – you’ll bounce into as many directions as planets! Remember to look at your reference sheet for focus you made on Saturday. It’ll help you get done things that matter instead of random errands and tasks that aren’t as important or timely. And, if you’re feeling a little run-out of steam, do something quick and fun. Doesn’t have to be a prolonged activity with this energy – even if you just dance to one awesome song to break things up!





Legend Key:

Accomplishment-45pix Accomplishment Creativity-45pix Creativity Fun-45pix Fun
Journal-45pix Journal Love-45pix Love Low Profile-45pix Low Profile
Productivity-45pix Productive Purge-45pix Purge Social-45pix Social
Adventure-45pix Adventure


Photo: Michael Cote (Flickr, license)

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