Abandon Your Inhibitions, Not Your Goals: Aquarius

vienna-aquarius-man-woman-KristenTodayFeeling the urge to rebel from your well-meaning intentions?

Last week Venus and Sun completed their journeys in Capricorn to enter Aquarius. But before doing so, they squared Uranus before leaving.

This position put a lot of anxiety to what you think you want, and it could have raised doubts to the goals you set out for yourself.

Before you hail about New Year’s Resolution sabotage, read on.

Aquarius wants to rebel and break the rules that inhibit you. That’s precisely the opposite of the Capricorn lessons you have been asked to see strongly these past few weeks.

Be careful to not drain the baby with the bathwater!

How you approach the insights from your Capricorn journey sets the stage for your Aquarius experience.

You’ll have to weigh your urges and “what lights you up.” Does it bring you closer to the dream and ideals you want to hold?

(Welcome to Aquarius talk, where Venus and Sun now are).

If you leave the Capricorn energy with impatience or anger against authorities (negative manifestations of Capricorn), you could realize more negative effects of Aquarius like disorganization, chaos, and anxiety. You lose your direction.

Positive manifestations of Aquarius include affinities to help the collective, scientific discovery, unapologetic individualism and synthesizing intellect. You’re expanding your horizon!

Like feeds like. Positive Capricorn leads to positive Aquarius. So let’s keep our heads on straight, alright!


Is Your Pain Controlling or Feeding You?

Keep one of Capricorn’s strengths of prudence for your Aquarius journey. Even though the pressure is on to live up to your own standards, that doesn’t necessarily mean taking huge risks or polarizing stances.

The Aquarius energy will tempt you to rebel and strike at an impulse, without a second thought!

Take a moment before compulsion gets the best of you, and try to live the higher form of Aquarius (remember: collective ambitions, discovery, and brilliance, to name a few).

Pain is often a good indicator to understand what’s feeding the goals you have.

Ask yourself if you’re truly healing or just moving the pain (i.e. avoiding it, delegating it, or masking it, to a name a few). Then you know if pain is controlling you.

For example, the #MeToo movement characterizes a history of disrespect and mistreatment of women that probably is as old as Adam and Eve.

How you heal from that pain can help bring all women and men together to find a new way in better harmony. Or, how you let the anger and pain perpetuate and externalize can contribute to a new extreme that doesn’t aid the main objectives of equality, respect, and consent.

In the age of the empowered women, the empowered man has to be redefined. Only then can the true potential for harmony across gender be born. That’s the potential of this moment long-term.

The pain is the motivation to do better and realize something never seen before. So, don’t run away from it or try to put the blame on someone else!

Use pain to realize something matters!


Your Always-Right Center

Not everything is as sharp as an issue as #MeToo, but you still can feel the temptation to go to extremes these coming weeks.

You need to know how to find your center in a consistent way.

What I’ve found most helpful is to view things very simply:

Do my actions bring me closer to unity or toward a path of separation.

By separation, I mean dividing choices, things that closet pain to make things feel better in the short term.

It’s not simple to recognize your true motives, by that’s what meditation is for.

When faced with things you really want, but you don’t know how to go, step into a meditative space and let the energy of consciousness reveal the path for you.

When I’m integrating my experience, I’m moving toward unity. When I help someone along their path in a way that’s aligned to my own, I’m moving toward unity.

Unity is at once an effort for the light you were born to shine and the collective.

This simple practice never will let you down.


Pulled Off-Track

In addition to the planetary movement to Aquarius, Mars enters Sagittarius on Friday, and then there are the eclipses.

Mars will pull you into new directions, to push you outside your boundaries.

Eclipses can be polarizing, bringing you to the extremes so you know clearly what is your path. (Especially true if you have planets closely aspected by the eclipse degrees).

This is a recipe for getting diverted and pulled off-track.

While being kind to yourself when life happens, also make efforts to stay committed to your ambitions.

Remember a couple weeks ago when I wrote how it’ll be hard to remember how good it felt to be so aligned to where you want to go? Yeah, exercise that memory and Use Your Capricorn Toolbelt.

Rebel against playing the small version of yourself. Don’t alienate yourself from what you’ve already started!


Astrological Day Guides: January 19 – 22, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday – You might act before you think today. Be careful of miscommunications that come from working too quickly. In the afternoon, enjoy the unharnessed momentum more liberally. Great day to get started on things that normally are too unattractive to garner enthusiasm.
(Aries Moon squares Mercury and Pluto, then conjoins Uranus while going void at 11:16pm EST).

Wednesday – Slower pace than the beginning of the week, focus your efforts on projects that require more deliberation and structuring. Your words take more weight than normal, especially in the morning. Move through inner resistance and enjoy relaxing meals, dancing with friends, or a simple pleasure, which today favors.
(Taurus Moon begins 8:39am EST and trines Saturn, squares Sun and Venus. Mercury-Pluto conjunction).

Thursday – Solidify a plan and strategy you can follow-through on for the next two weeks. Prevent burnout by really committing to it. (It should inspire you and feel like a power move). Do something that feels good, even if it takes longer than ideal, and you’re back on track to today’s positive potentials.
(Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune, trines Pluto and Mercury, opposes Jupiter. Mercury-Jupiter sextile).

Friday – Use the morning’s void moon to reorganize and prepare for a busy and productive end-of-week into next. After Moon enters Gemini at 12:40pm EST, prepare to chat it up and stretch outside your boundaries to learn more from the others closest in proximity to you.
(Void Moon until 12:40pm EST then Gemini Moon opposes Mars and trines Sun. Mars in Sagittarius).

Saturday – Be careful of nerves and anxiety taking over. Your fears can have you spinning more plates than your more disciplined self would approve of. Even a gesture of helping hands can unwind to something more involved than anticipated. Also pay attention for revealing news today, someone may “spill the beans!”
(Gemini Moon trines Venus and squares Neptune. Venus-Uranus square).

Sunday – Morning’s void moon is great for tidying, filing papers, and catching up with siblings and neighbors. Once Moon is Direct at 1:57pm EST, enjoy the hearth and home by sharing good food and your home with family, or those like family.
(Void Moon until 1:57pm EST then Moon in Cancer. Moon-Saturn opposition).

Monday – Watch for sidestepping the issue today – it’s a sign you’re being too direct! Create the environment for successful interactions today. Really focus on safety and comforts.
(Cancer Moon trines Neptune and Jupiter, opposes Pluto).

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