Work With Me

Each month, I offer a handful of personalized first coaching sessions. On these calls, together we work to:

– GET CLARITY on what or who you really want to attract.
– CREATE A PLAN to find it.
– FREE YOURSELF from past patterns.
– FEEL SUPPORTED and empowered.

People usually leave feeling renewed, energized and inspired to make your dreams a reality. These often are truly uplifting and empowering, and I love doing them for that reason!

If something comes up during the call where I’d think I could support you – and you’re willing to explore it – I’d be happy to share what that looks like afterward.

Since I only have a couple of slots to fill a month, I want to make sure I get to the people most in need first.

Go ahead, Apply for a Personal First Session by saying you’re interested. I’ll reply to your email with 5 simple questions to get us started.