Astrological Traffic Jam: Pace Yourself


Over here in California, I’ve had to get used to driving again. While the traffic is nothing compared to L.A., I still get really frustrated with stop-and-go traffic at rush hours.

Just when you get out of the gas/brake dance, someone cuts you off and takes advantage of your steadiness.

It’s hard to not to stay angry or upset, but yet that’s probably the best thing to do – especially in a car.

Astrologically speaking, it feels like a traffic jam this week.

There’s plenty of important things to do, standards and accomplishments you want to show off! Principles you want to shove into people’s faces…hmmm??

All this week’s void moons keep putting you back to a place of inward (and not so outward) action. It can be pretty annoying. (The Day Guides below will explain more).

This Week’s Considerations helps you pace yourself and get through the astrological traffic jam.

5 Ways to Decongest Your Life

  1. Express Yourself. Take the void moon outlets as days to vent frustration, anger, or inaction. Do it through exercise, talking it out, or journaling. Don’t let yourself become a volcano by keeping it to yourself and pretending you shouldn’t feel that way in the first place. Accept and express yourself as is!
  2. Buy Healthy Snacks & Drink Water. Food is a magical place to take out stress. Make sure you have healthy alternatives the most convenient for you to grab when you’re bored, annoyed with inaction, or stressed by whatever flies in your face. You’ll need it, especially for the high-energy days through the middle of the week to keep your physical body calm. When the body is calm, it’s easier to run the rest of the emotional, spiritual, and mental components! Oh, and hydration – keep a big bottle next you!
  3. Take AMAZING breaks. Make a list of all the things you can do for 15-minutes that would break-up your current work and train of thought. Make some fun, make some practical. (The multi-tasker in you will feel more accomplished). When you don’t have to spend mental energy on figuring out what to do for a break, it’s a higher quality one! Have your list handy by your workstation. And by golly, take those breaks!
  4. Focus. Start your day with a simple meditation, 5 minutes even! Then write out the top 3-5 priorities for the day. Keep it near you. Revisit the list again after lunch. Stay focused on what matters, and the ruckus outside will seem a little quieter.
  5. Breathe. Yes, I’m aware that your body will automatically breathe for you. But remember to take deeper breaths and calm down once and awhile. Or, if you’re feeling lethargic, try taking quicker ones. Use your body instrument to get you the ends you need. Breath is often a wonderful foundation.

Astrological Day Guides: June 26 – July 2, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday –  Retreat and do some projections for your future, maybe through the autumn even! You’ll also might find yourself in the mood to change your environment and shake up the routines. The mind wants to expand its boundaries today – feed it!
(All day void moon starting at 8:54am EDT).


Wednesday – Waking up with a mission, the morning can feel anxious. Lots to accomplish and appearances to maintain. Ask friends for help, or just accept the mess as it is. On the bright side, at least things are moving!
(Sun opposes Saturn. Capricorn Moon trines Uranus and conjoins Saturn before its Full Moon after midnight).


Thursday – You can see the fruits of your efforts from yesterday although you might have to look at the back-end. Check out your website stats, what people are saying, etc. Hold value in that!
(Capricorn Moon sextiles Jupiter and Neptune).


Friday – Starting today it can be easier to express yourself. Thanks to Mercury’s journey here – extended by way of an upcoming retrograde (!!) – you can practice more productive and honest communication styles. Start today by speaking to yourself in a different way. Maybe you write a post-it affirmation on your bathroom mirror. Maybe you journal about it… start the journey of self-expression with you!
(Mercury enters Leo. Void Moon all day).


Saturday – Expect angry protests today. Whether you’re marching or at home, the anger, frustration, and hurt can get out of control. Have your own coping mechanisms to channel the emotion for yourself and extend that to others if needed. (Hint: usually being an example helps others manage themselves better).
(Moon in Aquarius conjoins Mars. Mercury-Uranus square).


Sunday – Frustrations linger from yesterday. It can seem like everything is imploding, exploding… Things can get taken personally today, so just back off when it gets too heated. For any necessary friction, try to see things from an outsider’s perspective.
(Aquarius Moon opposes Venus and goes void at 6:56pm EDT).


Monday – You may feel like you’re scrambling to get your week started – blame the void moon in the morning. Once the Moon enters Pisces for the afternoon, the shuffle will still be there, but it can be tempered with calming music, aromatherapy and other Pisces tricks for keeping the cool.
(Void Moon morning until 1:31pm EDT. Then the Pisces Moon sextiles Uranus and Saturn).

Photo by Jonathan Pease

Control Freak? Find Peace With These 3 Steps

imani-clovis-jeans-ripped-sitting-KristenTodayOh boy, there’s a whole lot of sitting around and wondering what will happen next this week. The Moon is void all day on Wednesday and next Monday, which means there’s lots of personal time and quiet time, and maybe when you don’t want that.

The tough aspects of this Capricorn Moon can make you feel powerless. Decisions can be made without your input, and that just sucks.

Well, how can you make the best of the situation?

You can control how you feel with it and how you manage your energy.

First, maintain the heightened sensitivity you built in Last Week’s Considerations “Blindfolded in the Catacombs.” It’ll help you navigate the unknown as power moves continue to be made around closed doors.

Then, run through these 3 steps to move through the part you can’t change — other people and situations. These can take you 5 minutes or an hour. Your choice.

This Week’s Considerations is about finding peace when there’s little or no control over the situation.


Unbearable Silence

You’ve been working hard, trying to do all the right things, and then it gets unbearably silent.

You’re not sure if what you did was actually the right move, or if you even did enough.

You might copy by making yourself busy with things you already did or things that just don’t matter.

Doubt might start to set in, and you worry  it can lead you to a downward spiral that’s hard to get out of even when the day is sunny.

When you begin to feel isolated or that you’re talking only to your screens, I want you to take a moment for yourself.

Check-in with where the stress, anxiety, or tension rests in your body. (Encouraging your breath to slow down while your feet are grounded can help you get a more accurate sense).

Yes, go to that uncomfortable place and sit with it.

Like you would comfort a small child, just listen to this node in your body.

And when you’ve heard it out – without trying to correct it, bring your breath to that spot. Let your breath open it, find acceptance of it.

You’ll probably start to notice its intensity start to lessen.

Fill in the clearing space with even more love and acceptance. Get super woo-woo about it because you deserve it.

Then, let your body react to this newfound recognition. It probably will feel more full and alive.

Enjoy the moment. If you feel called, keep moving through the next two steps below.


Priorities and Service

If you open your inbox, you have a dozen or more things calling for your attention. Some will seem more important than others – a bill payment due notification, a note from a friend coming in town to visit, etc…

All these things can steer you in several directions and make it hard to focus on the important things just because these other ones seem urgent. (I loved it when Brendan Burchard called this “other people’s agendas”).

Just like you’re trying to get someone’s attention, that someone is juggling the same issues.

When Moon is Void, it’s not a good time to try to get some reactions out of people… it often withers away in the ethers as this time is designed for personal time.

Instead of muscling through it, try to find peace with being a part of the many priorities with the people whom you’re trying to get their attention and action. Appreciate what they’re going through.

Go back to basics, like my favorite practice lately – put yourself in a place of service.

Work on your own energetic positioning so you can serve them even better.

I don’t know why it works so literally like this, but for me, I often find doors open for me that I once knocked on after I make peace with serving the best and many interests of those responsible to the opportunities I seek.

And for some people, you might find that when you put yourself in a place of service, you might actually need to do more them. Maybe it’s a thoughtful gift. Maybe it’s a phone call. Maybe it’s a note on beautiful stationery…

When you bring yourself to a place that honors other people’s priorities coupled with a place of genuine service, you become their priority.


Strengthen What You Do Know

As you know, I’m in the middle of promoting my Spiritual Woman’s Guide to Love weekend, and there are so many unknowns when you do a live event. How many people will ultimately be there? Did I buy enough materials and supplies I need? Etc.

Because it’s an online world, and events are always last-minute, it can be a difficult to sit in the unknown and witness unresponsive communication. (Yeah, it’s the worst-case scenario for control freaks).

Yet in the end, the trust has to be in yourself. The value you bring. The intentions you set. Your preparedness for this moment.

And even when there’s little to nothing to show for it yet, all that inner knowing is what gets you through it. Strengthen this, what you do know.

It keeps the faith alive. The faith that there is a connection between you and the universe.

That Spirit brings everything you can handle for right now. And that whatever does happen, beyond our control, it is perfect and preparing you for an even brighter future.

That’s the energy I’m bringing into my weekend event, and because I am, I already see a brighter horizon ahead that builds on all the beautiful work already invested in it. Whatever happens, I know it’s going to be magnificent and beautiful.

Astrological Day Guides: May 29-June 4, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday – It’s easier to see the view of where you’re going. However, a very stuck Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) at the end of Taurus clings onto what you know. Stay rooted in what gives you the outlook you have today. Prepare yourself for any necessary movement of what might need to change to get you to the ultimate destination.
(Sagittarius Full Moon at 10:19am EDT. Mercury enters Gemini).


Wednesday – Excellent day for writing, exploring, and getting your head in the clouds. No interruptions to divert your train of thought. So give yourself the space to adventure inside and out. Not really a day for making important decisions or connections because it’s a void moon.
(Sagittarius Void Moon all day, no aspects).


Thursday – Day can start off with a bang. Anticipate unexpected news, layoffs, or major changes coming from those in authority and leadership positions. A new structure starts to crystallize by the day’s end that makes sense of all the shifts and changes. For those who took advantage of Wednesday’s void moon, this may very well be the results of that work.
(Capricorn Moon trines Uranus and conjoins Saturn).


Friday – Power moves continue to be made behind closed doors. Tune into the senses you built up in Last Week’s considerations to help navigate the unknown and come out in the best light possible. Unstable grounds in a preserved sense of appearances.
(Capricorn Moon sextiles Jupiter and Uranus, opposes Venus and conjoins Pluto. Mercury-Mars trine. Venus-Jupiter trine).


Saturday – You can feel deflated from the lack of coherence and connection during the work week. Frame your state-of-mind to recognize a network of priorities. Your own, your clients, etc… In this web, control dynamics are challenging. You can’t make people act the way you want them to. Try to make space for your own priorities to find a new path to the ones where you want connection. Meaning, let go a little bit and trust the process.
(Void Moon until 6:06pm EST when Moon moves to Aquarius. Venus-Neptune trine).


Sunday – A more aggressive push lights up the circles you know and helps connect them to the right places. A good day to get yourself out there.
(Aquarius Moon conjoins Mars, trines Mercury-Sun and squares Jupiter in the night).


Monday – Today can be a ball of nerves. Self-doubt comes into play – did you make the right decisions? Sometimes you just can’t know. So instead of biting off your nails, try to keep yourself busy and take care of old business. Tidy up, rearrange furniture, throw stuff out, etc… remember void moons are meant to be keep-it-to-yourself times.
(All day void moon in Aquarius).
Photo by Imani Clovis

Tortoise and Hare: A Week of Long Void Moons

andy-brunner-hare-white-rabbit-KristenTodayAs a kid, I never really embraced the moral of “The Tortoise and the Hare,” although I could appreciate its advice.

This week is full of long void moons and small bursts of energy. The cosmos must have known the past week’s eclipse would need some time to heal and also to move on, piece by piece.

Aside – I am hopeful there will be some movement on gun reform because the Florida School shooting represents a part of the eclipse energy for the nation. This particular eclipse’ mechanism works in ending thing before moving them on to where we ought to be.

During the void moons, the cosmos urge you to take it slow and be reflective. The moments Moon is Direct, there can be interruptions to your flow, much like the hare enjoyed during his race.

It can be hard to be patient and mellow so much. And frustrating when it feels you have to cram in a lot of work in so little time.

Yet as an adult, I’ve found appreciation for both the tortoise and the hare in me.

This Week’s Considerations explore how you can feel the best in each, and still remain productive. Continue reading “Tortoise and Hare: A Week of Long Void Moons”

All-Day Sagittarius Void Moon: 5 Ways To Make Mental Clearance

tea-coffee-read-window-relax-KristenTodayToday’s a time of rest and reflection because Moon is void of course all day. In Sagittarius, you want to free yourself of what gets in the way of expanded thinking, and if you’re on your A-game, you connection to Source.

In order to get there, you gotta put out your sign for mental clearance because there’s inventory, checklists, someday/maybe ideas that are cluttering up your higher brain from operating.

The point is to clean up your mental space to be able to take on bigger ideas.

Always go back to this today: “What would help clear my mind right now?”

There’s an unlimited number of ways to do that. Today, I explore a few with you. Continue reading “All-Day Sagittarius Void Moon: 5 Ways To Make Mental Clearance”