What Does It Mean To Take “The Middle Path?”

To followup on last week’s theme of Virgo (with an exhilarating speed-ride of Mars Direct), let’s talk about HOW you start a new trend?

Instead of swinging between of “taking care of myself” vs. “getting the s*** done no matter the cost,” I want you to consider another way. How about the “Middle Path?”

Meaning, best of both worlds, and without compromising yourself!

I mean -hey – a whole lot of planets were retrograde just a month a go, bringing you back to the inner you.

And now, those planets one-by-one are going direct and/or entering Virgo. Which, the Virgo part, can make you feel burdened, under-appreciated, and burnt out.

So while Mercury is still in Leo for another week – stay in touch with what’s close to your heart. Use Saturn’s Station to Direct Motion (finalizing next week too) to solidify some plans.

Not any old plans, though.

Day-to-day plans.

YouTuber’s here’s your link!

Be on your path and in your light!

Day Guides below!
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Sun in Virgo: Start a New Trend (Also, Mars Direct Motion & Full Moon in Pisces)

This Week’s Considerations again on video format – with captions!

Sun enters Virgo on Thursday just after midnight ET.

That coupled with a stationed Mars (so impatiently wanting to go into Direct Motion), you can feel antsy.

Before – or rather beside – just jumping out of planes and going wild for a bit, you’ll want to channel the energy to long-term gratification too.

Virgo time is consistently a responsible, get-back-to-work moment where the fancies of summer seem eons ago.

You have a great opportunity this year to start a new trend. Especially so with the weekends aspects: a translation of light to make a Grand Trine and also a revealing Full Moon.

All this leads to a strikingly powerful Monday, when Mars is actually Direct Motion, to make the moves with a forceful bang!

(Non FB’s, click here for YouTube)

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Your Solar Eclipse Astrology Briefing

A series of 3 eclipses officially begins next week. Yet, the energy always intensifies a couple weeks before. Meaning, we’re in it!

Even if you don’t have planets in the natal or progressed charts near eclipse degrees (details coming below), the cosmos have plenty of shifts this week that can be unnerving.

Like mini-earthquakes in your personal foundation, these changes are in your temperament and your environment.  (Hint: Look to the house placement of the eclipse points and the planetary shifts to know how it might manifest).

Venus is changing signs on Monday the 9th to Virgo – her least favorite placement. She may not even know it, but overwhelm, bitterness, and putting yourself down the priority list seem to happen almost by accident.

Yet, you’ll also feel like working hard and putting your energies behind what you champion.

Just make sure you’re truly supporting what does matter in your long-term vision, and that you change activities often enough to not get into the weeds. (This energy continues until August 6th).

Also, Jupiter is stationing to Direct Motion. Over Jupiter’s Retrograde, you’ve gained secret information that has helped you gain confidence in your path, the people supporting it, and in yourself.

The Direct Motion path says it’s time to apply that strategy and inner-knowing to the world. Be the influence for good, and transform the world and its people around you.

These planetary shifts agitate – and thus intensify – the energies of the eclipse, particularly the first one on Thursday the 12th. The eclipse wants to fast-forward your personal evolution.

However, with a shifting context – aka those planetary shifts and the eclipse happening in oscillating Cancer – the target of change also is moving.

So if it boils down to one thing, I might bet that you can feel bit moody and undecided this week. Call it laissez-faire – that’s probably the best approach to all this anywhere.

This Week’s Considerations helps you personalize this info to understand how it impacts you. Continue reading “Your Solar Eclipse Astrology Briefing”

The Sustainable (And More Human) Path To Achievement


In school, I was a straight-A student. I memorized and did what I was supposed to do, and then delivered in my tests and presentations. I don’t discount or forget the efforts that went into that. However, how I went about my successes in my school years has taught me something I can use today.

Achievement to me today means being my best self, in my truth, in every situation I come across. It’s my essence and embodying it as both my body and consciousness evolve.

That also means seeking pleasure and purpose in everything I do. I’m not perfect at this, yet the better I get at it, the more I’m convinced there’s some gold in this way of being.

Professional work is easy to be short-sighted. Personal work is too.

However, I’ve found the more integrated you are between your lifestyle and professional lives, the easier these come together for the long-term! And, the more fulfilled you are!

This Week’s Considerations explores this challenge of integrating goals and lifestyle. Continue reading “The Sustainable (And More Human) Path To Achievement”

Changing Colors Like This Week’s Autumnal Equinox

patrick-tomasso-Autumn-Equinox-Road-KristenTodayIn one week’s time, the energetic tone and color changes significantly through the passage of:

  • Venus into Virgo on Tuesday,
  • Sun into Libra on Friday (Autumnal Equinox),
  • and Ceres into Leo on Saturday/Sunday, ruled by the Sun (and the autumnal equinox).

Venus in Leo has been proud, boastful, and free to speak her mind. Her placement likely has given you a freedom to wear your passions on your sleeves even though you lately have been mentally and physically stretching your limits.

When Venus enters Virgo on Tuesday, she steps foot in a territory she likes the least.

We all have been there – having to go through some messy s*** in order to get to the ultimate destination.

You are in process of walking through the doors to a new way. You cannot know precisely what is ahead of you. But you see choices that lead you to your bliss place, or choices that leave you unfulfilled and wanting more.

Because Virgo energy can make you feel small, these choices are harder than normal. Be careful not to let it torment you.

Creativity is flooding in, and with Venus now in Virgo, it is your duty to channel it, direct it and have faith that something will come of it later on.

Luckily, Venus has two of her favorite planets nearby in Virgo to help her navigate through the puddles, mud, and uneven steps – Mercury and Mars. Continue reading “Changing Colors Like This Week’s Autumnal Equinox”

Finding Our Humanity in the Wake of Harvey & Irma


The past couple week’s hurricanes have been humbling, tragic, and heartbreaking. There’s been a few also to show our common humanity behind the faces of nationalism, religious affiliation, ethnicity, etc. In the end, we all have equally important roles to play on this planet.

The emphasis on Virgo with 3 planets there reminds us to keep things simple, equal, practical. Their collective energies push us also to realize the archetypes of Pisces, which coincidentally was the Full Moon last week.

Pisces teaches you to find a common core, believe in something beyond your mental understanding, and merge back into that vulnerable but intoxicating sense of Oneness.

This is an opportunity to start a new cycle.

When faced with the ruins of disaster, the earth going against itself – all the people, plants and animals in that place, it’s an energetic black hole. You can feel it immediately by looking at photos.

Like feeds like, and the sadness only gives energy to the darkness.

We must find the light within ourselves, our own spirit and belief to rebuild with a new vision. Saturn in Sagittarius gives us the strength to do it. To fight against the pain and loss. To somehow find freedom in this raw, vulnerable moment.

Even if you have been fortunate, like me, to be spared from this disaster on a personal level, empathy and compassion can help build the spirit of strength for those who have to do the grunt work.

We are in this together.

Somehow the Earth thought this was the best way to find balance in herself. We, our neighbors, our friends, likely someone we know on a name basis has been touched and affected by these incredible acts of Mother Nature.

As human beings, we equally have the choice on how we find our own balance in the wake of this earth’s messages to us here national as well as globally.

Again Virgo talking here – what part can you make, however small it might feel?

In the end, we need to walk together in a new way. A way we may not understand fully – it’s never had to be done before.

The circumstances of today are unique like they were during the Black Plague, or the onset of the AIDS epidemic and other great turning points to hit humankind.

Somehow, through constant and willful effort, solutions were found. We could have died, but the human spirit did not allow it.

This moment is no different. Like an initiation, you have to walk through the gates with faith and certainty that you’re on the right path. How you live your life does and will have a ripple effect on the future, even if it’s not a linear connection.

Just like the actions of human beings in the past contributed to the intensity of these storms. You can’t put the blame on one person, culture, or thing. It’s a collective causality.

Let’s together create something beautiful.

Strive to witness a new life bloom in these places that have reached rock bottom.

The land is fertile to be conceived and rebuilt again in a beautiful light.

Let’s take time to observe our pain, work through it together with kindness and understanding, and see how this could be even better this time around.

This is what it means to be human, right? Continue reading “Finding Our Humanity in the Wake of Harvey & Irma”

Lean In. Look for Oz’s Controller.

francisco-gomes-light-man-KristenTodayThe summer of hot personalities and drama has appropriately climaxed with Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” debut of her rebuttal of former self.

By now you can be used to listening to the loud, seeing the big, and smelling the stink and thinking that’s the end of the story.

Well, it was face-value until now.

Mars was strongly holding the bigger-than-life energy – standing strong for what you believed, working your body, partying with those you loved…

… and now he’s in Virgo. Oh yeah, there’s a man behind the curtain controlling the spectacle of “Oz.” 

Now that Mars is in Virgo, all the planets are under Mercury’s control. (Through an astrological technique called depositors, you can see that the signs where each planet currently resides are ruled by 1 or 2 degrees of separation by Mercury).

Mercury is TINY! But powerful. Don’t under-estimate Mercury!

Dude is closest to the Sun – he has to be flexible to all that heat and light while keeping himself together -literally.

And, Mercury makes aspects to the planets the most out of anyone besides the Earth’s Moon. So he’s in the know. Continue reading “Lean In. Look for Oz’s Controller.”

Like Steroids: Eclipse Point Re-Activated

head-thinking-KristenTodayThis week I explore some personal and collective themes for the astrological climate.

Basically, Mars and Mercury Retrograde are inching their way to the eclipse point that went over the U.S. – at the last degrees of a fire sign, which just charges up the energy even more.

Mars who is strength and Mercury who likes lots of littles together can be made to the like of “strong-pills” aka steroids.

Add Mars-Mercury’s approach to trine Uranus at this eclipse point, and it becomes steroid shots… even more high-wired, stressed, and immediate.

Like steroids, the astrological climate says that vision may be blurred, blood pressure high, and sleeping difficult.

(Can’t make this up how much astrology aligns sometimes)!

So on a collective level, I admit it’s difficult to temper this. On a personal level, with some self-knowledge and control it can be productive.

Let’s explore each below: Continue reading “Like Steroids: Eclipse Point Re-Activated”

Life After The Eclipse + 6 Ways How You End Your Trump Time-Sucks

Last week I shared an in-depth the trajectory of planetary shifts following the eclipse. This flow is meant to help be a throughline for you to guide your decisions for the opportunities you present yourself socially and in your personal work.

Specifically, I wrote about:

  • Saturn’s Station Direct to help set up the foundation of the type of accomplishments your 2018-2020 self demonstrates from that rebirth of self-identity in 2012-2014.
  • Venus’ entry to Leo coupled with Juno’s station Direct to help draw and commit to the people that share a commonality.
  • End of Mercury Retrograde & Mars in Virgo to put into place all the practicalities needed to setup your 2018-2020 Saturn in Capricorn successes.

Please give it another read and consideration, especially now that the high of the eclipse is mostly over. (News will still trickle down for another week).

In that light, I feel the need to write a little more practically. (Thanks Virgo Sun).


6 Ways How You End Your Trump Time-Sucks

Yesterday I exchanged correspondence with a friend who was feeling ill and initially was convinced it was the eclipse. In fact it was Mercury Retrograde, who’s seriously been overshadowed by the proud Leo eclipse.

This is a typical situation of Virgo, the sign where Mercury is retrograding. Leo is the performer and star of the show, almost in an embarrassing exaggeration at times. And Virgo… gets all the hard work done, stays up late, and no one really knows how to appreciate her because honestly, it’s really bad conversation to get into the nitty-gritty of your own process.

Virgo, though, is extremely practical, flexible, and grounded. She puts the world on her shoulders, one task at a time, one daily routine at a time and often doesn’t complain.

So question: has the incredible discord of the Trump presidency been a daily Time-Suck for you?

It has to stop, and there’s many reasons. Here’s some Mercury Retrograde inspired ones on how to get out of them:

  1. What you can control is yourself. You can get all bent out of shape about the latest crazy, or recognize your feelings of upset and move on to your life’s real work. In other words, trust and value your own life’s contribution more than giving your energy to the possible failures another person’s life can produce.
  2. Negative energy feeds negative energy. If you’re not moving through your emotions and finding peace, then who will? You’ll just be the latest in the chain of releasing pent-up frustration that will be felt and carried on by the next.
  3. Your responsibilities are simpler than you might take on. You’re probably not the one to file impeachment articles, make amends with foreign countries, or fund the programs cut out by the administration. Ask yourself what can you do in your scope of skills and experience? It might just be offering space to do a prayer for peace in the middle of a presentation. Humanize yourself and your needs for comfort and you humanize and empower others.
  4. Faith. And I’m not talking religion. Just like a family member who’s going through a rough patch can get support but not heal until they make the changes themselves, this is what you have to do. Have faith that you are enough, that what you offer is helpful, that everything happens for a reason and a possible to good to discover from it.
  5. If you’re being honest, the disappointment and anxiety you feel about these President Trump developments relates back to life circumstances of your own. Step forward and heal those feelings in yourself, and you make the current situation somehow more human.
  6. Cleaning the closets. Trump did promise to make America great again. Totally unconsciously, and at his own expense, he’s showing all the dark closets and put-off difficult decisions our country (and it’s citizens) have postponed for years. It’s the country’s karma. It’s like pulling everything out of your grandparent’s closet and being shocked and amazed at the same time with the things you find. Get clear on where you stand in your present-day body. Educate yourself. Leave room for others to draw their own conclusions.

Mercury Retrograde re-evaluates your daily routines and habits. Do you really want this in your field all the time?

It could be Trump, it could be another pest.

Call it out and take responsibility for only what is truly yours. Don’t be a bad Virgo and over-commit beyond your limits!


Day Guides: August 22 – 28, 2017

Read these guides as a whole to get a sense of flow for the week. Then dive into them daily.


Tuesday: Sun enters Virgo this evening and feels closer to Moon with whom he just had that eclipse. Whatever epiphanies might have eclipsed you, the practical “how do I make something with it” can be channeled out today. Mars and Saturn trine encouraging you to do the “righteous” thing in a disciplined and structured fashion over time. Inside you feel together even if the outside is not. Mars will help you just push through the energetic garbage (and there’s a lot because of Mercury Retrograde being activated by Sun-Moon). Let yourself feel that fighting spirit a bit, especially if no harm is done by doing it.

Purge-20pix Productivity-20pix Low Profile-20pix Journal-20pix



Wednesday:  Pack up work early today. Virgo Moon goes Void of Course at 4:02pm EDT and will be there until 9:05pm EDT. Men and bosses are cranky today anyway. Great time for self-care and the fun of being in the world by yourself. In other words, take yourself on a nice little date! Nothing fancy, just in the pleasure of being.

Low Profile-20pixLove-20pixFun-20pixCreativity-20pix



Thursday: Venus and Uranus square during a Libra Moon, putting pressure on your relationships to acquaintances, communities, and groups. If they any of these aren’t aligned, let the schism happen. Maybe you initiate it. What’s important is that your values match the environments you put yourself in. Your inner vision of your trajectory is now cooked (Saturn station Direct tomorrow). Be disciplined to your inner knowing to do what is necessary, with respect to others in their own paths and evolutions.




Friday: If there are mentors, bosses, or people of influence you want on your side, it’s a good moment to get their attention. Libra Moon is on a roll and helps you say the right things to the right people.

Also, Saturn shifts to Direct (meaning forward) Motion this morning, starting the last chapter of his in total 3-year Sagittarius journey. How you situate your inner world turns outward. Use your faith in yourself and your unseen support to explore the foreign environments and ideas that soon enough will become your own and the support to the accomplishments 2018-2020 set up for you to realize.




Saturday: Scorpio Moon makes positive aspects today, so expect a productive and mentally satiating one. Juno’s station to Direct Motion in the afternoon, helps start a year+ long time of solidifying relationships. Make you alliances smartly – Juno will hold whatever your common ground is as sacred at any cost (no loose interpretations allowed or it will end ugly). Venus adds dimension, entering Leo as the clock passed midnight (EDT) last night. For the next 3.5 weeks on a day-to-day level, your own values are expressed with an open heart to what’s honorable a just. The desire also to protect those closest to you is emphasized with Venus in Leo and Juno’s station Direct.

Finally, your work on Tuesday to help sketch out a plan for your eclipse epiphanies takes on Mercury’s help today with the Sun’s conjunction to him. You might need to close some responsibilities in order to stand more in your own identity and light. Expect however this story manifests to repeat when Mercury and Sun meet again October 8th.

Productivity-20pixLow Profile-20pixLove-20pixJournal-20pix



Sunday: Come clean on your secrets. If there’s a dark closet in your life, and it hasn’t been exposed for you, today’s a good day to come clean. Jupiter & Saturn sextile, helping you face and transcend your karmic knots. Scorpio Moon makes positive aspects to some outer planets to help you rise up to what’s best in the long run over what you’ve buried but still haunts you.

Purge-20pixLow Profile-20pixJournal-20pix



Monday: Aggressions are high. Channel it out as healthy competition or tackle difficult projects that need some extra umph to triumph against it. People can be testy today, and it’s difficult to speak the same language. This is all thanks to a long void moon in the morning in Scorpio that carries the energy of squaring Mars. It’s relieved some when Moon enters Sagittarius at 3:48pm EDT, but some challenging aspects continue.

Legend Key:

Accomplishment-45pix Accomplishment Creativity-45pix Creativity Fun-45pix Fun
Journal-45pix Journal Love-45pix Love Low Profile-45pix Low Profile
Productivity-45pix Productive Purge-45pix Purge Social-45pix Social
Adventure-45pix Adventure

Photo: “Wormhole.” Flickr, Steve Moses (License)

The August 21st Solar Eclipse Over the United States + What Happens After

Solar-Eclipse-2017-USA-KristenTodayEclipses have a knack for steering you in the right direction, whether or not you can recognize it in the moment. They bring up things that are unexpected for the recipient.

For some, any change in “normal” can cause ripples of chaos and necessary reorganization. In the end, when all is resettled, you often see the value of that moment.

On Monday, August 21, at 2:30pm EDT, the second and highly anticipated eclipse for the season casts it shadow over the United States. Where an eclipse casts its shadow is important because that is the place on Earth temporarily cut off from the Light – the very Sun that helps make life possible. It’s a moment of death for that place, and thank goodness it’s only temporary!

At the final degrees of Leo, this eclipse takes on the weight of the whole sign in its height. Leo, governor of pride, leadership, play, and honor, shows us that the for the United States, the reign as leader of the world as the way it has been done in the past is closing.

Thing is, eclipses bring on unexpected events and turns.

So, how the country changes, and what causes that ripple effect is largely unknown.

It can be said that already in the energies to the eclipse, the shocking news in Charlottesville, coupled with the lack of condemnation of it by top leadership, could be the type of ripple that changes the way the country operates.

That event could be the telling disclosure of what’s really happening in America. And from that, people can maybe start movements to heal and treat others with respect and understanding. (This interview with a former skinhead on NPR could be an exemplary story of a movement to come, for instance).

Once the eclipse is over, the story is not. In fact, things get very busy, and I feel called most to share you what’s on the horizon for over two weeks so you can prepare. Continue reading “The August 21st Solar Eclipse Over the United States + What Happens After”