This Week’s Astrological Considerations (June 15th, 2015)

On Sunday evening, Saturn entered Scorpio for his last visit in Scorpio until November 2041.

In some ways we’re being taken back to the begining of December 2014.

Since December 24th, 2014, we have enjoyed Saturn in Sagittarius, where the energy is noticeably lighter.

However the Scorpio darkness only keeps us there if we let it. Scorpio is full of depth, the profound. It investigates the unseen but real. It is the impregnation of our conceptions that have a chance to become a reality.

It is for these reasons that the Scorpio sensitivity is acute, and how we are given a great opportunity in Scorpio to be strategic and healthily in control of what is most intimate to our inner beings.

When Saturn departed Scorpio, we all in some ways were exhausted, defeated in what we tried to hold on to (even though we often could see how it was better to move on).

A part of us died, and we were reborn…


The past 6 months of Saturn in Sagittarius gave us the opportunity to commit to the vision, to see what life could evolve into being, the rules of engagement that were possible in this new rebirth of how we viewed ourselves.

Saturn in Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter through rulership, meaning Saturn is in Jupiter’s house and has to “answer” his host.  Jupiter being in Leo this past 6 months, this vision of your new life was to see if you felt truly more yourself and under what mindsets or environments.

If you look closely, I’m sure there are things you discovered you could be a little more grounded on, foundations that would better support the person you really want to become.

That’s how to use Saturn in Scorpio this last time. To undo, reset, wrap up your commitments that won’t evolve you into this more full sense of your being. And after August 2nd, make the commitments and root yourself to what you feel you should be dedicated in order to fulfill your profound purpose.

Saturn judges based on the balance of your design and your karma (whether positive and negative). What is good for you may not be for others, and Saturn demands you to organize yourself to be within structures that help you be more yourself. And if it’s too difficult to face it alone, Saturn delivers hard lessons that can be very stressful but ultimately lead you to accept a new place.

It’s much better if you’re forward acting than waiting “to get caught” and disciplined by Saturn…


This also is the final week of Sun in Gemini, the sign of multiplicities and options. It’s the perfect time to use the cosmic energies of the Sun in the ‘same room’ with Mars and direct Mercury Direct to make some profound choices of who you want to be.

Which ‘hat’ are you most? But which one do you show? Under what circumstances? Do you compromise expressing your authentic self? When or why?

With these answers you have the support to make choices that will help you weed out your real or imagined obstacles and make room to plant the seeds to your true rebirth to develop over the next 30 years.

That means you’re not going to realize the vision of yourself right away. You’re making a Scorpio investment in yourself, banking in your time and efforts now to get the accumulated interest later.

Saturn in Scorpio traditionally is governed by Mars. Release the Saturn pressure by doing Mars in Gemini – make decisions, do something each day that aligns to your choices.

To recognize our deep selves takes courage. To choose to become a better person can be even harder. But if you do a little more you everyday, eventually you become that better person.

Keep the vision from the past 6 months, tend your internal garden, and keep in sight the future you will realize.

This week’s affirmation:
Whatever I choose, I know I will find happiness