Empower Key Relationships Now For Lasting Impact

Key-Forest-KristenTodayAutumn is a rush. Summer vacations are over, the brisk air gets you moving faster. The cold makes you think faster. Intensity strengthens.

Astrologically, the tone follows. Last week was the advent of Autumn with the equinox and Sun’s entry into Libra. Time to make things happen before the “death” of winter.

In everyday speak… if you have big goals you want to reach – you have an opportunity right now to nurture key relationships that’ll help to get you exactly where you want to go. Make sure you make the most of the next 13 days, it can be a game-changer.

More on why we have this opportunity right now. This week, Pluto stations to Direct Motion on Thursday, ending his 5-month retrograde period. (See Pluto’s Power Retrograde article from April here). This happens as Mars approaches a trine to Pluto, which perfects on Thursday.

Meaning, something nasty is about it be unearthed on a collective level. I pray it’s not fighting and war.

On a personal level, you’ve come to know your triggers that keep you from achieving greatness. Very quickly, you’ll have your opportunity to give them their place (below you where they originate) and stand to push through your life and create the change in yourself and the world that is only yours to accomplish.

Pluto Direct Motion also wants you to be the agent of change in the outer world. In a positive expression, he’s all about power and control (in emotions and environment) to transform and evolve the old.

Jupiter is preparing to enhance these qualities in only 2 weeks.

Jupiter has been transiting Libra for nearly a year, and he will depart this sign October 10th to not return to it for another 12 years. His journey then becomes that of the Scorpio flavor (of which Pluto and Mars co-rule the sign). Jupiter will have to cooperate with Pluto and Mars in th way he gives.

Next week I’ll explain even more how the character of Jupiter in Scorpio might show up. (For me, on reflection it set up everything I enjoy today… but in the moment, that was difficult.).

First, collect your assets to fuel your journey ahead. Continue reading “Empower Key Relationships Now For Lasting Impact”

Your Scorpio New Moon Intention-Creation Checklist

sky-sunset-sand-night-KristennTodaySunday’s New Moon in Scorpio gives you a chance to start new, cut ties with limiting mindsets, and have a better mastery with guiding your life fluidly between your intuition and intelligence.

Scorpio knows what’s up even though she doesn’t let onto it.

Too, Mercury and Neptune are trine, making a flow of unseen information well-understood.

With Sun approaching Neptune as well, it gives a flavor of wrapping up a vision started a year ago with Neptune.

You can incorporate more of your wholeness by recognizing yourself for all your lights and shadows throughout this moon cycle (40 months).

How you give weight to your shadows and your ability to stay in the light can develop more this moon cycle. Continue reading “Your Scorpio New Moon Intention-Creation Checklist”

Scorpio Season: Checks & Balances In The Quickening

motion-blur-women-subway-KristenTodayIt’s a quickening phase of the moon and quickening time of year.

We’re in the basalmic moon phase until Sunday’s New Moon, and Sun in Scorpio morphs, changes, and evolves things in speed to transition from the happy-go-lucky late-summer to the upcoming winter ahead.

Things get done because they have to get done. The mind is sharp because there’s not much room for mistakes.

The question of what’s running you – your plans, gut feelings, or fears – is always a good question in Scorpio.

It’s what separates the good Scorpios from the ones who give Scorpio’s a bad name.

Just because may not be a Sun Sign Scorpio, doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Everyone has Scorpio in some part of their chart. Continue reading “Scorpio Season: Checks & Balances In The Quickening”

Sun in Libra Plays, Mercury Retrograde No-More, Cunning Venus in Scorpio, & Pluto’s Wealth

woman-cave-KristenTodayMercury Retrograde ends on Thursday, the same day Sun enters Libra.

This Mercury Retrograde has got some strategic workings up its sleeve. I know that because the last major aspect he’ll make retrograde is trine Pluto on Tuesday.

There’s a clear throughline between Jupiter’s tenancy in Virgo the past year and this Mercury Retrograde during eclipses.

Below I detail how to figure it on for yourself, but basically, Jupiter left Mercury a bunch of old photos and items to go through. With what Mercury didn’t know what to do, the eclipses either blew them up or gave him signs to keep going with it.

Poof, you’re delivered to people and places instead of just your desk.

Venus enters Scorpio on Friday, a very powerful, calculative position for her.

And finally, Pluto stations Direct on Monday.

Between Pluto, Venus, and now Jupiter and Sun in Libra, be ready to realize some pretty awesome partnerships, agreements, and strategic alliances.

Hey, you’re now graduated from Virgo work-at-again get-your-life-together land. Now it’s your time to leave the practice field and play ball.

Continue reading “Sun in Libra Plays, Mercury Retrograde No-More, Cunning Venus in Scorpio, & Pluto’s Wealth”

Mercury Retrograde approaching: New Year, new perspectives

Weekly Considerations

The planets want you to take on a new perspective. This week, all the personal planets, meaning those on our side of the asteroid belt, change signs.

Every time we go from one sign to the next, it’s an evolution of consciousness in response to the previous sign.

Meaning, we all have our faults and strengths. The sign after the one preceding it responds to those faults in particular. For example, Virgo in excess can get obsessive with work and staying busy – never being social. Libra, the next sign, is social and relational by nature. It must get out and play.

Shifting your mindset is best done consciously, but it doesn’t make it easy when what you know or have gotten used to experiencing is fading away.

Trusting yourself, taking small risks helps you growth your faith in yourself and others, ultimately leading to personal development. Evolution.

On top of that what’s changing, Mercury already is in his “shadow” for when he goes into retrograde motion in January. I bet you’ve had your eyebrows raise a couple times like, “Oh no, is it Mercury Retrograde again already?!!” (I did this past week).

Look at the funny typical Mercury Retrograde problems and notice where communications fizzle out. What breaks? What do you need to repeat over and over again?

You can choose for it to be amusing instead of annoying. This Mercury Retrograde is going over my natal Mercury. All of a sudden, I’m finding myself needing to repeat what I’m saying at least 3 times for many things.

I see Mercury poking fun at me, showing me that I’m not being heard or understood. So I will be working on changing something about the way I express myself.

I suggest weeding out what might be your Mercury Retrograde story (or what you want to work on) so you can be conscious and be on top of the unravelings rather than a pawn to them.

Need help on possible topics? Check out my consideration on Mercury as Menace or Mitigator in Capricorn here.


Daily Considerations

Monday & Tuesday Sun-Neptune Sextile, Mercury-Mars Square

The astros support clarity of focus today.

You probably have a couple things you would like to experience in your palette of feelings next year.

What experiences will you have to set up for yourself to create the context for those feelings of contentment, rest, accomplishment, overjoy…??

Too, you’ve met some interesting people at all those holiday events. Have you already followed up with the important ones? Are the someday-maybe followups added to your contacts list with a date to checkin if it’s a good time to reconnect with them?

If the answers are no – maybe you’re not setting yourself up for success next year.

I know you hold yourself up to high standards, and I just wanted to offer ways I’ve found myself self-sabotaging good intentions as well.

I want this 2016 to be awesome for you.

It’s the little things that trip you up, but the big things that pull you in the right direction. Today you have aspects to do both and with a sharpened perspective.

Set yourself up for success, eh? Remember, time for you also is time supporting others.


Wednesday Venus enters Sagittarius

Until January 23rd, Venus’ journey through Sagittarius will be interesting – to say the least – and potentially full of emotions.

I know you can keep your cool well, and that last month’s journey of Venus in Scorpio feels pretty natural for you. Being strategic, quiet, letting things happen as you prepared them to be…

This Sagittarius journey, though, is a different story…

… your impulses and desires (and those around you) are not easily manageable in this configuration.

On one hand Venus will have a million ideas that all seem very practical and worth the journey. (Jupiter rules the Sagittarius house she’s in).

But then, the actual process of it – the interactions, things, moving pieces to the process – will get scrambled like puzzle pieces. (Mercury, who will go retrograde directs Jupiter’s influence).

I know you can appreciate a good challenge, but that’s not the point to push through and over-exert your energy to prove your intellectual and energetic might.

You’re shifting responsibilities and what you spending your time on. Will it be for you and your aspirations, or for whatever you are compelled to become a part of. (Saturn governing Mercury’s influence).

Venus is right there next to Saturn, helping you change your relationship to this seemingly fun story actually gone quite complex.

So if I were to take one thing from this scene, I would ask myself daily for the next month:

“How am I partnering with my own aspirations today?”

Put it on your alarm clock on your phone. 😉


Thursday & Friday Mercury enters Aquarius

Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, meaning it’s a super great time for discovery and articulating your aspirations.

Go out and do something small – or even a bunch of small things that inspire you.

It can be important or not:

– Buy some fruit at the grocery store you’ve never tried.

– Try applying a skill set in a different type of project than you normally take on.

– Go to the science museum and fascinate your brain.

Enjoy these moments before Mercury goes Retrograde back into Capricorn.

And if something doesn’t pan out well, a) you learned that about yourself, and b) you’ll have another opportunity to try during the Mercury Retrograde and return into forward direction through February.


Saturday & Sunday Mars enters Scorpio

Mars enters the 2nd sign he traditionally rules on Sunday.

In Aries, he uses his force, energy, and passion to initiate and explore what once was unknown.

Here in Scorpio, the same vitality and strength is channeled to the mind.

Meaning, Mental sharpness. Acute decision-making. Precise methods.

You see how these can be useful.

Squaring Mercury in Aquarius, you have the opportunity really to discover some of the hangups that previously frustrated you.

Unlock that tense, raw edge.

Mars gives you the power and accuracy to pinpoint unrest in your psyche, and Mercury will discover the bits and pieces to help release those stresses.

These are called breakthroughs, which often are the smallest things. So give yourself time for reflection to recognize your mini-ephiphanies.

Meditation is so good with this configuration.

Make at least 5-minutes each day for yourself for that, eh? Set another alarm on your phone if you must.

If you find yourself a bit cold, shrewd in a bad way, or unnecessarily snippy – that’s the Mars energy is not getting used.

You need to keep his energy busy with intellectually engaging things to solve.

So, if you need an altoid for snippy days, take up Sudoku again…

Mars will be in this sign until March 6th and will take 2.5 years to return. Work it! 🙂

Work It!… Like the cold outside – Scorpio edged focus before the holiday hustle

Weekly Considerations

There’s something about the cold that brings clarity, direction, and focus.

As Halloween closes, the bustle of the holiday season twinkles its fingers, beckoning a hell-o.

The holidays require us to be sharp, often in misled ways: choosing one sales item from another, deciding travel schedules to avoid crowds, over-contemplating come-backs for awkward family conversations about what you’ve been doing this year…

If there’s one thing I’m learning most by being a mom, it’s there’s no value in making something too precious. In the moment, I need to decide what is best for the baby. And that’s that.

If I mess up, I seek to fix it. I cannot waste time feeling bad about it; I need to be proactive in making the necessary steps – sometimes on uncertain ground – to get to the un-negotiable goal. (Happy, healthy baby with foundations for a well-rounded and productive life).

When stepping into the cold, I bet you already know where you’re going. And you’re doing it fast.

Why not bring that kind of sharp energy into your work life, your social life, your dating life…??

It’s Scorpio season, and it’s a great time use that razor-sharp focus to be in the moment and see your life unfold.

A steadfast determination with an intuitive/instinctive edge is Scorpio’s way.

Know what you want, be uncompromised about its possibility, and then direct your focus and energy to finding the outlet to make it happen.

Like a worm finds its way up to land when it rains. It knows it must get there, and it relies on its intuition and instinct to be led on the path out.

Not saying you’re a gooey worm, and…

…get yourself off to a good pre-holiday habit!
Don’t get drowned out by the clutter of other’s agendas and money-making schemes. Be on the front of your own, with the cold nipping at your butt to get moving on it already.

Say “NO” to fear who tries to get in your way!

Daily Considerations

Monday Mercury enters Scorpio; Venus-Mars Conjunction in Virgo
Reflections go back to Virgo & September in the charts of these two astrological events today.

Intelligent cooperation is perhaps how I’d define this energy, which is available to practice all week.

Pulling from last week’s ceremonies to the Full Moon and Halloween, you remember and can appreciate what you have.

Ever follow a recipe to the T only to feel a little disappointed about the result… and then someone just adds lemon to it, and it’s perfect?

You have to consider what the missing ingredient is to what you already have. Think smartly, consider the options.

Then take your metaphorical seam-ripper, and make adjustments, one little stitch at a time.

Mercury, master of many small things and details, embodied in the sign of transformation. Venus-Mars in the tailor’s sign of Virgo, making it practical, and something you can manipulate physically in this world.

No need to get totally mental about your adjustments… although clear state of mind always helps.

You have to physically do it too.


Tuesday Moon in Leo
Take in your surroundings today. For those in temperate climates, the leaves are changing color.

It’s a magnificent, inspiring display.

This beautiful, crunchy mess is a stage for the process of death. It’s the loss of the lush joy of summer.

Call-in all you carefully considered this summer, the person you felt illuminated inside of you.

Take in a breath of cool, autumn air (even if it’s just your mind’s memory of it) and feel the brisk energy enliven the radiance of this self like bouncing you off your seat in a go-cart as you shift gears.


Give yourself permission to let go of glory of summer and “get to it” in the productive, smart directive energy of this season.

Carry through, though, that sense of inner radiance and empowerment you worked hard to bring up to the next level this past summer.

Have faith things will sprout up again if you table them now.

Create beautiful colors in your life, just like the deciduous trees do.


Wednesday Moon in Void Course all Day
It will be easy to get sidetracked today – yesterday’s election results for example.

Note it, but don’t get caught up in it.

Pull out your journal of tasks from the September Virgo days, and clean it up according to what resonates with you now. Continue reading “Work It!… Like the cold outside – Scorpio edged focus before the holiday hustle”

Scorpio Full Moon and Halloween – Ceremonies and Considerations that Could Transform You

Weekly Considerations

For week of October 26, 2015.

It’s a profound week, just like Scorpio likes to have it.

Although intense, I find it beautiful, especially when you get to Sunday.

In the Daily Considerations this week, I offer a number of personal ceremonies that make it fun while still respecting the energies.

They need to be respected for they easily can turn dark.

Which is why I’m keeping this short to make you read it.

Be careful with yourself this week – not only physically but also energetically. Meaning:
– avoid alcohol, drugs, or any mind-altering activities.
– place yourself in positive surroundings.
– reduce the possibilities of putting yourself in a compromised or unhealthy place.

We all know how Full Moons see a rise in crime and activity in mental hospitals. Being that it is Halloween on top of that, be aware.

I really despise alarmist astrology columns, and energetically speaking, this week things can shift quickly, especially if you’re not in a healthy, normal mind space. That goes for any time really, but especially with charts like this week’s.

Being lucid is different than having thoughts come to you. Lucid dreaming or daydreaming is controlled by you; being under the influence puts the control on what’s outside of you.

You’ve been working hard all year to gain confidence in the new possibility of your outward expression. Don’t let yourself take your guard down to find you feel off and unmotivated the next day.

I’m saying this not only because the of the Celtic belief of the holiday, or even the astrological charts this week. I really feel it intuitively.

Check in the way you check in, and see if you feel the same.

With love and for your highest good.

Daily Considerations

For week of October 26, 2015.

Monday Moon Void Course all day in Aries, eclipses Uranus

Early in the morning, Moon will eclipse Uranus. An hour later, she opposes Mercury who just stepped out of his retrograde shadow degrees.

Unexpected twists to stories, agreements, or gossip may slip in today. Or, it might reveal through surprise developments about siblings, skillsets, your neighborhood, car, or gadgets. They might reflect what began in the first two weeks of September.

You may not like what you see, but Moon in Aries tells us it’s a new beginning. You’ve taken the best of what you’ve known, and now you can use your knowledge to start a better future.

Tuesday Full Moon in Taurus

You need to be nimble to reap the benefits from this Full Moon.

For NYC, the rising sign is 11 Scorpio, giving the appearing experience of this moon one of profound transformation and strategic revealings of the creative works in process.

The Full Moon takes place in the 12th & 6th houses of personal mastery to gain & personal work on self in service to others. 6th House is the Virgo house, and it’s at the top of the chart, giving prominence and strength. Continue reading “Scorpio Full Moon and Halloween – Ceremonies and Considerations that Could Transform You”

Sun in Scorpio: Transforming Beliefs Into Being

Weekly Considerations

It’s not a fun week. There I just said it as it is.

That’s not to say there isn’t anything of value of it.

You just have to be careful to stop yourself before imagining terrible, terrible things.

There’s a respite on Saturday – so focus on that if you really feel like you need to cut someone’s head off. But please don’t do that.

As the Sun enters Scorpio, we’re getting a little mental about things. Don’t let it drive you crazy.

The mental agility of Scorpio has a power to harness that allows for profound and permanent transformations.

It takes someone with strong Scorpio in their chart (like me) to help you to know where to sniff (aka the Daily Considerations).

There’s something very primal about Scorpio that brings us back to our origins but also show incredible hope in the catalyst toward the future.

This year, it won’t be as dark of a time as Scorpio in years past. There are Sagittarius and Piscean themes around belief and faith to bring into your life. This is what you’ve been exploring the past couple weeks anyway.

And too, Mercury is busy this week picking up luggage to deliver from the big-change planets (Uranus & Pluto).

Make some deals this week. If they’re not real yet, write them up anyway to attract the real ones in.

Breathe, practice patience, and with loving determination, carve your desires into reality.

Daily Considerations

Monday  Moon in Capricorn
Today could be filled with mixed emotions as the Moon passes through a sign that sees and says things as they are and makes aspects to six planets today.

While a little self-critical, this moon also can help with a reality check of what’s actually happening.

In meditation, I’d suggest exploring the feelings with the raw edges, with courage, and look at what it is without trying to change it.

Tuesday Moon in Capricorn and Aquarius
Be careful of waking up on the wrong side of the bed today and carrying it through your day. The work day will feel similar to yesterday.

Let new ideas and discoveries be sparked from the friction of today. To polish a stone, friction and decision on how must be made.

Give yourself opportunities to innovate and adjust.

In the Lean Startup Methodology, this is called a “pivot.” Shift your direction.

Talk to your groups and acquaintances to get their honest feedback. Let yourself receive it and let it change something within you.

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world; sometimes working something in our everyday lives is how we see a positive evolution from within.

Wednesday Moon in Aquarius
Today you might find yourself signing an agreement or beginning a relationship with a mentor or boss that brings you closer to your dream.

If you have none to be made, name your mentors you’d like to have. Continue reading “Sun in Scorpio: Transforming Beliefs Into Being”

The Big Cosmic Reunion – Re-visting the Past 3 Months in 1 Week

Pay attention this week. It’s a big, juicy one.

It’s a meeting of all the themes that have been happening since the Mercury Retrograde in May, with all the major players coming in for the class reunion.

You’re probably thinking, “Well so much has changed, how can I know what that even means?!”

Go back to the vision you thought you were starting after Christmas 2014. It’s about how that was nice, but it wasn’t “Goldilocks” just right.

The cosmic gymnastics since then has been about discovering what actually is the “gold” to go for.

These are the big dreams and shifts that you discovered thanks to 2.5 years of deep soul searching and the important people and concepts in your life metaphorically or even literally dying over that time.

We all had to surrender. (Which at times majorly sucked).

But surrender in order to re-birth ourselves.

Now is the moment where we plant our feet on the ground and say, this is where I need to stay strong in order to become the person I was born to be.

It’s impossible to get there in a week, a month, or even a year. As are all the things that really mattered have already proven.

… we’re talking about a 30-year cycle in total for this journey.

But before you stop reading, it’s much more manageable than it sounds.

Each “step” of this 30-year cycle has a set sub-timeframe that follows a particular archetype, and it is my job is to translate that for you.

From Sunday until September 17th, Saturn is moving forward in Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. This is the final moments of the rebirth process, planting your seeds with the people, resources, communities, and ideals that will make you as strong as a tree over the coming years.

From September 18th, Saturn is in Sagittarius (the 2nd house from our rebirth). We’re in a 2 year sub-timeframe journey of making leaps to test the limits of our vision of what’s possible for ourselves in order to discover the truth of it. This is a time of gathering resources, giving / finding the value, feeling worthy and that this is worthwhile, and accruing the energetic pot of gold that will feed the coming sub-timeframes.

It’s inevitable that these leaps will sometimes disappoint, but remember, it’s about discovering your truth of what works for you in the new vision of who you actually can be.

We follow the movement of Jupiter and its ruling planet by sign within these 2-year cycles to get more narrowed focuses.


Starting September and for a year, it’ll be about the nuts and bolts. Process. Daily activities and routines. Health & Well-Being. Those you take care of. Colleagues.

September – October 2015: Are you relating to the right people to be able to find true success? Are there people from the past you should bring back into your life? Or should you let go of some of those you are closest to? (Think business partners, clients, best friends, love partners).

November 3-20, 2015: What is the smartest strategy you can invest yourself into to set yourself up for success? What habits or people do you need to cut out, yesterday? You’ll need to be nimble and trust your gut instincts for this one.

November 21-December 11: What are some practical ways you can test the waters to integrate your personal growth into your ideal professional life? What will nurture your soul right now, renew your sense of hope and inspiration in what you’re aspiring to become?

… and the cosmic story will continue to unfold with its nuances in between.

See, that’s very manageable.


Back to this week’s class reunion and Astrological Considerations:

Sunday the 2nd – Saturn Direct in Scorpio
Enough backtracking, questioning, doubting, and surrendering every last ounce of your sense of self. Time to move forward and claim your stake in ground of what matters in the long-run, even if you don’t have it now (you likely won’t).

Monday the 3rd – Saturn in Scorpio Square Jupiter in Leo
Since July 2014, you’ve been discovering a new sense of self and your calling. You think it might be that. Time to own whatever your emotional markers are for your true identity and make some structure in your life to keep it and integrate into your life. Can be now, can be later, but you need to make a plan on how to keep that inner fire glowing. Make some ideas today, tomorrow’s energy will help a LOT.

Tuesday the 4th – Venus Retrograde Conjunct Jupiter in Leo
June into mid-July was all fun and games with our friends. Life was beautiful. Then the pressure took hold and made us notice all these flaws everywhere outside and inside ourselves. Today we go back to the beautiful place. Enjoy your social events today and the rest of this week, but also take note of what that sweet spot means to you. What helps you get there?

Wednesday the 5th – Venus Retrograde in Leo Square Saturn in Scorpio
Think back to yesterday’s happy space. Is the type of fun you’re having now aligned to the improved, aligned to purpose you? Or might there be a different way of interacting socially that is more sustainable to nurturing those stakes in the ground from Sunday of becoming who you were born to be?

Thursday the 6th – Mars in Cancer Trine Saturn in Scorpio & Mercury Conjunct Venus in Leo & Square Saturn in Scorpio

The Mars in Cancer story that began end of July is coming to an end, and that means there’s a moral to the story you need to reveal and tell yourself. In having to be a part of the group, however twisted that became, were they worth it? Even if you didn’t make much progress, were your efforts to do something inspiring fulfilling? Use the Mercury energy to think at the level of your playful, vibrant soul self and then write down the moral of the Mars story and how you can integrate that in your life.

Friday the 7th – Mercury Conjuncts Jupiter in Leo then enters Virgo
As Mercury completes his journey Leo, he gets a giant springboard into Virgo. Get ready for mental clarity, agility, and sharpness to “clean house” before Jupiter travels the same path. This is a great day to string together all those ideas floating from the previous days considerations into something practical and short-term. Go ahead and put rough ideas of what long-term could be, but layout specifically the short-term plan.

Saturday the 8th – Mars enters Leo
Mars is coming in to be the on the ground doer of all the planets that have been travel through Leo: Sun (the true identity), Mercury (the talker and connector), Venus (the relationship creatrice), and Jupiter (the visionary and wise). Mars in Leo can get a little pompous and self-righteous, especially after enduring the sign of Cancer. But stay focused on what all these other planets revealed to you so to use the Mars energy to start implementing those short-term plans you created yesterday. You will judge if it’s working at the beginning by seeing if that happy place on Tuesday is alive within you and later on if your plan/checklist is getting done. So starting working on it!


Good Past Considerations to Re-Visit:

Saturn Retrogrades Back Into Scorpio

Mars in Cancer


Why You Should Schedule You Time – Scorpio Themes This Week

Things might look summery and carefree, but this week, it gets DEEP.

We’re in for some serious Scorpio action followed by a series of astro events that pushes us to get with the program and do YOU already…

But more on that in the coming weeks.

Early Tuesday morning, Sun in Cancer trines Saturn in Scorpio, bringing a flowing energy between Sun (our inner essence) and Saturn (our commitments).

Then, the Moon has a long run in Scorpio for 2.5 days (Thur. night through Sun. morn).

In life, our commitments often are consumed by our jobs, family, loved ones, friends, and homes.

Without know it, we often get burdened with other people’s agendas all for the namesake of “responsibility”…

Have a client that you’ve stretched your boundaries with so often that it has become the norm, followed by a large inner groan?

As I’ve described in my Saturn in Scorpio article, Saturn helps us differentiate between what is right or wrong, according to our own rules.

In many of my coaching series, I will have my clients evaluate how they actually spend their time.

When they return from the exercise, they often are surprised at how much they do outside of the goals they hired me to help them realize!

Consider this:

Is it from your sparkly, happy inner self that schedules your calendar (positive Saturn)?

Or is it an old story, social conditioning, or fear that motivates your time commitments (a more negative expression of Saturn).

It really takes a light to see where you actually stand on that spectrum.

And guess what? That light is within YOU.

So cheesy, I know, but it’s true…

Sun trine Saturn is about shining a light on the better lifestyle you seeded for yourself last October/November. Go back and look at what you promised yourself. Don’t kid yourself that “life happens” or make excuses, “I had a really important deliverable I promised that had to take priority.”

What you were working on October/November last year – that was REAL. It’s time to make it reality. Re-commit to it.

You must be ready for the showtime to present the real you.

This is the moment before the big self reiteration spurred by the cosmos to go deep within yourself, especially when Moon goes through Scorpio (Friday-Saturday all day).

— What’s really the end result of the action you are taking on a day-to-day basis? Will that help you reach your goals?

— Whose priorities are structuring your life, your time, what you produce?

— How do you measure success?

— Are your standards different in some life areas than others (career, love, friends, family)?

Push yourself to get psychological about it, excavate your inner truth, be motivated to get it.

You’ll need to pay close attention because trine energy can come so easily that you can miss it.

So if you have an ounce of epiphany while doing your introspection, don’t doubt it.

Take a risk, and give it value.

The next couple weeks will see a lot of themes around self and daily activity, and they could present themselves as difficult if you’re turning the other cheek to this important schtuff.


Whatever your means of tapping inward – meditation, tarot, a tea out, nature – PRIORITIZE doing that!

Physically place yourself into what you already know you like, and discover both the beneficial structures and limits you have in your life, according to your own standards.

Challenge yourself, maybe you’ll find that you actually have a different standard than you did 2 years ago, than your family, than your friends.


As you are going on this new journey to explore the depths of yourself, remember that living in the moment is great and exciting. But when it comes to the important things, you want to have the foresight to make good decision and be ahead.

Astrology is a great way to get a snapshot of the landscape of what’s coming up so you can prepare for it and master the moment when it comes.

In a personalized astrology session, we reveal your natural strengths, preferences, and where the astrology of today and the near future affect you individually.

That matters because if you are looking to really make that career leap that you’ve been imagining, this will give you the exact roadmap on how to get there.

Book a session and prepare to take full advantage of these upcoming events:

– July 22-Aug. 23: Sun in Leo – owning your presence and power in front of others
– July 25-Sept. 5: Venus Retrograde through Virgo & Leo – a new relationship to your work, body, and everyday environments
– Aug 2: Saturn Station Direct – full speed ahead toward the 30-year vision
– Aug. 3: Jupiter square Saturn – your legacy vs. your inhibitions
– Aug. 8-Sept. 24: Mars in Leo – an added powerhouse to the Venus, Sun, and Jupiter stories
– Aug. 11-Sept. 2016: Jupiter in Virgo – expanding the practical daily activities that get you to the adventure of the life you want through a year’s journey
… and the cosmos continue unfolding.

Each astrological aspect will affect every person differently according to their personal chart.

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