Transcendent Love: Moving Through Scorpio Energies with Grace

A couple of days ago, I woke up with the words “Transcendent Love” in my head accompanied with the urge to talk with you about it.

Immediately I attributed it to the Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, but then I realized that Mercury enters Scorpio as well – on Tuesday evening.

With Mercury’s added support (Venus’ pal), it can be easier to take the raw energies present and channel the love (Venus) always present move all energies through transcendence (Scorpio).

My first experience of this energy made me feel open and tingly. I felt more connected to myself, particularly in my heart space down through my fingertips. And soon, I recognized that I felt more connected to others.

Honestly, it gets a little lonely behind a screen – not much feedback, understanding your limited time and attention…

… and this notion of exploring “what does transcendent love” even mean brought me to my inspired place.

In This Weeek’s Considerations, I followed some definitions of transcendent to move us through the many layers of it. And too, to break down this experience into what can be practiced in our everday.

(Hint: It takes embracing yourself as exceptional…)

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Venus Retrograde Inside-Out: How to Avoid Self-Pity, Deep-Seeded Fears, and Anxiety

Venus Retrograde starts Friday, October 5th and will continue until November 16th. In Scorpio, she can feel like she’s walking backwards in the dark.

Fear, mistrust and anxiety are just a handfull of the misguided manifestations Venus Retrograde can take on.

In This Week’s Considerations, I first break down how you can recognize Venus Retrograde is talking in your life.

Then, I give you some coping strategies, including how to diffuse some of the energies to the other planets.

Check out the video below to get the full scoop.

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It can be a challenging few weeks here.  It’s a great time to hire people trained to help you resolve some deep-seeded issues. Whether it requires a therapist or someone more informal like me, take care of you and alchemize the energies for good. <3

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Your Solar Eclipse Astrology Briefing

A series of 3 eclipses officially begins next week. Yet, the energy always intensifies a couple weeks before. Meaning, we’re in it!

Even if you don’t have planets in the natal or progressed charts near eclipse degrees (details coming below), the cosmos have plenty of shifts this week that can be unnerving.

Like mini-earthquakes in your personal foundation, these changes are in your temperament and your environment.  (Hint: Look to the house placement of the eclipse points and the planetary shifts to know how it might manifest).

Venus is changing signs on Monday the 9th to Virgo – her least favorite placement. She may not even know it, but overwhelm, bitterness, and putting yourself down the priority list seem to happen almost by accident.

Yet, you’ll also feel like working hard and putting your energies behind what you champion.

Just make sure you’re truly supporting what does matter in your long-term vision, and that you change activities often enough to not get into the weeds. (This energy continues until August 6th).

Also, Jupiter is stationing to Direct Motion. Over Jupiter’s Retrograde, you’ve gained secret information that has helped you gain confidence in your path, the people supporting it, and in yourself.

The Direct Motion path says it’s time to apply that strategy and inner-knowing to the world. Be the influence for good, and transform the world and its people around you.

These planetary shifts agitate – and thus intensify – the energies of the eclipse, particularly the first one on Thursday the 12th. The eclipse wants to fast-forward your personal evolution.

However, with a shifting context – aka those planetary shifts and the eclipse happening in oscillating Cancer – the target of change also is moving.

So if it boils down to one thing, I might bet that you can feel bit moody and undecided this week. Call it laissez-faire – that’s probably the best approach to all this anywhere.

This Week’s Considerations helps you personalize this info to understand how it impacts you. Continue reading “Your Solar Eclipse Astrology Briefing”

Deep, Powerful Meditations: Jupiter Retrograde – March 8th-July 10th

jesse-bowser-mountain-fog-meditation-KristenTodayWhen I first started to meditate, I was looking for the blissful, peaceful places that were idolized. What I didn’t know then was how important the opposite end was to find the most beautiful places in spirituality.

Like scraping off a stubborn stain, over and over I had to muster up courage to face my insecurities, fears, and patterns. I brought myself there time and time again, not because I’m masochistic, but because I felt insight and lighter in my body and heart whenever I did it.

As time progressed, I started to see the source of my worst self and the triggers that set me off. My outside life started shifting. The quality of people around me shifted to be more supported and inspired. I could receive love, attention and appreciation like never before. (I had also opened to give myself those things in meditation).

Next, I started to lose (most) emotional attachments to past pain itself and could observe and feel it without worrying I was going to lose it mentally.

Now I’m not a Buddha, but after doing this for over a decade now, it’s a quick process to go into the deep, recognize my faults, let them go, and continue toward the more peaceful spiritual places. It’s so much easier.

Jupiter stations to Retrograde around midnight, specifically 11:46pm EST on Thursday, March 8th. Retrogrades bring the focus inward, and Jupiter magnifies and accumulates.

In Scorpio, Jupiter’s focus is about your own depths, particularly psychological and analytical. The endings are the seeds to the new beginnings, but you still have the journey ahead to make them geminate.

Like my meditation beginnings, in this Jupiter Retrograde, we all are asked to face the negative to bring light to the positive. And, I believe meditation is probably the best way to use this Jupiter Retrograde.

This Week’s Considerations takes into account the cosmic landscape at the time Jupiter goes Retrograde. The particular moment’s cosmic picture will rebound for the entirety of Jupiter’s Retrograde.  

So even though it’s only a week’s considerations, take it with you for the next 3 months. Think of it as a season of self-awareness.

Meditation should be liberating. I’ve explored 3 common struggles below to help free up the mental space to engage in your Jupiter Retrograde more easily.

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Rise To Your Potential. Mars in Scorpio

landscape-mountain-cloud-sun-KristenToday-pxhere.comAre you unhappy with the way this year panned out?

I get it – life happens, and in the moment, it often feels easier to avoid conflict than put yourself first.

What if you could set a path for success and momentum now that aligns your true priorities to your A-efforts?

This Week’s Considerations is inspired most by Mercury Retrograde and Mars’ entry to Scorpio on Saturday, December 9th.

With these two planetary positions, it’s a time to erase maligned mindsets and commit to smart ways to spend your energy.

Read more below on how to set yourself up to rise to your potential in 2018. Continue reading “Rise To Your Potential. Mars in Scorpio”

Scorpio energies make you want to give up? (Don’t Do It!!)

woman-black-white-freckles-tired-KristenTodayAre you exhausted and about to give up?

Back when I waited tables, helped run a couple dance companies, and paid every last dollar toward dance and choreography expenses, I often was unspeakably tired – physically and emotionally so. Living in NYC, I felt like I needed to do it all just to survive! As you can imagine, this intensity put me near the edge of anxiety, depression, and doubt countless times.

If only I didn’t feel trapped anymore, like I was actually living in the brightness and joy I knew life to be – more often!

With this last week of Sun in Scorpio, culminating in the Scorpio New Moon, you can feel beat up and exhausted from all the intensity lately. This week, I’ll show you 3 Steps on how to get through these final throes and start a new beginning.

When things get tough, it’s easy to put the blame on someone or something else… even the world! “Life isn’t fair!” “It’s the starving artist lifestyle.” “Put your skin in the game!”

All these pressures about how life is supposed to work LIMIT you and imprison you!

You, your mindset, and iron will (discussed in Last Week’s Considerations) can free you. It’s the recipe for true liberty.

Maybe you feel that you can’t afford to make any missteps.

So what happens when this train you’re running burns out? Will you sit sick in bed a few days and go back to the same grind?

That kind of behavior eats away at your self-image and confidence.

Your spirit cannot afford to make the SAME missteps of how you spend your time energy today.

Incorporate these 3 steps to get yourself out of this exhaustion loop! Continue reading “Scorpio energies make you want to give up? (Don’t Do It!!)”

Harness These Venus Traits to Make Progress

cave-woman-dark-light-KristenTodayAre you beating yourself up about how slow your progress is?

Do have goals you’ve set for yourself but you’re not realizing them as fast as you want to?

Oh, I’ve been there too! It’s challenging to manage your time – to do your work, show up as a friend, a family member, and take care of your well-being! And then there are the #lifegoals that keep getting a low priority number due to real needs of sleep and nourishment!

This past year has realized many pauses to reflect on the “big picture” and get things ready for blastoff. Venus’ entry into Scorpio creates momentum that will culminate at the end of the year with Saturn’s entry into Capricorn. (That’s a time to seriously check off some boxes of accomplishment).

This Week’s Consideration is focused on traits of Venus in Scorpio that can help you feel like you’re making meaningful progress. This energy is felt strongest November 7 – December 1. Continue reading “Harness These Venus Traits to Make Progress”

The True Value of Taurus Full Moon 2017

bull-white-KristenTodayThe Taurus Full Moon is the one I symbolically find most profound and challenging. (I like challenges).

Taurus Full Moon annually asks at once to do two contradictory directives.

  1. Reap the benefits of all you’ve created over the past 20 months. You’ve worked hard to bring your value into the world, and now those efforts can be recognized even more to reward you for that!
  2. Reinvent your sense of self to seed the creation of something more profoundly meaningful to you. To do this, you have to let go of what you’ve created this past 20-months. You let it live its life, and now it’s time to strike up the creative juices and move on.

Every year, the astrological environment of the other planets’ placements shapes the context to which the Full Moon will manifest. Each of these aspects shapes how you will do these two directives over the next 20 months. Continue reading “The True Value of Taurus Full Moon 2017”

Time to Sprout Your Good Idea

bulb-tree-plant-KristenTodayDoes this happen to you too?

I tend to be at least 2 years ahead of time.

Sometimes I “get” little glimpses of how things ought to be, businesses that would be successful, or even fashion (especially in my teenage years). I’d try to describe it to others, some would get it and be like, “Oh ya!” and others would look at me with doe eyes.

For example, my business idea of “From Scratch” started in my Sunnyside, Queens, apartment in 2007 or 2008. The idea was that single people could order food to match what they’d need for their recipes for the week (and not have to overbuy). They would be sourced from local farms where possible, even pre-cut if possible, with step 1-2-3, etc.

Today Blue Apron most popularly does a most of that as well as numerous others. Blue Apron started at least 4 years after “my” idea.

Now, I’m glad I don’t run that business, but I have learned a few things from stories like this (and there are many over the years) and me not acting on any (gasp!).

  1. A good idea doesn’t have to make sense to everyone.
  2. Don’t be afraid to find a team to fill in the information gaps to make it a reality.
  3. Keep your ideas close by to see when the public may resonate with them. (Did you know that Outkast sat on “Hey Ya” for about 2 years before releasing it?)
  4. Commitment is an energy that you have to maintain and renew consistently.
  5. Doubt comes from every direction because you’re changing what is.


This week’s astrology rev’s up your own good ideas, and all that comes with it. The Day Guides detail what happens actually happens when.

Below, I offer you to embody these three influences to capture the true potential this week offers.

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Thursday’s Libra New Moon Most Powerful Intentions

cauldron-witch-ingredients-magic-new-moon-intentions-KristenTodayWhen I stepped foot into my first astrology class, I was looking for the ingredients to the alchemy of life.

(Yes, those were actually the words I thought. AND I did not think that was intense or abnormal at all)!

I must have channeled some past memory of a witch mixing her ingredients in a cauldron to come up with some magical result because all I could think about with astrology is that it must be like a recipe book. I just needed to learn how energies mixed to create certain manifestations.

Well, it turned out astrology is much more complicated than to give definite answers for most things. And at the same time, there are certain trends and archetypes that I’ve learned to expect from an astrological moment. Like New Moons in Libra (this Thursday)!

I was right about one thing, though – the ingredients!

Basically when you read astrology, what you do is break down the “pie” of the chart into its “ingredients” or parts.

Each part has a life of its own. It’s the orchestration of the whole that makes things manifest according to the consciousness of the individual in question. That’s why twins or those born at the same moment can experience very different lives.

It’s in this frame of ingredients in how we’re going to explore the Libra New Moon together in This Week’s Considerations. But first! Continue reading “Thursday’s Libra New Moon Most Powerful Intentions”