Venus Retrograde Inside-Out: How to Avoid Self-Pity, Deep-Seeded Fears, and Anxiety

Venus Retrograde starts Friday, October 5th and will continue until November 16th. In Scorpio, she can feel like she’s walking backwards in the dark.

Fear, mistrust and anxiety are just a handfull of the misguided manifestations Venus Retrograde can take on.

In This Week’s Considerations, I first break down how you can recognize Venus Retrograde is talking in your life.

Then, I give you some coping strategies, including how to diffuse some of the energies to the other planets.

Check out the video below to get the full scoop.

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It can be a challenging few weeks here.  It’s a great time to hire people trained to help you resolve some deep-seeded issues. Whether it requires a therapist or someone more informal like me, take care of you and alchemize the energies for good. <3

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Hold Steady

Some years ago in a job interview, I told someone that when s*** hits the fan, I’m more the person that sees where it lands than freaks out during it.

That same sentiment holds true today, and it often surprises people.

I’ve just taught myself how to hold steady. (And maybe this is too literal a Uranus in Taurus realization, lol)!

Yes, when it’s happening, I feel emotions and my mind is racing about how to fix things. But, I no longer jump the gun. I wait to see the next thing.

Because that next thing is often more indicative of what will happen next than the trigger itself.

Listen – change, especially unanticipated ones, is hard to take.

But if it’s happening, it’s happening.

How are you going to handle it?

For me, it’s best to accept the reality as it’s happening.

This week there in a larger-than-normal change of planetary position. Mercury enters Cancer, Venus enters Leo, and Neptune Stations Retrograde. Too, there’s a dynamic New Moon in Gemini on Wednesday.

That means your communication style and ways you connect things shifts. The things you desire, how you want to relate to the world around you moves. And your vision toward more inward (again).

I wish you grace upon these changes, however they meet you.

This Week’s Considerations helps you hold steady while these pages turn in the stories of your life. Continue reading “Hold Steady”


bed-eyes-oh-no-KristenTodayHate to break it to you, but the re-structuring and redoing isn’t quite over.

Mercury is Direct Motion now, but this today Saturn stations to go retrograde. On Sunday, Pluto also stations to go retrograde.

The good news is that Saturn and Pluto work more on the overall picture, so it’s not like a day-to-day drama like Mercury.

Plus with Sun’s entry to Taurus on Thursday night, the mood will generally start to feel more settled.

However, these retrogrades can signal that you’re in for a turnaround in what you’re after.

The sense of the ambitions likely will seem the same, but what it looks like can change.

Power dynamics – who you serve and who works under you, re-evaluated.

Mercury Retrograde gave you the mental awareness to see how things aren’t working well. Miscommunication, broken process, small details that actually made a difference…

With those insights, it makes sense that the greater structure is going to change. And change might be abrupt!

You’re going to be figuring out whatever this amounts to for the next 4.5 months (until Sept. 6th) when Saturn stations to Direct Motion.

Try not to get discouraged because by the end of this year, you’re going to get finances that match what you’re doing and the machine well-oiled. You can enter a sweet spot in December despite these obstacles!

Remember, when you set your goals more as standards than finished tasks, you can feel accomplished in any time period – today, this week, this year, you name it!

Embrace what is. It’s Saturn Retrograde. It’s Pluto Retrograde. It’s not like you can change the course of the cosmos.

This Week’s Considerations helps you feel settled in what is, even with Saturn and Pluto’s about-face in your physical goals and control. Continue reading “NOT ANOTHER RETROGRADE! (From Mercury to…)”

Deep, Powerful Meditations: Jupiter Retrograde – March 8th-July 10th

jesse-bowser-mountain-fog-meditation-KristenTodayWhen I first started to meditate, I was looking for the blissful, peaceful places that were idolized. What I didn’t know then was how important the opposite end was to find the most beautiful places in spirituality.

Like scraping off a stubborn stain, over and over I had to muster up courage to face my insecurities, fears, and patterns. I brought myself there time and time again, not because I’m masochistic, but because I felt insight and lighter in my body and heart whenever I did it.

As time progressed, I started to see the source of my worst self and the triggers that set me off. My outside life started shifting. The quality of people around me shifted to be more supported and inspired. I could receive love, attention and appreciation like never before. (I had also opened to give myself those things in meditation).

Next, I started to lose (most) emotional attachments to past pain itself and could observe and feel it without worrying I was going to lose it mentally.

Now I’m not a Buddha, but after doing this for over a decade now, it’s a quick process to go into the deep, recognize my faults, let them go, and continue toward the more peaceful spiritual places. It’s so much easier.

Jupiter stations to Retrograde around midnight, specifically 11:46pm EST on Thursday, March 8th. Retrogrades bring the focus inward, and Jupiter magnifies and accumulates.

In Scorpio, Jupiter’s focus is about your own depths, particularly psychological and analytical. The endings are the seeds to the new beginnings, but you still have the journey ahead to make them geminate.

Like my meditation beginnings, in this Jupiter Retrograde, we all are asked to face the negative to bring light to the positive. And, I believe meditation is probably the best way to use this Jupiter Retrograde.

This Week’s Considerations takes into account the cosmic landscape at the time Jupiter goes Retrograde. The particular moment’s cosmic picture will rebound for the entirety of Jupiter’s Retrograde.  

So even though it’s only a week’s considerations, take it with you for the next 3 months. Think of it as a season of self-awareness.

Meditation should be liberating. I’ve explored 3 common struggles below to help free up the mental space to engage in your Jupiter Retrograde more easily.

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Letting-Go Lunar Eclipse & Inspiration Time with Uranus Retrograde

Uranus-JPL-NASA-KristenTodayThe first of two August eclipses officially casts its shadow next Monday, August 7th. As the next heading says, it makes room for your more noble truths, which the 2nd Solar Eclipse will help manifest. For now, it’s a letting-go. Yep, it’ll be gone for good.

Uranus also stations to retrograde motion for 5 months, beginning Thursday morning Eastern Time. That means your Uranus archetypes turn inward. (There’s a nice graphic to help guide you on that).

Like Uranus himself, it’s time to observe your creations and see where precisely the whole orchestration of it can be enhanced.

Below, learn how to avoid what Uranus did wrong and ultimately got him killed by his lady Gaia, aka Mother Earth.

Finally, in This Week’s Considerations, we imagine artistic process from conception (Uranus) to creation (Venus) to see how to enhance your own filter to take-in inspriation from its purest and be a vehicle to its truth.

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Belong. Heal. Integrate. Neptune Retrograde – June 16 – Nov. 22, 2017

NASA-Jet-Propulsion-Sky-Universe-KristenTodayEver since I was a little girl, I remember internally reinforcing, “Trust Your Instincts, Kristen!” What I really meant was “Trust Your Intuition!,” but I had not yet known the word.

I’d say that whenever I had a thought that something would be one way, I ignored it, and then it happened anyway.

There was a knowing inside of me that I wanted to trust, but my mind was in the way and I knew it.

I kept working on it, and my intuition developed with practice over time.

First it was in synchronicities: picking up the phone and knowing who it was (before caller ID); thinking/praying one thing and then seeing it come to life a few weeks later…

…Fast forward to a series of workshops at the end of 2012 where I had a serious mindshift.

I no longer thought of myself as a result of a greater thing orchestrating me – aka synchronicity – but I thought of myself as an important agent in co-creating that greater thing orchestrating the All that we all live in.

Follow me? Basically, I realized that I created change in the world just as much as the world affected me… and on an energetic mindset level.

That sounds simple, but what would happen is barely describable.

The interactions and images would play out almost immediately before my eyes in a way I thought symbolically. They were answers to the important and meaningless questions my mind would generate.

I felt like I was talking one-and-one with the unseen Maestro but also a part of this great Cosmic Play at the same time.

I belonged to a greatness beyond me; but I was also just single, alone me.

This profound change was all in the context of a Neptune Retrograde, and archetypally speaking, quintessentially so.

You too have this planetary condition starting this week until approximately Thanksgiving time (end of November). Continue reading “Belong. Heal. Integrate. Neptune Retrograde – June 16 – Nov. 22, 2017”

Pluto’s Power Retrograde + Venus Flashes Back Into Aries

8167649487_a55527062d_zEager and determined, the dog digs, certain of pleasures below.

Energy is moving FAST because there’s a sense something really JUICY is about to be unearthed. It’s worth getting dirty for, and in fact, it’s kind of fun.

This Week’s Astrological Highlights

  • Pluto is now retrograde until September 28th. (more on that below)
  • Mars uses every limb he has to make movement and (hopefully) momentum happen for the slow-steady work the past 6 weeks.
  • Venus enters Aries on Friday with enthusiasm and certainty for her convictions.
  • Mind and movement are paired well through Mars and Mercury’s mutual reception through May 14th.
  • Mercury and Uranus approach a conjunction, time 2 of 3 this year. That perfects at 10:50am EDT. Look to what happened on the last one March 26th for an idea of what could happen. Over here, our front garden was upturned (Uranus), re-arranged, cleaned, and refreshed (Mercury) while Archer got independence (Uranus) with his-sized table and chairs (Mercury).
  • Sun in Taurus offers an anchoring point, whose New Moon is on Wednesday, and helps you ground in what you treasure most sacredly to create from there. Take that energy not only through the end of Sun in Taurus but the next 40 months.
    Read more on the New Moon on Wednesday in the Day Guides below.

Pluto’s Power Retrograde

The astrological configuration at the moment Pluto stationed Retrograde remains as an imprint to flavor the feel of the entire period, which ends September 28th.

Pluto is raw, primal, and crude. It symbolizes all riches coming from very deep origins – from your psychology and mindset to your financial acumen, from your intimacy to your vulnerabilities and fears… all these have great potential to feed your influence, power, and wealth. Use it for good, eh?

While retrograde, Pluto has the chance to go back to missed opportunities and take strength from past experiences to get second chances.

Pluto digs up dirt and isn’t apologetic about it. He’s so far from Earth, that’s it hard for him to empathize with day-to-day what he’d call “excuses.”

If something has to change, just get it done immediately. This is one of Pluto’s strongest motto.

Life can get turned over backward when Pluto aspects your natal chart in sensitive points, but in reflection, it’s almost always  “Yeah, that was a necessary, even if it was difficult to change, it put me on track.”

** These selected natural gifts – as shown by biQuintile and Quintile aspects – show tremendous potentials to use as your personal horses to chug through an otherwise upturning, but productive transit.

  1. Your Intelligence, ability to recognize patterns and stand up for your insights because it’s “what’s right” are favored. North Node-Pallas Athena biquintile
  2. What makes you different is also your greatest asset to your communities. Moon-Uranus quintile reminds us of that.
  3. Discard your old thought and karmic patterns and free yourself to realize a new life. Jupiter-Saturn Quintile.

** Pluto makes a T-Square with Uranus and Jupiter Retrograde whose energy gets channeled through to Cancer.

Opportunities not available yesterday could very well open up tomorrow. With this aspect, constantly checkin with people, past ideas, whatever the foundation of your projects (Cancer) are. These outside influences are changing as fast as you are, you need to stay on top of it.

Also, your connections and networks are also favored to energize your Pluto Retrograde transit. You can gain power and influence quickly.

Which also means to keep up on your Pluto introspection work to keep your motives clean.

Pluto trine Mars. Mars will change signs 4 times over the course of Pluto’s Retrograde. Meaning, your activity and drive are shifting often.

Use that motivation to focus on the same thing in different ways.

Mars in Taurus is the flavor Pluto will carry throughout his journey. So if you want to activate the Pluto Retrograde and reap some long-term rewards, you’ll need to stay focused and steady on the SUBJECT of your actions.

To use the digging metaphor above, don’t be gopher, stick to one hole and trust you’ll find the rewards from the inner and outer work you’ve set course to realize the end of that ONE THING.


Day Guides: April 25th – May 1, 2017 + New Moon Tuesday

Tuesday: Fast-moving day. Take sudden inspiration or impulses seriously, Mercury-Uranus could be talking to you. Moon in Aries stirs up old ideas and part of the story Friday’s Mercury-Uranus Conjunction might bring. Social-20pixProductivity-20pix Love-20pixFun-20pix Creativity-20pix

Wednesday: Good morning! Taurus New Moon (8:16am EDT) sets the stage for a dreamy, flowing type of mood. It’s Venus’ last moments in Pisces until another year, so there’s stress in having faith in whether or not it’s all going to work out. But, believe you must. That’s the Higher Pisces way. Otherwise, you end up in the lower Pisces way of delusion and escapism (ouch)! Set intentions with this New Moon for your next 40 months. May your creation be inspired and a beacon of light. Low Profile-20pix Love-20pix Journal-20pixCreativity-20pix

Thursday: Another steady day like yesterday. Enjoy the restful, I’m-not-so-broken-after-all energies available before Venus takes off into Aries tomorrow. Once she enters Aries, urgency and sometimes angst might follow. Even though Mercury is Retrograde, if you have contracts outstanding that need to get finalized, now’s a good moment. (Wednesday too). Productivity-20pix Low Profile-20pix Love-20pix Accomplishment-20pix

Friday: Moon in Gemini gave you active dreams to get you peppy in the morning to handle today’s energy. Watch to not just to speak out of excitement – your words can be shocking! Likewise, it’s probably fair to discount rash words spoken to you as being impulsive and not fully considered. Many, many choices and influences today wherever houses Aries and Gemini are in your chart, just to make it more fun. Positive Aries is to keep your spirit high and your vision open. Sun in Taurus helps you keep an anchor to focus this energy. Today Venus re-enters Aries, where her best bud Mercury conjoin Uranus today as well. Social-20pixLove-20pix Journal-20pix Fun-20pix

Saturday: Enjoy a socially bubbly day with Moon in Gemini – get to know your neighbors, network, share ideas. Main point – move the energy from yesterday around and re-distribute it in multiple directions. Mars in Gemini will cheer. The Moon sextiles Mercury-Uranus and activates yesterday’s energy. and thanks to Mars-Mercury Mutual Reception, the link between movement and thought gets channel pretty seamlessly. You might feel like you’re exhausting yourself, but fret not… The evening (5:28pm EDT) is void moon until 9:48pm EDT where Moon enters Cancer. That’s a super restful place to be. Social-20pix Low Profile-20pix Journal-20pix Fun-20pix 

Sunday: Cancer Moon can give you an appetite to enjoy the comforts of food, family, and home. Give yourself a boost of security by giving value to what lights you up. Sun-Moon sextile and a Moon-Neptune Trine. Social-20pix  Productivity-20pix  Love-20pix Journal-20pix Creativity-20pix 

Monday: Day begins with a Cancer Moon. Long Void Moon 4:23pm-12:12am EDT. Decisions and interactions play from their more emotional side, while the void moon helps you find your quiet space. A good day to re-organize, sort, and give your things and ideas a home where they can be easily accessed later.  Purge-20pix Productivity-20pix Low Profile-20pix Love-20pix Journal-20pix  Creativity-20pix 


Legend Key:


Accomplishment-45pix Accomplishment Creativity-45pix Creativity Fun-45pix Fun
Journal-45pix Journal Love-45pix Love Low Profile-45pix Low Profile
Productivity-45pix Productive Purge-45pix Purge Social-45pix Social
Adventure-45pix Adventure

Photo Credit: Eselsmann 2012-10-22 Diggin a Hole (License)

Retrogrades, Taurus, and Full Moon: A Call for Peace

Old-Woman-Pray-Hope-Yellow-Wish-KristenTodayMundane astrologers might call the Pluto and Mars station to retrograde an influence to the recent catastrophic natural events.

However, we as a human race aren’t doing much better to ourselves or for ourselves.

I’d prefer to use these planetary retrogrades (4 going on 5 planets) for good, for honest effort in the A+ human being game.

Astrology teaches doors to awareness by shedding light onto our subconscious influences.

This week – I’m making a call to the strong in spirit to do the personal work for the collective well-being of this place we all call home.

In This Week’s Considerations: Mars & Pluto Join the Retrograde-rs, Sun Enters Taurus, & Full Moon on Friday

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Permanent and Sudden Changes: Uranus Retrograde July 26-Dec 25, 2015

Uranus stationed to go in Retrograde motion on Sunday. In astrology we look to that exact moment (called an ingress) to see the flavoring of this particular cosmic movement that helps us make distinct its condition from other similar ones.

In New York and Washington D.C. the ingress reveals a situation I relate to very intimately.

This week’s Astrological Considerations is a little long, but please stick through the end because I want you to be able to get through the other end of this astrological moment, and I believe all of this is valuable.

About a year ago I embarked on a journey that took me months to resolve within myself. It brought me to the core of who I thought I was and slammed me face down into the dirt of my karmic pretensions.

Uranus had just gone retrograde with some similar aspects to now…

It all started when I arrived later than I expected (15 minutes) to the airport to catch my flight to an annual gathering I attend in Europe with my chosen spirituality group.

(In retrospect, I see how it actually started when Uranus went retrograde, but I didn’t see it at the time).

I tried and tried, and because of “technology limitations,” the airline couldn’t rebook me nor could my travel agent release the ticket in a way that would allow a simple rebooking fee. I ended up having to buy another round trip ticket. (Uranus rules airplanes, technology, and internet).

I felt miserable, beat by “the man,” and did not understand why “they” couldn’t be more human and understanding about it.

On some level, I kept looping in my mind, “I did everything right to get special treatment. They had the power and maliciously decided to do nothing about it.”

When I finally arrived to my destination, the registration process and way the gathering was organized had completed “exploded,” the context in how we would relate, enjoy workshops, and meet was new.

Everyone looked a little frazzled or “shocked” but was accepting with curiosity what was to unfold. (Uranus also rules “explosions,” shocking, chaos, and everything that relates to electricity – so frazzled).

I felt small and limited in the new context, and I was frustrated that I felt that way.

After I finally got as settled in as could be, I experienced another series of events that in retrospect I can see as caustic – burning through my pretenses of my identity. (Uranus can be burning, slashing, spontaneous/sudden all in the name of higher good – and immediate).

They all had to do with who am I in relation  to the group around me.

As a typical Aquarius (of which Uranus is the modern ruler), I am driven by discovery, hopes, dreams, and passions for causes greater than me.

I also have this other typical Aquarian thing – a feeling of isolation or independence from the actual reality of the interconnected collective I am so passionate about.

It’s the Aquarius-Leo polarity, of which is also strong in my chart. Leo is the self, more on Earth and enjoys life with others in the moment while Aquarius is flying through the sky on ideals and exciting, fleeting moments with their fellow human beings.

Aquarius often shares things in spurts or from a distance – research papers, online, at a networking event. Leo shares things through a party, developing friendships, or spending time making art.*1

My experiences last year at that gathering had me in tears daily, frustrated that I couldn’t get things to go as I wanted, feeling entitled to experience something different because of all I believed I went through to be there.

I felt defeated – I wanted to stay in what I knew, but I couldn’t make any movement there. Everything had changed around me.

I was a stage 0 of a new self – trying to accept it but subconsciously fighting with all my might against it.

Eventually the lesson trying to come through to me confronted me with the stark, glaring reality that in order to serve the collective or greater whole, I have to be a part of it.

That sounded great, but it did not feel good. Yet I knew that it made much more sense than the crazy fears and arguments happening in my head.

Honestly, it took me most of the past year to change my purely karmic (in this case meaning not of this life) behavior from I was safer being isolated from those I serve to I was better off being a part of the collective group.

I was revealed the karma I know I have, but another way I had to be in it.

It was not easy – I would have to catch myself in the moments where I was acting out of my old beliefs of how I should relate to groups. But every time I did, I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone and become part of the group.

By the time Uranus went direct that December, I felt like I had a good pulse on my karmic “trap” and could successfully avert the old behavior with the new.

I no longer felt burdened by my new way of being; it was just something I had to grow into a habit, which took the rest of the year.

As a consequence, I began witnessing the groups and collectives in that I make a part actually grow in the ways I had hoped to achieve alone. And they happened with ease and joy from others.

I continually am seeing a better effectation by this approach that Uranus Retrograde offered me than my previous way of taking action in my life.

I actually am living in my purpose better thanks to Uranus, even if it was a difficult journey after the “shocks.”


I always am saying that the planets contain the same energies but simply interpreted by our own minds as “good” or “bad.”

Know that I don’t say things without experiencing their truths.

My story is just one example from my own life where I know that is true, and you can shift “bad” into “good” as well through mindset.

It takes a lot of work, especially when a cord so deep is struck, but the reward to being in a more full expression of oneself is incredible.


Some Uranus Retrograde themes for this cycle:

Get your head out of the clouds, and be a part of the life happening around you.

Uranus rules the descendant or 7th house cusp of Aquarius on how we will relate to this moment, making the ascendant Leo, what this cycle looks like. We are to be the focus as individuals relating to others in a Leo fashion (see *1 of story). The consideration is the groups and associations with whom we interact.

Come from your wisdom place

With Leo being ruled by the Sun, we look at the Sun’s placement and condition for further indication.

We see the Sun in the 12th, subduing the ego to favor one that presents and shows from from a place of wisdom instead of showing off and gambling to be the right face for a situation to get potential gains. Leo can have many masks and personalities that are not the true nature.

Otherwise said, take off the masks and be the presence of your true wisdom, especially in front of groups.

This wisdom theme is further emphasized by looking at the rulers of the 11th house, of which Uranus naturally rules. Here we find Gemini & Cancer, governed by Mercury & Moon respectively.

Mercury is conjunct the Sun in Leo, furthering what I just described about the Sun and bringing in the element of communication, words, and language.

Moon is void of course, which is a time for reflection, inwardness – again wisdom. Conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, this Moon wants us to come from a deep place and find the structures by which to engage in our daily lives. (More on that soon).


The famous “good cop / bad cop” works, and this Uranus Retrograde ingress has both.

Active pushes to support your Uranus story; A T-Square

Uranus squares Mars & Pluto – It’s a little wide in orb, but it is active: with Mars in the 12th & Pluto in the 6th, Uranus is the Apex to a T-Square that releases in the 3rd house.

Squares are hard adjustments that create tension that is noticeable. While uncomfortable, it does get you to do something about it.

Pluto in the 6th house square Uranus requires a profound change of what you care for on a daily basis – your daily routines, health and personal maintenance, pets, your interactions with coworkers, and daily  processes. Uranus’ placement  indicates we should aim to take action on revolutionaizing these activities based on what philosophies, doctrines, or perspectives we’ve found ourselves amongst to explore and test their truth for our own.

Uranus square Mars challenges what you think you know and if your forward movement actually reflects that. Mars in the 12th also allows for your actions to come from a place of profundity. Think radically.*2

Uranus as the apex – or center – of these squares regulates and gathers these energies and channels them to his opposite – in the 3rd house, conjunct the North Node.

The outlet into the 3rd house indicates that you translate these challenges into learning and thinking, developing the new “language” that better expresses yourself with the people with whom you interact on a daily basis (neighbors, siblings), all moving you to becoming the person you were born to be.

Positive encouragements to your Uranus story

Uranus trine Jupiter in the 1st – All the work you have been doing to reveal your true inner nature has the energizing and flowing support of Uranus. Like laser beam, Uranus can help break up the last fragments of the old you, and Jupiter will help you reveal your innate wisdom and maturity you’ve been developing over the past year.

biQuintile Saturn – Bringing down to Earth your discoveries and passions requires discipline and structure to realize. This is a natural gift to make it happen (think of the child prodigee type who just knows how to do something masterfully). You already know how to do it, all you have to do is plan for it. Put the structure in your calendar, define the ways to be accountable to it, then do it (see Mars, *2).


The world needs leaders to step forward to help steer the course of life on Earth in a better direction.

It no longer is this hypothetical idea of the 60s and 70s, it truly is the reality in practically every field of our modern lives.

While there is good work being done, we cannot rely on it continuing for us.

We must be participants and activators for what we feel is right.  We must stand up and represent a greater cause for today and tomorrow’s generation by engaging in our groups, associations, and collectives as individual leaders who empower others within those social settings.

This Uranus Retrograde can make you feel insignificant and small, or you can channel the discovery of your current underperforming life into something much more profound.

I don’t spend hours every week writing these considerations for fun, although it is enjoyable.

I do it because I believe the only way I can die knowing I lived up to my potential is to empower people like you to step up and be the positive influence to their own circles, which just continues as a ripple effect.

Now is the moment. Don’t be shy – break out, create a little beneficial chaos if you must, and show not only me but the world who you really are and what you really know.

This Week’s Astrological Considerations (June 8th, 2015)

Mars has been traveling forward in Gemini as Mercury has been traveling backward in it. This is to say that your Mars principle (action, forward movement, and determination, to name a few positive characteristics) has steadily been moving you forward as Mercury has been unwinding the figurative knots in your Venus desires to create and take pleasures in your life. (These were from Venus’ journey in Gemini in May).

This week is particularly special because Mars will perfect his conjunction to the Sun allowing for the possibility to see your true self in the actions you take.

I like to conceive of time as an election:whatever time I spend on one thing is voting for my life producing more of what was intended behind my action.

What version of yourself are you voting for by your time?

Too, this week Mars will reach exact sextile aspect to both Jupiter and Uranus. Sextiles are planetary relationships that easily can be missed, but they are considered gifts if you’re aware enough to find and use them. Jupiter expands and multiplies – so whatever you are doing (whether positive or negative in your life) will have double, triple or more effect than normal.

Jupiter & Mars also make a Yod/Finger of God to Pluto in Capricorn. So be mindful of how you schedule your time and energy this week! It should be in alignment to your higher goals and how you want to be known.

If you’re not in integrity, that can be revealed in an aspect like this Yod –
– Transform your aggressions into earnest efforts to become someone better.
– Expand and repeat over and over even the smallest thing that you want to be more of.

Uranus in Aries initiates by means of surprise, innovation, sudden inspiration, and even accidents. Sextile to Mars this week, you can add surprises or anything unusual, preferably spontaneously for Uranus, into what you are doing and learn something from it. This also means to look at unexpected happenings this week as potentially revealing gifts.

These planetary supports go very well with the themes I’ve discussed with Mercury Retrograde and last week’s full moon. So just when you’re bringing to light your new being, growing and discovering a truer nature to yourself today, Mercury stations to go direct at the end of the week.

Mercury stationing to go direct can feel like the brakes are being put on, like it’s difficult to get out what you need. But it’s great for clarity because it focuses the everyday quick-transition video into a still image.

This is why it’s important to make commitments to yourself during the station about what version of yourself you want to become. Read my 6 Steps to reveal your positive Mercury Retrograde Story.

So this week, I’d recommend continuing ahead in your projects this week but with some flexibility. Know what’s valuable to do, but be open to how and when it happens.

When Mercury goes direct, he will retrace the moments, thoughts, lessons, and ideas you’ve accumulated this entire Retrograde period.

If you’ve been keeping a journal, start reading your entries backwards each day, one a day, starting from June 11th (the day Mercury stations direct) until you get to May 18th (the day Mercury stationed retrograde). Each day make a conscious effort to do a to positive, or even better version of the themes/topic you did during the Mercury Retrograde period.


Gained something, want me to discuss something more in depth? Have a question? Post it here or on my FB page.

Have a great week!