Pluto Direct: Mornings & Morals to Deliver You Through It

Phew! This week’s energy is thick and intense.

Pluto is stationed in the sky in preparation for his turn to Direct Motion on Sunday. When a planet is stopped aka “stationing,” it’s hard to give the energy some movement.

Difficult to palate new realities, necessary changes to implement, takings back of power (likely with resistance), relationships to money powers and debts…

… all these Pluto stories may lead you to something that good for you or “right,” but that doesn’t necessarily make it easy.

Learn how your mornings and relationship to morals can help you find relief and direction from all this energy.

–> YouTuber’s link is right here.

Cosmos also gave you some opportunities to get your head back on so you don’t feel trapped.  I discuss it in the video as well, but you’ll also see them clearly outlined in the Day Guides below.

In weeks like this, don’t let yourself wallow in the dark, creepy energies. Talk it out, speak your truth.  Message me for a quick listening ear or advice if you want it.

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All Kinds of Ugly…(with a twist of Chiron)

kevin-laminto-woman-night-cry-tears-KristenTodayYesterday, I witnessed a colleague completely lose it. She felt rotten and couldn’t hold back her crocodile tears.

I’m sure she felt like it was a miracle to make it to our meeting.

Taking three naps a day, nursing a broken heart, and having two vacancies in her home, leading to more and more bills…

… she just wanted to work on her website and get some new clients!

However, her sadness and pain just continued to cripple her. I could see her double over in pain.

No one likes to witness someone hurting, but then another colleague offered two powerful points:

  1. The only way out is through
  2. You’re only given what you can handle

When you feel your world collapsing, you want to sit with it. And then look to astrology for frameworks on how to work through it by seeing what archetypes are lit up.

This next two weeks, Pluto Retrograde and Mars will bring to the foreground your issues and not-to-hidden concerns.

It can feel like your personal hell is playing out before your eyes. (Sorry to say).

Chiron will seek to bring healing to this. Chiron in Aries is governed by Mars, so he’s tied to Mars and has a direct connection to these Mars-Pluto happenings to help make the pain productive.

See Pluto is so far away removed from Earthly time, that he doesn’t understand pacing out these things. For him, change is necessary and might as well rip off the band-aid!

Mars in Capricorn is in his favorite sign. He thinks he knows best here. And if you’ve ever been around a very proud, certain man, you know that’s better to just let him be than try to interject.

So you’re kind of stuck in this energy and it’s working itself out in nebulous ugly if you do nothing about it.

Thing is, planets DO respond to consciousness.

So if your mindful of what’s coming in, work through it… and it doesn’t have to be so messy.

This Week’s Considerations help you navigate through the nasty in direct connection to the sometimes aggressive planetary archetypes these next couple weeks. Continue reading “All Kinds of Ugly…(with a twist of Chiron)”


bed-eyes-oh-no-KristenTodayHate to break it to you, but the re-structuring and redoing isn’t quite over.

Mercury is Direct Motion now, but this today Saturn stations to go retrograde. On Sunday, Pluto also stations to go retrograde.

The good news is that Saturn and Pluto work more on the overall picture, so it’s not like a day-to-day drama like Mercury.

Plus with Sun’s entry to Taurus on Thursday night, the mood will generally start to feel more settled.

However, these retrogrades can signal that you’re in for a turnaround in what you’re after.

The sense of the ambitions likely will seem the same, but what it looks like can change.

Power dynamics – who you serve and who works under you, re-evaluated.

Mercury Retrograde gave you the mental awareness to see how things aren’t working well. Miscommunication, broken process, small details that actually made a difference…

With those insights, it makes sense that the greater structure is going to change. And change might be abrupt!

You’re going to be figuring out whatever this amounts to for the next 4.5 months (until Sept. 6th) when Saturn stations to Direct Motion.

Try not to get discouraged because by the end of this year, you’re going to get finances that match what you’re doing and the machine well-oiled. You can enter a sweet spot in December despite these obstacles!

Remember, when you set your goals more as standards than finished tasks, you can feel accomplished in any time period – today, this week, this year, you name it!

Embrace what is. It’s Saturn Retrograde. It’s Pluto Retrograde. It’s not like you can change the course of the cosmos.

This Week’s Considerations helps you feel settled in what is, even with Saturn and Pluto’s about-face in your physical goals and control. Continue reading “NOT ANOTHER RETROGRADE! (From Mercury to…)”

Empower Key Relationships Now For Lasting Impact

Key-Forest-KristenTodayAutumn is a rush. Summer vacations are over, the brisk air gets you moving faster. The cold makes you think faster. Intensity strengthens.

Astrologically, the tone follows. Last week was the advent of Autumn with the equinox and Sun’s entry into Libra. Time to make things happen before the “death” of winter.

In everyday speak… if you have big goals you want to reach – you have an opportunity right now to nurture key relationships that’ll help to get you exactly where you want to go. Make sure you make the most of the next 13 days, it can be a game-changer.

More on why we have this opportunity right now. This week, Pluto stations to Direct Motion on Thursday, ending his 5-month retrograde period. (See Pluto’s Power Retrograde article from April here). This happens as Mars approaches a trine to Pluto, which perfects on Thursday.

Meaning, something nasty is about it be unearthed on a collective level. I pray it’s not fighting and war.

On a personal level, you’ve come to know your triggers that keep you from achieving greatness. Very quickly, you’ll have your opportunity to give them their place (below you where they originate) and stand to push through your life and create the change in yourself and the world that is only yours to accomplish.

Pluto Direct Motion also wants you to be the agent of change in the outer world. In a positive expression, he’s all about power and control (in emotions and environment) to transform and evolve the old.

Jupiter is preparing to enhance these qualities in only 2 weeks.

Jupiter has been transiting Libra for nearly a year, and he will depart this sign October 10th to not return to it for another 12 years. His journey then becomes that of the Scorpio flavor (of which Pluto and Mars co-rule the sign). Jupiter will have to cooperate with Pluto and Mars in th way he gives.

Next week I’ll explain even more how the character of Jupiter in Scorpio might show up. (For me, on reflection it set up everything I enjoy today… but in the moment, that was difficult.).

First, collect your assets to fuel your journey ahead. Continue reading “Empower Key Relationships Now For Lasting Impact”

Pluto’s Power Retrograde + Venus Flashes Back Into Aries

8167649487_a55527062d_zEager and determined, the dog digs, certain of pleasures below.

Energy is moving FAST because there’s a sense something really JUICY is about to be unearthed. It’s worth getting dirty for, and in fact, it’s kind of fun.

This Week’s Astrological Highlights

  • Pluto is now retrograde until September 28th. (more on that below)
  • Mars uses every limb he has to make movement and (hopefully) momentum happen for the slow-steady work the past 6 weeks.
  • Venus enters Aries on Friday with enthusiasm and certainty for her convictions.
  • Mind and movement are paired well through Mars and Mercury’s mutual reception through May 14th.
  • Mercury and Uranus approach a conjunction, time 2 of 3 this year. That perfects at 10:50am EDT. Look to what happened on the last one March 26th for an idea of what could happen. Over here, our front garden was upturned (Uranus), re-arranged, cleaned, and refreshed (Mercury) while Archer got independence (Uranus) with his-sized table and chairs (Mercury).
  • Sun in Taurus offers an anchoring point, whose New Moon is on Wednesday, and helps you ground in what you treasure most sacredly to create from there. Take that energy not only through the end of Sun in Taurus but the next 40 months.
    Read more on the New Moon on Wednesday in the Day Guides below.

Pluto’s Power Retrograde

The astrological configuration at the moment Pluto stationed Retrograde remains as an imprint to flavor the feel of the entire period, which ends September 28th.

Pluto is raw, primal, and crude. It symbolizes all riches coming from very deep origins – from your psychology and mindset to your financial acumen, from your intimacy to your vulnerabilities and fears… all these have great potential to feed your influence, power, and wealth. Use it for good, eh?

While retrograde, Pluto has the chance to go back to missed opportunities and take strength from past experiences to get second chances.

Pluto digs up dirt and isn’t apologetic about it. He’s so far from Earth, that’s it hard for him to empathize with day-to-day what he’d call “excuses.”

If something has to change, just get it done immediately. This is one of Pluto’s strongest motto.

Life can get turned over backward when Pluto aspects your natal chart in sensitive points, but in reflection, it’s almost always  “Yeah, that was a necessary, even if it was difficult to change, it put me on track.”

** These selected natural gifts – as shown by biQuintile and Quintile aspects – show tremendous potentials to use as your personal horses to chug through an otherwise upturning, but productive transit.

  1. Your Intelligence, ability to recognize patterns and stand up for your insights because it’s “what’s right” are favored. North Node-Pallas Athena biquintile
  2. What makes you different is also your greatest asset to your communities. Moon-Uranus quintile reminds us of that.
  3. Discard your old thought and karmic patterns and free yourself to realize a new life. Jupiter-Saturn Quintile.

** Pluto makes a T-Square with Uranus and Jupiter Retrograde whose energy gets channeled through to Cancer.

Opportunities not available yesterday could very well open up tomorrow. With this aspect, constantly checkin with people, past ideas, whatever the foundation of your projects (Cancer) are. These outside influences are changing as fast as you are, you need to stay on top of it.

Also, your connections and networks are also favored to energize your Pluto Retrograde transit. You can gain power and influence quickly.

Which also means to keep up on your Pluto introspection work to keep your motives clean.

Pluto trine Mars. Mars will change signs 4 times over the course of Pluto’s Retrograde. Meaning, your activity and drive are shifting often.

Use that motivation to focus on the same thing in different ways.

Mars in Taurus is the flavor Pluto will carry throughout his journey. So if you want to activate the Pluto Retrograde and reap some long-term rewards, you’ll need to stay focused and steady on the SUBJECT of your actions.

To use the digging metaphor above, don’t be gopher, stick to one hole and trust you’ll find the rewards from the inner and outer work you’ve set course to realize the end of that ONE THING.


Day Guides: April 25th – May 1, 2017 + New Moon Tuesday

Tuesday: Fast-moving day. Take sudden inspiration or impulses seriously, Mercury-Uranus could be talking to you. Moon in Aries stirs up old ideas and part of the story Friday’s Mercury-Uranus Conjunction might bring. Social-20pixProductivity-20pix Love-20pixFun-20pix Creativity-20pix

Wednesday: Good morning! Taurus New Moon (8:16am EDT) sets the stage for a dreamy, flowing type of mood. It’s Venus’ last moments in Pisces until another year, so there’s stress in having faith in whether or not it’s all going to work out. But, believe you must. That’s the Higher Pisces way. Otherwise, you end up in the lower Pisces way of delusion and escapism (ouch)! Set intentions with this New Moon for your next 40 months. May your creation be inspired and a beacon of light. Low Profile-20pix Love-20pix Journal-20pixCreativity-20pix

Thursday: Another steady day like yesterday. Enjoy the restful, I’m-not-so-broken-after-all energies available before Venus takes off into Aries tomorrow. Once she enters Aries, urgency and sometimes angst might follow. Even though Mercury is Retrograde, if you have contracts outstanding that need to get finalized, now’s a good moment. (Wednesday too). Productivity-20pix Low Profile-20pix Love-20pix Accomplishment-20pix

Friday: Moon in Gemini gave you active dreams to get you peppy in the morning to handle today’s energy. Watch to not just to speak out of excitement – your words can be shocking! Likewise, it’s probably fair to discount rash words spoken to you as being impulsive and not fully considered. Many, many choices and influences today wherever houses Aries and Gemini are in your chart, just to make it more fun. Positive Aries is to keep your spirit high and your vision open. Sun in Taurus helps you keep an anchor to focus this energy. Today Venus re-enters Aries, where her best bud Mercury conjoin Uranus today as well. Social-20pixLove-20pix Journal-20pix Fun-20pix

Saturday: Enjoy a socially bubbly day with Moon in Gemini – get to know your neighbors, network, share ideas. Main point – move the energy from yesterday around and re-distribute it in multiple directions. Mars in Gemini will cheer. The Moon sextiles Mercury-Uranus and activates yesterday’s energy. and thanks to Mars-Mercury Mutual Reception, the link between movement and thought gets channel pretty seamlessly. You might feel like you’re exhausting yourself, but fret not… The evening (5:28pm EDT) is void moon until 9:48pm EDT where Moon enters Cancer. That’s a super restful place to be. Social-20pix Low Profile-20pix Journal-20pix Fun-20pix 

Sunday: Cancer Moon can give you an appetite to enjoy the comforts of food, family, and home. Give yourself a boost of security by giving value to what lights you up. Sun-Moon sextile and a Moon-Neptune Trine. Social-20pix  Productivity-20pix  Love-20pix Journal-20pix Creativity-20pix 

Monday: Day begins with a Cancer Moon. Long Void Moon 4:23pm-12:12am EDT. Decisions and interactions play from their more emotional side, while the void moon helps you find your quiet space. A good day to re-organize, sort, and give your things and ideas a home where they can be easily accessed later.  Purge-20pix Productivity-20pix Low Profile-20pix Love-20pix Journal-20pix  Creativity-20pix 


Legend Key:


Accomplishment-45pix Accomplishment Creativity-45pix Creativity Fun-45pix Fun
Journal-45pix Journal Love-45pix Love Low Profile-45pix Low Profile
Productivity-45pix Productive Purge-45pix Purge Social-45pix Social
Adventure-45pix Adventure

Photo Credit: Eselsmann 2012-10-22 Diggin a Hole (License)

The Dirty Truth & Living the Good Life

—posted late due to technical glitches, apologies for any inconvenience! 

lake-stream-fog-mountain-KristenTodayJupiter and Pluto’s square climaxing on Thursday stir up some dirty truths.

Navigating unknown territories can make you again turn avoidance cheek that already has made things worse than they need to be.

You can and must get through this expedition. Life is peaks and valleys, just like Sagittarius, where Sun entered Monday the 21st. 

Sun in Sagittarius breaks you free of imagined boundaries that you didn’t even know were holding you back.

Time will fly by, so this week’s void moons help you setup for easy wins later on.

Spend your time with astrological know-how and give your intentionality a boost with This Week’s Considerations. Continue reading “The Dirty Truth & Living the Good Life”

Legacy and History: Personal Questions In A Time of Global Consideration

delicate-arch-night-stars-landscape-KristenTodayThe personal planets are creating a distinctive rhythm in the sequence they change signs as well as their aspects to Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are transgenerational planets – that’s “trans” meaning “across” + generations.

The consistent aspects from personal planets to the transgenerational planets show a time heavily focused on legacy and personal stance within the greater context.

What is your legacy to claim? What stories in history will you live to witness?

Complicated to answer individually, This Week’s Considerations explores the bigger picture and why this US election is unusually personal, even at a voter level.

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When Last Summer’s Challenges Resurface: Staying Present For Your Future

Sunset-Hill-Rocks-Clouds-KristenTodayOn Wednesday, Venus and Pluto perfect a sextile and Mars and Jupiter perfect a square. Mercury’s going to leave the sign where he retrograded by the end of the week.

Together, these influences bring up late summer’s themes.

The planets have moved far enough now to give you the emotional distance to process that all better. And you should because it’ll likely do you more good than doing nothing at all.

This week’s considerations show how last summer influences’ might appear this week and how to stay present for your future good within it.

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Sun in Libra Plays, Mercury Retrograde No-More, Cunning Venus in Scorpio, & Pluto’s Wealth

woman-cave-KristenTodayMercury Retrograde ends on Thursday, the same day Sun enters Libra.

This Mercury Retrograde has got some strategic workings up its sleeve. I know that because the last major aspect he’ll make retrograde is trine Pluto on Tuesday.

There’s a clear throughline between Jupiter’s tenancy in Virgo the past year and this Mercury Retrograde during eclipses.

Below I detail how to figure it on for yourself, but basically, Jupiter left Mercury a bunch of old photos and items to go through. With what Mercury didn’t know what to do, the eclipses either blew them up or gave him signs to keep going with it.

Poof, you’re delivered to people and places instead of just your desk.

Venus enters Scorpio on Friday, a very powerful, calculative position for her.

And finally, Pluto stations Direct on Monday.

Between Pluto, Venus, and now Jupiter and Sun in Libra, be ready to realize some pretty awesome partnerships, agreements, and strategic alliances.

Hey, you’re now graduated from Virgo work-at-again get-your-life-together land. Now it’s your time to leave the practice field and play ball.

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Planet Retrogrades Compounding: The Creative Quiet Before the Brakes Slam


Early next week Mars and Pluto both station to go direct. Now that’s both kind of nice and a little annoying.

It’s nice because Saturn has slowly been easing you into considering a new path. The eclipses made it starkly obvious that something had to go, and Saturn has been methodically showing you how to get back on your feet again with more sustainable happiness at the level of your Higher Self. (Read my article about Saturn and karma here).

The retrogrades can be annoying because you’re treading water, or worse, you’re having to undo what you began.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, though, this week…

Take a look at this picture – it’s a darn pretty view, good for reflection and creative thought… but the only way out is backward. Continue reading “Planet Retrogrades Compounding: The Creative Quiet Before the Brakes Slam”