Sun in Virgo: Start a New Trend (Also, Mars Direct Motion & Full Moon in Pisces)

This Week’s Considerations again on video format – with captions!

Sun enters Virgo on Thursday just after midnight ET.

That coupled with a stationed Mars (so impatiently wanting to go into Direct Motion), you can feel antsy.

Before – or rather beside – just jumping out of planes and going wild for a bit, you’ll want to channel the energy to long-term gratification too.

Virgo time is consistently a responsible, get-back-to-work moment where the fancies of summer seem eons ago.

You have a great opportunity this year to start a new trend. Especially so with the weekends aspects: a translation of light to make a Grand Trine and also a revealing Full Moon.

All this leads to a strikingly powerful Monday, when Mars is actually Direct Motion, to make the moves with a forceful bang!

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Day Guides get into the details, and I think you’ll find them especially helpful this week. <3 Continue reading “Sun in Virgo: Start a New Trend (Also, Mars Direct Motion & Full Moon in Pisces)”

The Sustainable (And More Human) Path To Achievement


In school, I was a straight-A student. I memorized and did what I was supposed to do, and then delivered in my tests and presentations. I don’t discount or forget the efforts that went into that. However, how I went about my successes in my school years has taught me something I can use today.

Achievement to me today means being my best self, in my truth, in every situation I come across. It’s my essence and embodying it as both my body and consciousness evolve.

That also means seeking pleasure and purpose in everything I do. I’m not perfect at this, yet the better I get at it, the more I’m convinced there’s some gold in this way of being.

Professional work is easy to be short-sighted. Personal work is too.

However, I’ve found the more integrated you are between your lifestyle and professional lives, the easier these come together for the long-term! And, the more fulfilled you are!

This Week’s Considerations explores this challenge of integrating goals and lifestyle. Continue reading “The Sustainable (And More Human) Path To Achievement”

Shadows & Simplicity: January 15 Solar Eclipse

asoggetti-clouds-grayscale-walking-KristenTodayWith a shadow is an outline, a shape of the image you’re leaving behind.

It makes me question the shadow – or imprint – of what I’ve already left behind. And too, what I will leave behind when my time is done.

Thursday’s Solar Eclipse casts a shadow on the ways you’ve been scattered and disorganized. Not only that, Mercury gets eclipsed, showing the ways you spread out your time in thoughtful ways but maybe not working coherently together.

Most things in life are started with good intentions. Along the process, though, the good intentions don’t always have good results. Especially, when you look at how all your activities are working together.

The astrological moment calls for a reckoning, a humbling and sudden change. (Most strongly for those with planets 24-29 degrees in Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio).

Yes, it’s dark to ask this – but without darkness, light has no place to fill…

… What legacy are you leaving, and is it the one you want?

This Week’s Considerations open this conversation the cosmos might reiterate through the eclipse and the passage of Sun and Mercury into Pisces late in the week. Continue reading “Shadows & Simplicity: January 15 Solar Eclipse”

Venus in Pisces: Feb. 10 – Mar. 6, 2018

dominik-vanyi-woman-ocean-smile-KristenToday-black-whiteNeeding a break and time to retreat?

Venus in Pisces begins Saturday, and she’ll offer just the rest & relaxation you’ve been craving through March 6th.

She’s so comfortable here that you could have a bit of timesuck if you’re not careful.

The best potential of this astrological moment is a lot of self-learning (and healing) available in this moment.

Too, your intelligence is more striking than usual. It can help you make connections to your past that liberate your future.

This week I share with you why Venus is her best in Pisces, the opportunities that arise from it, and the signs that you need to redirect your course.

By the time this period ends, maybe you’ll breathe some creative life back into yourself and find a better work-life balance. :::crossing fingers:::

After all, eclipses in motion, it’s a time to let go of what’s not working so you can practice what you preach.

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Lean In. Look for Oz’s Controller.

francisco-gomes-light-man-KristenTodayThe summer of hot personalities and drama has appropriately climaxed with Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” debut of her rebuttal of former self.

By now you can be used to listening to the loud, seeing the big, and smelling the stink and thinking that’s the end of the story.

Well, it was face-value until now.

Mars was strongly holding the bigger-than-life energy – standing strong for what you believed, working your body, partying with those you loved…

… and now he’s in Virgo. Oh yeah, there’s a man behind the curtain controlling the spectacle of “Oz.” 

Now that Mars is in Virgo, all the planets are under Mercury’s control. (Through an astrological technique called depositors, you can see that the signs where each planet currently resides are ruled by 1 or 2 degrees of separation by Mercury).

Mercury is TINY! But powerful. Don’t under-estimate Mercury!

Dude is closest to the Sun – he has to be flexible to all that heat and light while keeping himself together -literally.

And, Mercury makes aspects to the planets the most out of anyone besides the Earth’s Moon. So he’s in the know. Continue reading “Lean In. Look for Oz’s Controller.”

Muddy Waters. It’s an Eclipse, Give Yourself Some Slack.

mud-splatter-KristenTodayThis is a mud splat. Gross for most (myself included), but at another angle, you can appreciate beauty in it.

That’s what this eclipse can feel like.

A strange quiet. The pause after disappointment. Expectations let-down. A heavy heart.

The aftermath of any eclipse’s Moon whose closest node is the South one is like a river of garbage and forgotten-something’s releasing, purging, and reminding you of your past.

Do not be discouraged by the past uprising.

It does not mean it’s again your present-day reality.

That something just needs to be acknowledged – and released. (So you have more space to infuse what’s more you today).

This particular Pisces solar eclipse may result globally in some ocean issues – big storms, coastal damage, masses of fish dying… yikes, I hope nothing too drastic.

But for you personally, I feel it’s going to be a subtle, a deep acknowledgment of something you just have to let go.

Perhaps, it’s a disappointment you need to let go and stop trying to overcome it.

Let the shortcomings be what they are.

It’s what makes you human, after all.

Like John Legend sings so sweetly, “‘Cause all of me / loves all of you… all your perfect imperfections.”

Find your love for all your little pieces and to mend what’s broken back into wholeness.


Sloppy Mercury in Pisces

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Pisces Begins Saturday. Endings, Beginnings, and Where to Breakthrough.

vintage-valentine-KristenTodaySaturday marks the beginning of Sun in Pisces. Pisces time can be frightening. With many transitions, what is meaningful may hear a “t-t-t-hat’s all folks!” (While others pass the test of time and continue on).

Endings are not all that funny, but a sense of humor goes a long way. Exercise yours where needed!

From every ending, there’s a beginning. It takes some practice and then diligence to believe that.

Call it a cycle, the circle of life, or nature, your hardest work of Sun in Pisces is to emerge into Aries with a “vessel” to support the intelligent, intuitive, creative soup flowing inside of you.

You’ll want to create a structure where your youthfulness can enjoy some in-the-background wise shaping that guides without being overbearing.

Conversely, without any guidelines, you’ll end up like a puddle. People like to walk all over puddles.

Remember the January sleepy when Venus and Mars were in Pisces? Then they both entered Aries at the beginning of February, and you likely were a little unprepared, jolting into all that buzz so quickly.

This is the same situation! Be diligent to make time to shape the softness you begin to feel Saturday into a vessel that can grow throughout the year.


Also, Pisces is the sign of merging and belief. It’s a remembrance of a unified self, like your cell to your body as you to the universe.

This feeling of belonging – or not belonging – pours into the rebirth when Sun enters Aries. Be careful what you mix into your intentions soup!

You know that it takes a village to raise any child or any idea you may have that is in its infancy. Know where you belong and put yourself there. Accept this sense of belonging and collective existence. It’s a more profound reality for yours to capture.

Which, reminds me…

8 Points To Breakthrough In Your Annual Pisces Journey

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“I Wanna Do Nothin’”…. But You’ve Gotta Do This! Venus in Pisces & Finding Direction During Your Last Week of Mercury Retrograde

man-Milan-steps-relaxed-reading-KristenTodayFeeling more passive all of sudden? Like you’re waiting to see where the flow takes you?

Welcome to the world of Venus in Pisces, her residence of what astrologers call exaltation.

She entered in yesterday, January 2nd.

Oh, Venus loves it in Pisces – her shadows, mysteries, and quiet in the womb of some light about to come forth into the world.

Joining Mars, who hates being in Pisces (see here how Mars’ felt about it in Last Week’s Considerations), Venus takes the edge off her man Mars and his frustration about being slow.

Remember how I said last week that Mars in Pisces is like treading water for a month? You get somewhere, but it’s not ideal. Yet, it’s a necessary part of the journey.

Mercury Retrograde dips back into Sagittarius on Wednesday.

Here, Mercury brings back the hopes and philosophical stresses of November 2016 that Venus (then wild-child) showed you.

The space of time that has made November’s tensions easier.

Because of this passage, even if painful, you now know better what matters to you.

Before you were INFLAMED about it. Venus and Mars were in Sagittarius and Aquarius respectively – pretty quick signs to show where your heart is without much care to what others think.

Now these two personal planets are in the softest and probably most passive of signs – Pisces.

Meaning, Venus and Mars in Pisces can make you feel more subdued and in a place of healing and recuperation about late last autumn’s events.

These two are quiet enough in the sky to hear Mercury’s unearthed wisdom from your Higher Self that fell through the cracks during all the others transits through Sagittarius – that includes Mars, Venus, Mercury Direct, Sun and a couple rounds of Moon.

That’s all the personal planets, so it’s something that has to be addressed about your daily life.

In this week’s Day Guide’s – especially Sunday and Monday – you learn about how to make meaning of your Mercury Retrograde story and where to channel the energy you do have to do something positive. (This Mars placement isn’t easy for being productive, all I’m saying).

The final Consideration puts into perspective why you must give weight to Mercury stationing Direct.

Mercury is helping set a context for Saturn to construct what matters to you most over the next 7, 15, 21, and 30 years.

It’s a small but significant moment that can really put you ahead of the curve of the less energetically informed. Continue reading ““I Wanna Do Nothin’”…. But You’ve Gotta Do This! Venus in Pisces & Finding Direction During Your Last Week of Mercury Retrograde”

In Fact, Not Broken, Still Whole.

refract-straw2Remember that science experiment on refraction where the straw looks bent, but it’s not?

You are used to seeing things one way, but when there’s multiple mediums to look through at the same time, it appears different – broken, but really it is one – whole.

This is pretty much the lesson of Mars in Pisces, where he now will be until end of January.

What you see isn’t the full reality, but you must find your way forward (even if there’s some backpedaling at times) as an integrated unit – as a person, in your relationships, and communities.

Mercury Retrograde compliments this sentiment the closest in a busy astrological week. And what you do this week and following two will influence the direction for your 2017 year, thanks to the Winter Solstice aka Capricorn Ingress.

Finally, Uranus and Saturn perfect a trine this week, breaking apart your summer dreams only to (hopefully) place you on a bigger one that you can build with responsibility.

Venus’ friendly aspects to the big guys – Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn help you relate to all this, but they’re sextiles – so you have to put some conscious effort into it.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Welcome Solstice!
Because of the holidays, there’s a break from the daily astro potentials section. You should crack down and get serious about the Winter Solstice, though.

Read more below and see how these three weeks will play into your 2017 ahead. Continue reading “In Fact, Not Broken, Still Whole.”

Why You Should Lay Low Before Mercury Retrograde & Mars in Pisces Next Monday – AKA Electoral College Day


This week seems straightforward, but you might want to keep your distance and do the minimum possible.

Next Monday, December 19th, is beyond whopper. Mars moves into Pisces and Mercury goes Retrograde all during the Moon in Virgo.

These alone can proliferate all sorts of unexpected shifts and grumpiness, especially over the next month.

And just when you start to get used to sludgy Mars in Pisces (he’s really not happy there), Uranus stations Direct December 29th. (Take note: that somehow is only 2 weeks away).

The inner journey about your convictions, the circles you travel with, and your higher calling since end of July shifts outward.

I know several people who went outside their comfort zones and volunteered in U.S. election process; and after the results, found space and time to start doing civic duty for the first time.

That’s Uranus turning Direct. It takes a while to turn, but you totally can feel the pull now. Likely, you won’t do anything about it until Uranus is Direct in the New Year.

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Why I Predict that Donald Trump Will Not President

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