Transition Time: How To Stay Optimistic and Empowered

watercolor-butterfly-blend-transition-KristenTodayLots of transitions this week astrologically and in your personal life too.

Jupiter prepares to go Retrograde for 4 months, Venus moves from Pisces to Aries, and Mercury gets ready to go to Aquarius.

All during eclipse energies intensifying…meaning, more forced transitions for those who have planets at the eclipse degrees.

In choreography class **back-in-the-day**, we’d talk about different transitions. Their appearance – soft, abrupt, scattered… how to create it – similar movement, contrast, focus shift, motif… and the tone (meaning feeling) created because of those to factors – aka effect… it makes for countless possibilities to move from to the next.

In the end though, transition just means something is ending, and something else needs to come into view.

Perhaps though, this is why the choreographer in me is so accepting of life transitions – changes help move the dance of life ahead.

It may look this way or that, but I trust whatever I encounter has an intentional effect that moves my personal evolution forward. I hope and advocate the same for you.

Take the necessary measures to keep your mental, emotional, and physical healths balanced, so your transitions all goes a little smoother and accepting. Continue reading “Transition Time: How To Stay Optimistic and Empowered”

Do These 3 Things and Spend Your Energy SMARTLY.

mark-1189080_1280Mercury Retrograde is over, but you have 3 more coming this year!

Last week I shared how Mercury is laying the path markers – being the guinea pig per se – for when Saturn goes into Capricorn at the end of 2017.

With so many Retrogrades, it could be hard to feel like you’re productive this year.

That’s why you need to seize the opportunities – in the way the cosmos encourage you – when Direct Motion is here. (Next Mercury Retrograde is April 9 – May 3, with shadow periods beginning March 27 and ending May 21). That’s being smart.

I know you’re trying to figure out how to balance your time between personal affairs and the impact your professional efforts are making.

Honestly though, the energies can make you feel more indifferent than motivated right now.

Push through it and, walk the walk, my friend!

When December 2017 hits, it’s going to be an Alleluia moment. You want to be ready for it! 

If 2016 was fast for you, 2017 will be even more…

Use Mercury – THE MESSENGER – also a life-long learner – to make the cheat sheet you’ll use for the next 30 years. He’s finding & marking the path so you stay on track! Continue reading “Do These 3 Things and Spend Your Energy SMARTLY.”

Mars in Aquarius – The Riots, Protests, and Anger are Not Ending Anytime Soon

band-aid-teddy-pain-KristenTodayThis past week was a bomb emotionally. ::ahem::: Well, the story isn’t finished.

The protests, rash actions of anger and hate of groups of people against groups of people, all can be characterized as the entry of Mars into Aquarius.

The story will repeat itself when Mars exits the sign, which strangely enough is right around the Electoral College voting day.

Whatever the result, I pray the rifts don’t divide further. That day, Mercury also will go Retrograde conjoined to Pluto.

Something is changing that we cannot yet understand, the rhetoric must transform among ourselves and about the other.

Archetypically speaking, a transfer of power will be re-negotiated in everyone’s minds and who knows how much further.

The planets show us, as if we didn’t already know, an immensely karmic and potentially healing time for the United States and globe.

Jupiter in Libra helps show the divisions with love, and hopefully each takes the steps forward to make a partnership to agree to disagree, peacefully and for love.

More Astrological Insights into this moment and the graphic snapshot of how to spend your time in This Week’s Considerations below. Continue reading “Mars in Aquarius – The Riots, Protests, and Anger are Not Ending Anytime Soon”

Stepping On New Ground – Charts & Graphs For Your Weekly Planning

new-format-considerations-nov2016We all just want something palatable and preferably actionable, daily. Even, when it comes to astrology!

In the intensity of those daily considerations that past two weeks, I realized I got us all into the weeds. Sorry about that.

Luckily my right-brain connected with my left-brain, and poof!

These considerations are different. Graphs – like math class back in the day. But to the point and easy to read.

What questions do you have that I could chart out for you?

For example, do you care about, “Is it a good day for”:

  • Calling up an old colleague or client?
  • Planning?
  • Self-care?
  • Signing a contract?

This is so alpha, I hand-drew these charts.

<= Click here a give me your feedback, please, so this becomes ah-mazing fast! Continue reading “Stepping On New Ground – Charts & Graphs For Your Weekly Planning”

Maturity and Sound Decision Making: Sun-Mercury & Venus-Saturn Conjunctions

cup-tea-reflection-decision-computer-break-KristenTodayToday Sun and Mercury conjoin, starting a new cycle of expressing your inner nature of who you really are.

This Sun-Mercury cycle beginning Scorpio gives you the start to transform your:

  • Language about how you picture yourself.
  • Communication about who you are.
  • Relationship to old stories that continue to play out in your life.
  • Image, both inwardly & outwardly.
  • Relationship to accepting money from others.
  • Debts (more on a soul level, but literal is possible too).
  • Sex life.

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How You Keep Your Head On Straight This Aries Full Moon

Sun-Beam-Autumn-Leaf-KristenTodayMercury in itself could make you spin this week. Preparing the stage for this weekend’s Full Moon in Aries, the past is very present. You have an opportunity to seriously revolutionize yourself, or be a victim to some ugly, childish situations.

Keep your head on straight, read on.

Mercury’s several aspects this week can account for chattiness, new ideas, connections, and a lot of random being passed around.

Mercury lives for these busy, talkative moments, so try to keep yourself in the flow.

Living in his potential in times like this, Mercury carries information between the planets and ensures all the voices are heard and articulated.

Take note of the dialogues that happen archetypically. It will help you keep your bearings when things can get ugly over the weekend.

Saturday, Pluto gets squared by Mercury to churn up some old business, and Moon in fast and hot-tempered Aries gathers up energy from all the malefics (meaning, typically not nice planets) to push them into a massive cream pie smack in your face for the Full Moon.

Personally, I hate my face being dirty (ask my still disappointed dad about my 1st birthday cake cleanliness). So that’s the worst surprisingly, messy metaphor I could come up with, ha!

Now, for the spiritually attuned, it’s possible to avoid some or all of this by challenging Uranus’ energy to release your personal ugly and be free from them once and for all.

By the time you get to Monday, you’ll have a void moon in Taurus to calm down and finish some of the really productive aspects from earlier this week. Maybe even some beginnings to New Year’s Resolutions!

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What Do You Stand For? Venus & Mercury In Leo

smile-fun-flower-color-KristenTodayThere really are no regrets, but surely the past is insightful.

Do you feel like you’re behind of where you know you could be?

Maybe you were on other people’s agendas or just trying to be modest. You thought you were being a good person, friend, child, partner, etc… but then it kind of flat-lined.

While reflecting on my jobs in NYC the past decade with a friend, I realized that when I left for maternity leave, I was basically getting paid the same and working similar hours to what I was when I entered the city as a fresh doe.

I don’t need to get into the excuses why. I loved and still love who I last worked with. But it’s becoming apparent to me, that I don’t think I have it in me to do work for social and money sake when I know I could be doing things that only I can do (like this) instead.

In a wordly moment where violence is evermore present, what you stand for and you uniquely are is becoming evermore a requirement to find a way to express it. Continue reading “What Do You Stand For? Venus & Mercury In Leo”

Building Momentum: Sitting on the Porch with Your Mercury

Porch-Chair-Screen-Talking-KristenTodayMomentum starts to pick up this week with the moon waxing after Monday’s New Moon. Moon in Leo on Tuesday and Wednesday wants you to add the fun back into what you are doing.

Hey, you’re serving no one if you’re not bringing the joy into your work.

As Brendan Bruchard says, “Generate Joy.” I love the idea of that – self-creating a state of being that is essential for you to go forward with pleasure and meaning.

Mercury makes a lot of aspects this week, and I’ve had fun helping you understand the energetic influences through stories – mostly movies! Continue reading “Building Momentum: Sitting on the Porch with Your Mercury”

Aries New Moon – Planning for the Better Version of You

red-headed-woman-field-bright-optimistic-new-Aries-KristenTodayYour inner wild woman cuts loose this week as Venus enters Aries Tuesday just hours before Mercury finally catches his breath and takes a stroll along the sign of Taurus.

Feelings can still be bitter and spiral you downward as Chiron and South Node dance into themes of the past that pull at your heartstrings.

South Node can indicate addictive behaviors, especially in the sign of Pisces where it’s sitting.

Thing is, you need to recognize the South Node in order to have something to go for, your true calling, called the North Node.

What’s that thing that you keep doing and you can’t stop yourself no matter how much you know it’s not good for you, despite how it pangs you?…

… that could be your South Node-Chiron keeping you back.

Remember: what was good for you before may not be good for you today. Good to checkin with yourself on that regularly.

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March 8, 2016 Eclipse: manage your personal wildfires and grief

KristenToday-Blurry-ReflectionSigh::: This eclipse just keeps manifesting in small, compounding ways. It hurts. “Enough is enough!”

You try to shake it off, but honestly you’re still sore, maybe even heartbroken.

Whatever ended, that person who orchestrated it was in their truth. Even if you know they’re stuck in the past – you no longer can ride on parallel paths. Continue reading “March 8, 2016 Eclipse: manage your personal wildfires and grief”