Transcendent Love: Moving Through Scorpio Energies with Grace

A couple of days ago, I woke up with the words “Transcendent Love” in my head accompanied with the urge to talk with you about it.

Immediately I attributed it to the Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, but then I realized that Mercury enters Scorpio as well – on Tuesday evening.

With Mercury’s added support (Venus’ pal), it can be easier to take the raw energies present and channel the love (Venus) always present move all energies through transcendence (Scorpio).

My first experience of this energy made me feel open and tingly. I felt more connected to myself, particularly in my heart space down through my fingertips. And soon, I recognized that I felt more connected to others.

Honestly, it gets a little lonely behind a screen – not much feedback, understanding your limited time and attention…

… and this notion of exploring “what does transcendent love” even mean brought me to my inspired place.

In This Weeek’s Considerations, I followed some definitions of transcendent to move us through the many layers of it. And too, to break down this experience into what can be practiced in our everday.

(Hint: It takes embracing yourself as exceptional…)

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Autumnal Equinox & Full Harvest Moon: Demand Truth & Nurture Non-Toxic Relationships

“As above, so below. As within, so without.” — The Emerald Tablet of Hermes

The cosmos are macro example of the same reality on our Earth. If one is like the other, we can look at the Earth to better understand the cosmos.

The Autumnal Equinox is Saturday, and nature will take a dramatic leap of faith on itself, as it has every autumn.

It will allow parts of its body to die and compost in the faith that a new life will arrive in the coming seasons.

Trees will keep their structure – the trunks, branches, and twigs. But they will have new “hands” through their leaves to interact with its similar, but changed surroundings.

You too have the opportunity to let go of old things – even if they’re good things – to make room for a new perception of self and your surroundings.

Monday’s Full Harvest Moon highlights all that can be changed about how you initiate and begin projects in your life.

And likely, it will reflect a relationship between authorities, masculine energy, and men that you’ve danced through all week.

In conditions of opportunity like these, there are 3 strategies I’ll practice to keep me on track.

  1. Being in my truth.
  2. Renewing my trust in myself.
  3. Facilitating non-toxic relations (by practicing 1 &2).

In This Week’s Considerations, I dive deeper into the meaning and opportunity of Mercury entering Libra, the Autumnal Equinox, and the Full Harvest Moon in Aries. I also review the best ways I’ve found to realize these strategies to keep both of us on track.

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Day Guides below.

Things are getting to be higher quality problems to solve… <3

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Hold Steady

Some years ago in a job interview, I told someone that when s*** hits the fan, I’m more the person that sees where it lands than freaks out during it.

That same sentiment holds true today, and it often surprises people.

I’ve just taught myself how to hold steady. (And maybe this is too literal a Uranus in Taurus realization, lol)!

Yes, when it’s happening, I feel emotions and my mind is racing about how to fix things. But, I no longer jump the gun. I wait to see the next thing.

Because that next thing is often more indicative of what will happen next than the trigger itself.

Listen – change, especially unanticipated ones, is hard to take.

But if it’s happening, it’s happening.

How are you going to handle it?

For me, it’s best to accept the reality as it’s happening.

This week there in a larger-than-normal change of planetary position. Mercury enters Cancer, Venus enters Leo, and Neptune Stations Retrograde. Too, there’s a dynamic New Moon in Gemini on Wednesday.

That means your communication style and ways you connect things shifts. The things you desire, how you want to relate to the world around you moves. And your vision toward more inward (again).

I wish you grace upon these changes, however they meet you.

This Week’s Considerations helps you hold steady while these pages turn in the stories of your life. Continue reading “Hold Steady”

Time to Sprout Your Good Idea

bulb-tree-plant-KristenTodayDoes this happen to you too?

I tend to be at least 2 years ahead of time.

Sometimes I “get” little glimpses of how things ought to be, businesses that would be successful, or even fashion (especially in my teenage years). I’d try to describe it to others, some would get it and be like, “Oh ya!” and others would look at me with doe eyes.

For example, my business idea of “From Scratch” started in my Sunnyside, Queens, apartment in 2007 or 2008. The idea was that single people could order food to match what they’d need for their recipes for the week (and not have to overbuy). They would be sourced from local farms where possible, even pre-cut if possible, with step 1-2-3, etc.

Today Blue Apron most popularly does a most of that as well as numerous others. Blue Apron started at least 4 years after “my” idea.

Now, I’m glad I don’t run that business, but I have learned a few things from stories like this (and there are many over the years) and me not acting on any (gasp!).

  1. A good idea doesn’t have to make sense to everyone.
  2. Don’t be afraid to find a team to fill in the information gaps to make it a reality.
  3. Keep your ideas close by to see when the public may resonate with them. (Did you know that Outkast sat on “Hey Ya” for about 2 years before releasing it?)
  4. Commitment is an energy that you have to maintain and renew consistently.
  5. Doubt comes from every direction because you’re changing what is.


This week’s astrology rev’s up your own good ideas, and all that comes with it. The Day Guides detail what happens actually happens when.

Below, I offer you to embody these three influences to capture the true potential this week offers.

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Thursday’s Libra New Moon Most Powerful Intentions

cauldron-witch-ingredients-magic-new-moon-intentions-KristenTodayWhen I stepped foot into my first astrology class, I was looking for the ingredients to the alchemy of life.

(Yes, those were actually the words I thought. AND I did not think that was intense or abnormal at all)!

I must have channeled some past memory of a witch mixing her ingredients in a cauldron to come up with some magical result because all I could think about with astrology is that it must be like a recipe book. I just needed to learn how energies mixed to create certain manifestations.

Well, it turned out astrology is much more complicated than to give definite answers for most things. And at the same time, there are certain trends and archetypes that I’ve learned to expect from an astrological moment. Like New Moons in Libra (this Thursday)!

I was right about one thing, though – the ingredients!

Basically when you read astrology, what you do is break down the “pie” of the chart into its “ingredients” or parts.

Each part has a life of its own. It’s the orchestration of the whole that makes things manifest according to the consciousness of the individual in question. That’s why twins or those born at the same moment can experience very different lives.

It’s in this frame of ingredients in how we’re going to explore the Libra New Moon together in This Week’s Considerations. But first! Continue reading “Thursday’s Libra New Moon Most Powerful Intentions”

Set this Goal – Clean and Clear Without Blow-ups (Hint: Understand the Influences First)

paint-scattered-KristenTodayLittle things can set off a chain reaction that blows things out of proportion this week. The tolerance for sitting in uncomfortable and messy is low.

The Moon’s sensitivities impulsively bring up evidence Mercury just found. This news can cause anger, outrage, and generally immature behavior that is almost irresistible thanks to the Mars-Sun combustion.

While good for news and entertainment, it’s less ideal for your personal life.

Know the influences & players to your discord:

  • The Moon can’t help but brings up s***, and it is vulnerable in Virgo and Libra this month because of the placement of its rulers Mercury and Venus respectively. (see below)
  • Mercury in Virgo, beginning Tuesday evening, can help you spin more plates successfully, but it also gets you in the weeds quickly. The mind and body are more communicative in this placement and will “act up” if you need to pay attention. Same with those who support or work for you. Be good to the hand that feeds you!
  • Venus at the last degrees of Gemini, now with a tone of that Mercury in Virgo. Venus can get scattered and hard to please at these degrees. Patience is thin. Laundry lists of complaints are possible. (Yikes)!
  • The combustion between Mars and Sun, which now is a month long effect, aggravates and enhances however you are relating to your principles of action, motivation, courage, and sexuality.


All this can easily equate to mental obsessions with how things ought to be, how things are wrong, and be compounding the upsets over time.

Temper the controlling, repeating thoughts in different ways.

This Week’s Day Guides suggest a day to go out with a friend, another day to set up a positive environment, and another to check-in with what makes you feel more secure.

What will yours be? Continue reading “Set this Goal – Clean and Clear Without Blow-ups (Hint: Understand the Influences First)”

Express Yourself With These 3 Focuses (Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did)!


Self-Expression has always been very important to me. However, I didn’t quite get it…

When I was younger, I assumed it was helpful to be as honest and open as possible all the time.

Innocently in Kindergarten, I shared, “Your hat looks like an apple.”

To which the reaction was devastation, and I got in big trouble. Nope, not helpful.

I didn’t get the hint for years, and my open honesty hurt feelings, embarrassed people, and even closed me off from previously positive relationships.

“I know you were having a rough patch. How are you feeling now?” I ask a Chinese woman in the company of others. Wide eyes, a nervous giggle, and the response, “Oh! Actually, really good!” Soon after, it was hard to have any substantive conversation again. (Only later I found out how big a social no-no that was in Chinese culture).

Your words this week may feel innocent and honest, and the way it feels so natural to just share opening, they’ll come pouring out.

Yet, the reaction might not always be reflective of your good intentions. Take it from me – you need to be good at it, AND you need to help your audience love you.

Take it from me – you need express yourself honestly, AND you need to help your audience love you. (That’s what took me forever to understand, and what I’m still working to do)!

That’s why this week you need these 3 Focuses:

  1. Freedom of Expression
  2. Good Company
  3. Courage

Astrological context and further explanation of these 3 Focuses below. Continue reading “Express Yourself With These 3 Focuses (Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did)!”

Juno Retrograde and Node Shifts to Leo-Aquarius

Juno-Jupiter-James-Barry-KristenTodayThis Week’s Astrological Highlights

  • The Moon’s Nodes change signs today, Tuesday. The Leo North Node helps you step up to shine your inner self, express yourself fully, and take care of those you love with all the joys and pleasures you can imagine.

    Aquarius South Node asks you to leave behind negative attachments, connections, wishful thinking dreams, and friends who hold you back.  (see more details in This Week’s Consideration below).

  • Full Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday. It’s one of those werewolf type of Full Moons where people just aren’t themselves. Stay inside and do the inner work on yourself with gratitude of who you have become if you want to do something ceremonious. See Day Guide for more.

  • Mercury re-enters Taurus on Monday, May 15th. Mercury slows down his words finesse his expression and the work you did when Mars was in Taurus March 11 – April 21.

  • Juno (pictured above with hubby Zeus) stations Retrograde on Wednesday, May 10th. Asteroid of partnership and justice, Juno’s Retrograde through Capricorn plays with Pluto and further unravels any wrongs, injustices, and grudges previously buried. (Politically, this could be a disaster for misplaced use of power).

    For YOU, this is an opportunity to take back your power and partner up with those who share your common sense principles. Missed opportunities for strategic partnerships or recognition by an organization have a second-chance.

    The more you align to these Uranian influences to do good for the collective, the easier good can come from this Retrograde. (Because that’s a square aspect, it’s tension, but you can work through it for positive benefit).

What Moon Nodes in Leo-Aquarius Can Mean For You

Today, Tuesday, the Moon’s Nodes change signs into the Leo-Aquarius axis.

Like the Moon pulls the earth’s waters to create tides, the Nodes pull you in one direction or another.

The North Node is said to draw you to your higher path / ultimate goal.

The South Node is said to be where you came from, but it also leads to endings because Mother Nature likes to evolve.

You use the wisdom from your South Node to try to get to that North Node.

The nodes leave the Virgo-Pisces axis where they have been since October 2015.

They defined the eclipses over the past year and a half by rapidly pulling you to evolve by activating one node or the other.

This placement helped you shed negative beliefs and create good habits. You also probably have more realistic ideas on how to spend your time wisely on the day-to-day. Even if you’re still working on perfecting this, it was very practical and humbling time.

Now in Leo-Aquarius until November 2018, you get a different tone.

Leo helps you step up to shine your inner self, express yourself fully, and take care of those you love with all the joys and pleasures you can imagine.

What do you leave behind? Aquarius south node can withdraw negative attachments, connections, wishful thinking dreams, and friends who hold you back.

Hey, still love those you leave behind. Everyone has a time and place. Yet, do the mature thing and just start to create your distance. You already know who they are from last autumn’s introspections.


Day Guides: May 9-15, 2017

Tuesday: Spark fly. A project’s pieces come together, or a missing part is discovered. Mercury and Uranus conjoin in Aries today, giving further drive to strategic Scorpio Moon. This is also accident-prone, so watch your step and try not to multitask when an awesome “download” is coming in. 😉
Social-20pix Productivity-20pix Love-20pix Fun-20pix Creativity-20pix


Wednesday: Scorpio Full Moon Suggestions: Nestle yourself in a dark place and piece-by-piece, make peace with yourself. Recognize how you’ve grown, who you are becoming… Appreciate what is without having to change it. Energetically go to what feels stagnant or dull, try to brighten it by your inner light and determination to let go of what’s not serving you. Let go of your past, let it be a strength of experience. But, don’t let it determine how things will surely unfold in the future. Re-kindle inner optimism.

Purge-20pixProductivity-20pixLow Profile-20pixLove-20pixJournal-20pixCreativity-20pix



Thursday: Sagittarius Moon can make you an escapist today. Mars and Neptune square, making you squeamish on how your actions are match the “dream” (or not). Mercury trines Saturn and rats your truth out, so discerning Saturn knows and will take this into account in his assessment on how to commit to this vision you’re laying out through the end of the year. Eeks! In the most positive light, today you can take a short “retreat” to face yourself with true honesty. From there, you can make a plan to cut out the stuff that isn’t serving the ultimate dreams within the near future and set time to plan how you enhance what’s truly important.




Friday: If yesterday’s tension was too much, today’s a good followup energy to face yourself and prioritize what matters to you. Sagittarius Moon wants you think big. Mars and Jupiter trine and want to help you figure out possible paths to get there. Yes, there is a Plan B. If you don’t have it, make it. Your dreams are that important.




Saturday: Take a stay-cation or close-to-home vacation. Sagittarius Moon puts you in the mood to be in an unfamiliar environment, just to see things from a different angle. If you didn’t have time to do the work from Thursday and Friday, now’s a good moment too.




Sunday: Mother’s Day Capricorn Moon can be emotionally cold today. Try to complement the tendency to make a checklist of all of Mom’s accomplishments for a little ol’ fashioned love too. I’m sure the mothers in your life will appreciate it. And if you find yourself wanting more from mom, figure out how you can mom yourself to get what you actually need. <3

Productivity-20pixLow Profile-20pixAccomplishment-20pix



Monday: Moon in Capricorn wants to get major checkboxes marked. Tip: As you go throughout the day, make a list of what gets accomplished and celebrate it. Mercury enters Taurus late tonight. See This Week’s Considerations for more.

Social-20pixProductivity-20pixLow Profile-20pixAccomplishment-20pix



Legend Key:

Accomplishment-45pix Accomplishment Creativity-45pix Creativity Fun-45pix Fun
Journal-45pix Journal Love-45pix Love Low Profile-45pix Low Profile
Productivity-45pix Productive Purge-45pix Purge Social-45pix Social
Adventure-45pix Adventure

Muddy Waters. It’s an Eclipse, Give Yourself Some Slack.

mud-splatter-KristenTodayThis is a mud splat. Gross for most (myself included), but at another angle, you can appreciate beauty in it.

That’s what this eclipse can feel like.

A strange quiet. The pause after disappointment. Expectations let-down. A heavy heart.

The aftermath of any eclipse’s Moon whose closest node is the South one is like a river of garbage and forgotten-something’s releasing, purging, and reminding you of your past.

Do not be discouraged by the past uprising.

It does not mean it’s again your present-day reality.

That something just needs to be acknowledged – and released. (So you have more space to infuse what’s more you today).

This particular Pisces solar eclipse may result globally in some ocean issues – big storms, coastal damage, masses of fish dying… yikes, I hope nothing too drastic.

But for you personally, I feel it’s going to be a subtle, a deep acknowledgment of something you just have to let go.

Perhaps, it’s a disappointment you need to let go and stop trying to overcome it.

Let the shortcomings be what they are.

It’s what makes you human, after all.

Like John Legend sings so sweetly, “‘Cause all of me / loves all of you… all your perfect imperfections.”

Find your love for all your little pieces and to mend what’s broken back into wholeness.


Sloppy Mercury in Pisces

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Raor! The Unstoppable You.

Lion-Leo-Sun-Moon-Eclipse-KristenTodayBold. Daring. Remarkable. This cosmic environment can bring out your best.

Sun and Mercury are in Aquarius. Venus & Mars are in Aries…

These are your archetypes that play into your life right now!:

Mercury is happiest in Aquarius where somehow he keeps up with most of his fancies, connecting people, ideas, resources, and whatever crosses his path in brilliant, impressive maneuvers.

The Sun in Aquarius (albeit not his favorite sign) enjoys a detachment from what’s real in favor of what’s beyond and what the soul calls in. Extreme optimism for whatever ignites your passion and call for humanity stirs from within during Sun in Aquarius – just another 2 weeks!

Venus in Aries wears her passions on her sleeve. She can’t seem to help but share how she feels about everything as if there were no consequences for expressing her loves and disapprovals so freely.

Mars in Aries is simply unstoppable. Read more on how Mars is steamrolling here.

It’s a bright time, even with the eclipses. (First on Friday).

Conversely, maybe this isn’t you but it could be those around you…

… you can feel so certain of yourself that you lose sight of how your actions affect those around you, which can cause ripples of disorder and chaos and leads to arguments, misunderstandings, and schisms.

Checks and balances for your personal life too, alright? Continue reading “Raor! The Unstoppable You.”