Mercury Stations Direct August 2018: Bring Your Best Light Forward

This Week’s Considerations is on video format!

Mercury stations to Direct Motion just after midnight Sunday morning (ET).

I discuss what Mercury Retrograde might have revealed about your personality and integrity and how to step forward with it in a new light with Mercury Direct.

Don’t fall into the autumn with the usual routines and traps.

Take the cosmic potential of this moment to reframe your goals and find the most effective opportunities ahead of you!


Also, I already know some ways I’d like to improve videos like these… but please tell me your thoughts on this format.

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Day Guides below. Continue reading “Mercury Stations Direct August 2018: Bring Your Best Light Forward”

When You Feel Like a Prisoner to Circumstance

I once took a job because I felt like it was a more responsible one to take. It was full-time, which was different than my multiple part-time schedule I was used to. Too, it had a salary, benefits, and career progression. It was totally grown-up. Totally corporate.

Like many employee contracts, I started off with a 3-month trial period.

The first month went fine, and mostly the second. On the third, I realized I felt like a prisoner and the lunchtime walking couldn’t alleviate the stress. Too, I didn’t like the way I was talked to by one of my bosses. Being berated for punctuation was something I could not suck up.

When approached for my 3-month review, I was honest. And because it was a human resource firm, my boss of bosses graciously ushered me out of the job without judgment and with a smooth transition.

That’s not the end of the story.

It was at that moment I had no job. Nothing lined up, only the possibility to put on a dirty tux and do some more catering gigs.

I did not want to do that again.

Fears came up about becoming homeless, and shame appeared in many forms. I couldn’t be “normal” and have a “normal” job. I’d always be living on an “starving artist” standard. I’d be dependent on help again from others.

It magnified and spiraled until I thought I’d be hungry and homeless. I was in tears.

Then I remembered something.

My family and my friends would NEVER let that happen to me. It was my own shame that prevented me from asking for help – and from receiving it!

I was determined to not second-rate myself to take a crappy job. Too, I promised I would tell others of my situation if I needed the help, and I would receive it no matter how uncomfortable it’d be.

I went about my life as normal – okay a little more prudently. But only a week or so later, I stumbled upon a conversation in my astrology class.

A classmate was looking for help at her job, and I knew exactly how to do it!

My faith in myself, and my recognition of the supportive environment I did have attracted just what I needed. It was work I could do – close shop and not think about at home. It was part-time. It had benefits. It was a creative environment that stimulated my curiosity. And, I shared a corner office with that astrology colleague that overlooked midtown and the Hudson.

To date, it was the best employment I had outside my own.


This week’s astrological conditions can bring unexpected twists to agreements and plans you have set up. It can leave you feeling in the dark, and maybe even a prisoner to circumstance.

Like my own story, I encourage you to put your faith in yourself and the support you have to open up to new possibilities… perhaps even better than you could have expected.

Read the Day Guides below to navigate your week’s journey. Next week, more on the lovely Venus in Libra! Continue reading “When You Feel Like a Prisoner to Circumstance”

Mercury Retrograde in Leo – Are You Living Up To Your Potential?

You know the value of living life without regrets. Yet, there’s always a little voice that tries to derail you once in a while.

It’s right to hold yourself to a high esteem. If you’ve found yourself on this page, I’ve found that you likely are capable of giving, loving, and sharing more than many in the world. Too, you have unique gifts that want to have an outlet!

You know your potential is great, that’s why you keep working on yourself!

So when you’re not at your best – meaning you’re not feeling at your best – it’s natural to get grumpy. Optimism keeps you going, but in your gut you feel quite unsettled on the inside.

Anger, resentment, frustration all get stirred up – and often internalized because those closest to you know you as positive and not an emotionally dumping personality.

Astrologically speaking, this unsettled feeling of wanting to be more is the context for the current moment.

Mercury is now retrograde through August 18th and has a lingering effect through September 1st.

Mercury’s retrograde happened in the shadow of a lunar eclipse, and he’ll be re-activating some of these old, stagnant sentiments over the next few weeks that the eclipse unlodges.

Cosmos encourage you right now to move through your doubts, demons, and simply said – s*** – to go toward your True North.

These things somewhat happen overnight because all it requires is a simple change of mindset and a firm decision to commit to a higher calling.

In the same vein, the aftermath of such life-changing decisions take practical work and piece-by-piece efforts.

You become what you esteem yourself to be by practicing it, not just preaching it.

This Week’s Considerations helps you move through the necessary uncomfortable shifts (thanks Mercury Retrograde) to realize lasting fulfillment.

When you actually feel like yourself, in your potential, all inner turmoil starts to fade away. You can feel more integrated and complete. Continue reading “Mercury Retrograde in Leo – Are You Living Up To Your Potential?”

‘Retrograde Reboot’ You Gotta Do It Another Way

resetNothing sucks more than someone saying that your latest-and-greatest likely won’t work. And on top of that, when you honestly consider their opinion, you agree!

Mercury Retrograde has been setting hiccups along your well-intentioned initiatives for 2018.

With nature springing forward in bright colors, it’s doesn’t feel fair that your projects may not be flourishing in a similar fashion.

Disappointment and resistance are some tough enemies.

But you know what, you can defeat them.

Yet, there’s a whole growing season ahead. We’re just in the green and just setting off to mature the intentions set for this year.

This Week’s Considerations offers ways to hurdle obstacles, even when you wish it were different. Continue reading “‘Retrograde Reboot’ You Gotta Do It Another Way”

Aries Fire: Spring Equinox and Mercury Retrograde


Last week I briefly mentioned the more negative side of Mars – anger, revenge, and violence to name a few.

I failed to notice how potent his energy would feel. Squaring Chiron, his last days in Sagittarius struck up some deep wounds. Mars stirred that up and could have got you riled up, even to the most “Zen” of us.

A couple perpetual challenges in the household over here turned into a potty-mouth sailor song, even if it was audibly silent (for the sake of the kid)!

Emotional scars still raw, Mars is now empowered in his favorite of the signs. Like I mentioned in Last Week’s Considerations, you can kick some butt these next couple months with this positioning.

But, you also will have to circumvent an emboldened, sometimes cocky Mars to get there.

His influence just got elevated with Sun’s entry into Aries today, a sign that Mars rules. Too, Venus and Mercury who retrogrades on Thursday also are in Aries under Mars influence.

The path of Mars will square some malefic planets – Saturn and Pluto specifically. It can be straining.

So we’ll be wanting to watch Mercury’s story own with Saturn and Pluto to get a preview of what to expect – and how to handle – Mars’ own journey there, which often is more intense.

I’m not one to focus too much on the negative. But in cases like this, it’s helpful to notice where the subconscious and unconscious wants to take us so you can use your consciousness to make positive outcomes from all this.

If you don’t have something to fight for, then the energy will want to make battlefields in unwanted places.

It’s a time to do, to be in action, to carpe diem!

After all, the Aries energy shows us that it’s the seasons to pop up with new life. Take a familiar setting and draw it in a new light.

Like the purple and yellow flowers the season proliferates, you too have the opportunity to showcase your colors in a familiar but renewed sensibility.

This Week’s Considerations looks at the Spring Equinox (Sun’s entry to Aries) and the hidden influences behind the season of beginning. Continue reading “Aries Fire: Spring Equinox and Mercury Retrograde”

Rise To Your Potential. Mars in Scorpio

landscape-mountain-cloud-sun-KristenToday-pxhere.comAre you unhappy with the way this year panned out?

I get it – life happens, and in the moment, it often feels easier to avoid conflict than put yourself first.

What if you could set a path for success and momentum now that aligns your true priorities to your A-efforts?

This Week’s Considerations is inspired most by Mercury Retrograde and Mars’ entry to Scorpio on Saturday, December 9th.

With these two planetary positions, it’s a time to erase maligned mindsets and commit to smart ways to spend your energy.

Read more below on how to set yourself up to rise to your potential in 2018. Continue reading “Rise To Your Potential. Mars in Scorpio”

How to Have It All + Mercury Retrograde and Gemini Full Moon.

compass-hand-KristenTodayAre you having a hard time choosing between good options?

Sometimes it’s just easier to resort to unfulfilling tasks or distractions when the “authorities” clash in your thinking.

You may just want to let this pass and see what comes, but do world-class poker players rely purely on fate?

Don’t become a witness instead of a player of the game of your life either!

In only 4 weeks, the fluffy optimism that characterized the past 2.5 years starts getting translated to meaningful accomplishments (even more).

Time for everyone to step up to the authority and influence they want to be in the world. Yes, you too!

This Week’s Considerations is inspired by the astrological climate around the Mercury Retrograde and the Gemini Full Moon on Sunday, December 3rd. Continue reading “How to Have It All + Mercury Retrograde and Gemini Full Moon.”

Like Steroids: Eclipse Point Re-Activated

head-thinking-KristenTodayThis week I explore some personal and collective themes for the astrological climate.

Basically, Mars and Mercury Retrograde are inching their way to the eclipse point that went over the U.S. – at the last degrees of a fire sign, which just charges up the energy even more.

Mars who is strength and Mercury who likes lots of littles together can be made to the like of “strong-pills” aka steroids.

Add Mars-Mercury’s approach to trine Uranus at this eclipse point, and it becomes steroid shots… even more high-wired, stressed, and immediate.

Like steroids, the astrological climate says that vision may be blurred, blood pressure high, and sleeping difficult.

(Can’t make this up how much astrology aligns sometimes)!

So on a collective level, I admit it’s difficult to temper this. On a personal level, with some self-knowledge and control it can be productive.

Let’s explore each below: Continue reading “Like Steroids: Eclipse Point Re-Activated”

Life After The Eclipse + 6 Ways How You End Your Trump Time-Sucks

Last week I shared an in-depth the trajectory of planetary shifts following the eclipse. This flow is meant to help be a throughline for you to guide your decisions for the opportunities you present yourself socially and in your personal work.

Specifically, I wrote about:

  • Saturn’s Station Direct to help set up the foundation of the type of accomplishments your 2018-2020 self demonstrates from that rebirth of self-identity in 2012-2014.
  • Venus’ entry to Leo coupled with Juno’s station Direct to help draw and commit to the people that share a commonality.
  • End of Mercury Retrograde & Mars in Virgo to put into place all the practicalities needed to setup your 2018-2020 Saturn in Capricorn successes.

Please give it another read and consideration, especially now that the high of the eclipse is mostly over. (News will still trickle down for another week).

In that light, I feel the need to write a little more practically. (Thanks Virgo Sun).


6 Ways How You End Your Trump Time-Sucks

Yesterday I exchanged correspondence with a friend who was feeling ill and initially was convinced it was the eclipse. In fact it was Mercury Retrograde, who’s seriously been overshadowed by the proud Leo eclipse.

This is a typical situation of Virgo, the sign where Mercury is retrograding. Leo is the performer and star of the show, almost in an embarrassing exaggeration at times. And Virgo… gets all the hard work done, stays up late, and no one really knows how to appreciate her because honestly, it’s really bad conversation to get into the nitty-gritty of your own process.

Virgo, though, is extremely practical, flexible, and grounded. She puts the world on her shoulders, one task at a time, one daily routine at a time and often doesn’t complain.

So question: has the incredible discord of the Trump presidency been a daily Time-Suck for you?

It has to stop, and there’s many reasons. Here’s some Mercury Retrograde inspired ones on how to get out of them:

  1. What you can control is yourself. You can get all bent out of shape about the latest crazy, or recognize your feelings of upset and move on to your life’s real work. In other words, trust and value your own life’s contribution more than giving your energy to the possible failures another person’s life can produce.
  2. Negative energy feeds negative energy. If you’re not moving through your emotions and finding peace, then who will? You’ll just be the latest in the chain of releasing pent-up frustration that will be felt and carried on by the next.
  3. Your responsibilities are simpler than you might take on. You’re probably not the one to file impeachment articles, make amends with foreign countries, or fund the programs cut out by the administration. Ask yourself what can you do in your scope of skills and experience? It might just be offering space to do a prayer for peace in the middle of a presentation. Humanize yourself and your needs for comfort and you humanize and empower others.
  4. Faith. And I’m not talking religion. Just like a family member who’s going through a rough patch can get support but not heal until they make the changes themselves, this is what you have to do. Have faith that you are enough, that what you offer is helpful, that everything happens for a reason and a possible to good to discover from it.
  5. If you’re being honest, the disappointment and anxiety you feel about these President Trump developments relates back to life circumstances of your own. Step forward and heal those feelings in yourself, and you make the current situation somehow more human.
  6. Cleaning the closets. Trump did promise to make America great again. Totally unconsciously, and at his own expense, he’s showing all the dark closets and put-off difficult decisions our country (and it’s citizens) have postponed for years. It’s the country’s karma. It’s like pulling everything out of your grandparent’s closet and being shocked and amazed at the same time with the things you find. Get clear on where you stand in your present-day body. Educate yourself. Leave room for others to draw their own conclusions.

Mercury Retrograde re-evaluates your daily routines and habits. Do you really want this in your field all the time?

It could be Trump, it could be another pest.

Call it out and take responsibility for only what is truly yours. Don’t be a bad Virgo and over-commit beyond your limits!


Day Guides: August 22 – 28, 2017

Read these guides as a whole to get a sense of flow for the week. Then dive into them daily.


Tuesday: Sun enters Virgo this evening and feels closer to Moon with whom he just had that eclipse. Whatever epiphanies might have eclipsed you, the practical “how do I make something with it” can be channeled out today. Mars and Saturn trine encouraging you to do the “righteous” thing in a disciplined and structured fashion over time. Inside you feel together even if the outside is not. Mars will help you just push through the energetic garbage (and there’s a lot because of Mercury Retrograde being activated by Sun-Moon). Let yourself feel that fighting spirit a bit, especially if no harm is done by doing it.

Purge-20pix Productivity-20pix Low Profile-20pix Journal-20pix



Wednesday:  Pack up work early today. Virgo Moon goes Void of Course at 4:02pm EDT and will be there until 9:05pm EDT. Men and bosses are cranky today anyway. Great time for self-care and the fun of being in the world by yourself. In other words, take yourself on a nice little date! Nothing fancy, just in the pleasure of being.

Low Profile-20pixLove-20pixFun-20pixCreativity-20pix



Thursday: Venus and Uranus square during a Libra Moon, putting pressure on your relationships to acquaintances, communities, and groups. If they any of these aren’t aligned, let the schism happen. Maybe you initiate it. What’s important is that your values match the environments you put yourself in. Your inner vision of your trajectory is now cooked (Saturn station Direct tomorrow). Be disciplined to your inner knowing to do what is necessary, with respect to others in their own paths and evolutions.




Friday: If there are mentors, bosses, or people of influence you want on your side, it’s a good moment to get their attention. Libra Moon is on a roll and helps you say the right things to the right people.

Also, Saturn shifts to Direct (meaning forward) Motion this morning, starting the last chapter of his in total 3-year Sagittarius journey. How you situate your inner world turns outward. Use your faith in yourself and your unseen support to explore the foreign environments and ideas that soon enough will become your own and the support to the accomplishments 2018-2020 set up for you to realize.




Saturday: Scorpio Moon makes positive aspects today, so expect a productive and mentally satiating one. Juno’s station to Direct Motion in the afternoon, helps start a year+ long time of solidifying relationships. Make you alliances smartly – Juno will hold whatever your common ground is as sacred at any cost (no loose interpretations allowed or it will end ugly). Venus adds dimension, entering Leo as the clock passed midnight (EDT) last night. For the next 3.5 weeks on a day-to-day level, your own values are expressed with an open heart to what’s honorable a just. The desire also to protect those closest to you is emphasized with Venus in Leo and Juno’s station Direct.

Finally, your work on Tuesday to help sketch out a plan for your eclipse epiphanies takes on Mercury’s help today with the Sun’s conjunction to him. You might need to close some responsibilities in order to stand more in your own identity and light. Expect however this story manifests to repeat when Mercury and Sun meet again October 8th.

Productivity-20pixLow Profile-20pixLove-20pixJournal-20pix



Sunday: Come clean on your secrets. If there’s a dark closet in your life, and it hasn’t been exposed for you, today’s a good day to come clean. Jupiter & Saturn sextile, helping you face and transcend your karmic knots. Scorpio Moon makes positive aspects to some outer planets to help you rise up to what’s best in the long run over what you’ve buried but still haunts you.

Purge-20pixLow Profile-20pixJournal-20pix



Monday: Aggressions are high. Channel it out as healthy competition or tackle difficult projects that need some extra umph to triumph against it. People can be testy today, and it’s difficult to speak the same language. This is all thanks to a long void moon in the morning in Scorpio that carries the energy of squaring Mars. It’s relieved some when Moon enters Sagittarius at 3:48pm EDT, but some challenging aspects continue.

Legend Key:

Accomplishment-45pix Accomplishment Creativity-45pix Creativity Fun-45pix Fun
Journal-45pix Journal Love-45pix Love Low Profile-45pix Low Profile
Productivity-45pix Productive Purge-45pix Purge Social-45pix Social
Adventure-45pix Adventure

Photo: “Wormhole.” Flickr, Steve Moses (License)

The August 21st Solar Eclipse Over the United States + What Happens After

Solar-Eclipse-2017-USA-KristenTodayEclipses have a knack for steering you in the right direction, whether or not you can recognize it in the moment. They bring up things that are unexpected for the recipient.

For some, any change in “normal” can cause ripples of chaos and necessary reorganization. In the end, when all is resettled, you often see the value of that moment.

On Monday, August 21, at 2:30pm EDT, the second and highly anticipated eclipse for the season casts it shadow over the United States. Where an eclipse casts its shadow is important because that is the place on Earth temporarily cut off from the Light – the very Sun that helps make life possible. It’s a moment of death for that place, and thank goodness it’s only temporary!

At the final degrees of Leo, this eclipse takes on the weight of the whole sign in its height. Leo, governor of pride, leadership, play, and honor, shows us that the for the United States, the reign as leader of the world as the way it has been done in the past is closing.

Thing is, eclipses bring on unexpected events and turns.

So, how the country changes, and what causes that ripple effect is largely unknown.

It can be said that already in the energies to the eclipse, the shocking news in Charlottesville, coupled with the lack of condemnation of it by top leadership, could be the type of ripple that changes the way the country operates.

That event could be the telling disclosure of what’s really happening in America. And from that, people can maybe start movements to heal and treat others with respect and understanding. (This interview with a former skinhead on NPR could be an exemplary story of a movement to come, for instance).

Once the eclipse is over, the story is not. In fact, things get very busy, and I feel called most to share you what’s on the horizon for over two weeks so you can prepare. Continue reading “The August 21st Solar Eclipse Over the United States + What Happens After”