Manage Anxiety & Blowups During Mars in Aquarius

After a long night of can’t-fall-asleep, anxiety running through my system, and even a nightmare, I finally realized the blazing force present to discuss this week.

Mars entered Aquarius on Monday evening and will be there until November 15th.

And when I realized it, I had that #OMGAstrologyWorks moment where I recognized all the other clues that I had noticed but didn’t account to any single influence yet.

Feeling un-excited about my increasing structure to my calendar. Feeling more angry and agitated lately (Mars is also going over my Aquarius Sun). My Aquarius-rising husband re-starting his consulting work where he a) connects and networks for people online or b) shakes up how things have been going.

You can’t make these “ripe” moments up.

But you can affect how you run through the opportunities the cosmos provide.

Mars in Aquarius can be reactive and bring anxiety, disorder, and explosive endings to welcomed and – maybe should have thought that through – things.

In this Week’s Considerations, I offer you – in Mars in Aquarius light-speed (excuse me!) – ways to recognize the Mars influence and how to channel it for positive outcomes.

I’ll show you a couple warning temptations he might offer as well as some great ways to re-direct the energy when it comes up.

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Day Guides below.

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Saturn Direct: Responsibilities and Integrity to Your Plan

This Week’s Considerations.

Saturn direct. Venus in Scorpio. Mars in Aquarius. Two grand trines. And a New Moon in Virgo… like your plate wasn’t already stacked!

… In this video – I botched the thing about Venus in Virgo. She’s changing signs to Scorpio.

I apparently retrograded myself to think backward. My apologies!

The notion of the Virgo issues still remains, as well as Saturn putting on the pressure to get your life organized toward something meaningful.

Venus entering Scorpio instead gives an added boost to Jupiter’s influence on strategy, alluring attraction and seduction into what pleases you most.

YouTuber’s here’s your link!

Day Guides below!
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Sun in Virgo: Start a New Trend (Also, Mars Direct Motion & Full Moon in Pisces)

This Week’s Considerations again on video format – with captions!

Sun enters Virgo on Thursday just after midnight ET.

That coupled with a stationed Mars (so impatiently wanting to go into Direct Motion), you can feel antsy.

Before – or rather beside – just jumping out of planes and going wild for a bit, you’ll want to channel the energy to long-term gratification too.

Virgo time is consistently a responsible, get-back-to-work moment where the fancies of summer seem eons ago.

You have a great opportunity this year to start a new trend. Especially so with the weekends aspects: a translation of light to make a Grand Trine and also a revealing Full Moon.

All this leads to a strikingly powerful Monday, when Mars is actually Direct Motion, to make the moves with a forceful bang!

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Turn the Page. Characters Development, New Story.

kiwihug-book-atlas-map-KristenTodayThis week’s cosmos are ready for a new chapter to a similar story. Characters develop their personality. The story evolves.

In astrological terms 4 planets change signs this week.

When a celestial body changes signs, it’s ready to take on a new breadth of experience. New archetypes to try on, a different color wardrobe.

Below I explore each of planet changes below and what they might entail.

What I want you do with this is consciously make efforts to shape them into reality. Yes, astrology can happen to you, but it also can be a collaborator most of the time.

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All Kinds of Ugly…(with a twist of Chiron)

kevin-laminto-woman-night-cry-tears-KristenTodayYesterday, I witnessed a colleague completely lose it. She felt rotten and couldn’t hold back her crocodile tears.

I’m sure she felt like it was a miracle to make it to our meeting.

Taking three naps a day, nursing a broken heart, and having two vacancies in her home, leading to more and more bills…

… she just wanted to work on her website and get some new clients!

However, her sadness and pain just continued to cripple her. I could see her double over in pain.

No one likes to witness someone hurting, but then another colleague offered two powerful points:

  1. The only way out is through
  2. You’re only given what you can handle

When you feel your world collapsing, you want to sit with it. And then look to astrology for frameworks on how to work through it by seeing what archetypes are lit up.

This next two weeks, Pluto Retrograde and Mars will bring to the foreground your issues and not-to-hidden concerns.

It can feel like your personal hell is playing out before your eyes. (Sorry to say).

Chiron will seek to bring healing to this. Chiron in Aries is governed by Mars, so he’s tied to Mars and has a direct connection to these Mars-Pluto happenings to help make the pain productive.

See Pluto is so far away removed from Earthly time, that he doesn’t understand pacing out these things. For him, change is necessary and might as well rip off the band-aid!

Mars in Capricorn is in his favorite sign. He thinks he knows best here. And if you’ve ever been around a very proud, certain man, you know that’s better to just let him be than try to interject.

So you’re kind of stuck in this energy and it’s working itself out in nebulous ugly if you do nothing about it.

Thing is, planets DO respond to consciousness.

So if your mindful of what’s coming in, work through it… and it doesn’t have to be so messy.

This Week’s Considerations help you navigate through the nasty in direct connection to the sometimes aggressive planetary archetypes these next couple weeks. Continue reading “All Kinds of Ugly…(with a twist of Chiron)”

Work Hard Without Feeling Like Crap About It + Libra Full Moon

oscar-soderlund-black-white-running-water-KristenTodayCareer and achievement are some of the most sought after answers on Google.

While it takes a visionary to see the world in a new way, it also take sweat, brains, and resilience to see through what it actually takes to make visions a reality.

It can feel like you’re running a marathon although you’ve never left your desk!

These supportive roles in American society are often see as undesirable class and social symbols. And so, they are avoided. Things that trigger senses of inferiority and petty work instead of “climbing the ladder” are the modern-day plague. It may be a little murmur in the back of your mind, but it’s likely creating some hesitancy on your part!

This week’s cosmic landscape challenges your resistance to busy work and trusting the process.

Today’s Leo Moon can be an ego deflator, followed by a Virgo Moon that has you cleaning up old messes.

By the time you’ve had enough of the weeds, you’re confronted with the Full Moon in Libra that asks what you actually accomplished vs. what you say you wanted in your life. And that Virgo Moon from the couple days before has all the details ready for review.

Saturn and Mars approach a conjunction this week. It’s like a college-age son reporting back to his father what he accomplished. Being a young man, it may have been aimless and full of sexual interests moreso or less than learning… and that is a reconciliation that both will have find with a plan and a renewed vision of how to go about things.

Saturn and Mars represent your own plans (followed or not) and actions (strategic or aimless/for fun and pleasure). The Full Moon corners this already tense moment in the sky threatening you with more of the same or giving you the opportunity to decide on taking a new approach.

It’s you that makes the decision to start fresh. And that might mean rolling up your sleeves and dealing with the nitty-gritty work necessary to get yourself back on track.

All in all, when you’re faced with hard truths, humility and humbleness go a long way. They are the ever shifting backbone that keeps you pure and honest no matter where you’re going.

This Week’s Considerations explore how to work hard without feeling like crap about it. Continue reading “Work Hard Without Feeling Like Crap About It + Libra Full Moon”

Aries Fire: Spring Equinox and Mercury Retrograde


Last week I briefly mentioned the more negative side of Mars – anger, revenge, and violence to name a few.

I failed to notice how potent his energy would feel. Squaring Chiron, his last days in Sagittarius struck up some deep wounds. Mars stirred that up and could have got you riled up, even to the most “Zen” of us.

A couple perpetual challenges in the household over here turned into a potty-mouth sailor song, even if it was audibly silent (for the sake of the kid)!

Emotional scars still raw, Mars is now empowered in his favorite of the signs. Like I mentioned in Last Week’s Considerations, you can kick some butt these next couple months with this positioning.

But, you also will have to circumvent an emboldened, sometimes cocky Mars to get there.

His influence just got elevated with Sun’s entry into Aries today, a sign that Mars rules. Too, Venus and Mercury who retrogrades on Thursday also are in Aries under Mars influence.

The path of Mars will square some malefic planets – Saturn and Pluto specifically. It can be straining.

So we’ll be wanting to watch Mercury’s story own with Saturn and Pluto to get a preview of what to expect – and how to handle – Mars’ own journey there, which often is more intense.

I’m not one to focus too much on the negative. But in cases like this, it’s helpful to notice where the subconscious and unconscious wants to take us so you can use your consciousness to make positive outcomes from all this.

If you don’t have something to fight for, then the energy will want to make battlefields in unwanted places.

It’s a time to do, to be in action, to carpe diem!

After all, the Aries energy shows us that it’s the seasons to pop up with new life. Take a familiar setting and draw it in a new light.

Like the purple and yellow flowers the season proliferates, you too have the opportunity to showcase your colors in a familiar but renewed sensibility.

This Week’s Considerations looks at the Spring Equinox (Sun’s entry to Aries) and the hidden influences behind the season of beginning. Continue reading “Aries Fire: Spring Equinox and Mercury Retrograde”

3 Ways To Get Mars To Help You Kick Butt


The enthusiasm in my early 20’s was incredible. Like many in that age group, I knew what I wanted, and I had the motivation to go for it!

To plan more than 3 months in advance would be a waste of time – so much was changing.

Well…when I turned 30, I was happy to graduate from the 20’s. I felt I had the knowledge of how the world actually worked and still enough energy to go for what I wanted.

On Saturday, just after the Pisces New Moon, Mars enters Capricorn.

You can think of it as a ball of energy as strong and compelling as your early 20’s. Yet, you have the wisdom and experience to channel this force for long-term good.

From March 17th – May 16th, Mars’ journey will give you plenty to fight for, get stirred about, and to climb new heights.

At the same time, the good men who’ve been in the shadows of the bad ones, will have an opportunity to rise.

This Week’s Considerations is dedicated to the many facets of Mars – for positive or negative. Continue reading “3 Ways To Get Mars To Help You Kick Butt”

Rise To Your Potential. Mars in Scorpio

landscape-mountain-cloud-sun-KristenToday-pxhere.comAre you unhappy with the way this year panned out?

I get it – life happens, and in the moment, it often feels easier to avoid conflict than put yourself first.

What if you could set a path for success and momentum now that aligns your true priorities to your A-efforts?

This Week’s Considerations is inspired most by Mercury Retrograde and Mars’ entry to Scorpio on Saturday, December 9th.

With these two planetary positions, it’s a time to erase maligned mindsets and commit to smart ways to spend your energy.

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How to Have It All + Mercury Retrograde and Gemini Full Moon.

compass-hand-KristenTodayAre you having a hard time choosing between good options?

Sometimes it’s just easier to resort to unfulfilling tasks or distractions when the “authorities” clash in your thinking.

You may just want to let this pass and see what comes, but do world-class poker players rely purely on fate?

Don’t become a witness instead of a player of the game of your life either!

In only 4 weeks, the fluffy optimism that characterized the past 2.5 years starts getting translated to meaningful accomplishments (even more).

Time for everyone to step up to the authority and influence they want to be in the world. Yes, you too!

This Week’s Considerations is inspired by the astrological climate around the Mercury Retrograde and the Gemini Full Moon on Sunday, December 3rd. Continue reading “How to Have It All + Mercury Retrograde and Gemini Full Moon.”