Your Solar Eclipse Astrology Briefing

A series of 3 eclipses officially begins next week. Yet, the energy always intensifies a couple weeks before. Meaning, we’re in it!

Even if you don’t have planets in the natal or progressed charts near eclipse degrees (details coming below), the cosmos have plenty of shifts this week that can be unnerving.

Like mini-earthquakes in your personal foundation, these changes are in your temperament and your environment.  (Hint: Look to the house placement of the eclipse points and the planetary shifts to know how it might manifest).

Venus is changing signs on Monday the 9th to Virgo – her least favorite placement. She may not even know it, but overwhelm, bitterness, and putting yourself down the priority list seem to happen almost by accident.

Yet, you’ll also feel like working hard and putting your energies behind what you champion.

Just make sure you’re truly supporting what does matter in your long-term vision, and that you change activities often enough to not get into the weeds. (This energy continues until August 6th).

Also, Jupiter is stationing to Direct Motion. Over Jupiter’s Retrograde, you’ve gained secret information that has helped you gain confidence in your path, the people supporting it, and in yourself.

The Direct Motion path says it’s time to apply that strategy and inner-knowing to the world. Be the influence for good, and transform the world and its people around you.

These planetary shifts agitate – and thus intensify – the energies of the eclipse, particularly the first one on Thursday the 12th. The eclipse wants to fast-forward your personal evolution.

However, with a shifting context – aka those planetary shifts and the eclipse happening in oscillating Cancer – the target of change also is moving.

So if it boils down to one thing, I might bet that you can feel bit moody and undecided this week. Call it laissez-faire – that’s probably the best approach to all this anywhere.

This Week’s Considerations helps you personalize this info to understand how it impacts you. Continue reading “Your Solar Eclipse Astrology Briefing”

Deep, Powerful Meditations: Jupiter Retrograde – March 8th-July 10th

jesse-bowser-mountain-fog-meditation-KristenTodayWhen I first started to meditate, I was looking for the blissful, peaceful places that were idolized. What I didn’t know then was how important the opposite end was to find the most beautiful places in spirituality.

Like scraping off a stubborn stain, over and over I had to muster up courage to face my insecurities, fears, and patterns. I brought myself there time and time again, not because I’m masochistic, but because I felt insight and lighter in my body and heart whenever I did it.

As time progressed, I started to see the source of my worst self and the triggers that set me off. My outside life started shifting. The quality of people around me shifted to be more supported and inspired. I could receive love, attention and appreciation like never before. (I had also opened to give myself those things in meditation).

Next, I started to lose (most) emotional attachments to past pain itself and could observe and feel it without worrying I was going to lose it mentally.

Now I’m not a Buddha, but after doing this for over a decade now, it’s a quick process to go into the deep, recognize my faults, let them go, and continue toward the more peaceful spiritual places. It’s so much easier.

Jupiter stations to Retrograde around midnight, specifically 11:46pm EST on Thursday, March 8th. Retrogrades bring the focus inward, and Jupiter magnifies and accumulates.

In Scorpio, Jupiter’s focus is about your own depths, particularly psychological and analytical. The endings are the seeds to the new beginnings, but you still have the journey ahead to make them geminate.

Like my meditation beginnings, in this Jupiter Retrograde, we all are asked to face the negative to bring light to the positive. And, I believe meditation is probably the best way to use this Jupiter Retrograde.

This Week’s Considerations takes into account the cosmic landscape at the time Jupiter goes Retrograde. The particular moment’s cosmic picture will rebound for the entirety of Jupiter’s Retrograde.  

So even though it’s only a week’s considerations, take it with you for the next 3 months. Think of it as a season of self-awareness.

Meditation should be liberating. I’ve explored 3 common struggles below to help free up the mental space to engage in your Jupiter Retrograde more easily.

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Time to Sprout Your Good Idea

bulb-tree-plant-KristenTodayDoes this happen to you too?

I tend to be at least 2 years ahead of time.

Sometimes I “get” little glimpses of how things ought to be, businesses that would be successful, or even fashion (especially in my teenage years). I’d try to describe it to others, some would get it and be like, “Oh ya!” and others would look at me with doe eyes.

For example, my business idea of “From Scratch” started in my Sunnyside, Queens, apartment in 2007 or 2008. The idea was that single people could order food to match what they’d need for their recipes for the week (and not have to overbuy). They would be sourced from local farms where possible, even pre-cut if possible, with step 1-2-3, etc.

Today Blue Apron most popularly does a most of that as well as numerous others. Blue Apron started at least 4 years after “my” idea.

Now, I’m glad I don’t run that business, but I have learned a few things from stories like this (and there are many over the years) and me not acting on any (gasp!).

  1. A good idea doesn’t have to make sense to everyone.
  2. Don’t be afraid to find a team to fill in the information gaps to make it a reality.
  3. Keep your ideas close by to see when the public may resonate with them. (Did you know that Outkast sat on “Hey Ya” for about 2 years before releasing it?)
  4. Commitment is an energy that you have to maintain and renew consistently.
  5. Doubt comes from every direction because you’re changing what is.


This week’s astrology rev’s up your own good ideas, and all that comes with it. The Day Guides detail what happens actually happens when.

Below, I offer you to embody these three influences to capture the true potential this week offers.

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Empower Key Relationships Now For Lasting Impact

Key-Forest-KristenTodayAutumn is a rush. Summer vacations are over, the brisk air gets you moving faster. The cold makes you think faster. Intensity strengthens.

Astrologically, the tone follows. Last week was the advent of Autumn with the equinox and Sun’s entry into Libra. Time to make things happen before the “death” of winter.

In everyday speak… if you have big goals you want to reach – you have an opportunity right now to nurture key relationships that’ll help to get you exactly where you want to go. Make sure you make the most of the next 13 days, it can be a game-changer.

More on why we have this opportunity right now. This week, Pluto stations to Direct Motion on Thursday, ending his 5-month retrograde period. (See Pluto’s Power Retrograde article from April here). This happens as Mars approaches a trine to Pluto, which perfects on Thursday.

Meaning, something nasty is about it be unearthed on a collective level. I pray it’s not fighting and war.

On a personal level, you’ve come to know your triggers that keep you from achieving greatness. Very quickly, you’ll have your opportunity to give them their place (below you where they originate) and stand to push through your life and create the change in yourself and the world that is only yours to accomplish.

Pluto Direct Motion also wants you to be the agent of change in the outer world. In a positive expression, he’s all about power and control (in emotions and environment) to transform and evolve the old.

Jupiter is preparing to enhance these qualities in only 2 weeks.

Jupiter has been transiting Libra for nearly a year, and he will depart this sign October 10th to not return to it for another 12 years. His journey then becomes that of the Scorpio flavor (of which Pluto and Mars co-rule the sign). Jupiter will have to cooperate with Pluto and Mars in th way he gives.

Next week I’ll explain even more how the character of Jupiter in Scorpio might show up. (For me, on reflection it set up everything I enjoy today… but in the moment, that was difficult.).

First, collect your assets to fuel your journey ahead. Continue reading “Empower Key Relationships Now For Lasting Impact”

When Things Get Easy, Watch Out for Self Sabotage

Don-Juan-Commander-Inner-Critic-KristenTodaySelf-sabotage is more than eating that extra chocolate square when you promised yourself you wouldn’t.

As this Pyschology Today article on Self Sabotage by Dr. Lisa Firestone mentions, every person falls on some part of the spectrum of self-hatred, and the inner critic can put on many masks. (Yikes!)

That inner critic can be mean and degrading, or it can offer comforts that lead to bad behaviors.

Also, the defenses from our childhood are familiar but no longer may be appropriate for your adult, mature life… thus limiting you.

And finally, the never ending list of fears that seek to protect you actually prevent you from experiencing the highest joys. The inner critic’s shield of fear makes you small.

This week, things get less complicated as Venus and Mercury enter the signs they rule.

Too, Jupiter stations to Direct motion, which makes things easier.

You’ve been clever these past few months to deal with slow-moving progress, stories that just won’t end, and delays.

Now that things are easier, the change might be jolting, and you could create more problems just so it’s familiar to what you’ve been handling with the past few months.

A.K.A. Self Sabotage might sneak up on you, and we all are prone to it to some degree.

Why’s that astrologically? Continue reading “When Things Get Easy, Watch Out for Self Sabotage”

Your Inner Circle?, and Even If You’re Faking It, Keep Going

electric-indigo-waves-KristenTodayContradictions but congruent motion.

You’re not quite yourself, yet your autopilot is working very well.

This week, Sun approaches Neptune and makes you consider all those overwhelming purpose questions.

Mercury’s flubbed up messages and unclear ends to communicating aren’t connecting the dots like they have in better days.

Venus gets her way, yet soon she might want to retract.

Uranus and Jupiter have a big, rare moment this week bringing into focus 6 years ago. How you want to make the best of the next 7 years until they meet again is supported by this teeter-totter cosmic activity.

Read more for this week on Faking It, Re-prioritizing, Keeping Active, and Your Day Guides. Continue reading “Your Inner Circle?, and Even If You’re Faking It, Keep Going”

Transition Time: How To Stay Optimistic and Empowered

watercolor-butterfly-blend-transition-KristenTodayLots of transitions this week astrologically and in your personal life too.

Jupiter prepares to go Retrograde for 4 months, Venus moves from Pisces to Aries, and Mercury gets ready to go to Aquarius.

All during eclipse energies intensifying…meaning, more forced transitions for those who have planets at the eclipse degrees.

In choreography class **back-in-the-day**, we’d talk about different transitions. Their appearance – soft, abrupt, scattered… how to create it – similar movement, contrast, focus shift, motif… and the tone (meaning feeling) created because of those to factors – aka effect… it makes for countless possibilities to move from to the next.

In the end though, transition just means something is ending, and something else needs to come into view.

Perhaps though, this is why the choreographer in me is so accepting of life transitions – changes help move the dance of life ahead.

It may look this way or that, but I trust whatever I encounter has an intentional effect that moves my personal evolution forward. I hope and advocate the same for you.

Take the necessary measures to keep your mental, emotional, and physical healths balanced, so your transitions all goes a little smoother and accepting. Continue reading “Transition Time: How To Stay Optimistic and Empowered”

The Dirty Truth & Living the Good Life

—posted late due to technical glitches, apologies for any inconvenience! 

lake-stream-fog-mountain-KristenTodayJupiter and Pluto’s square climaxing on Thursday stir up some dirty truths.

Navigating unknown territories can make you again turn avoidance cheek that already has made things worse than they need to be.

You can and must get through this expedition. Life is peaks and valleys, just like Sagittarius, where Sun entered Monday the 21st. 

Sun in Sagittarius breaks you free of imagined boundaries that you didn’t even know were holding you back.

Time will fly by, so this week’s void moons help you setup for easy wins later on.

Spend your time with astrological know-how and give your intentionality a boost with This Week’s Considerations. Continue reading “The Dirty Truth & Living the Good Life”

Jupiter Sextiles Venus and Gives You A Gift


Lucky you! Venus has major help for her square with Neptune, still active in the sky. Today she aspects Jupiter, and tomorrow, Saturn. It’s all close enough that it’s already available to you in the chart of the this week’s moment.

The Venus-Jupiter sextile perfects today, the 26th, opening a hint – if you look for it – to the story that began end of August, which was before all the Virgo cra-cray. (aka Mercury Retrograde and 3 eclipses).

It had to do with what you wanted in service to your greater good as well as giving value to the foundational work you did the past year with Jupiter in Virgo.

You engaged yourself in the hard work to learn, synthesize, and buckle down to do it for a meaningful gain later on.

If you can remember what life was like before September, then this moment is about appreciating how you evolved since then and you’re in the game now.

No more bending over backwards for unknown results…. just doing your job because you think it’s your job… falling into someone else’s responsibility and dead ends. Continue reading “Jupiter Sextiles Venus and Gives You A Gift”

When Last Summer’s Challenges Resurface: Staying Present For Your Future

Sunset-Hill-Rocks-Clouds-KristenTodayOn Wednesday, Venus and Pluto perfect a sextile and Mars and Jupiter perfect a square. Mercury’s going to leave the sign where he retrograded by the end of the week.

Together, these influences bring up late summer’s themes.

The planets have moved far enough now to give you the emotional distance to process that all better. And you should because it’ll likely do you more good than doing nothing at all.

This week’s considerations show how last summer influences’ might appear this week and how to stay present for your future good within it.

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