Bad Behaviors & Their Exit Plans Revealed. Solar Eclipse & Venus in Libra

Recently on a carnival ride, I felt myself settle into the rhythm of the loops up and down, side to side. And after some time, I thought, “Oh that’s enough, they’ll probably stop the ride now.”

The ride continued for a good while longer. I was wrong. Then, I noticed something.

My “enough” wasn’t about boredom.

It was an artifact of my spiritual awakening beginnings when I thought that detachment from worldly pleasures would facilitate spiritual growth.

My “enough” was actually about cutting myself short of pleasure and disconnecting from the present moment of connection with the person I rode with.

Going even further back in my timeline, I probably resonated with this spiritual concept of detaching from worldly pleasures because I witnessed women compromising their pleasure for the sake of others – the children, spouses, friends, etc.

In other words, my frame of reference of what it meant to be a woman was to take in only so much self-interest and there would have to be enough to give others.

I now know that that my most profound spiritual growth is when I let myself go and run through a moment with fullness until it reveals itself as completed. Also, the abundance mentality supersedes all these restraints of finite units we seem to measure everything against.

But that didn’t prevent me from acting like every other human being in a limited resource world on an innocent carnival ride!

Yes this carnival ride was a small example. It could seem insignificant. However, it became a small window to see how I repeat this behavior all over my life.

Saturday’s solar eclipse at 18 degrees Leo 41’ is a sensitive moment that can reveal your bad behaviors.

The eclipse reckons with your past, through many facets. And at the same time, it asks you to start on a new path with lightspeed.

This Week’s Considerations explore some key themes this new New Moon Solar Eclipse. The Day Guides below to navigate your week’s journey. Continue reading “Bad Behaviors & Their Exit Plans Revealed. Solar Eclipse & Venus in Libra”

Mercury Retrograde in Leo – Are You Living Up To Your Potential?

You know the value of living life without regrets. Yet, there’s always a little voice that tries to derail you once in a while.

It’s right to hold yourself to a high esteem. If you’ve found yourself on this page, I’ve found that you likely are capable of giving, loving, and sharing more than many in the world. Too, you have unique gifts that want to have an outlet!

You know your potential is great, that’s why you keep working on yourself!

So when you’re not at your best – meaning you’re not feeling at your best – it’s natural to get grumpy. Optimism keeps you going, but in your gut you feel quite unsettled on the inside.

Anger, resentment, frustration all get stirred up – and often internalized because those closest to you know you as positive and not an emotionally dumping personality.

Astrologically speaking, this unsettled feeling of wanting to be more is the context for the current moment.

Mercury is now retrograde through August 18th and has a lingering effect through September 1st.

Mercury’s retrograde happened in the shadow of a lunar eclipse, and he’ll be re-activating some of these old, stagnant sentiments over the next few weeks that the eclipse unlodges.

Cosmos encourage you right now to move through your doubts, demons, and simply said – s*** – to go toward your True North.

These things somewhat happen overnight because all it requires is a simple change of mindset and a firm decision to commit to a higher calling.

In the same vein, the aftermath of such life-changing decisions take practical work and piece-by-piece efforts.

You become what you esteem yourself to be by practicing it, not just preaching it.

This Week’s Considerations helps you move through the necessary uncomfortable shifts (thanks Mercury Retrograde) to realize lasting fulfillment.

When you actually feel like yourself, in your potential, all inner turmoil starts to fade away. You can feel more integrated and complete. Continue reading “Mercury Retrograde in Leo – Are You Living Up To Your Potential?”

Collaborate & Let Go. Fast-Forward to New Dreams.

I come from a family that collected things. Some might call them hoarders because it seems they never let go of anything.

For over 35 years, my grandparents would schedule regular trips across several states to go to antique auctions, flea markets and garage sales. It fit into my grandma’s dream to have an antique shop. Except the shop didn’t take off, the habit continued, and their inventory became nested tetris blocks in their home.

Those items meant something to my family. They represented the spirit of adventure. They represented dreams. They represented an inheritance of value to leave to the family.

And now, the family is ready to let go of the objects behind those significance leaving years of work to photograph and package everything into an Etsy store.

The questions now are – is this junk? Is this valuable? Is this worth my time? What’s my duty to finish this legacy and what’s my own path?

They’re ready to let go… after decades of holding.

The eclipse in 2 weeks is preparing for you to let go of something you’ve held strongly to, particularly if you have planets at degrees of 0-8 degrees Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.

This kind of eclipse – because where it’s situated to the moon’s nodes – is about letting go and releasing. That’s how the energy activates the chart.

I’ve observed, the more you collaborate with the energies, the better it usually flows.

That’s why This Week’s Considerations in dedicated to simple way to let go.

Whether your stuff is physical, emotional or mental, it’s time to put in the effort to remove the stack and release the weight.

When you do, flow creates and your true path can illuminate. Continue reading “Collaborate & Let Go. Fast-Forward to New Dreams.”

Remember the Spirit That Rebuilds

A tornado hit my college town in the Spring of 2006. Some streets were left untouched, left with an eerie silence and a raw smell in the air.

Only a few blocks away, branches had fallen, then trees on cars, and even a downed electric line. Even in the worst destruction, a place could remain unscratched only feet away.

At that observation, I was at once awestruck at the power of nature’s forces and the specificity of what some may call good and bad luck.

It made me see that the times fate intervenes is not random. It is chosen – and executed – with precise and rapid force to those who require it.

It wasn’t just cars, trees, or homes to be repaired and replaced. There was a human spirit to be refilled after the natural disaster.

Volunteers restored that faith in humanity with their neighbors through their commonalities. Physical goods also were replaced. People were fed and housed as needed.

The great events of our time may not happen directly to you – they may only be in your orbit. Yet, you still play a great part to play in the aftermath of when fate intervenes.

In times of change, there are opportunities for rebirth.

Thursday’s solar eclipse has a character that could bring about sudden changes, particularly those with late degree cardinal planets or points in their charts. (See Last Week’s Considerations for a full guide).

The surrounding cosmic conditions of this eclipse, ask you to be in a place in a service. To re-create smartly what a new environment of interaction can look like.

Maybe something in your life will change directly, maybe it will happen to someone you know.

But just like that tornado in my college town, you have the opportunity to rebuild your communities – and the spirit that goes into them.

This week, hold back and be a witness. See what really is going on beyond the surface. From there, put yourself in service to what benefits your circles and environment.

Be an agent of positive change. Continue reading “Remember the Spirit That Rebuilds”

Your Solar Eclipse Astrology Briefing

A series of 3 eclipses officially begins next week. Yet, the energy always intensifies a couple weeks before. Meaning, we’re in it!

Even if you don’t have planets in the natal or progressed charts near eclipse degrees (details coming below), the cosmos have plenty of shifts this week that can be unnerving.

Like mini-earthquakes in your personal foundation, these changes are in your temperament and your environment.  (Hint: Look to the house placement of the eclipse points and the planetary shifts to know how it might manifest).

Venus is changing signs on Monday the 9th to Virgo – her least favorite placement. She may not even know it, but overwhelm, bitterness, and putting yourself down the priority list seem to happen almost by accident.

Yet, you’ll also feel like working hard and putting your energies behind what you champion.

Just make sure you’re truly supporting what does matter in your long-term vision, and that you change activities often enough to not get into the weeds. (This energy continues until August 6th).

Also, Jupiter is stationing to Direct Motion. Over Jupiter’s Retrograde, you’ve gained secret information that has helped you gain confidence in your path, the people supporting it, and in yourself.

The Direct Motion path says it’s time to apply that strategy and inner-knowing to the world. Be the influence for good, and transform the world and its people around you.

These planetary shifts agitate – and thus intensify – the energies of the eclipse, particularly the first one on Thursday the 12th. The eclipse wants to fast-forward your personal evolution.

However, with a shifting context – aka those planetary shifts and the eclipse happening in oscillating Cancer – the target of change also is moving.

So if it boils down to one thing, I might bet that you can feel bit moody and undecided this week. Call it laissez-faire – that’s probably the best approach to all this anywhere.

This Week’s Considerations helps you personalize this info to understand how it impacts you. Continue reading “Your Solar Eclipse Astrology Briefing”

The August 21st Solar Eclipse Over the United States + What Happens After

Solar-Eclipse-2017-USA-KristenTodayEclipses have a knack for steering you in the right direction, whether or not you can recognize it in the moment. They bring up things that are unexpected for the recipient.

For some, any change in “normal” can cause ripples of chaos and necessary reorganization. In the end, when all is resettled, you often see the value of that moment.

On Monday, August 21, at 2:30pm EDT, the second and highly anticipated eclipse for the season casts it shadow over the United States. Where an eclipse casts its shadow is important because that is the place on Earth temporarily cut off from the Light – the very Sun that helps make life possible. It’s a moment of death for that place, and thank goodness it’s only temporary!

At the final degrees of Leo, this eclipse takes on the weight of the whole sign in its height. Leo, governor of pride, leadership, play, and honor, shows us that the for the United States, the reign as leader of the world as the way it has been done in the past is closing.

Thing is, eclipses bring on unexpected events and turns.

So, how the country changes, and what causes that ripple effect is largely unknown.

It can be said that already in the energies to the eclipse, the shocking news in Charlottesville, coupled with the lack of condemnation of it by top leadership, could be the type of ripple that changes the way the country operates.

That event could be the telling disclosure of what’s really happening in America. And from that, people can maybe start movements to heal and treat others with respect and understanding. (This interview with a former skinhead on NPR could be an exemplary story of a movement to come, for instance).

Once the eclipse is over, the story is not. In fact, things get very busy, and I feel called most to share you what’s on the horizon for over two weeks so you can prepare. Continue reading “The August 21st Solar Eclipse Over the United States + What Happens After”

Letting-Go Lunar Eclipse & Inspiration Time with Uranus Retrograde

Uranus-JPL-NASA-KristenTodayThe first of two August eclipses officially casts its shadow next Monday, August 7th. As the next heading says, it makes room for your more noble truths, which the 2nd Solar Eclipse will help manifest. For now, it’s a letting-go. Yep, it’ll be gone for good.

Uranus also stations to retrograde motion for 5 months, beginning Thursday morning Eastern Time. That means your Uranus archetypes turn inward. (There’s a nice graphic to help guide you on that).

Like Uranus himself, it’s time to observe your creations and see where precisely the whole orchestration of it can be enhanced.

Below, learn how to avoid what Uranus did wrong and ultimately got him killed by his lady Gaia, aka Mother Earth.

Finally, in This Week’s Considerations, we imagine artistic process from conception (Uranus) to creation (Venus) to see how to enhance your own filter to take-in inspriation from its purest and be a vehicle to its truth.

Day Guides Follow. Continue reading “Letting-Go Lunar Eclipse & Inspiration Time with Uranus Retrograde”

Leo New Moon In Action. Set These Intentions!

Campfire-Beach-KristenTodayOn Sunday at 5:46am EDT, Moon meets Sun at the beginning moments of Leo to form a New Moon.

This Leo New Moon is conjoined Mars, and Mars stays close to the Sun for the next month and the two eclipses. (More on eclipses below).

This conjunction is an astrological term called combust. Basically the Sun charges up Mars to be even more of what he is.

hands-thumbs-up-down-KristenTodaySo if you have a positive relationship to your Mars archetypes – to fight against the struggle, to be in action, have motivation, courage, will, etc. – then this aspect will be heightened and make you want to do even more.

If you have a more challenging relationship to your Mars archetypes – (at some degree) you lack motivation, feel timid to take action, get in mental arguments over seeing evidence, etc. – then it’ll be easy to get your feathers ruffled.

Feathers getting ruffled can be good because it can help you break out of your holding patterns to make progress and be bold where you must.

Sun and Mars together at best propel you forward in a way that cannot be denied.

The way you are today is just that. Accept what is, and you have space to set intentions and make them reality to realize a truer expression of yourself. Those intentions, see below:

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Express Yourself With These 3 Focuses (Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did)!


Self-Expression has always been very important to me. However, I didn’t quite get it…

When I was younger, I assumed it was helpful to be as honest and open as possible all the time.

Innocently in Kindergarten, I shared, “Your hat looks like an apple.”

To which the reaction was devastation, and I got in big trouble. Nope, not helpful.

I didn’t get the hint for years, and my open honesty hurt feelings, embarrassed people, and even closed me off from previously positive relationships.

“I know you were having a rough patch. How are you feeling now?” I ask a Chinese woman in the company of others. Wide eyes, a nervous giggle, and the response, “Oh! Actually, really good!” Soon after, it was hard to have any substantive conversation again. (Only later I found out how big a social no-no that was in Chinese culture).

Your words this week may feel innocent and honest, and the way it feels so natural to just share opening, they’ll come pouring out.

Yet, the reaction might not always be reflective of your good intentions. Take it from me – you need to be good at it, AND you need to help your audience love you.

Take it from me – you need express yourself honestly, AND you need to help your audience love you. (That’s what took me forever to understand, and what I’m still working to do)!

That’s why this week you need these 3 Focuses:

  1. Freedom of Expression
  2. Good Company
  3. Courage

Astrological context and further explanation of these 3 Focuses below. Continue reading “Express Yourself With These 3 Focuses (Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did)!”

Muddy Waters. It’s an Eclipse, Give Yourself Some Slack.

mud-splatter-KristenTodayThis is a mud splat. Gross for most (myself included), but at another angle, you can appreciate beauty in it.

That’s what this eclipse can feel like.

A strange quiet. The pause after disappointment. Expectations let-down. A heavy heart.

The aftermath of any eclipse’s Moon whose closest node is the South one is like a river of garbage and forgotten-something’s releasing, purging, and reminding you of your past.

Do not be discouraged by the past uprising.

It does not mean it’s again your present-day reality.

That something just needs to be acknowledged – and released. (So you have more space to infuse what’s more you today).

This particular Pisces solar eclipse may result globally in some ocean issues – big storms, coastal damage, masses of fish dying… yikes, I hope nothing too drastic.

But for you personally, I feel it’s going to be a subtle, a deep acknowledgment of something you just have to let go.

Perhaps, it’s a disappointment you need to let go and stop trying to overcome it.

Let the shortcomings be what they are.

It’s what makes you human, after all.

Like John Legend sings so sweetly, “‘Cause all of me / loves all of you… all your perfect imperfections.”

Find your love for all your little pieces and to mend what’s broken back into wholeness.


Sloppy Mercury in Pisces

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