What Does It Mean To Take “The Middle Path?”

To followup on last week’s theme of Virgo (with an exhilarating┬áspeed-ride of Mars Direct), let’s talk about HOW you start a new trend?

Instead of swinging between of “taking care of myself” vs. “getting the s*** done no matter the cost,” I want you to consider another way. How about the “Middle Path?”

Meaning, best of both worlds, and without compromising yourself!

I mean -hey – a whole lot of planets were retrograde just a month a go, bringing you back to the inner you.

And now, those planets one-by-one are going direct and/or entering Virgo. Which, the Virgo part, can make you feel burdened, under-appreciated, and burnt out.

So while Mercury is still in Leo for another week – stay in touch with what’s close to your heart. Use Saturn’s Station to Direct Motion (finalizing next week too) to solidify some plans.

Not any old plans, though.

Day-to-day plans.

YouTuber’s here’s your link!

Be on your path and in your light!

Day Guides below!
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