Manage Anxiety & Blowups During Mars in Aquarius

After a long night of can’t-fall-asleep, anxiety running through my system, and even a nightmare, I finally realized the blazing force present to discuss this week.

Mars entered Aquarius on Monday evening and will be there until November 15th.

And when I realized it, I had that #OMGAstrologyWorks moment where I recognized all the other clues that I had noticed but didn’t account to any single influence yet.

Feeling un-excited about my increasing structure to my calendar. Feeling more angry and agitated lately (Mars is also going over my Aquarius Sun). My Aquarius-rising husband re-starting his consulting work where he a) connects and networks for people online or b) shakes up how things have been going.

You can’t make these “ripe” moments up.

But you can affect how you run through the opportunities the cosmos provide.

Mars in Aquarius can be reactive and bring anxiety, disorder, and explosive endings to welcomed and – maybe should have thought that through – things.

In this Week’s Considerations, I offer you – in Mars in Aquarius light-speed (excuse me!) – ways to recognize the Mars influence and how to channel it for positive outcomes.

I’ll show you a couple warning temptations he might offer as well as some great ways to re-direct the energy when it comes up.

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Day Guides below.

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Turn the Page. Characters Development, New Story.

kiwihug-book-atlas-map-KristenTodayThis week’s cosmos are ready for a new chapter to a similar story. Characters develop their personality. The story evolves.

In astrological terms 4 planets change signs this week.

When a celestial body changes signs, it’s ready to take on a new breadth of experience. New archetypes to try on, a different color wardrobe.

Below I explore each of planet changes below and what they might entail.

What I want you do with this is consciously make efforts to shape them into reality. Yes, astrology can happen to you, but it also can be a collaborator most of the time.

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Shadows & Simplicity: January 15 Solar Eclipse

asoggetti-clouds-grayscale-walking-KristenTodayWith a shadow is an outline, a shape of the image you’re leaving behind.

It makes me question the shadow – or imprint – of what I’ve already left behind. And too, what I will leave behind when my time is done.

Thursday’s Solar Eclipse casts a shadow on the ways you’ve been scattered and disorganized. Not only that, Mercury gets eclipsed, showing the ways you spread out your time in thoughtful ways but maybe not working coherently together.

Most things in life are started with good intentions. Along the process, though, the good intentions don’t always have good results. Especially, when you look at how all your activities are working together.

The astrological moment calls for a reckoning, a humbling and sudden change. (Most strongly for those with planets 24-29 degrees in Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio).

Yes, it’s dark to ask this – but without darkness, light has no place to fill…

… What legacy are you leaving, and is it the one you want?

This Week’s Considerations open this conversation the cosmos might reiterate through the eclipse and the passage of Sun and Mercury into Pisces late in the week. Continue reading “Shadows & Simplicity: January 15 Solar Eclipse”

When Life Happens To You (Winter 2018 Eclipses)


There aren’t many fatalistic things to western astrology, but eclipses might be what comes closest to that.

Eclipses are when one planet masks another, taking away its visibility from specific places on Earth. Simultaneously, Earth’s energetic connection to the hidden planet is temporarily disconnected.

Imagine your heart stops beating for a moment – you’d probably panic!

If you were to imagine our solar system as a body, that’s the perception Earth has during an eclipse. “Oh no, my heart!”

During this disorienting shakeup, life still goes on. Except you might have missed something that happened while all this was going on.

Once the eclipse is over, the connection to the hidden planet is re-established. You are on the same grounding, but your awareness and consciousness might have shifted.

You’ve either lost something, or you’ve been delivered to a new place. Whatever way it happens (and it depends on the Moon’s nodes orientation to the Moon), the cosmic purpose is to put you on your path, to fast-forward you closer to where your soul desires to be by the time you pass away.

In observation, the effects from eclipses can last up to 2 weeks on either side of it, especially if you have planets in your natal chart within 2-3 degrees of the eclipse degrees in the mode of the eclipse (fixed, cardinal, or mutable).

It’s hard to predict eclipses before they happen because part of the point is that it’s something unexpected that your own consciousness couldn’t bring to you.

But once they happen, it’s easier to see how your chart lit up and the perspective the cosmos are trying to show.

Life happens to you sometimes! After all the efforts to normalize and make life predictable, this shakeup can be frustrating.

So if you suspect you were eclipsed this or next month, here’s some strategies to help you find the wisdom and opportunity in it! Continue reading “When Life Happens To You (Winter 2018 Eclipses)”

Abandon Your Inhibitions, Not Your Goals: Aquarius

vienna-aquarius-man-woman-KristenTodayFeeling the urge to rebel from your well-meaning intentions?

Last week Venus and Sun completed their journeys in Capricorn to enter Aquarius. But before doing so, they squared Uranus before leaving.

This position put a lot of anxiety to what you think you want, and it could have raised doubts to the goals you set out for yourself.

Before you hail about New Year’s Resolution sabotage, read on.

Aquarius wants to rebel and break the rules that inhibit you. That’s precisely the opposite of the Capricorn lessons you have been asked to see strongly these past few weeks.

Be careful to not drain the baby with the bathwater!

How you approach the insights from your Capricorn journey sets the stage for your Aquarius experience.

You’ll have to weigh your urges and “what lights you up.” Does it bring you closer to the dream and ideals you want to hold?

(Welcome to Aquarius talk, where Venus and Sun now are).

If you leave the Capricorn energy with impatience or anger against authorities (negative manifestations of Capricorn), you could realize more negative effects of Aquarius like disorganization, chaos, and anxiety. You lose your direction.

Positive manifestations of Aquarius include affinities to help the collective, scientific discovery, unapologetic individualism and synthesizing intellect. You’re expanding your horizon!

Like feeds like. Positive Capricorn leads to positive Aquarius. So let’s keep our heads on straight, alright! Continue reading “Abandon Your Inhibitions, Not Your Goals: Aquarius”

Raor! The Unstoppable You.

Lion-Leo-Sun-Moon-Eclipse-KristenTodayBold. Daring. Remarkable. This cosmic environment can bring out your best.

Sun and Mercury are in Aquarius. Venus & Mars are in Aries…

These are your archetypes that play into your life right now!:

Mercury is happiest in Aquarius where somehow he keeps up with most of his fancies, connecting people, ideas, resources, and whatever crosses his path in brilliant, impressive maneuvers.

The Sun in Aquarius (albeit not his favorite sign) enjoys a detachment from what’s real in favor of what’s beyond and what the soul calls in. Extreme optimism for whatever ignites your passion and call for humanity stirs from within during Sun in Aquarius – just another 2 weeks!

Venus in Aries wears her passions on her sleeve. She can’t seem to help but share how she feels about everything as if there were no consequences for expressing her loves and disapprovals so freely.

Mars in Aries is simply unstoppable. Read more on how Mars is steamrolling here.

It’s a bright time, even with the eclipses. (First on Friday).

Conversely, maybe this isn’t you but it could be those around you…

… you can feel so certain of yourself that you lose sight of how your actions affect those around you, which can cause ripples of disorder and chaos and leads to arguments, misunderstandings, and schisms.

Checks and balances for your personal life too, alright? Continue reading “Raor! The Unstoppable You.”

Enjoy the Remaining Slow – Productively – While It Lasts (until Friday)

Catapult-Aries-New-Moon-KristenTodayLike the at a rubber band’s limit, the inevitable release and simultaneous launch forward holds, waiting for Friday and Saturday’s marks of new beginnings.

Like this Greek and Roman ballista catapult featured in This Week’s Considerations Image.

Read about the Aquarius New Moon Friday evening that marks Saturday’s Chinese New Year & Mars entry into fast and passionate Aries on Saturday.

Until then, you have some work to do. The week’s mostly Capricorn Moon helps you stay focused. It’s also a bit more accident-prone than usual.

Check out the Day Guides to help map your week accordingly. Continue reading “Enjoy the Remaining Slow – Productively – While It Lasts (until Friday)”

Sun in Aquarius & This Week’s Inner Journey

wolf-1341881_1280Not a particularly eventful week compared to recent weeks, but it still has its perks. Sun enters Aquarius where you’ll have a little more fun than in the yes-no achievement-oriented Capricorn. Learn more about that, next.

Also, Moon’s travel from Libra-Sagittarius this next week is slow – really diving deep into each of the archetypes. Some days will be constructive, other days you just show up and what you must.

The Day Guide brings you through all that in more detail as well as what days are most in affinity for your common activities. Continue reading “Sun in Aquarius & This Week’s Inner Journey”

Wanting to Amount to Something & Venus in Aquarius Warnings

Woman-Overwhelm-Multitasking-KristenTodayAngsty, busy week. Moon knows that by next Tuesday’s Full Moon, it has to amount to something it’s been working on the past 20-months.

And Sun, has to make concrete – with Saturn who he conjoins Saturday – what these whims of “meaningful” actually represent in terms of real time and this space.

No pressure… we all want to amount to something…!

With Venus’ entry into Aquarius, there’s just a little more scatteredness added to the mix. 

The spectrum of busy and distraction will expand in all directions this week. Recognize what to anticipate and handle accordingly.

Learn more below in the Daily Considerations below and This Week’s Consideration of “Which Busy Face Are you Wearing? (And, How to Beat It)!” Continue reading “Wanting to Amount to Something & Venus in Aquarius Warnings”

Stepping On New Ground – Charts & Graphs For Your Weekly Planning

new-format-considerations-nov2016We all just want something palatable and preferably actionable, daily. Even, when it comes to astrology!

In the intensity of those daily considerations that past two weeks, I realized I got us all into the weeds. Sorry about that.

Luckily my right-brain connected with my left-brain, and poof!

These considerations are different. Graphs – like math class back in the day. But to the point and easy to read.

What questions do you have that I could chart out for you?

For example, do you care about, “Is it a good day for”:

  • Calling up an old colleague or client?
  • Planning?
  • Self-care?
  • Signing a contract?

This is so alpha, I hand-drew these charts.

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