After years of my clients prodding me for more on the subject of love, I’ve opened new programs to help women find and keep a great man WITHOUT necessarily dating.

In my programs, I help you:

– GET CLARITY on the man you really want to attract.
– CREATE A PLAN to find your soulmate.
– FREE YOURSELF from past relationship patterns.
– BE SUPPORTED by women like you.

I offer:
1) Personal 1:1 work

2) 10-week Group Work Calls

3) Live Group Work Weekend (Spiritual Woman’s Guide to Love).


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For our group work, I’ve partnered up with my dear friend Dr. Alizabeth Ruiz who is a Chiropractor, healer, and intuitive guide. She is offering Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI), a very powerful breath work technique to align the breath with the subconscious; as well as Network Spinal Care, a subtle form of bodywork to breakthrough long-held patterns.

Alizabeth is the perfect compliment to my work that is gentle but goes deep. Together we bridge the world of spirit and earthly embodiment to make your life more enriched, starting with your love life.


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“It is so great to have someone SEE me and SHARE with me this way. I’m finding it really helpful to step back with you and gain a deeper understanding on how my life/patterns are working and how to live better day-by-day.”   

— Jessica Pratt, Architect and Product Developer


“Kristen offers a beautiful, safe environment for all her work. She calms my energy. She enlivens my spirit with her insight and sensitivity both to my physical and emotional needs. She is trustworthy and someone worth letting into your life in this very special and healing way.”

— Chelsea Retzloff, Professional Modern Dancer, Educator, and Model