About Kristen


If you’re like me, you want it all…

an enriched spiritual life, your dream relationship, a strong connection to family and friends, and your work to reflect your passion (not just a side-project). 

You’ve likely been told you have to sacrifice one for the other. Yet, deep down inside you can’t believe it’s true.

I spent the last 15 years of my life trying to figure out how to have it all.  I went off the deep end in being an artist, then nurturing a relationship, and then spiritual shopping overload… Finally, I had enough of compartmentalizing myself, and I chose integration.

I started to live more honestly, delicately, and vulnerable. I became much happier and less stressed.

The people who cared for me most sometimes stood in my way. They didn’t understand and were trying to protect me.

I followed my inner-knowing, which increased its powers as I stuck with it.

Now I’m here doing only what I love, which is supporting inspired women to be successful in their businesses and in their love lives.

Why? I believe this is how I help heal the world – by elevating you, holding you to a higher but reachable standard, and rooting for your success with everything I got.

The world is a better place when you’re full of light, and even more so when you’re in a mutually supportive relationship.