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Photo: Rob Woodcox
Photo: Rob Woodcox “Picnic”

I am passionate about Entrepreneurship.

Why? Because start-up business comes from 2 sources: a) a personal passion or b) a recognized need to improve what is.

And eventually it becomes both.

Personal passion is the very essence that gives us that high of feeling alive and meaningful.

Seeing the world’s problems and wanting to improve it, whether small or large, is proactive. It allows all of us to evolve as a humanity. Change and diversity are a part of the planet in its seasons, and we are a living part of this nature.

More so than ever, technology has made our lives easier, and we have more time to tune in and hear the voice of our dreams and inner hopes for humanity. This previously was reserved for winter time in our farmer culture past.

With every gift, in this case the gift of our unique inner truths, there is a responsibility to it. Envisioning something greater than ourselves coupled with the technology readily available to take care of basic living necessities quickly, there is a newfound responsibilty to consciously use this extra time to give focused energy to generates passion or what remains in the status quo.

I see the excellence shining through every person I talk to, and I believe that entrepreneurship is the perfect vehicle to share the joy of our very being with a public more accessible than ever. Brittany Beyer’s Bliss Biscuits¬†modest passion project is such an inspiring example to me.

Entrepreneurship a life-giving exchange. Imagine getting rewarded for expressing something you’re passionate about! Uh, YES!

Entrepreneurship scares some people; it motivates me. Over time, I hope to become a trusted resource to you, to help make expressing your passion a reality. The world needs your voice! And sharing it through simple entrepreneurial efforts is more accessible than ever before.


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