New Group Coaching

Spiritual Woman's Guide to Love Discover True Love 

You've tried online dating. You've worked on your demons. You've read books and even gone to events to figure out why you've haven't met your match. 

But the ONE still hasn't arrive.  

Fortunately, you don't have to be somebody else to attract and keep the love of your life. As a spiritually in-touch woman, you know the power of the Law of Attraction (and how it works in mysterious ways)!

Our new group coaching program is designed to refine your call signal so you find true love AND keep it! We'll help you uncover the hidden mental and emotional blocks that are cluttering your love inbox. Read on and say yes to filling this missing part in your life - now, and for the rest of time. 


Join our amazing community of heart-centered women. Receive the unconditional support you need. Make the right steps necessary to open to true love (and keep it).

Here's what you get...


Insights, Breakthroughs, and Community Support Twice a Month

Over the course of these 2-hour deep-dive calls, you'll get crystal clear on what your ideal realtionship truly looks like. You'll also uncover and work past your blocks about men & past relationships. Shed shame, doubt, and compromise in favor of the empowered, expressive self you are. 

Each call we discuss a topic resonant with the group. That includes revealing limiting beliefs, somatic & energetic work, dating tips, myth busting and more. 

On the second half of our call, get on the hot seat to get personal coaching. Or, learn from others as they make breakthroughs. (Hint: that's the gold of group coaching). 

We meet by Zoom on 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 6pm PDT / 9pm EDT. 


Goodbye Gossip and "Nice" Advice

This community offers a safe space to be vulnerable and honest about your missteps, insecurities, and flaws. They are part of what make you, you. Embracing each other as you are, makes you truly strong, confident... and an incredibly desirable partner. 


Confident, Authentic and Expressive  

Gain skills to feel natural with your interactions with men while maintaining healthy boundaries. Feel empowered to hold your own and still receive the love and security you crave.


Webinar & Online Trainings 

Get free and unlimited access to all the our calls + any webinars and online trainings we produce through December 2018. 


Dr. Alizabeth Ruiz & Kristen Today 

Dr. Alizabeth Ruiz is a chiropractor, healer, intuitive guide, and student of life! She feels relationships have been her greatest teachers to come from a family background of deeply wounded men and find a new way to receive true love. She and Lorne recently got engaged after 2 years together. 

Kristen Today has been practicing as a certified coach and astrology for over 7 years. Her meditation and energetic sciences practice play a strong influence in her work. Her family background of abandoment and addiction has been her main work through relationships. She and Anthony have been together for 12 years, married for 6 and share a 3-year-old son Archer. 

We both are completely dedicated to holding space for you to heal, reclaim your true identity and open to love. It's the most magical gift to explore and witness.


* BONUS 1: Free one-on-one coaching Focus & Vision Session with Kristen at end of program  

* BONUS 2: Free System/Body Review and Initial Treatment with Dr. Alizabeth 

* BONUS 3: 2 Tickets for You & A Guest to Live Events for a Year  

Not so fine print: You become eligible for these amazing bonuses once you pay for this program for the first 3 months. Webinar and training access will be available right away. 

DISCOVER TRUE LOVE Group Coaching Program 

Say "Yes" to an even more fulfilling, love-filled life.