How to Work with Summer Solstice 2015 in 3 Steps | Weekly Astrological Considerations

This week both Sun and Mars enter the sign of Cancer. When the Sun makes this transition, in the Northern Hemisphere we call it Summer Solstice; and in the Southern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice.

In the North, the transition of the Sun into Cancer, marks a distinctive energies of culmination, growth, and transition to the next cycle.

Western Astrology was used most prominently, and thus developed most in the context to help understand the growing cycle so to gain enough food sources over the year.

I offer this modern take on a classic example to help understand the nuances of Cancer:

I notice the farmers vending at my weekly Farmer’s Market progressively get more and more tired in this month.

By now, the crops of food and flowers have grown (or not), and they need to be tended and weeded to yield the best harvest constantly, which has a direct effect on how farmers sustain themselves, their families, and their workers by this prime selling season.

Amongst the exhaustion of keeping up to the constant shifts and needs of the crops, it can be difficult to note it for later.

All that could make the process more efficient, joyful, and helpful is noticed – often critical or hypersensitive – and is easier to process emotionally by letting it run it course internally (although a peaceful facade might mask it) or channeling it out in short bursts that allow work to continue.

When the moment of reciprocating appreciation for all their labors is felt emotionally and realized monetarily, smiles emerge behind tired eyes. It’s all worth it, and they’ll do anything to receive that love again.

More on the Sign of Cancer
All the archetypes of Cancer can fit into the characteristics of the metaphor that I used above, including: home, food, mother, family, heritage, growth, seeds, and emotions.

Planets in the sign of Cancer constantly answer to the fastest moving “planet” in our solar system from the Earth-centric perspective, the Moon. The Moon only takes approximately 28 days to make a complete revolution around the zodiac, so it absorbs experiences and cycles much quicker than any other planet. It takes in the energy of every planet and then tries to channel it into something – whether productive or counter-productive is a matter of level of consciousness you have.

What does this mean?

Like the tides the Moon creates in our bodies of Earth water, our own human bodies’ of water are making shifts between very different archetypes and quickly.

We experience our water element as emotions, and not just tears. Emotions can be positive too.

Each of the zodiac is situated to respond and “improve” on the seeming faults of the previous sign, to evolve into a sense of merging and wholeness with the All.

S every day or two, the Moon shifts signs, and we consequently shift into a new emotional perspective and evolution in relation to whatever aspects the Moon makes to the other planets. One moment might be manageable than others to you.

Often, though, it’s not so dramatic. If you can tune into the subtle shifts, they are very useful for personal perspective and also being in the flow of what is happening naturally.

Summer Solstice
Summer Solstice energetically is similar to a Full Moon, but in a year’s cycle.

The Full Moon occurs when the Moon is directly opposite the Sun, or halfway through the zodiac of where Sun and Moon were conjunct (New Moon). Summer Solstice is exactly halfway through the zodiac from where it began on Winter Solstice, December 21st.

In the 2014 Winter Solstice, Saturn was finishing his journey through Scorpio, to begin the adventure of Sagittarius just a couple days later. Similarly, just a week ago, Saturn retrograded back to the same position where he was last Winter Solstice.

In the U.S. chart Winter Solstice / Capricorn Ingress, there was a heavy 6th house (or Virgo/Mercury) emphasis, encouraging us to be conscious of what knowledge we have accumulated and find the best pathways to create meaningful change in service to a greater karmic cause.

In the U.S. chart Summer Solstice, Mercury governs the rising sign (or face of the chart) and half of the planets answer to Mercury. This indicates a strong Mercurial emphasis in this chart as well.

Post-retrograde Mercury in Gemini, we now are in the limelight of options, that remain possibilities until we decide to create something with them. On a collective 9th house level, the consideration is what beliefs, rules, or philosophies are going to govern our positioning in those possibilities.

In consideration to what was conceived as the goal and achievement from winter solstice (Dec. 21, 2014), what will you choose?

The other half of the planets in the Summer Solstice chart answer to the Sun, which is governed by Moon.

The Moon in the Summer Solstice chart is void of course, meaning it has completed making aspects to all the other planets for that sign.

To me, it is like apnea – that pause between breaths – where stillness seems to float. Void courses of moons are great for reflection, de-cluttering mentally and physically, and getting clearer. It’s meant to be a period of rest.

The Summer Solstice is a culmination of what fruits have come from our set goals in the Winter Solstice. And from now on, the days get shorter and shorter. So the cycle has begun to wrap up to set a new goal Dec. 21, 2015.

In this stillness, we have a duty to see if what we expressed outwardly matched what we thought we’d do (Moon square Mercury in 9th house). And we need to see if our actions matched the higher cause and service we said we’d employ (Moon sextile Mars in Gemini).

This reflects nicely back to story of Saturn returning to Scorpio, planting better roots for the new Sagittarius (9th house) vision of what we explore as our inner truth. See last week’s Astrological Consideration for more.

We still have some inner work on our psyches – our limiting beliefs, the roles we buy into, the subconscious fears, our karmic repeating themes, our inherited concepts of reality.

Both Saturn in Scorpio and the Summer Solstice’s Moon/Venus/Jupiter trine Uranus in the 8th house give us the opportunity to have that breath in between breaths to see the inner truth and remove negative limits suddenly and permanently.

How to Work with Summer Solstice 2015 in 3 Steps
1) Weigh what you’ve done vs. what you said you’d do.

For the next month, do the inner work to see how you measured against what you set for yourself last December. Meditate, look at your action plans, compare it to your calendar.

2) What did you “grow?” What will your “grow” next time?
Regardless of what actually happened, it is a response to what you conceived in December.

Whatever reasons inhibited you from accomplishing your goal, figure out what might lead to a different outcome.

Whatever reasons encouraged you to accomplish your goal, determine what worked and how you can repeat or improve it even more.

Write these down, and place them in your calendar for Dec. 21, 2015 as seeds to help you grow a better crop with your 2015 goals.

3) Feel. Create a healthy relationship to your emotions.
Let yourself go through the emotional breadth of experience this month. But try to do it as an observer, allowing space for them to exist and also space for them to move on.

By not holding onto it, you let the past have value to learn from and you create space for a new experience to be possible.


Your life has a lot at stake, this inner work and reflection is worthwhile to harvest meaning from that past 6 months so you can move forward with your life with even greater purpose and experience.

(More on Mars in Cancer next week)

This Week’s Astrological Considerations (June 15th, 2015)

On Sunday evening, Saturn entered Scorpio for his last visit in Scorpio until November 2041.

In some ways we’re being taken back to the begining of December 2014.

Since December 24th, 2014, we have enjoyed Saturn in Sagittarius, where the energy is noticeably lighter.

However the Scorpio darkness only keeps us there if we let it. Scorpio is full of depth, the profound. It investigates the unseen but real. It is the impregnation of our conceptions that have a chance to become a reality.

It is for these reasons that the Scorpio sensitivity is acute, and how we are given a great opportunity in Scorpio to be strategic and healthily in control of what is most intimate to our inner beings.

When Saturn departed Scorpio, we all in some ways were exhausted, defeated in what we tried to hold on to (even though we often could see how it was better to move on).

A part of us died, and we were reborn…


The past 6 months of Saturn in Sagittarius gave us the opportunity to commit to the vision, to see what life could evolve into being, the rules of engagement that were possible in this new rebirth of how we viewed ourselves.

Saturn in Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter through rulership, meaning Saturn is in Jupiter’s house and has to “answer” his host.  Jupiter being in Leo this past 6 months, this vision of your new life was to see if you felt truly more yourself and under what mindsets or environments.

If you look closely, I’m sure there are things you discovered you could be a little more grounded on, foundations that would better support the person you really want to become.

That’s how to use Saturn in Scorpio this last time. To undo, reset, wrap up your commitments that won’t evolve you into this more full sense of your being. And after August 2nd, make the commitments and root yourself to what you feel you should be dedicated in order to fulfill your profound purpose.

Saturn judges based on the balance of your design and your karma (whether positive and negative). What is good for you may not be for others, and Saturn demands you to organize yourself to be within structures that help you be more yourself. And if it’s too difficult to face it alone, Saturn delivers hard lessons that can be very stressful but ultimately lead you to accept a new place.

It’s much better if you’re forward acting than waiting “to get caught” and disciplined by Saturn…


This also is the final week of Sun in Gemini, the sign of multiplicities and options. It’s the perfect time to use the cosmic energies of the Sun in the ‘same room’ with Mars and direct Mercury Direct to make some profound choices of who you want to be.

Which ‘hat’ are you most? But which one do you show? Under what circumstances? Do you compromise expressing your authentic self? When or why?

With these answers you have the support to make choices that will help you weed out your real or imagined obstacles and make room to plant the seeds to your true rebirth to develop over the next 30 years.

That means you’re not going to realize the vision of yourself right away. You’re making a Scorpio investment in yourself, banking in your time and efforts now to get the accumulated interest later.

Saturn in Scorpio traditionally is governed by Mars. Release the Saturn pressure by doing Mars in Gemini – make decisions, do something each day that aligns to your choices.

To recognize our deep selves takes courage. To choose to become a better person can be even harder. But if you do a little more you everyday, eventually you become that better person.

Keep the vision from the past 6 months, tend your internal garden, and keep in sight the future you will realize.

This week’s affirmation:
Whatever I choose, I know I will find happiness

6 Steps to reveal your positive Mercury Retrograde story

I’ve been sharing insights into Mercury Retrograde through If you have not yet already, check out my free guide to making the best out of times like these.

As Mercury stations direct, how can you decipher what your Mercury Retrograde story has been and what to make of it in going forward in your life?

Here are 6 Steps I use if I’m struggling to understand what I just went through:

1) Jog your memory.
Have your calendar, journal, emails, or text messages ready as reference points.

2) See what you were thinking about, conversations you were having, potential agreements forming, things you were learning or thinking you had to learn… Write them down.
Look to the time period before Mercury went retrograde but was in the degrees of the retrograde period – May 4th-May 18th. (This is called the first shadow period).

3) What were the signs that said you were on the right path or that another path might be worth exploring?
With each of those points from step 2, see how you had a conversation with yourself or others, got news, made adjustments, tweaks, or tried something opposite of your norm during the Mercury Retrograde period – May 18th-June 11th.

4) Piece together a story from steps 2 & 3, and come up with some options for potential endings – both for better or worse.
Try to remain objective, as if you were witnessing a friend catching you up on past month and a half.

5) Make an agreement with yourself on which ending you want to aim to do.
Do this on and around June 11th when Mercury stations direct.

6) Play the part, cast yourself in the starring role to act positively in your life, from all you’ve learned since May.
Make conscious choices and effort to think, act, express, and talk your way into becoming what leads to the desired end of your story during the last Mercury Retrograde shadow period – June 11th-June 27th.
Give it your all – the other planets are in good alignment to give you that support to actualize and make real through repetition what at first might seem like gestures.

Want to know more about the planets this week? Read This Week’s Astrological Considerations.

This Week’s Astrological Considerations (June 8th, 2015)

Mars has been traveling forward in Gemini as Mercury has been traveling backward in it. This is to say that your Mars principle (action, forward movement, and determination, to name a few positive characteristics) has steadily been moving you forward as Mercury has been unwinding the figurative knots in your Venus desires to create and take pleasures in your life. (These were from Venus’ journey in Gemini in May).

This week is particularly special because Mars will perfect his conjunction to the Sun allowing for the possibility to see your true self in the actions you take.

I like to conceive of time as an election:whatever time I spend on one thing is voting for my life producing more of what was intended behind my action.

What version of yourself are you voting for by your time?

Too, this week Mars will reach exact sextile aspect to both Jupiter and Uranus. Sextiles are planetary relationships that easily can be missed, but they are considered gifts if you’re aware enough to find and use them. Jupiter expands and multiplies – so whatever you are doing (whether positive or negative in your life) will have double, triple or more effect than normal.

Jupiter & Mars also make a Yod/Finger of God to Pluto in Capricorn. So be mindful of how you schedule your time and energy this week! It should be in alignment to your higher goals and how you want to be known.

If you’re not in integrity, that can be revealed in an aspect like this Yod –
– Transform your aggressions into earnest efforts to become someone better.
– Expand and repeat over and over even the smallest thing that you want to be more of.

Uranus in Aries initiates by means of surprise, innovation, sudden inspiration, and even accidents. Sextile to Mars this week, you can add surprises or anything unusual, preferably spontaneously for Uranus, into what you are doing and learn something from it. This also means to look at unexpected happenings this week as potentially revealing gifts.

These planetary supports go very well with the themes I’ve discussed with Mercury Retrograde and last week’s full moon. So just when you’re bringing to light your new being, growing and discovering a truer nature to yourself today, Mercury stations to go direct at the end of the week.

Mercury stationing to go direct can feel like the brakes are being put on, like it’s difficult to get out what you need. But it’s great for clarity because it focuses the everyday quick-transition video into a still image.

This is why it’s important to make commitments to yourself during the station about what version of yourself you want to become. Read my 6 Steps to reveal your positive Mercury Retrograde Story.

So this week, I’d recommend continuing ahead in your projects this week but with some flexibility. Know what’s valuable to do, but be open to how and when it happens.

When Mercury goes direct, he will retrace the moments, thoughts, lessons, and ideas you’ve accumulated this entire Retrograde period.

If you’ve been keeping a journal, start reading your entries backwards each day, one a day, starting from June 11th (the day Mercury stations direct) until you get to May 18th (the day Mercury stationed retrograde). Each day make a conscious effort to do a to positive, or even better version of the themes/topic you did during the Mercury Retrograde period.


Gained something, want me to discuss something more in depth? Have a question? Post it here or on my FB page.

Have a great week!


March 25th: Save the Date!

I’m excited to announce my first group session of 2015, and new series “Leveraging Astrology for Practical Action.” In “You See the Vision – Now What?!,” we will discuss the evolution of the next 2 years and how you can take steps that leverage your personal work to help substantiate the next 27 years. Good news is that they are very relatable and practical in the everyday.

Here’s to hoping you can come, and your feedback would be greatly appreciated to help make events like these even better!
March 24th Event - Full Page

Feeling Fiery? Feeling Anxious to Start Something New? Venus/Mars in Aries

Photograph: Nyk Fury "Scapular"
Photograph: Nyk Fury “Scapular”

Venus entered Aries Feb 20th, 3:06pm ET and will be there March 17th, 6:14am ET. She’s the one blazing the path ahead of what Mars (Sun and Uranus too) are developing this next month.

This particular cycle of Venus in Aries is “hotter” than usual,  with the Moon for Chinese New Year and Mars closely conjunct her when she entered sign. When there is a conjunction in the sky, it is like the planets are working in concert, side – by – side.

New Moons set up 2.5 year cycles of creation, and Mars will return to this same position in the sky in about 2.5 years.

This powerful cycle will come to full harvest in 5 seasons (1.25 years or Summer 2016). This is not to say the fruit will not fall until then. Yet now the time most ripe to take the raw, exciting energy of inspiration and do something about it right away. The planets are well aligned to have a good personal understanding of “the thing” that might yet remain un-nameable even if it’s crystal clear to you internally. That’s ok and it’s too early to know all the details now. Know it is worth starting!


Going back to our planets working in concert, let’s try to understand them individually:

Continue reading “Feeling Fiery? Feeling Anxious to Start Something New? Venus/Mars in Aries”

The World In My Heart


Photo:  Wordless Tech
Photo: Wordless Tech

It’s eclipse time, and the two weeks before and after it are always intense times to see life starkly different than whatever limits we had over it previously.

It is a difficult time, but it’s also like a fast-forward boost to a more complete version of yourself.  It’s shocking, and it takes consciousness to embrace it.

The Eclipse is falling right on my IC line, bringing me to the depths of the earth at the same time giving me a crystal clear view of my future and where I stand in the public perception of me.

I find myself in these intense moments as best as I can describe as birthing pains of the universe, of the Creation. I feel separated and torn from my Source,  the unity and harmonious androgyny before the big bang.

And each time I remember to find the beauty of what this is, to appreciate the marvelous, intricate Creation of that I am a part, I feel release, joy, and expansion.

It seems too soon after that I’m pulled back down to the intense feelings at the deepest of my darkness (IC), but I know now more and more each time I’m eclipsed back down here that I am strong,  that I am going to reach (MC) the re-found unity again, that place of serenity.

I know the good feelings will come from my own balancing (Libra) in my grounding (IC). Like the game of balancing a pencil on a finger while walking, I’ll have to make constant small adjustments to move forward and continually find again my fulcrum point. And I’m better at balancing it, the more grounded and steady I am.

And as I find this centering, the world in my heart reveals a part of its mystery, the depth I have within my being with inspiration swimming through it, kissing  light and love into the darkness that no longer needs to lie dormant within me. I take on a more complete version of myself.



My Hair 01 October 2014
My Hair 01 October 2014

Playing with photography. I was surprised at how this turned out.

When I look at my hair, I see the past. Hair is created by dead cells shooting out of my skin I’ve been told.

The haircut trims away the past that no longer is needed. Beauty emerges; we marvel at how our whole appearance transforms.


In astrology, hair is ruled by Leo. Scorpio governs death (dead cells), the past, and transformation.  Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars (who rules cutting).

That is to say that:  Hair (Leo) cut (Mars)  = Cutting (Mars) the Past (Scorpio)

Scorpio always is square (aka, a tension) Leo, the past seemingly contradicts our Leo free-spirit nature. But death (dead cells making hair) also gives the palette of potential for who we really are (Leo, who is ruled by the Sun)

The haircut is a fantastic lesson of cutting out the past to choose the ebbs and curves, the beauty that is there naturally within us. The flow and beauty that can be revealed outside and inside.

The 12 Astrological Houses – a brief summary

1st House – the self, ways others perceive your personality, beginnings
2nd House – values,  self worth, raw resources/talents, money you have
3rd House – siblings,  neighbors, cars, mental activity, reading/writing, communication
4th House – home, family, heritage (chosen or inherited), roots
5th House – children,  creativity,  games, pleasures,  casual sexual relationships
6th House – work, service, those who work for you, pets, health, co-workers, daily routines
7th House – one on one relationships,  best friends,  partners (business or love, open / known enemies
8th House – sexuality, impregnation, psychology,  other people’s money,  indirect income,  death, rebirth, taxes, renewal
9th House – adventures, faraway places (literal or figurative) vision, governance, laws, philosophy, outlook, belief organization
10th House – goals, aspirations, public image, what we’re remembered for, drive, perseverance
11th House – hopes, dreams, friends,  tribes / circles, place of discovery, divine inspiration
12th House – mastery, hidden secrets,  deep spirituality,  unknown/unseen,  illusions / delusions, faith

Autumnal Equinox 2014

Image: Tumblr/Tassels
Image: Tumblr/Tassels

The sun’s path into the constellation of Libra marks the beginning of autumn and a significant passage of shifts, changes, and transformations, ultimately leading to a “new year.”

In astrology, we call this the Libra Ingress, or the moment the Sun enters 0 degrees of Libra. This will go until the final degree of Sagittarius on December 22nd for this year, the Winter Solstice.

Every year, this is a moment of changing colors, fading, feasting, and finding balance. 

The Season’s Face-Value: Learn & Create to Find a New Footing/Balance

In New York City, the rising sign for the Libra Ingress is 17 Gem 28′. The rising sign, also known as the ascendant, is the facing of the chart – what we notice first. In the Aquarius decant of Gemini, there is a sensibility of the groups with whom we associate and how we grow and learn from them. Gemini is about siblings and basic language as well. What or who we keep close is who is on our minds, is in what we say or do, moment to moment. It can feel a little scattered but also can be quite fun.

The rising sign is ruled by Mercury at 26 Libra 13′ in the 5th House who is ruled by Venus at 21 Virgo 34′ in the 4th house. This makes Mercury and Venus in mutual reception, having a sort of telepathic relationship, understanding and working with each other although there technically is no aspect. Mercury is ahead of Venus, gathering the information, talking to people, creating new solutions, and Mercury shares that information with Venus who will create processes and daily routines that give a renewed foundation for the future. Conversely if your creation action is feel overworked or abused, use Mercury to create another idea or way to do it.

Everything and every one is grasping to keep a hold of what we lived and enjoyed from the summer bounty. The time of Libra begins the decline into immanent death of Scorpio, which is really just a waiting time for a new seed to be fertilized. The time of Libra is a time of struggling to find balance – balance between keeping the fresh spirit of summer and surrendering into the cold (that kills or preserves), which is the seasonal time for reflection on what we actually want to experience next year, and in relation to how we do (or not do) it with others.

So although the season is also known as “Fall,” the Rising Sign’s dispositor (Venus) indicates that we actually are working hard to lay a foundation of what we really want, what service we want to be to the world, to the people who are like brothers and sisters to us. Those could be our neighbors, our co-workers, or co-members in associations.

Not New Moon : A Wisdom Reaping Harvest for Your Season

The Libra Ingress occurred just before the New Moon, so the moon is in is Balsamic Phase. This means that it is a very wise moon, looking to gather all the knowledge and experience accumulated through life in information this new season new moon.

But it is not a New Moon, so you don’t start anew yet. You need to gather the information and bring your attention to it, bring consciousness to it, so you know what you want to start anew; what the real balance in your life might be. Explore that through this season.

The Sun and Moon live in the 5th and 4th houses respectively, repeating the pattern indicated to us with Mercury and Venus. Things are changing, inevitably, but the creative spirit in the dying process, to be compost for the next cycle, is extremely creative and laying the foundation for a new way of being.

Even though things may seem to struggle to stay alive as we know it, we actually are letting all our wisdom inform the next cycle that balances our inner (Moon) and outer (Sun) beings.

Mars: Take Daily Actions to Work Hard at Your Developing Vision 

March 26th, 2016, is when Mars returns to the position he was on the Libra Ingress where he will exactly trine the Sun who will be in Aries at this time. Currently Mars is sextile the Sun, so effort has to be made to reap the reward, but with a trine the creative energy naturally flows and it is immediate. So we are preparing over the next 1.5 years to be in a place of flow, where our true inner being (Sun) can take action (Mars) into the world in ways that align to your true vision (Mars Sagittarius).

Now is the time to set your compass, and aim for what you want to do. Because Mars is in the 6th house, what do you want to do on a daily basis. Because Mars is in Sagittarius, what is your vision?

You may not be doing it yet, but it important to begin to do the work in talking to people or engaging your creativity (Mercury) that will lay the foundation of what you want to create in your life (Venus & Sun/Moon), the “seed” of what the vision of your everyday life could look like in motion.

Mars co-rules 5th House and rules the 6th and 11th House. Meaning, your daily routines and vision in action are affecting your creativity, your work, your pets, your health, and/or your associations or money from your career. You can use these areas to work on your Mars vision over this season.

If you don’t like what you see, use Mercury to try something out, but don’t “kill” anything yet…

Uranus Square Jupiter: Choose Your Actions Wisely

Meaningful to note is the perfecting Uranus Square Jupiter in this chart, living in the 11th and 3rd Houses respectively. Giving a nod to the Rising Sign (remember Gemini in Aquarius decant), Uranus is living in Aquarius’ classically ruled house and Jupiter living in Gemini’s classically ruled house. Translation: These two are representing one distinguishing / memorable facing of the moment.

A Square aspect gives tension; we can notice tension more than ease. A square will force the tension to find an outlet, a way of release. An opening square (as we have here) will encourage action in the physical world, negotiated between the two planets in aspect.

Uranus both is about the collective/our associations/our tribes & our bright, unique light from the Divine, totally inspired and sometimes difficult to understand under its eccentric facing. In Aries, Uranus is about the individual and starting projects that relate to one’s hopes or dreams for the world.  Jupiter is about expansion, releasing the confines or boundaries, allowing joy and a return to God if we so choose it. In Leo, Jupiter too is about to ego, the creative spirit that finds the ways to express oneself fully and with inner strength or courage.

In lesser form, Uranus represents accidents, sudden strikes, decapitation, or electricity. Jupiter represents gluttony, greed, and bloated perspectives.

Look at these words as metaphors and see where in your life you might be manifesting this aspect, and how. You can choose a higher form or lesser form, but the higher form only comes by intentional action. If no action is made, action will be made for you (Squares must release their tension) through your subconscious or unconscious, and it likely will be sudden.

Don’t be afraid, look deep at yourself with loving eyes and search for a new anchoring to your Libra fulcrum.

Good Fortune: It’s There To Nurture You

Finally, as a last word of encouragement, the Part of Fortune for the NYC Libra Ingress is 0 degrees Cancer. Affirming the stories between Mercury & Venus, the Sun/Moon from earlier in this article, abundance or fortune (in all its possible ways) will come by the roots your create this season. Because the Part of Fortune lies in the 1st house, the space of the Rising Sign or the first facing of the chart, we can notice these moments later on in our life.

Also being on the world axis, look for things that might be starting now in NYC, for they will gain world recognition.

The Part of Fortune is computed by the calculation of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (Rising Sign). So finding the expression of each (each detailed in this article) will help you harmonize this magical point in your own life, especially wherever 0 Cancer lies in your natal chart.

Now go out and see your life for what it is.

Begin the process of Libra, searching for the balance, letting yourself fall and release to recover again your balance, a new perspective or positioning on what you keep for the next time or what you let fertilize the next time.

When you get to Scorpio on October 23rd, then you can let things go permanently. But for now, try things on, talk to your best friends, your partners… enjoy your one on one conversations. Look to art for inspiration. These all are clues to help you remember what you do know, and what you like, meaning what you want to do more in your daily life.

Check out this video (you can take out the audio) for the feel of this Libra – the meeting of different dance styles, the partnering, the going against each other but finding again a balance without ever really falling, or falling alone. A balancing and adjusting requiring great skill (things you have learned, your wisdom) but also opening to see a new vision of experience and movement of your living container – your body.