Get a Fresh Start with Love: Venus and Mars Kiss This Week

Losing a pulse on love?

Confused whether it’s love, lust, or a kindred connection?

Venus and Mars kiss in the sky this week, that is to say they form a conjunction where they share the same degree in the same sign constellation in the sky.

February 22nd was the last time they had their cosmic kiss.

Venus and Mars are the archetypal figures of love and sex. Yin and yang. Creative inspiration and making something.

But it’s not just for romantic love!

It’s for all the loves in your life… a good meal, your friends, a band, traveling, your childhood pet…

February’s kiss (rather conjunction) was in Aries – it was passionate, hot, impulsive, adventurous, maybe a little irresponsible.. it was a “let’s just go for this” type of energy.

You had a vision for what you wanted after the whirlwind of the past 2.5 years, you felt powerful and grounded in your dream or what you wanted to create.

At least that’s what the chart says.

(For the astrology buffs out there, that’s Saturn in Sag in the 1st, Pluto in the 2nd, Sun/Neptune hugging the IC, Venus/Mars near 5th house cusp, and Uranus/Moon in 5th, to begin).

But the passion in February shifted to “OMG, what did I do?!” when Saturn went retrograde and Mercury too…

… which is what I’ve been trying to help you work on because there was something TRUE about that passion place last February that you’ll find another facet of its relevance October/November this year.

Back to this moment: Venus and Mars kiss in Leo.

There’s a similar passion and outlook of what’s to come from February. But you’ve gained some wisdom since then.

This chart wants you to make it practical – to make it a mindset and develop a language around what you are inspired to create into reality.

But in a you-centered way – the full-on practical comes when they kiss again November 2nd in Virgo in the 4th house.

So again,

What are you inspired to create into reality?

When Venus and Mars are together, they are powerful. And this is one of the highest potentials to use this energetic archetype – to create not only in your mind but to have the strength and power to do it in life.

It’s going to be very similar to what February 22nd’s lovemaking was about.

[Warning: Astrological Evidence]:
Venus and Mars house rulers for each of the charts is the same (4th/5th/6th/10th/11th/12th).
– The February conjunction took place in Leo’s house (the 5th), which is the sign of this one.
– Both conjunctions are in fire signs.
– Sun shares the same Pisces-Virgo axis.

But since February, you’ve grown to see things differently.

In February, it was the dream – which could have been a little disillusioned.

Now it’s in Virgo, which is super practical and sees things how they are.

But the conjunctive kiss is in Leo – so it’s actually about you more than anything…

To me, that sounds like a really safe place to create from.

So partner up with yourself and get a little romantic wherever the love is in your life.

Time it re-kindle that love flame. Get yourself in the mood.


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10 Quick Tips for Getting Through Virgo

Are you feeling:

  • Self critical?
  • Small?
  • Busy-bee angst?
  • Overly sensitive?
  • Passive aggressive?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • Overworked?
  • Grumpy?
  • Responsibilities everywhere?
  • Tired?
  • Yearning for recognition but not wanting to ask for it?

Shaking your head, wondering “OMG, who have I become?!”

There is a reason…

On Sunday, the Sun joined Mercury & Jupiter into the sign of Virgo.

That’s the side of Virgo I want to help you avoid.

All the planets going through Virgo will illuminate your Virgo issues. Sun will bring light to it. Mercury – news, details, inner workings. Jupiter – expansion, magnifying, multiplying.

So it’s “that time of year again” but bigger because Jupiter’s in residence.

Virgo is a response to Leo, as is every sign to the sign before it.

Leo can be strong and confident and also can be self-righteous and inconsiderate.

Cleaning up after Leo’s party, Virgo is the one who makes it happen, and wants to be in service to something bigger than just their creative expression.

Confident into Critical – is where we find ourselves in the zodiac journey.

So if something comes up in any of these Virgo areas – health, work, peers, service, pets, practical activities, daily routines, wait staff…


It will repeat itself. But you can flip the switch on that story.


10 Quick Tips for Getting Through Virgo with a 🙂

1) Know who’s boss.
What are you accountable for? Who or what decides the ultimate direction.

2) Commit to process. Have patience.
Focus on the small tasks. The big goals happen through the small actions.

3) Listen to your gut.
Virgo rules the intestines both literally and metaphorically. Even if the idea doing something makes you queasy, say “Not now, thanks.”

4) Be dutiful.
Follow through on what you will say you will do.

5) Be responsible by being practical.
Be responsible first to yourself and then to others. Think of what’s realistic in your schedule. Prudence is appropriate.

6) Listen to your body.
If you feel sick, get it checked out. Virgo rules health, and planets traveling through can help reveal what’s going on in the system. Take care of chronic issues.
Prep yourself for the massive intox that will comes with the holidays soon approaching  by eating healthy now.

7) Listen to your pets.
Pets reflect what’s happening inside ourselves. Take a cue from your pet.

8) Enroll your peers.
Peer support and teamwork are part of the Virgo cause. If there’s a project that might benefit from multiple voices, go for it!

9) Track your progress.
Making lists and reviewing your calendar or emails sent are just two ways you can see what you’ve actually done vs. where you thought you failed yourself.

10) Party.
Don’t forget to balance play with work. It’ll help you unwind, remind yourself that you’re human, and that you really are loved by friends.



This week I offer you some Virgo-style support to prevent the sick to your stomach in responsibilities this time of year can bring.

Now take advantage of the goal setting and overarching strategy & list making from the past weeks to facilitate the a feel-good month of Sun in Virgo.

You will need to make it a productive time. But if done from a place of happiness, it is effortless service. And likely aligned to your overarching outlook.


Tuesday & Wednesday: Moon in Capricorn; (Wed. Mercury sextile Saturn & Sun conjunct Jupiter)

Step A: Pull out a milestone you created for yourself the past few weeks.

Step B: Over these two days, start a new notepad & make it your own:
Page 1 –
I will accomplish ___ by ___ date.
Page 2 –
Rules I must obey:
– Get 8 hours of sleep a night.
– 1-min self stress checkin every hour when I’m working.

Page 3 –
Things to destress:
– 5-min meditation
– Move to a new area to work

Page 4 –
Hours I have available this week: ___
Hours I want to commit to this milestone this week: ___

Page 5 –
This week’s to-do list for the milestone:
– [due / work on date] – [task] – [how long you estimate the task to take]

Page 6 – [repeat next week at least pages 4 & 5, rewrite it because it will help your brain process things more effectively!]

Step C: Review the notebook daily and aim to follow your estimates knowing you will adjust next week.

Tip: Remember the Milk is a free online program and smartphone app that is great at organizing your tasks Getting Things Done style.


Thursday: Moon in Aquarius, Mercury enters Libra

Pull out your notes from last week about the networks, groups, and associations you would like to make connections with.

Call your VIP contacts this week to set up in-person appointments. Email your next level down contacts to share a phone call or Skype.

Time to start trying on those potential relationships and see how they relate to your budding vision for yourself.

Friday: Moon in Aquarius opposite the Venus/Mars conjunction & sextile Uranus

Take yesterday’s yes and no responses and evaluate them.

Especially take note of the “no’s,” being careful not to get self-critical.

What could have been done better?

Would they offer you feedback on why they said no?

What worked about the “yes’s?”

Adjust your “pitch” to making connections to those who would make up the community of your dream self.


Saturday-Monday: Full Moon

Full moons are culminations of what we seeded during the new moon 20 months ago.

Virgo-Pisces, the axis of this full moon, is helpful because it can see things as they are (Virgo) while also relating it to a bigger belief and karma (Pisces) that may or may not have contributed to the way the present moment reveals itself.

For full moons, I prefer to energetically clean myself of my past, to face the past, and decide what knowledge I want to take from the experience.

This moon is supportive to that, taking place in the 3rd and 9th houses. Meaning, your mind or thoughts vs. your outlook or philosophy. Too, there’s a nice setup for next week’s Mars-Venus conjunction on starting anew what you began last February.

What you think and how you act are often different things. Awareness is the ideal, but it’s also practical – you just have to look for it.

Full Moon energies last 2 days after the full moon.

I suggest taking time to really look at your life, see where your subconscious fears or tendencies might have failed you, and look at how to make the best of your current situation.

Give yourself the gift to be conscientious about your life and use it as fuel to make an even better tomorrow.

Cheesy, you already know I’m good at that.

But that’s the real deal; that’s really how it works.



Stay current with the astrological trends impacting your life!

* indicates required

Let’s Have Fun Already: Last Week in Leo

Man, these past couple weeks I’ve felt like a Catholic schoolteacher…

…not that I know what that means, but my parents always have stories of notorious women who enforced discipline and standards for the sake of positive development.

You know, this week the astrological aspects are echoing the same as what I’ve been writing the past two weeks.

Planting the roots to the person you envision being. Making connections and relationships to start making it possible.

You can refresh what those considerations were by clicking back through my blog to Last Week (Big Dreams & How You Relate to Them) and the Previous Week (Big Cosmic Reunion: Re-visiting the Past 3 Months in 1 Week).

So take that hard-earned work as your expedition guidebook for this week, and let’s have fun this last week of Sun in Leo with some activities and contemplations for your active life this week.


Tuesday & WednesdayMoon in Libra aspecting Leo planets & Uranus

Set yourself up on a blind date. Doesn’t have to be romantic, but it should be different than your norm.

Any different.

It doesn’t have to relate to what you think would be best for that person you want to become.

It just has to be different.

Shake it up. Make a salsa instead of a pasta sauce.

Ideas: museum, virtual tour to foreign place, going to a new yoga studio, cooking a new cuisine at home

Thursday, Friday, SaturdayMoon in Scorpio square aspect to Leo planets (and Sun’s last aspect in Leo)

Time for dress-up, a mini-makeover, or trying on someone else’s shoes.

In the spirit of the past two days – meeting someone or something new – go undercover in your own life.

Be ridiculous. Literally try to being someone else for a day or two.

I’ve found that going very far off what is my comfort-zone helps me re-discover what is truly me.

So this is a fun way to get to that point.

But you have to play.


Boa – check. Cat-eye glasses – check.

Go to dive bar… a music venue you may not like…

Nestle in a corner and write (bad) poems all day…

Sunday  Sun enters Virgo, Moon in Sagittarius

Make it the day of keeping things simple.

If something seems complicated, come back to it later. Let your mind figure it out in the background so it’s easier when you come back it later. (Does that work for you too?)

Dream, envision, travel to faraway places in your mind.

Try to daydream, to be fluid about what calls your attention.

Follow your gut about what to work on, and when… or to just relax and take care of your body.

This month ahead can feel a little like busybee work with small, boring tasks.

So challenge yourself to be simple today so you can use it later.


Instead of writing a detailed email, just make the bullet points.

Having the urge to clean house – just do the counters, or just the floors… not all of it at once.

Wanting a better workout plan – commit to this coming week, not the whole month.

Volunteer to a social cause once, don’t feel pressured to take on a full schedule.

Big Dreams and How You Relate to Them – Aquarius and Libra Themes

It’s at a whole new level this week.

And I’m not saying that because I just popped out a baby! (I’m posting pictures on

That’s just my “rebirth” story; you have your own.

Mars in Cancer made you play nicely the past 6 weeks. Tempting you to overcompensate for your newfound freedom in Leo as of last Saturday, Mars is ready to take charge as a single Mr. Confident.

One option: party with your friends, chill at home, write emails and texts, talk a whole lot about your crazy past months

Another (better) option: take your action plan from last week, add your existing networks into that, make connections and relationships with the groups you’ll need to make last week’s work a future reality

Whatever option you do, this week’s astrological events – Mars entering Leo, Jupiter entering Virgo, and the New Moon in Leo – have two common themes:

1 – Big dreams (Aquarius/Uranus) and how you relate them  (Libra).

2 – Where you come from and who you want to be (the IC-MC axis).

Huh, was that too general?

Take any of the Aquarius or Libra archetypes described below to find where the resonance appears in your reality.

The Aquarius experience is about discovery, hope, and stretching your limits. In the same vein as stretching your limits, it includes your networks, associations, groups, and casual friends because they make up your broadest range of possible interactions.

I’ll break it down:

Why would you say no to a nice dinner or yoga when you get invited to a networking event?

Answer: The hope to discover some new information or to make a new connection that gets you closer to where you want to be.

Exciting – no exhilarating – the hoped gift from Aquarius is a known unknown, an anticipation for a surprise – hopefully a good one – by venturing into deep space.

The Libra experience is about relating seemingly opposing things against each other in order to find their balance. It’s very much a this or that feeling but not wanting to disclude anyone.

Everyone needs to be happy in the Libran perspective. But how?

By truly listening and finding a way to relate. Yes, it’s really that kind of homely nice.

Finding a way to relate is by nature confrontational because you have to face and choose to see there is a this and that.

Which is why art also is associated with Libra – you have to let art interact with your internal state and then relate a personal meaning. (Or, walk away and say “I could have done that”).

The IC-MC Axis: Where you come from and who you want to be

Like a giant trampoline or chute into hell, the IC-MC axis is emotionally charged and knows hows to squeeze your heart where it matters.

What gives you the strength to become who you want to be?

Answer: The strength of your roots. Meaning your family, your past (including past lives), your body, the way you take care of yourself. This is your IC, and when strong can launch you into that amazing idealistic self you’ve been told to become (the MC).

Conversely, being seen as someone you actually are not, eventually makes you fall hard. Because there are no substance behind it. It’s flat and inauthentic.

So in any situation, the cosmos ask you come to terms with your IC and be realistic with your MC is how you evolve past your IC to create a different legacy.


(What Left of) This Week’s Astrological Consideration

Thursday: Sun trine Uranus

Jupiter entered Virgo on Tuesday and will be there until September 9th next year. Virgo governs all practical and everyday activities, and Jupiter expands, multiplies, and magnifies.

Health Routines, Work, Pets, Community Service.. choose one as something to work on for a month or so.

Like a scientist looking through a microscope, look at it with curiosity to see it for what it is. Make a hypothesis of what you think it is; test it to see if it’s true.

Then be an alchemist, look at the results and adjust. Find the perfect mix to your activities to make dream of what you want look a little more real.

Friday: New Moon in Leo

New Moons are great for planting seeds for what you want to grow over the next 2.5 years.

Take some of those dreams you have for yourself and set an intention to make it real.

No need to get druid about it. As long as it comes from an honest place within yourself, you’ve done your magic.

Saturday: Mercury Trine Pluto
Ahead of the pack, Mercury talks on behalf of those planets going through Leo to Pluto. Pluto is great for manifesting because he controls all raw resources.

So make a wish list today – be sure it’s practical and grounded and energetically offer it to Pluto. Continue your new moon magic. 😉

Sunday: Moon in Virgo to Aspect Mercury & Pluto
Meditate today on what you intended the past two days. Feel it energetically – don’t try to think about it too much.

Just let the images and feelings pass by like a dream.

Then feel yourself as an energetic projection in your meditation space.

Meet the intentions you set, relate to them. Let yourself be affected by them.

Open yourself to receive them.

The Big Cosmic Reunion – Re-visting the Past 3 Months in 1 Week

Pay attention this week. It’s a big, juicy one.

It’s a meeting of all the themes that have been happening since the Mercury Retrograde in May, with all the major players coming in for the class reunion.

You’re probably thinking, “Well so much has changed, how can I know what that even means?!”

Go back to the vision you thought you were starting after Christmas 2014. It’s about how that was nice, but it wasn’t “Goldilocks” just right.

The cosmic gymnastics since then has been about discovering what actually is the “gold” to go for.

These are the big dreams and shifts that you discovered thanks to 2.5 years of deep soul searching and the important people and concepts in your life metaphorically or even literally dying over that time.

We all had to surrender. (Which at times majorly sucked).

But surrender in order to re-birth ourselves.

Now is the moment where we plant our feet on the ground and say, this is where I need to stay strong in order to become the person I was born to be.

It’s impossible to get there in a week, a month, or even a year. As are all the things that really mattered have already proven.

… we’re talking about a 30-year cycle in total for this journey.

But before you stop reading, it’s much more manageable than it sounds.

Each “step” of this 30-year cycle has a set sub-timeframe that follows a particular archetype, and it is my job is to translate that for you.

From Sunday until September 17th, Saturn is moving forward in Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. This is the final moments of the rebirth process, planting your seeds with the people, resources, communities, and ideals that will make you as strong as a tree over the coming years.

From September 18th, Saturn is in Sagittarius (the 2nd house from our rebirth). We’re in a 2 year sub-timeframe journey of making leaps to test the limits of our vision of what’s possible for ourselves in order to discover the truth of it. This is a time of gathering resources, giving / finding the value, feeling worthy and that this is worthwhile, and accruing the energetic pot of gold that will feed the coming sub-timeframes.

It’s inevitable that these leaps will sometimes disappoint, but remember, it’s about discovering your truth of what works for you in the new vision of who you actually can be.

We follow the movement of Jupiter and its ruling planet by sign within these 2-year cycles to get more narrowed focuses.


Starting September and for a year, it’ll be about the nuts and bolts. Process. Daily activities and routines. Health & Well-Being. Those you take care of. Colleagues.

September – October 2015: Are you relating to the right people to be able to find true success? Are there people from the past you should bring back into your life? Or should you let go of some of those you are closest to? (Think business partners, clients, best friends, love partners).

November 3-20, 2015: What is the smartest strategy you can invest yourself into to set yourself up for success? What habits or people do you need to cut out, yesterday? You’ll need to be nimble and trust your gut instincts for this one.

November 21-December 11: What are some practical ways you can test the waters to integrate your personal growth into your ideal professional life? What will nurture your soul right now, renew your sense of hope and inspiration in what you’re aspiring to become?

… and the cosmic story will continue to unfold with its nuances in between.

See, that’s very manageable.


Back to this week’s class reunion and Astrological Considerations:

Sunday the 2nd – Saturn Direct in Scorpio
Enough backtracking, questioning, doubting, and surrendering every last ounce of your sense of self. Time to move forward and claim your stake in ground of what matters in the long-run, even if you don’t have it now (you likely won’t).

Monday the 3rd – Saturn in Scorpio Square Jupiter in Leo
Since July 2014, you’ve been discovering a new sense of self and your calling. You think it might be that. Time to own whatever your emotional markers are for your true identity and make some structure in your life to keep it and integrate into your life. Can be now, can be later, but you need to make a plan on how to keep that inner fire glowing. Make some ideas today, tomorrow’s energy will help a LOT.

Tuesday the 4th – Venus Retrograde Conjunct Jupiter in Leo
June into mid-July was all fun and games with our friends. Life was beautiful. Then the pressure took hold and made us notice all these flaws everywhere outside and inside ourselves. Today we go back to the beautiful place. Enjoy your social events today and the rest of this week, but also take note of what that sweet spot means to you. What helps you get there?

Wednesday the 5th – Venus Retrograde in Leo Square Saturn in Scorpio
Think back to yesterday’s happy space. Is the type of fun you’re having now aligned to the improved, aligned to purpose you? Or might there be a different way of interacting socially that is more sustainable to nurturing those stakes in the ground from Sunday of becoming who you were born to be?

Thursday the 6th – Mars in Cancer Trine Saturn in Scorpio & Mercury Conjunct Venus in Leo & Square Saturn in Scorpio

The Mars in Cancer story that began end of July is coming to an end, and that means there’s a moral to the story you need to reveal and tell yourself. In having to be a part of the group, however twisted that became, were they worth it? Even if you didn’t make much progress, were your efforts to do something inspiring fulfilling? Use the Mercury energy to think at the level of your playful, vibrant soul self and then write down the moral of the Mars story and how you can integrate that in your life.

Friday the 7th – Mercury Conjuncts Jupiter in Leo then enters Virgo
As Mercury completes his journey Leo, he gets a giant springboard into Virgo. Get ready for mental clarity, agility, and sharpness to “clean house” before Jupiter travels the same path. This is a great day to string together all those ideas floating from the previous days considerations into something practical and short-term. Go ahead and put rough ideas of what long-term could be, but layout specifically the short-term plan.

Saturday the 8th – Mars enters Leo
Mars is coming in to be the on the ground doer of all the planets that have been travel through Leo: Sun (the true identity), Mercury (the talker and connector), Venus (the relationship creatrice), and Jupiter (the visionary and wise). Mars in Leo can get a little pompous and self-righteous, especially after enduring the sign of Cancer. But stay focused on what all these other planets revealed to you so to use the Mars energy to start implementing those short-term plans you created yesterday. You will judge if it’s working at the beginning by seeing if that happy place on Tuesday is alive within you and later on if your plan/checklist is getting done. So starting working on it!


Good Past Considerations to Re-Visit:

Saturn Retrogrades Back Into Scorpio

Mars in Cancer


Permanent and Sudden Changes: Uranus Retrograde July 26-Dec 25, 2015

Uranus stationed to go in Retrograde motion on Sunday. In astrology we look to that exact moment (called an ingress) to see the flavoring of this particular cosmic movement that helps us make distinct its condition from other similar ones.

In New York and Washington D.C. the ingress reveals a situation I relate to very intimately.

This week’s Astrological Considerations is a little long, but please stick through the end because I want you to be able to get through the other end of this astrological moment, and I believe all of this is valuable.

About a year ago I embarked on a journey that took me months to resolve within myself. It brought me to the core of who I thought I was and slammed me face down into the dirt of my karmic pretensions.

Uranus had just gone retrograde with some similar aspects to now…

It all started when I arrived later than I expected (15 minutes) to the airport to catch my flight to an annual gathering I attend in Europe with my chosen spirituality group.

(In retrospect, I see how it actually started when Uranus went retrograde, but I didn’t see it at the time).

I tried and tried, and because of “technology limitations,” the airline couldn’t rebook me nor could my travel agent release the ticket in a way that would allow a simple rebooking fee. I ended up having to buy another round trip ticket. (Uranus rules airplanes, technology, and internet).

I felt miserable, beat by “the man,” and did not understand why “they” couldn’t be more human and understanding about it.

On some level, I kept looping in my mind, “I did everything right to get special treatment. They had the power and maliciously decided to do nothing about it.”

When I finally arrived to my destination, the registration process and way the gathering was organized had completed “exploded,” the context in how we would relate, enjoy workshops, and meet was new.

Everyone looked a little frazzled or “shocked” but was accepting with curiosity what was to unfold. (Uranus also rules “explosions,” shocking, chaos, and everything that relates to electricity – so frazzled).

I felt small and limited in the new context, and I was frustrated that I felt that way.

After I finally got as settled in as could be, I experienced another series of events that in retrospect I can see as caustic – burning through my pretenses of my identity. (Uranus can be burning, slashing, spontaneous/sudden all in the name of higher good – and immediate).

They all had to do with who am I in relation  to the group around me.

As a typical Aquarius (of which Uranus is the modern ruler), I am driven by discovery, hopes, dreams, and passions for causes greater than me.

I also have this other typical Aquarian thing – a feeling of isolation or independence from the actual reality of the interconnected collective I am so passionate about.

It’s the Aquarius-Leo polarity, of which is also strong in my chart. Leo is the self, more on Earth and enjoys life with others in the moment while Aquarius is flying through the sky on ideals and exciting, fleeting moments with their fellow human beings.

Aquarius often shares things in spurts or from a distance – research papers, online, at a networking event. Leo shares things through a party, developing friendships, or spending time making art.*1

My experiences last year at that gathering had me in tears daily, frustrated that I couldn’t get things to go as I wanted, feeling entitled to experience something different because of all I believed I went through to be there.

I felt defeated – I wanted to stay in what I knew, but I couldn’t make any movement there. Everything had changed around me.

I was a stage 0 of a new self – trying to accept it but subconsciously fighting with all my might against it.

Eventually the lesson trying to come through to me confronted me with the stark, glaring reality that in order to serve the collective or greater whole, I have to be a part of it.

That sounded great, but it did not feel good. Yet I knew that it made much more sense than the crazy fears and arguments happening in my head.

Honestly, it took me most of the past year to change my purely karmic (in this case meaning not of this life) behavior from I was safer being isolated from those I serve to I was better off being a part of the collective group.

I was revealed the karma I know I have, but another way I had to be in it.

It was not easy – I would have to catch myself in the moments where I was acting out of my old beliefs of how I should relate to groups. But every time I did, I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone and become part of the group.

By the time Uranus went direct that December, I felt like I had a good pulse on my karmic “trap” and could successfully avert the old behavior with the new.

I no longer felt burdened by my new way of being; it was just something I had to grow into a habit, which took the rest of the year.

As a consequence, I began witnessing the groups and collectives in that I make a part actually grow in the ways I had hoped to achieve alone. And they happened with ease and joy from others.

I continually am seeing a better effectation by this approach that Uranus Retrograde offered me than my previous way of taking action in my life.

I actually am living in my purpose better thanks to Uranus, even if it was a difficult journey after the “shocks.”


I always am saying that the planets contain the same energies but simply interpreted by our own minds as “good” or “bad.”

Know that I don’t say things without experiencing their truths.

My story is just one example from my own life where I know that is true, and you can shift “bad” into “good” as well through mindset.

It takes a lot of work, especially when a cord so deep is struck, but the reward to being in a more full expression of oneself is incredible.


Some Uranus Retrograde themes for this cycle:

Get your head out of the clouds, and be a part of the life happening around you.

Uranus rules the descendant or 7th house cusp of Aquarius on how we will relate to this moment, making the ascendant Leo, what this cycle looks like. We are to be the focus as individuals relating to others in a Leo fashion (see *1 of story). The consideration is the groups and associations with whom we interact.

Come from your wisdom place

With Leo being ruled by the Sun, we look at the Sun’s placement and condition for further indication.

We see the Sun in the 12th, subduing the ego to favor one that presents and shows from from a place of wisdom instead of showing off and gambling to be the right face for a situation to get potential gains. Leo can have many masks and personalities that are not the true nature.

Otherwise said, take off the masks and be the presence of your true wisdom, especially in front of groups.

This wisdom theme is further emphasized by looking at the rulers of the 11th house, of which Uranus naturally rules. Here we find Gemini & Cancer, governed by Mercury & Moon respectively.

Mercury is conjunct the Sun in Leo, furthering what I just described about the Sun and bringing in the element of communication, words, and language.

Moon is void of course, which is a time for reflection, inwardness – again wisdom. Conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, this Moon wants us to come from a deep place and find the structures by which to engage in our daily lives. (More on that soon).


The famous “good cop / bad cop” works, and this Uranus Retrograde ingress has both.

Active pushes to support your Uranus story; A T-Square

Uranus squares Mars & Pluto – It’s a little wide in orb, but it is active: with Mars in the 12th & Pluto in the 6th, Uranus is the Apex to a T-Square that releases in the 3rd house.

Squares are hard adjustments that create tension that is noticeable. While uncomfortable, it does get you to do something about it.

Pluto in the 6th house square Uranus requires a profound change of what you care for on a daily basis – your daily routines, health and personal maintenance, pets, your interactions with coworkers, and daily  processes. Uranus’ placement  indicates we should aim to take action on revolutionaizing these activities based on what philosophies, doctrines, or perspectives we’ve found ourselves amongst to explore and test their truth for our own.

Uranus square Mars challenges what you think you know and if your forward movement actually reflects that. Mars in the 12th also allows for your actions to come from a place of profundity. Think radically.*2

Uranus as the apex – or center – of these squares regulates and gathers these energies and channels them to his opposite – in the 3rd house, conjunct the North Node.

The outlet into the 3rd house indicates that you translate these challenges into learning and thinking, developing the new “language” that better expresses yourself with the people with whom you interact on a daily basis (neighbors, siblings), all moving you to becoming the person you were born to be.

Positive encouragements to your Uranus story

Uranus trine Jupiter in the 1st – All the work you have been doing to reveal your true inner nature has the energizing and flowing support of Uranus. Like laser beam, Uranus can help break up the last fragments of the old you, and Jupiter will help you reveal your innate wisdom and maturity you’ve been developing over the past year.

biQuintile Saturn – Bringing down to Earth your discoveries and passions requires discipline and structure to realize. This is a natural gift to make it happen (think of the child prodigee type who just knows how to do something masterfully). You already know how to do it, all you have to do is plan for it. Put the structure in your calendar, define the ways to be accountable to it, then do it (see Mars, *2).


The world needs leaders to step forward to help steer the course of life on Earth in a better direction.

It no longer is this hypothetical idea of the 60s and 70s, it truly is the reality in practically every field of our modern lives.

While there is good work being done, we cannot rely on it continuing for us.

We must be participants and activators for what we feel is right.  We must stand up and represent a greater cause for today and tomorrow’s generation by engaging in our groups, associations, and collectives as individual leaders who empower others within those social settings.

This Uranus Retrograde can make you feel insignificant and small, or you can channel the discovery of your current underperforming life into something much more profound.

I don’t spend hours every week writing these considerations for fun, although it is enjoyable.

I do it because I believe the only way I can die knowing I lived up to my potential is to empower people like you to step up and be the positive influence to their own circles, which just continues as a ripple effect.

Now is the moment. Don’t be shy – break out, create a little beneficial chaos if you must, and show not only me but the world who you really are and what you really know.

Why You Should Schedule You Time – Scorpio Themes This Week

Things might look summery and carefree, but this week, it gets DEEP.

We’re in for some serious Scorpio action followed by a series of astro events that pushes us to get with the program and do YOU already…

But more on that in the coming weeks.

Early Tuesday morning, Sun in Cancer trines Saturn in Scorpio, bringing a flowing energy between Sun (our inner essence) and Saturn (our commitments).

Then, the Moon has a long run in Scorpio for 2.5 days (Thur. night through Sun. morn).

In life, our commitments often are consumed by our jobs, family, loved ones, friends, and homes.

Without know it, we often get burdened with other people’s agendas all for the namesake of “responsibility”…

Have a client that you’ve stretched your boundaries with so often that it has become the norm, followed by a large inner groan?

As I’ve described in my Saturn in Scorpio article, Saturn helps us differentiate between what is right or wrong, according to our own rules.

In many of my coaching series, I will have my clients evaluate how they actually spend their time.

When they return from the exercise, they often are surprised at how much they do outside of the goals they hired me to help them realize!

Consider this:

Is it from your sparkly, happy inner self that schedules your calendar (positive Saturn)?

Or is it an old story, social conditioning, or fear that motivates your time commitments (a more negative expression of Saturn).

It really takes a light to see where you actually stand on that spectrum.

And guess what? That light is within YOU.

So cheesy, I know, but it’s true…

Sun trine Saturn is about shining a light on the better lifestyle you seeded for yourself last October/November. Go back and look at what you promised yourself. Don’t kid yourself that “life happens” or make excuses, “I had a really important deliverable I promised that had to take priority.”

What you were working on October/November last year – that was REAL. It’s time to make it reality. Re-commit to it.

You must be ready for the showtime to present the real you.

This is the moment before the big self reiteration spurred by the cosmos to go deep within yourself, especially when Moon goes through Scorpio (Friday-Saturday all day).

— What’s really the end result of the action you are taking on a day-to-day basis? Will that help you reach your goals?

— Whose priorities are structuring your life, your time, what you produce?

— How do you measure success?

— Are your standards different in some life areas than others (career, love, friends, family)?

Push yourself to get psychological about it, excavate your inner truth, be motivated to get it.

You’ll need to pay close attention because trine energy can come so easily that you can miss it.

So if you have an ounce of epiphany while doing your introspection, don’t doubt it.

Take a risk, and give it value.

The next couple weeks will see a lot of themes around self and daily activity, and they could present themselves as difficult if you’re turning the other cheek to this important schtuff.


Whatever your means of tapping inward – meditation, tarot, a tea out, nature – PRIORITIZE doing that!

Physically place yourself into what you already know you like, and discover both the beneficial structures and limits you have in your life, according to your own standards.

Challenge yourself, maybe you’ll find that you actually have a different standard than you did 2 years ago, than your family, than your friends.


As you are going on this new journey to explore the depths of yourself, remember that living in the moment is great and exciting. But when it comes to the important things, you want to have the foresight to make good decision and be ahead.

Astrology is a great way to get a snapshot of the landscape of what’s coming up so you can prepare for it and master the moment when it comes.

In a personalized astrology session, we reveal your natural strengths, preferences, and where the astrology of today and the near future affect you individually.

That matters because if you are looking to really make that career leap that you’ve been imagining, this will give you the exact roadmap on how to get there.

Book a session and prepare to take full advantage of these upcoming events:

– July 22-Aug. 23: Sun in Leo – owning your presence and power in front of others
– July 25-Sept. 5: Venus Retrograde through Virgo & Leo – a new relationship to your work, body, and everyday environments
– Aug 2: Saturn Station Direct – full speed ahead toward the 30-year vision
– Aug. 3: Jupiter square Saturn – your legacy vs. your inhibitions
– Aug. 8-Sept. 24: Mars in Leo – an added powerhouse to the Venus, Sun, and Jupiter stories
– Aug. 11-Sept. 2016: Jupiter in Virgo – expanding the practical daily activities that get you to the adventure of the life you want through a year’s journey
… and the cosmos continue unfolding.

Each astrological aspect will affect every person differently according to their personal chart.

Find out what matters most to you, and schedule a session today.


You Must Create Change, whether you like it or not. Mars-Pluto Opposition

On Wednesday, Mars perfects an opposition aspect to Pluto.

Oppositions are interesting because they are at once confrontational and productive.

It’s like running into someone face-on at a party – there is no denying that you have to interact – either to engage in conversation or find a way to avoid further interaction. The irony is, even if you “avoid the conflict,” your reaction still speaks for you and influences your future.

Oppositions can be awkward, tense, and strong.

But they produce results because they show you what is and they give you the opportunity to say, “This can be different.”

Mars and Pluto are particularly intense about it.

They have an understanding about each other: both like to change things and to be assertive. Pluto is like a hammer, changing things permanently for the long-term better in one swoop in a collective consideration. Mars takes care of things today for himself in the foreseeable, predictable future…

All this past week I’ve been struck by people sharing their Mars-Pluto Opposition stories.

Each has taken an act of courage (Mars) to transform a situation outside of themselves that turns out positively for others too unexpectedly (Pluto).

One particularly inspiring story is of long-time client of mine whom I will call Vicky (not her real name) for this story to maintain confidentiality.

We’ve enjoyed many transformations and evolutions into a greater self together, but there was one area that continued to be “on hold”: her relationship to her family.

Her brother is an alcoholic and took advantage of their father to support his basic needs, which created resentment and frustration in Vicky. It distanced her from being able to relate to her father, much less be able to participate in family holidays she formerly cherished.

Remember how Mars trined Neptune last week and I shared a possible result is to fall into a great illusion through substance abuse?

Well her brother fell into a deep spiral last week following a binge, and it made Vicky want to take action and do something about it. She called the necessary people and set up an intervention.

She engaged her Mars in the interest of family (Cancer). And it wasn’t easy for her, she went through a lot of emotion to get there. Again the energy of Cancer.

While I do not yet know the result of the intervention (it is happening as I am writing this), already she discovered it has transformed her relationship with her father.

She feels like he is relieved to have this opportunity to address the rift in their family.

The situation is very Pluto-ian in that the family dynamic will forever be transformed by this moment.

However, it is done with the consciousness of Capricorn (where Pluto is transiting). Meaning, engaging in this opposition to Mars is taking action on what the ideal or goal could be in direction relation to what is.

Vicky is choosing the possibility to enjoy a better family relationship in light of what was revealed as what was shown as the possible result of her brother’s choices.

I am so happy for Vicky and the strength she has gained through her other personal growth to take on something so difficult to face but so meaningful to transform!

This Week’s Consideration:
Pluto reveals the fears, feelings of subjection, inadequacy, or recurring traps within us.

But it also gives us the power, if we choose to engage it, to put those feelings in their place and to transmute the negativity into a greater positivity. Something that reveals the strength of our inner self and makes a positive mark of karma for the collective.

Capricorn shows us results and also aspirations to attain. Mars is the energy that gets us to the top.

What are the possible end-results of the path you actually are taking in the different areas of your life – family, love, career, community…?

What might you need to transform or shift in order to live a higher expression of your being?

Who might be affected or touched by your shifts? Could it be positive or negative to them?

This Week’s Affirmation:
I am strong in my convictions for what I KNOW is best. I am an agent for positive evolution.

Navigating the Dream: Mars-Neptune Trine

photo credit: Mast via photopin (license)
photo credit: Mast via photopin (license)

This week Mars in Cancer will perfect a trine to Neptune in Pisces while Mercury enters the sign Cancer as well.

Last week I spoke about how indirect and seemingly distracting our forward movement can feel with Mars in Cancer. (Last Week’s Considerations)

For me, it’s best to take one thing at a time.

Now that you’ve hopefully integrated a bit of what Mars in Cancer is like…

… I want to warn you that this Mars-Neptune aspect can make it even more disorienting.

Trine energy is hard to notice because it often happens without prior indication. Mars trine Neptune can make us fall into the Neptunian space without knowing it.

I’m close friends with a couple whom I have known since my college days, but they have known each other since high school.

They have kept many of their high school friends close to them although they continue to bring in new friendships.

They live near where they grew up.

Although their families are now far away, they maintain a close relationship to them.

In other words, I’m saying they have a strong relationship to the sign of Cancer, where Mars, Sun, and Mercury is now.

Some might find this circumstance dull or uninspired.

I’m not to judge because it is one’s own internal gauge (ahem, Saturn) to know what is good or not in comparison to the desired experience of your incarnation.

However, this couple continues to re-define their individual identities and push themselves to create new experiences.

They travel. They take risks – financially and with their careers. Based on what they feel and believe is best for their own growth and happiness.

While aware of their responsibilities, they embrace changes because they believe in something better for themselves and for each other. They are thoughtful, yet they are not careless in their initiatives.

Most notably, they actually do take action, even if they do not know the outcome.

That is to say, they have a healthy relationship to Mars – not too impulsive, not afraid to start something new, but decisive and strategic at best.

And to navigate this unknown Neptune space, beliefs and relationship to something greater play a key role.

My friends identify as agnostic. Their faith in themselves and in “process” leads them to continually make their dreams reality and inspire others around them.

Belief is not necessarily religious; it is that sense of knowing your inner truth and that feeling how you know you’re on the right path.

Thanks to Neptune, we can feel a connection to the vastness of our sense of entirety – both in being and belonging, and often in the sacredness of our inner dream.

Of the couple, one became a technician for a popular musician he idealized since being a teenager. After that, he decided to create a job with a company he enjoyed on a personal level. And they said yes.

The other journeyed across the professional track at prestigious arts organizations, then decided to venture into entrepreneurship. Along the way, she discovered yoga and became a certified teacher and re-ignited her passion for studio art of which she will study in a pre-graduate program this autumn.

See how Neptune is fluid? It is both multi-dimensional and dream-like, weaving in and out softly, directed by inspiration. The result is transparent – clear to see what is is, but layered upon itself based on where it came from and where it wants to go.

I imagine my friends are taking this planetary alignment in stride.

But it’s not as easy for everyone else as it seems to be for my friends.

For those less experienced in such spaces, this can feel overwhelming, too much to handle, or untrustworthy (because you can’t see it as only one thing or clearly).

Defined outwardly, it can look like depression, escaping reality in favor of what you feel you can predict (drinking, numbing drugs), or loneliness and detachment from others.

So what do I think helps my friends stay out of the dark?

– They allow themselves to take comfort in what remains consistently important to them – friends and family. They are loyal to those they let be closest to them. (Cancer energy).

– Before moving forward, they wade in sea of possible directions that seem appropriate, then carefully choose a path, being open to change course if needed.

– They surround themselves with people, ideas, books, and places that inspire them and challenge their idea of limits.

Neptune in Pisces is the place for the wise. A place of mastery.

This astrological configuration is like looking at a prism that as a whole remains the same, but from a different perspective changes appearance. Mars is your sight. Neptune is the prism.

Which perspective will you take with what already is, and is present, in your life?

What have you already mastered? What will you master in time?

We not Me: Steering Forward with Mars in Cancer

Mars entered Cancer last Wednesday, June 24th, and will be there until the evening of August 8th (EDT).

In the U.S. chart for when Mars enters Cancer, Mars is placed in the 11th house of hopes, dreams, aspirations, friends, discoveries, and groups/collectives.

Ruled by the Libran Moon conjunct the North Node in the 2nd house, Mars must direct his energy to find balance between moving forward in his own self will and his larger circles.

Sometimes what is best for “me” is not best for “we.”

“We” can be a frustrating concept for Mars, for the group mentality and feel can shift very quickly. This can cause us to lose our bearing, and our independent certainty of direction.

But if we listen to how our actions are received, we can find the true value of what our actions truly mean.

Cancer is about where we come from: our roots, our histories, our families, and literally our mothers.

Part of the journey toward adulthood is the necessary separation from the family in order to evolve the family history with one’s own life experience.

At some point of maturity, it becomes a necessary to learn how to bridge the knowledge inherited and learned through life experience with the world at large.

To do this, we each must listen to others and respond. Yes, there needs to be respect and fair boundaries to maintaining one’s sense of truth.

However, if we are not flexible in our egos, we can miss vital opportunities to positively influence others and engage in our sense of purpose.

Sure, Mars in Cancer can be emotional and unfocused. That’s one way to interpret the energies.

Or you can see it that you have to be considerate to others in your actions.

A personal example:

The feeling of being misunderstood and misinterpreted runs strongly in my personal karma.

Some of my most painful memories have been with writing: teachers would not understand what concepts I was trying to say. They were too complex to follow completely. The language I chose was not functional or appropriate.

When workshopping my choreography, I would get frustrated when I received feedback that I moved too fast to see what happening.

These situations made me feel under-valued and unappreciated.

It would an impetus to cut others out and decisively become an even greater stronghead for what I felt was necessary to express.

And funny enough, I felt like what I had to express was necessary to help the collective, and that it was my life’s purpose to find the way to give it light…

I would hear that I should “choose my battles,” but I felt stronger than that. I could take on the battles because my conviction was worth the bruises and struggles along the way.

Through life’s unfolding, I began meditating and re-developing my relationship to a Higher Power.

Suddenly, I saw that I would have ZERO impact to all that conviction of my life’s purpose if I did not respond to others and take strength from my personal history.

I offer my epiphany for your consideration.

I could have saved a lot of time by simply taking into consideration what the groups that wanted to help and nurture me had to say. This precisely is what Mars in Cancer in the 11th house is about.

Mars in the 11th house of this cycle’s Ingress to Cancer, we are considering our big dreams – the type of vision we have as a “knowing” from a higher sense of being.

We just did finished deep soul-searching in Mercury. We learned another way to express ourselves.

In this Ingress chart, Saturn is in Cancer’s native house, the 4th house, in the sign of Scorpio. As I shared a couple week’s ago, this is a time to uproot the figurative seeds that did not lead to what you thought it would and revise the plan.

We have a lot of cosmic support to taking action and lay foundations in what supports us in our sense of self-worth.

This week’s considerations

Pick and choose your groups wisely.

Who is your “family” for this journey ahead? With whom will you associate yourself?

The chart says, let your values of who you are at your highest potential be the criteria for deciding who is part of this vision.

While Mars is softer than usual, he still can cut people out of his life.

Have some courage and cut people out of your life that are dragging you down.

Choose people, associations, and environments that help you grow and mature into your better self.

Don’t be mistaken that everything should feel peachy all the time. We all know that families go through their ups and downs, and we can’t expect anything different from this “family” we’re building to support our dreams.

But we can choose who we let in by how well they commit to getting through the tougher times.

Although, you might be brought to uncomfortable places, it always should help facilitate a calmer home base and mutual understanding.