Unlimiting Ourselves

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I want to empower people to act as the multi-dimensional people they are.

 … a little personal story:

For almost a year before the launch of kristen.today was conceived, I refused to have a business contact card with me. I could not possibly bring myself to only connect with a person on a single level of me.

I would be limited to being only Astrologer, Accountant, Former Choreographer or Wife, all things of which I am proud to be. And with all my entrepreneurial experiments and endorsing others’ projects, I refused to carry a rotating stack of 3-5 cards for whatever parts of me that were active in the moment.

Even worse, in deciding what business card to give someone, I would be limiting another person to only see one sliver of my multi-dimensional self, and thus not profit from the potential exchange that could happen had we shared another commonality we otherwise could not know.

For example, at the design firm where I work, I did not find out that an architect was interested in the Feng Shui of the present time work I do until I became vulnerable and shared that part of myself. Thanks to this, our relationship is deeper, more genuine, and we both light up when we see each other.

The polite “Hello, how are you?” becomes real – and isn’t authenticity truly a sign of care, a gesture of compassion, one of the most beautiful human traits there are?

This is precisely the type of relationship I want to find with whomever I am going to spend significant time around, and my courage to be vulnerable, open, and sharing is the only thing that will bring the opportunity for someone else to do the same and bridge that connection.

And let me be clear, this website ultimately is not some interesting science experiment or journal to observe the unfolding of my life, but kristen.today is here to inspire others to find the same coalescing strength of the attempt of living as an unlimited being by giving each other freedom to  act as whole, multi-dimensional, and evolving.



Airows Gallery Indigo
Airows Gallery, “Indigo”

Pride. It is an interesting thing. To be proud of someone, our society shows that as encouragement of another, Support. But pride for another in excess, is really just pride for associating yourself with someone you think is so great. (Negative Ego).

Pride as an individual is often confused with Confidence. To be confident in yourself – one does not need to be any more or any less than who she is. That is to say, one is radiating in their identity.

Pride as an individual easily falls into power struggles – “I’m better than…”

Aside: Growing up, I was very competitive in sports, in academics, music, in anything really. And I was proud of my achievements; it added to my own unique delusions of being special as an only child. And it prevented me from really knowing how to play well with others, which is something that is apparent right now in a project where only the group can move the project forward; there is nothing I individually can do differently besides let the group express itself as a whole.

And at the same time, I knew what I wanted for another thing, and I knew I could not do it in time unless I made myself uncomfortable to ask for help. But that decision to ask for help was actually met with open arms.


So for this case, I see that Pride must not be mistaken with Drive to see through the completion of what you sincerely want that is as well-aligned as possible.

Note to self / and could be helpful to others:
Behavior replacements to Pride now could be: Support, Confidence & Drive.


“Reason for Hope” Sovery Happy Art (Etsy)

Decision is to make a choice.

And I’ve been noticing two factors that make decision or choice not as difficult as some of us would like to make it seem.

1) Happiness – it seems human beings are driven to find happiness in any situation. If we make a choice, we need to trust ourselves that we will come through the consequences of our choice in the through line of finding happiness.

2) Timing – things take as long as the time we give them. (There’s even a philosopher that made a principle out of it). And it’s true. This week I had 2 major projects to finish, and my mind said it did not have enough time. But I finished both of those projects making the sub-decisions necessary to get it done now and be okay with adding more later. And guess what, I found happiness because they were done!


It’s interesting to consider then, that perhaps our unhappiness or feeling like we are not moving forward  because we don’t have enough time (or resources) comes from not making a decision.

Time to reflect back on Courage again. 🙂


Sharing Personally

T Crawford - "Purple Meditation"
T Crawford – “Purple Meditation”

I’ve found the mystic and immense world in one’s own interiority to be a fascinating world in which I regularly explore.

In my experience,  there seems to be both a fluidity and a boundary sometimes difficult to discern on when to share something discovered intimately in the depths of one’s being.

It takes time and keeping the sacredness of one’s own secrets to come through to personal breakthroughs.

And too, to keep everything to oneself does not serve the world much,  for I’m sure that each has benefited from an experience of someone sharing a light of truth within them, and that in turn lit something up in one’s own self.

So the personal journey also becomes on knowing your own body instrument well enough to know when to keep something or when to share it.

And in this way, we also can see that when we let go of something previously inhabited in our interiority,  we have room to find again a new reference point on what this sacred inner space is. We evolve.

Today I’m more internal.


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Sometimes I think of the decisions many in Africa must face as a result of disease, war, labor, or availability of healthy resources like food and water.

And then I wonder how can I live my life with more courage and conviction to do what I think is the best option right now.