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I feel encouraged. It doesn’t take much really.

Just someone kind enough to ask me about one my project’s, this one for example.

And even better when I enjoyed the same interest from yet another the day before.

It brings me encouragement to keep going, to keep making this living example of “life’s a creative process.”


Time to pay it forward:

– Agenda: Offer encouragement and genuine interest to someone I’m inspired by, who’s in process of creating of something great.


Helena Emmans - "Brisk Northern Winds, Ashaig, Isle of Skye"
Helena Emmans – “Brisk Northern Winds, Ashaig, Isle of Skye”

Yesterday was the first day I wore a scarf to create a buffer between me and the cold brisk of autumn.

…I enjoy the fresh air, it is strange how the smell of dying leaves is a reminder of the beauty of life. Perhaps even more so than Spring.

“Brisk” is defined as “active, fast, energetic.”
And it was this insight that made me realize how important brisk is as a part of the overall experience of “cold.”

Brisk weather encourages us to move quickly outdoors, to be focused on the ends we want, and to attain them as quickly as possible.

In the comforts of warm indoors, especially into Winter, I want to remind myself to be brisk in my mentality, to be certain in my movements, to be energetic with engaging my life.

The World In My Heart


Photo:  Wordless Tech
Photo: Wordless Tech

It’s eclipse time, and the two weeks before and after it are always intense times to see life starkly different than whatever limits we had over it previously.

It is a difficult time, but it’s also like a fast-forward boost to a more complete version of yourself.  It’s shocking, and it takes consciousness to embrace it.

The Eclipse is falling right on my IC line, bringing me to the depths of the earth at the same time giving me a crystal clear view of my future and where I stand in the public perception of me.

I find myself in these intense moments as best as I can describe as birthing pains of the universe, of the Creation. I feel separated and torn from my Source,  the unity and harmonious androgyny before the big bang.

And each time I remember to find the beauty of what this is, to appreciate the marvelous, intricate Creation of that I am a part, I feel release, joy, and expansion.

It seems too soon after that I’m pulled back down to the intense feelings at the deepest of my darkness (IC), but I know now more and more each time I’m eclipsed back down here that I am strong,  that I am going to reach (MC) the re-found unity again, that place of serenity.

I know the good feelings will come from my own balancing (Libra) in my grounding (IC). Like the game of balancing a pencil on a finger while walking, I’ll have to make constant small adjustments to move forward and continually find again my fulcrum point. And I’m better at balancing it, the more grounded and steady I am.

And as I find this centering, the world in my heart reveals a part of its mystery, the depth I have within my being with inspiration swimming through it, kissing  light and love into the darkness that no longer needs to lie dormant within me. I take on a more complete version of myself.



My Hair 01 October 2014
My Hair 01 October 2014

Playing with photography. I was surprised at how this turned out.

When I look at my hair, I see the past. Hair is created by dead cells shooting out of my skin I’ve been told.

The haircut trims away the past that no longer is needed. Beauty emerges; we marvel at how our whole appearance transforms.


In astrology, hair is ruled by Leo. Scorpio governs death (dead cells), the past, and transformation.  Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars (who rules cutting).

That is to say that:  Hair (Leo) cut (Mars)  = Cutting (Mars) the Past (Scorpio)

Scorpio always is square (aka, a tension) Leo, the past seemingly contradicts our Leo free-spirit nature. But death (dead cells making hair) also gives the palette of potential for who we really are (Leo, who is ruled by the Sun)

The haircut is a fantastic lesson of cutting out the past to choose the ebbs and curves, the beauty that is there naturally within us. The flow and beauty that can be revealed outside and inside.

Dignify Sameness

Lisa Solberg “Red Eye”

How many times have I let go of a project because I discovered someone offering a concept or product similar to that I was developing?

What happened?! Moments before I was passionate about it, sharing it with others, getting feedback, synthesizing and connecting ideas….Then bam! I’m no longer interested.

Beyond my Aquarian nature of needing to be individualized, I do feel it’s a byproduct of culture in the United States. Here we are encouraged to find our voice, make our stance, and ride the “ladder” to our own achievement, to create our own hero stories.

If we are the same or similar to someone else, then how can we be the hero of our own story? There has to be another way…

Borrowing from social capital expert Cynthia Greenawalt’s own brilliant synthesis of thinker information to create “3rd Wave Networking,” there are even more possibilities for personal and network growth (and exponentially so) when we have focus and take care of the people we include in our networks. We can look at each other as growing the gardens of our relationships; we can share a vision that we are participating in a common quantum field. And this allows a lived reality of interconnection that gives way to a new paradign for our global community – described by the renowned futurist Alvin Toffler as”the first truly humane civilization in recorded history.”  We have the technology and collective experience to create it. (See Cynthia’s Sea Change Networking).

So another choice in confronting sameness is to see the relationship to the collective in it. We each participate in collectives – our body is a collective of cells, our families, our workplaces, cities, countries, world, galaxy, universe, all the manifested world, all the Creation…

Another view could see sameness as affirmation that the concept is needed and viable. And too, that the unique individualized perspective of how to achieve the concept is needed. That the individualized offerings, while they may look similar, will attract different people. In other words, the concept will reach a wider spread of markets because each person attracts different mixes of people.

It doesn’t need to be an indication of competition, but it can be an sign of being present and attuned to the moment. A sign of bringing a consciousness of evolution to the masses.

At this moment, what is needed is trust in oneself that the individualized expression adds value to the collective effort as well as a gaze of recognition to the others building this empire with you, alongside you, even though they traditionally would be “enemies.”

Let’s go beyond the wars we create between each other that take ownership of these concepts we actually are receiving as a collective transmission.

Let’s together create the collective hero. Let us incarnate the way of the truly humane race.

The 12 Astrological Houses – a brief summary

1st House – the self, ways others perceive your personality, beginnings
2nd House – values,  self worth, raw resources/talents, money you have
3rd House – siblings,  neighbors, cars, mental activity, reading/writing, communication
4th House – home, family, heritage (chosen or inherited), roots
5th House – children,  creativity,  games, pleasures,  casual sexual relationships
6th House – work, service, those who work for you, pets, health, co-workers, daily routines
7th House – one on one relationships,  best friends,  partners (business or love, open / known enemies
8th House – sexuality, impregnation, psychology,  other people’s money,  indirect income,  death, rebirth, taxes, renewal
9th House – adventures, faraway places (literal or figurative) vision, governance, laws, philosophy, outlook, belief organization
10th House – goals, aspirations, public image, what we’re remembered for, drive, perseverance
11th House – hopes, dreams, friends,  tribes / circles, place of discovery, divine inspiration
12th House – mastery, hidden secrets,  deep spirituality,  unknown/unseen,  illusions / delusions, faith

Autumnal Equinox 2014

Image: Tumblr/Tassels
Image: Tumblr/Tassels

The sun’s path into the constellation of Libra marks the beginning of autumn and a significant passage of shifts, changes, and transformations, ultimately leading to a “new year.”

In astrology, we call this the Libra Ingress, or the moment the Sun enters 0 degrees of Libra. This will go until the final degree of Sagittarius on December 22nd for this year, the Winter Solstice.

Every year, this is a moment of changing colors, fading, feasting, and finding balance. 

The Season’s Face-Value: Learn & Create to Find a New Footing/Balance

In New York City, the rising sign for the Libra Ingress is 17 Gem 28′. The rising sign, also known as the ascendant, is the facing of the chart – what we notice first. In the Aquarius decant of Gemini, there is a sensibility of the groups with whom we associate and how we grow and learn from them. Gemini is about siblings and basic language as well. What or who we keep close is who is on our minds, is in what we say or do, moment to moment. It can feel a little scattered but also can be quite fun.

The rising sign is ruled by Mercury at 26 Libra 13′ in the 5th House who is ruled by Venus at 21 Virgo 34′ in the 4th house. This makes Mercury and Venus in mutual reception, having a sort of telepathic relationship, understanding and working with each other although there technically is no aspect. Mercury is ahead of Venus, gathering the information, talking to people, creating new solutions, and Mercury shares that information with Venus who will create processes and daily routines that give a renewed foundation for the future. Conversely if your creation action is feel overworked or abused, use Mercury to create another idea or way to do it.

Everything and every one is grasping to keep a hold of what we lived and enjoyed from the summer bounty. The time of Libra begins the decline into immanent death of Scorpio, which is really just a waiting time for a new seed to be fertilized. The time of Libra is a time of struggling to find balance – balance between keeping the fresh spirit of summer and surrendering into the cold (that kills or preserves), which is the seasonal time for reflection on what we actually want to experience next year, and in relation to how we do (or not do) it with others.

So although the season is also known as “Fall,” the Rising Sign’s dispositor (Venus) indicates that we actually are working hard to lay a foundation of what we really want, what service we want to be to the world, to the people who are like brothers and sisters to us. Those could be our neighbors, our co-workers, or co-members in associations.

Not New Moon : A Wisdom Reaping Harvest for Your Season

The Libra Ingress occurred just before the New Moon, so the moon is in is Balsamic Phase. This means that it is a very wise moon, looking to gather all the knowledge and experience accumulated through life in information this new season new moon.

But it is not a New Moon, so you don’t start anew yet. You need to gather the information and bring your attention to it, bring consciousness to it, so you know what you want to start anew; what the real balance in your life might be. Explore that through this season.

The Sun and Moon live in the 5th and 4th houses respectively, repeating the pattern indicated to us with Mercury and Venus. Things are changing, inevitably, but the creative spirit in the dying process, to be compost for the next cycle, is extremely creative and laying the foundation for a new way of being.

Even though things may seem to struggle to stay alive as we know it, we actually are letting all our wisdom inform the next cycle that balances our inner (Moon) and outer (Sun) beings.

Mars: Take Daily Actions to Work Hard at Your Developing Vision 

March 26th, 2016, is when Mars returns to the position he was on the Libra Ingress where he will exactly trine the Sun who will be in Aries at this time. Currently Mars is sextile the Sun, so effort has to be made to reap the reward, but with a trine the creative energy naturally flows and it is immediate. So we are preparing over the next 1.5 years to be in a place of flow, where our true inner being (Sun) can take action (Mars) into the world in ways that align to your true vision (Mars Sagittarius).

Now is the time to set your compass, and aim for what you want to do. Because Mars is in the 6th house, what do you want to do on a daily basis. Because Mars is in Sagittarius, what is your vision?

You may not be doing it yet, but it important to begin to do the work in talking to people or engaging your creativity (Mercury) that will lay the foundation of what you want to create in your life (Venus & Sun/Moon), the “seed” of what the vision of your everyday life could look like in motion.

Mars co-rules 5th House and rules the 6th and 11th House. Meaning, your daily routines and vision in action are affecting your creativity, your work, your pets, your health, and/or your associations or money from your career. You can use these areas to work on your Mars vision over this season.

If you don’t like what you see, use Mercury to try something out, but don’t “kill” anything yet…

Uranus Square Jupiter: Choose Your Actions Wisely

Meaningful to note is the perfecting Uranus Square Jupiter in this chart, living in the 11th and 3rd Houses respectively. Giving a nod to the Rising Sign (remember Gemini in Aquarius decant), Uranus is living in Aquarius’ classically ruled house and Jupiter living in Gemini’s classically ruled house. Translation: These two are representing one distinguishing / memorable facing of the moment.

A Square aspect gives tension; we can notice tension more than ease. A square will force the tension to find an outlet, a way of release. An opening square (as we have here) will encourage action in the physical world, negotiated between the two planets in aspect.

Uranus both is about the collective/our associations/our tribes & our bright, unique light from the Divine, totally inspired and sometimes difficult to understand under its eccentric facing. In Aries, Uranus is about the individual and starting projects that relate to one’s hopes or dreams for the world.  Jupiter is about expansion, releasing the confines or boundaries, allowing joy and a return to God if we so choose it. In Leo, Jupiter too is about to ego, the creative spirit that finds the ways to express oneself fully and with inner strength or courage.

In lesser form, Uranus represents accidents, sudden strikes, decapitation, or electricity. Jupiter represents gluttony, greed, and bloated perspectives.

Look at these words as metaphors and see where in your life you might be manifesting this aspect, and how. You can choose a higher form or lesser form, but the higher form only comes by intentional action. If no action is made, action will be made for you (Squares must release their tension) through your subconscious or unconscious, and it likely will be sudden.

Don’t be afraid, look deep at yourself with loving eyes and search for a new anchoring to your Libra fulcrum.

Good Fortune: It’s There To Nurture You

Finally, as a last word of encouragement, the Part of Fortune for the NYC Libra Ingress is 0 degrees Cancer. Affirming the stories between Mercury & Venus, the Sun/Moon from earlier in this article, abundance or fortune (in all its possible ways) will come by the roots your create this season. Because the Part of Fortune lies in the 1st house, the space of the Rising Sign or the first facing of the chart, we can notice these moments later on in our life.

Also being on the world axis, look for things that might be starting now in NYC, for they will gain world recognition.

The Part of Fortune is computed by the calculation of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (Rising Sign). So finding the expression of each (each detailed in this article) will help you harmonize this magical point in your own life, especially wherever 0 Cancer lies in your natal chart.

Now go out and see your life for what it is.

Begin the process of Libra, searching for the balance, letting yourself fall and release to recover again your balance, a new perspective or positioning on what you keep for the next time or what you let fertilize the next time.

When you get to Scorpio on October 23rd, then you can let things go permanently. But for now, try things on, talk to your best friends, your partners… enjoy your one on one conversations. Look to art for inspiration. These all are clues to help you remember what you do know, and what you like, meaning what you want to do more in your daily life.

Check out this video (you can take out the audio) for the feel of this Libra – the meeting of different dance styles, the partnering, the going against each other but finding again a balance without ever really falling, or falling alone. A balancing and adjusting requiring great skill (things you have learned, your wisdom) but also opening to see a new vision of experience and movement of your living container – your body.




Feeling Compromised

Ebba Jahn, "Pushing It"
Ebba Jahn, “Pushing It”

There is a fine line between pushing oneself to return into the positive and letting oneself feel the reality. It is how we perceive the reality, though, that matters.

In several areas of my life, I see and I feel how I have let myself compromise at the sacrifice of my truer interests.

And I test my courage in vulnerability here in sharing my processing-heart to heart.

The present is a result of the past,  where I made decisions that I felt were best. And in continuing my life, I naturally gained experience that shaped my perspective over and over again.

I can see now that my choices have left me compromised, but I would not have known that had I not had the experiences afterward to lead me to that awareness.

The only empowering choice I have left now is to make decisions, and with determination, work to find a better balance – a truer me in the now.  And likely, I’ll return to a moment similar to this to face another set of difficult choices or experiences that will stretch my perceptions of my limits.

I give myself permission to feel regret, sorrow, or low emotions.  And I give myself strength to detach from these chains that prevent my finding a better way, quickly, with love and appreciation for the lessons I learned for my personal evolution thanks to them.

It is as it is.