Control Freak? Find Peace With These 3 Steps

imani-clovis-jeans-ripped-sitting-KristenTodayOh boy, there’s a whole lot of sitting around and wondering what will happen next this week. The Moon is void all day on Wednesday and next Monday, which means there’s lots of personal time and quiet time, and maybe when you don’t want that.

The tough aspects of this Capricorn Moon can make you feel powerless. Decisions can be made without your input, and that just sucks.

Well, how can you make the best of the situation?

You can control how you feel with it and how you manage your energy.

First, maintain the heightened sensitivity you built in Last Week’s Considerations “Blindfolded in the Catacombs.” It’ll help you navigate the unknown as power moves continue to be made around closed doors.

Then, run through these 3 steps to move through the part you can’t change — other people and situations. These can take you 5 minutes or an hour. Your choice.

This Week’s Considerations is about finding peace when there’s little or no control over the situation.


Unbearable Silence

You’ve been working hard, trying to do all the right things, and then it gets unbearably silent.

You’re not sure if what you did was actually the right move, or if you even did enough.

You might copy by making yourself busy with things you already did or things that just don’t matter.

Doubt might start to set in, and you worry  it can lead you to a downward spiral that’s hard to get out of even when the day is sunny.

When you begin to feel isolated or that you’re talking only to your screens, I want you to take a moment for yourself.

Check-in with where the stress, anxiety, or tension rests in your body. (Encouraging your breath to slow down while your feet are grounded can help you get a more accurate sense).

Yes, go to that uncomfortable place and sit with it.

Like you would comfort a small child, just listen to this node in your body.

And when you’ve heard it out – without trying to correct it, bring your breath to that spot. Let your breath open it, find acceptance of it.

You’ll probably start to notice its intensity start to lessen.

Fill in the clearing space with even more love and acceptance. Get super woo-woo about it because you deserve it.

Then, let your body react to this newfound recognition. It probably will feel more full and alive.

Enjoy the moment. If you feel called, keep moving through the next two steps below.


Priorities and Service

If you open your inbox, you have a dozen or more things calling for your attention. Some will seem more important than others – a bill payment due notification, a note from a friend coming in town to visit, etc…

All these things can steer you in several directions and make it hard to focus on the important things just because these other ones seem urgent. (I loved it when Brendan Burchard called this “other people’s agendas”).

Just like you’re trying to get someone’s attention, that someone is juggling the same issues.

When Moon is Void, it’s not a good time to try to get some reactions out of people… it often withers away in the ethers as this time is designed for personal time.

Instead of muscling through it, try to find peace with being a part of the many priorities with the people whom you’re trying to get their attention and action. Appreciate what they’re going through.

Go back to basics, like my favorite practice lately – put yourself in a place of service.

Work on your own energetic positioning so you can serve them even better.

I don’t know why it works so literally like this, but for me, I often find doors open for me that I once knocked on after I make peace with serving the best and many interests of those responsible to the opportunities I seek.

And for some people, you might find that when you put yourself in a place of service, you might actually need to do more them. Maybe it’s a thoughtful gift. Maybe it’s a phone call. Maybe it’s a note on beautiful stationery…

When you bring yourself to a place that honors other people’s priorities coupled with a place of genuine service, you become their priority.


Strengthen What You Do Know

As you know, I’m in the middle of promoting my Spiritual Woman’s Guide to Love weekend, and there are so many unknowns when you do a live event. How many people will ultimately be there? Did I buy enough materials and supplies I need? Etc.

Because it’s an online world, and events are always last-minute, it can be a difficult to sit in the unknown and witness unresponsive communication. (Yeah, it’s the worst-case scenario for control freaks).

Yet in the end, the trust has to be in yourself. The value you bring. The intentions you set. Your preparedness for this moment.

And even when there’s little to nothing to show for it yet, all that inner knowing is what gets you through it. Strengthen this, what you do know.

It keeps the faith alive. The faith that there is a connection between you and the universe.

That Spirit brings everything you can handle for right now. And that whatever does happen, beyond our control, it is perfect and preparing you for an even brighter future.

That’s the energy I’m bringing into my weekend event, and because I am, I already see a brighter horizon ahead that builds on all the beautiful work already invested in it. Whatever happens, I know it’s going to be magnificent and beautiful.

Astrological Day Guides: May 29-June 4, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday – It’s easier to see the view of where you’re going. However, a very stuck Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) at the end of Taurus clings onto what you know. Stay rooted in what gives you the outlook you have today. Prepare yourself for any necessary movement of what might need to change to get you to the ultimate destination.
(Sagittarius Full Moon at 10:19am EDT. Mercury enters Gemini).


Wednesday – Excellent day for writing, exploring, and getting your head in the clouds. No interruptions to divert your train of thought. So give yourself the space to adventure inside and out. Not really a day for making important decisions or connections because it’s a void moon.
(Sagittarius Void Moon all day, no aspects).


Thursday – Day can start off with a bang. Anticipate unexpected news, layoffs, or major changes coming from those in authority and leadership positions. A new structure starts to crystallize by the day’s end that makes sense of all the shifts and changes. For those who took advantage of Wednesday’s void moon, this may very well be the results of that work.
(Capricorn Moon trines Uranus and conjoins Saturn).


Friday – Power moves continue to be made behind closed doors. Tune into the senses you built up in Last Week’s considerations to help navigate the unknown and come out in the best light possible. Unstable grounds in a preserved sense of appearances.
(Capricorn Moon sextiles Jupiter and Uranus, opposes Venus and conjoins Pluto. Mercury-Mars trine. Venus-Jupiter trine).


Saturday – You can feel deflated from the lack of coherence and connection during the work week. Frame your state-of-mind to recognize a network of priorities. Your own, your clients, etc… In this web, control dynamics are challenging. You can’t make people act the way you want them to. Try to make space for your own priorities to find a new path to the ones where you want connection. Meaning, let go a little bit and trust the process.
(Void Moon until 6:06pm EST when Moon moves to Aquarius. Venus-Neptune trine).


Sunday – A more aggressive push lights up the circles you know and helps connect them to the right places. A good day to get yourself out there.
(Aquarius Moon conjoins Mars, trines Mercury-Sun and squares Jupiter in the night).


Monday – Today can be a ball of nerves. Self-doubt comes into play – did you make the right decisions? Sometimes you just can’t know. So instead of biting off your nails, try to keep yourself busy and take care of old business. Tidy up, rearrange furniture, throw stuff out, etc… remember void moons are meant to be keep-it-to-yourself times.
(All day void moon in Aquarius).
Photo by Imani Clovis

Blindfolded in the Catacombs

oscar-keys-blindfold-blue-KristenToday-scarfThe energies this week can be dark and winding, much like a catacomb. What is buried, forgotten (somewhat), and hiding is present.

The past reckons with the present. And in the mixing of them, jewels of insight can be captured and used for your future.

There are moments that can be quite magical. Like Thursday’s Libra Moon that aspects 4 different planets to make a cosmic geometry that opens up new avenues seemingly out of thin air.

And, there are moments this weekend where your intuition likely will let you know there’s more behind what meets the eyes and ears.

Yes, you may feel blindfolded, and with that aimless, scared, and ungrounded.

This Week’s Considerations offers some tools to help you move through uncertainty with grace. Continue reading “Blindfolded in the Catacombs”

Turn the Page. Characters Development, New Story.

kiwihug-book-atlas-map-KristenTodayThis week’s cosmos are ready for a new chapter to a similar story. Characters develop their personality. The story evolves.

In astrological terms 4 planets change signs this week.

When a celestial body changes signs, it’s ready to take on a new breadth of experience. New archetypes to try on, a different color wardrobe.

Below I explore each of planet changes below and what they might entail.

What I want you do with this is consciously make efforts to shape them into reality. Yes, astrology can happen to you, but it also can be a collaborator most of the time.

Read below for This Week’s Considerations and Day Guides. Continue reading “Turn the Page. Characters Development, New Story.”

Bookmark This Moment! It’s Been 7-Years in the Making!

kamil-pietrzak-603302-unsplashSomething has radically changed since March 2011.

I know that’s uber specific, but I want you to think back then.

For me, I had recently received my coaching certificate as well as a step for astrology accreditation. That was on top of getting ready to get married!

At that time, Uranus ventured out of spiritual “I believe” and “I dream of” world of Pisces and entered firey Aries to revolutionize your sense of you.

You began something, you stood for something else… well, humbly so.

It was rooted in something you really felt as your calling, yet it wasn’t yet developed.

And now, through the passage of time, you’ve come out with a unique perspective to match your experience.

Indeed, you are a little different now, and probably more secure in the uniqueness that is you!

For my passage, I’m no longer working as an employee and I’m only working for myself – as a coach, astrology, and lol, married person!

Typically the beginning and end of a transit through a sign is very similar.

As you go through this week’s content, allow yourself to be very literal.

This week is Uranus’ last in the sign of Aries for your lifetime, unless you’re a child.

It’s the time to recognize what you’ve mastered and what you learned to carry it into a new chapter.

Below, check out This Week’s Considerations on Uranus’ last days in Aries.


Do You Know Uranus?

Uranus goes to beat of his own drum. He comes and goes as he pleases, no one is really sure what he’ll do next.

But they hope he’ll come near them.

There’s something exhilarating and magnetic about him…

… like meeting a celebrity or being gifted a surprise party with your most exciting friends.

It seems like good fortune when he’s around.

But then goes away, contemplating, sitting and waiting for the next creative impulse to carry him back right where he was. Must be lonely and isolated out there with no one around…

Oh, Uranus loves to create. He’ll go to all ends to make things a reality, even if it’s under-thought or in haste.

Don’t ruffle his feathers – you might take his eccentric flow and tilt it further off axis, and things might get chaotic, unorganized, and crazy in a not-so-favored way.

But if that happens, maybe it was the easiest path out to regain overall balance??

Know Uranus.

Uranus brings you the thrill, the confusion from true inspiration merging with your status quo, and all that brings back up to the surface buried things.

In Aries these past 7 years, the possible journeys (aforementioned) show the possible arcs you may have felt.

Like a pulse of electricity, they come in and out, and often seem perfectly timed.

I want you to find your Uranus story that began in March 2011 and is ending now. Like mine with my career choices and public standing, get grounded in yours. You’ll want it for the next chapter ahead.


Proof in the Pudding: Harness Saturn

Uranus has been in this Aries journey for 7-years, and whenever I hear that number, I know someone else in the sky is also talking – Saturn!

Saturn creates structure, discipline and authority to take care of what’s necessary in your life.

He gives lessons the hard way – tough love!

Saturn takes about 29 years to orbit around the zodiac, and it works out that 7 years +/- is a quarter of its cycle.

In astrology this is significant because it corresponds with something called the square aspect, which brings an edge, definition, and sometimes anxiety to the story at play.

For Saturn at 7 years, the effect can either be something that encourages you to take action and/or something that helps you make meaning of it all.

(That part largely depends on how it interacts with the planets in your personal charts).

Details aside, if Saturn is talking there’s something that has crystallized and taken shape.

For me, my certifications (the Saturn part) in coaching and astrology (the Uranus part) 7 years ago really had no meaning without work. Sure, I’ve been doing this in smaller ways these past years, but I will admit this past month there has been an intense creative flow – and easy-to-create framework – to bring to my practice. (You’ll enjoy the benefits of that very soon)!

Meaning, there’s something solid, grounded, and earthy – think physical evidence – that your Uranus journey has provided you also thanks to Saturn.

Saturn probably gave you some tough lessons in there. Maybe you weren’t committed enough, or you didn’t know enough. You probably faced your karma and ultimate “getting stuck” patterns.

However, it was for something… if you can get your mind to frame it positively. Because likely, you did something about it because Uranus made that spark in you to feel alive in this inspiration of “who you can be.”

The mind is pliable to the level of consciousness you bring it.

Think back to your Saturn cycle as a cue to shape your experience as something valuable to cascade into further.

Put your ideas into writing or frameworks, and trust that this time there’s a level of mastery within you to make it wildly (Uranus) successful (Saturn).


Feeling Resistance? This Might Be Why (energetically speaking).

Going one step deeper, I’ll brush you up on some mythology tied into the meaning of these orbiting planets around us.

Uranus fathered Saturn with Gaia. Gaia had Saturn kill Uranus. Saturn’s son is Mars. Mars and Saturn don’t get along because they too have tried to kill each other.

That’s some serious family karma to work through – glad that isn’t mine!

I mention this paternal line because even though these planets would rather not deal with one another, they are inherently tied together.

Saturn gives shape to the erratic behavior of Uranus. Mars brings into reality the frameworks Saturn imposes.

Moving through the energies isn’t necessarily “snapping fingers” easy, but you get much more bang for your buck by working through their uncomfortable relationship to make the most of their potentials.

Meaning, get into “massive action” mode Tony Robbins style with the insights you gather from your Uranus & Saturn experience.

Mars is in his favorite sign, so your efforts are more likely to be fruitful and purposeful than usual.

No excuses, please! Work through the resistance (Hint: it’s the karmic patterning that you’re not a victim to, but rather an agent to work through)!


Next Week: Uranus in Taurus

Astrological Day Guides: May 8-14, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday – Pulled in many directions, avoid the octopus effect. Ask for help where you can. Keep a notepad nearby for the things that need to get done but you’re in the middle of something else to keep it top-of-mind.
(Aquarius Moon sextiles Mercury and Uranus then goes void at 10:29pm EDT. Sun-Jupiter opposition. Pisces Moon begins 11:11pm EDT).


Wednesday – You may feel like you’re trying to make shapes out of clouds. Before the overwhelm sets in, reset expectations. Balance the needed rest and daydreaming with concretizing efforts.
(Pisces Moon sextiles Saturn).


Thursday – Magnetic and unifying, use your powers for good. There’s something magical in the air, and why not make something out of thin air? (Hint: dream big and seek to bring it to action).
(Pisces Moon trines Jupiter, squares Venus and sextiles Sun and Pluto).


Friday – Morning time gets a kick in the pants. If you check your phone, expect to put out some fires. Might want to exercise and get the stress out before more adds on. Not that it’s bad stress, but it can be a bit a shoulder.
(Void Moon until 8:40am when Moon enters Aries. Sun-Pluto Trine & Moon squares Saturn).


Saturday – Hot head alert. Everyone can feel a little cray-cray today with both Uranus and Mercury ending their tenancy in Aries. Before you blow up the house, air out your frustrations, delays, and impatience. Find a way to make it rest at least another week.
(Aries Moon squares Pluto. Mercury-Mars square).


Sunday – Straddling two worlds, you can feel on edge at the same time you feel like ground might be getting more stable. It’s not quite there yet, but both are true.Embrace the laissez-faire part to temper the cray-cray that continues from yesterday. Notice how your words can start to slow down and be more deliberate starting in the afternoon.
(Aries Moon squares Mars and conjoins Uranus until it goes void at 2:05pm EDT. Taurus Moon follows soon after at 2:15pm EDT that conjoins Mercury. Mercury also enters Taurus today just after conjoining Uranus).


Monday – Intensely creative, let your inspiration take you back to your past. Reimagine the old in a current context. Present yourself with new perspectives on how your experience has prepared you for today. Step forward.
(Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune and opposes Jupiter).

This Week… It’s Me-Time!

eli-defaria-woman-bliss-KristenTodayEver have moments where the chatter fades… the music playing sounds like it could be in an empty room? And then the sunlight comes into your window just right…

“This is the life.” And for a moment, you just want it to stay like this and do nothing.

This week has wide open pockets of nothing much going on top of what already is happening.

And boy, oh boy, after the past couple weeks, that’s a welcomed feeling.

Sure Mars-Pluto Retrograde continue dancing their power negotiations and doubt circles. Chiron is forging a path of newness and integration at the same time. And, Saturn Retrograde is unknitting past work and editing internal frameworks while he’s at it.

But at this point, you’re used to the feeling of these. And nothing is positioned to ruffle feathers too much.

Doing nothing is healthy.

Yet doing meaningful, soul-nourishing work during calm moments is also a treasure.

This Week’s Considerations offer some “Me-Time” explorations worthy of a rare, quiet astrological week.

For me, “Me-Time” is about restoration and creative flow. Here are some of my favorite ways to feel connected and energized. Continue reading “This Week… It’s Me-Time!”

All Kinds of Ugly…(with a twist of Chiron)

kevin-laminto-woman-night-cry-tears-KristenTodayYesterday, I witnessed a colleague completely lose it. She felt rotten and couldn’t hold back her crocodile tears.

I’m sure she felt like it was a miracle to make it to our meeting.

Taking three naps a day, nursing a broken heart, and having two vacancies in her home, leading to more and more bills…

… she just wanted to work on her website and get some new clients!

However, her sadness and pain just continued to cripple her. I could see her double over in pain.

No one likes to witness someone hurting, but then another colleague offered two powerful points:

  1. The only way out is through
  2. You’re only given what you can handle

When you feel your world collapsing, you want to sit with it. And then look to astrology for frameworks on how to work through it by seeing what archetypes are lit up.

This next two weeks, Pluto Retrograde and Mars will bring to the foreground your issues and not-to-hidden concerns.

It can feel like your personal hell is playing out before your eyes. (Sorry to say).

Chiron will seek to bring healing to this. Chiron in Aries is governed by Mars, so he’s tied to Mars and has a direct connection to these Mars-Pluto happenings to help make the pain productive.

See Pluto is so far away removed from Earthly time, that he doesn’t understand pacing out these things. For him, change is necessary and might as well rip off the band-aid!

Mars in Capricorn is in his favorite sign. He thinks he knows best here. And if you’ve ever been around a very proud, certain man, you know that’s better to just let him be than try to interject.

So you’re kind of stuck in this energy and it’s working itself out in nebulous ugly if you do nothing about it.

Thing is, planets DO respond to consciousness.

So if your mindful of what’s coming in, work through it… and it doesn’t have to be so messy.

This Week’s Considerations help you navigate through the nasty in direct connection to the sometimes aggressive planetary archetypes these next couple weeks. Continue reading “All Kinds of Ugly…(with a twist of Chiron)”


bed-eyes-oh-no-KristenTodayHate to break it to you, but the re-structuring and redoing isn’t quite over.

Mercury is Direct Motion now, but this today Saturn stations to go retrograde. On Sunday, Pluto also stations to go retrograde.

The good news is that Saturn and Pluto work more on the overall picture, so it’s not like a day-to-day drama like Mercury.

Plus with Sun’s entry to Taurus on Thursday night, the mood will generally start to feel more settled.

However, these retrogrades can signal that you’re in for a turnaround in what you’re after.

The sense of the ambitions likely will seem the same, but what it looks like can change.

Power dynamics – who you serve and who works under you, re-evaluated.

Mercury Retrograde gave you the mental awareness to see how things aren’t working well. Miscommunication, broken process, small details that actually made a difference…

With those insights, it makes sense that the greater structure is going to change. And change might be abrupt!

You’re going to be figuring out whatever this amounts to for the next 4.5 months (until Sept. 6th) when Saturn stations to Direct Motion.

Try not to get discouraged because by the end of this year, you’re going to get finances that match what you’re doing and the machine well-oiled. You can enter a sweet spot in December despite these obstacles!

Remember, when you set your goals more as standards than finished tasks, you can feel accomplished in any time period – today, this week, this year, you name it!

Embrace what is. It’s Saturn Retrograde. It’s Pluto Retrograde. It’s not like you can change the course of the cosmos.

This Week’s Considerations helps you feel settled in what is, even with Saturn and Pluto’s about-face in your physical goals and control. Continue reading “NOT ANOTHER RETROGRADE! (From Mercury to…)”

Get Outta Your Head: Last Week of Mercury Retrograde

letterblock-create-KristenTodayIt’s a particular sting when you see someone else doing exactly something you’ve thought about for a long time.

Envy flees quickly. And, at least in my mind, the critic comes out and calls me bad names. (Mostly full of the should have, could haves, and see, you got in your own way again)!

You have good ideas, great ideas, and not so good ones, just like me.

But if you’re living in the land of make-believe – meaning it’s only in your head – you’re missing out on half of the equation of happiness.

All ideas don’t need to be created. Get that out of the way.

However, ideas are meant to be explored. And through them, to take in a greater awareness of what life means in small ways and sometimes bigger ways.

This is the domain of Mercury who controls the mind and thoughts and who circulates them to others to see what comes of them.

Meaning, if you’re not putting your ideas in a flow outside your head, you’re missing out on all the support around you.

This last week of Mercury Retrograde is ripe to harvest old thoughts and ideas and externalize them.

This Week’s Considerations helps you get you out of your head and into the game of life. Continue reading “Get Outta Your Head: Last Week of Mercury Retrograde”

‘Retrograde Reboot’ You Gotta Do It Another Way

resetNothing sucks more than someone saying that your latest-and-greatest likely won’t work. And on top of that, when you honestly consider their opinion, you agree!

Mercury Retrograde has been setting hiccups along your well-intentioned initiatives for 2018.

With nature springing forward in bright colors, it’s doesn’t feel fair that your projects may not be flourishing in a similar fashion.

Disappointment and resistance are some tough enemies.

But you know what, you can defeat them.

Yet, there’s a whole growing season ahead. We’re just in the green and just setting off to mature the intentions set for this year.

This Week’s Considerations offers ways to hurdle obstacles, even when you wish it were different. Continue reading “‘Retrograde Reboot’ You Gotta Do It Another Way”

Work Hard Without Feeling Like Crap About It + Libra Full Moon

oscar-soderlund-black-white-running-water-KristenTodayCareer and achievement are some of the most sought after answers on Google.

While it takes a visionary to see the world in a new way, it also take sweat, brains, and resilience to see through what it actually takes to make visions a reality.

It can feel like you’re running a marathon although you’ve never left your desk!

These supportive roles in American society are often see as undesirable class and social symbols. And so, they are avoided. Things that trigger senses of inferiority and petty work instead of “climbing the ladder” are the modern-day plague. It may be a little murmur in the back of your mind, but it’s likely creating some hesitancy on your part!

This week’s cosmic landscape challenges your resistance to busy work and trusting the process.

Today’s Leo Moon can be an ego deflator, followed by a Virgo Moon that has you cleaning up old messes.

By the time you’ve had enough of the weeds, you’re confronted with the Full Moon in Libra that asks what you actually accomplished vs. what you say you wanted in your life. And that Virgo Moon from the couple days before has all the details ready for review.

Saturn and Mars approach a conjunction this week. It’s like a college-age son reporting back to his father what he accomplished. Being a young man, it may have been aimless and full of sexual interests moreso or less than learning… and that is a reconciliation that both will have find with a plan and a renewed vision of how to go about things.

Saturn and Mars represent your own plans (followed or not) and actions (strategic or aimless/for fun and pleasure). The Full Moon corners this already tense moment in the sky threatening you with more of the same or giving you the opportunity to decide on taking a new approach.

It’s you that makes the decision to start fresh. And that might mean rolling up your sleeves and dealing with the nitty-gritty work necessary to get yourself back on track.

All in all, when you’re faced with hard truths, humility and humbleness go a long way. They are the ever shifting backbone that keeps you pure and honest no matter where you’re going.

This Week’s Considerations explore how to work hard without feeling like crap about it. Continue reading “Work Hard Without Feeling Like Crap About It + Libra Full Moon”