Venus in Pisces: Feb. 10 – Mar. 6, 2018

dominik-vanyi-woman-ocean-smile-KristenToday-black-whiteNeeding a break and time to retreat?

Venus in Pisces begins Saturday, and she’ll offer just the rest & relaxation you’ve been craving through March 6th.

She’s so comfortable here that you could have a bit of timesuck if you’re not careful.

The best potential of this astrological moment is a lot of self-learning (and healing) available in this moment.

Too, your intelligence is more striking than usual. It can help you make connections to your past that liberate your future.

This week I share with you why Venus is her best in Pisces, the opportunities that arise from it, and the signs that you need to redirect your course.

By the time this period ends, maybe you’ll breathe some creative life back into yourself and find a better work-life balance. :::crossing fingers:::

After all, eclipses in motion, it’s a time to let go of what’s not working so you can practice what you preach.

The Best in Venus: Create, Relate, Recharge & Reflect

Pisces has certain qualities that bring out the best in Venus.

For one, the sign representing the oceans is very fertile and demonstrates life’s endless possibilities. Venus loves to create, and you can’t ask for a better palate than this!

Also, Pisces is dark and mysterious. Eventually, those oceans get so deep that even sunlight can’t be seen. Venus is the planet helping us relate – both to how you appear to yourself and to the outside world. A bit of intrigue prevents relating from going stale!

The symbol of Pisces is a fish. Like a fish retreats to safety, Pisces brings you inward to the safety of self. Without you intact, all your good works have no outlet.

Myself included, most women I know love the opportunity to recharge and reflect. Venus, the planet symbolizing women gets to feels her deepest calm from within in the zodiac here in Pisces.

Use Venus’ potential by making time to create, relate, recharge, and reflect! With all these positive qualities, Pisces helps make meaning and integrate knowledge.

Your Venus in Pisces activities will fuel her journey into the beginning of the zodiac — Aries on March 6th.

In Aries, Venus’ stores of energy get unleashed in many directions. Her tastes for experience are many. And, she’s eager to feel passionately and wildly.

Use the Pisces time to help direct this upcoming burst of energy to something that follows a throughline to your year’s goals. (More reason to not give up on them yet)!


Additional Influences: Scales of Experience

The moment a planet changes sign, a map of the sky is drawn up through a chart called an Ingress. This Ingress shows up what symbolic energies are circulating throughout the duration of that chart – in this case, March 6th.

Here we not only observe the qualities of Venus on Pisces but also the environmental influences that make it more or less easy to find the best in Venus.

The way astrology manifests often has to do with your level of awareness of what’s going on. It’s said that if you don’t get the sign to evolve or move-on on a spiritual level, it’ll then manifest on the emotional. If not on the emotional, then on the physical.

If you have physical manifestations (often remembered negatively), it’s not to say you have on a dunce cap!

It’s more to say your blind spot has been revealed, and now you can grow and evolve to be an even more fulfilled person!

So take these scales of potential experience as ways to be proactive. And if life throws you a curveball, look to the positive version to help learn from what happened.


Void Moon in Sagittarius: Aspirational Heaven or Lost Soul?

The purity of what 2017’s aspirations brought you can be recalled and embodied. It’s only been 1.5 months of 2018, but a lot has already happened that can be disorienting to your original intentions.

The Void Moon brings you to an internal space, where it’s not advised to interact and expect a clear response. It’s the cosmos way of saying, “Time to rest, relax, regroup.”

For some, that means vegging out, but for others, that means cleaning your desk or journaling.

Over a longer period of time, it means a lot of movement in the background and preparation.

The quality of this void moon is one of exploration and discovery.

You want to be careful of getting lost in experiences or searching for information/people/objects without contextualizing meaning around it.

Don’t be a lost soul in the continued search. Instead, find your aspirational heaven and let it bring faith to who you are and the path you’re traveling.


Mercury in Exaltation in Aquarius, Combust Sun: Insightful or Zany?

Mercury loves being in Aquarius as much as Venus loves being in Pisces.

Here at best, Mercury can synthesize information and come up with original solutions. Look to the house Aquarius occupies in your chart to learn where Mercury is connecting the dots.

At his worst, you can get lost in disconnected thoughts that lead you to nowhere.

Everyone knows that when you’re in the middle of a challenge that a break is a recipe for breakthrough. However, that feeling of inching closer and closer to the solution keeps you burning the midnight oil.

Just take the break! Mercury’s agnst urges you to keep working and solving, but Venus in Pisces now will give you information in your dreams and resting states to help Mercury along, and in a more holistic approach.

Mercury’s combustion (meaning conjunction to the Sun) excites these qualities even more. So it can make you incredibly insightful or a little zany.

Use the energetic jitters as the confidence to speak your mind and orchestrate all your intelligences as a more whole expression of you.

Neptune & Pisces: Integration or Breakdown?

Neptune embodies much of what the sign of Pisces does. Add qualities of magnification, illusions, layers, and merging and you start to get a better picture of its influence.

Ideally, Neptune and Pisces urge you to integrate and feel more whole and united with a greater existence. You can embody your beliefs and walk your talk.

However, Neptune and Pisces often take a level of mastery – whether its spirituality, music, or academia, to offset negative manifestations.

They humbly remind us of how we’re evolving and improving throughout our lives.

So look out for your unconscious go-to’s, addictions, and depressive tendencies to pop up.

Any hard times can get break you down into negative emotions and these unhealthy behaviors.

Remember, that becoming more integrated often means accepting (and loving) your flaws. Use Venus to find your way afloat when you feel like you’re sinking.

Keep your feel-good music handy, and play it even when you want to hate it.


Pulling It Together

Here’s some general advice I offer for this time.

  1. Use the the Day Guides to plan times for stimulus and mental exploration (Mercury) and to create/relate/recharge/reflect  (Venus).
  2. Let creative outlets help express your unconscious and subconscious thoughts (and get those planets working well together).
  3. Listen to plenty of music – let it take you to feel-good or intriguing places. Let your curiousity be sparked.
  4. Journal, talk it out, dance it. Find a way to express the unspoken. Notice it – describe it without judgement. Learn from it.
  5. Practice patience and quiet, personal work. Let things develop in their own time without prematurely releasing them.


Astrological Day Guides: February 6-12, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Overarching themes: Eclipse season (see last week’s considerations). Venus entering Pisces in her most appealing sign (exaltation). Last Quarter to Balsamic Moon Phase. Mercury combusting with the Sun.


Tuesday – Play your strongest moves today. Be precise in your communication and keep things simple. Favored today, meetings with authorities or people in high positions that can help you accelerate your impact. Put yourself out there… strategically so.
(Scorpio Moon sextile Saturn, square Mercury and trine Neptune. Venus-Uranus sextile).


Wednesday – Get real with yourself and ground your latest-and-greatest ideas. Likewise, dig yourself out of your automatic patterns and get a higher perspective on them. You need both the highest of highs and the lowest of lows to find your sweet spot – and to know you’re reaching the boundaries of your potential.
(Scorpio Moon square Sun-Venus, sextile Pluto and conjoin Jupiter).


Thursday – Escape and enjoy nature. Open your mind to experience things in a new way. Stretch your body. Fearlessly fight for what right in your heart of hearts.
(Sagittarius Moon conjoin Mars).


Friday – Exercise your intelligence – especially while it’s fresh in the morning. Some out-of-box thinking can revolutionize your current projects and stimulate your creativity to work for you.
(Sagittarius Moon square Neptune and sextile Mercury).


Saturday – Rest from the dynamic and demanding week during today’s long void moon beginning just before noon Eastern Time. Transition into an calm where your inner world is sacred and mysterious.
(Long Void Moon 11:38am – 9:21pm EST followed by Moon in Capricorn sextile Venus. Venus enters Pisces. Sun-Jupiter Square.).


Sunday – Structure your time. Purge the distractions. Let your heart detach from the past to make a new vision of the future – starting with the walls you put yourself in, or free yourself from!
(Capricorn Moon conjoin Saturn and sextile Neptune).


Monday – Power plays can make sudden shifts in interpersonal dynamics. As the 2nd eclipse’s energy intensifies, let the heads roll that must. Everyone will find their new path ahead, even if it seems “bad” in the moment. Likewise, use this moment to leverage you and your allies to new levels. Strength in numbers. Two heads are better than one mentality.
(Capricorn Moon conjoin Pluto, sextile Jupiter, and square Uranus).

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