“I Wanna Do Nothin’”…. But You’ve Gotta Do This! Venus in Pisces & Finding Direction During Your Last Week of Mercury Retrograde

man-Milan-steps-relaxed-reading-KristenTodayFeeling more passive all of sudden? Like you’re waiting to see where the flow takes you?

Welcome to the world of Venus in Pisces, her residence of what astrologers call exaltation.

She entered in yesterday, January 2nd.

Oh, Venus loves it in Pisces – her shadows, mysteries, and quiet in the womb of some light about to come forth into the world.

Joining Mars, who hates being in Pisces (see here how Mars’ felt about it in Last Week’s Considerations), Venus takes the edge off her man Mars and his frustration about being slow.

Remember how I said last week that Mars in Pisces is like treading water for a month? You get somewhere, but it’s not ideal. Yet, it’s a necessary part of the journey.

Mercury Retrograde dips back into Sagittarius on Wednesday.

Here, Mercury brings back the hopes and philosophical stresses of November 2016 that Venus (then wild-child) showed you.

The space of time that has made November’s tensions easier.

Because of this passage, even if painful, you now know better what matters to you.

Before you were INFLAMED about it. Venus and Mars were in Sagittarius and Aquarius respectively – pretty quick signs to show where your heart is without much care to what others think.

Now these two personal planets are in the softest and probably most passive of signs – Pisces.

Meaning, Venus and Mars in Pisces can make you feel more subdued and in a place of healing and recuperation about late last autumn’s events.

These two are quiet enough in the sky to hear Mercury’s unearthed wisdom from your Higher Self that fell through the cracks during all the others transits through Sagittarius – that includes Mars, Venus, Mercury Direct, Sun and a couple rounds of Moon.

That’s all the personal planets, so it’s something that has to be addressed about your daily life.

In this week’s Day Guide’s – especially Sunday and Monday – you learn about how to make meaning of your Mercury Retrograde story and where to channel the energy you do have to do something positive. (This Mars placement isn’t easy for being productive, all I’m saying).

The final Consideration puts into perspective why you must give weight to Mercury stationing Direct.

Mercury is helping set a context for Saturn to construct what matters to you most over the next 7, 15, 21, and 30 years.

It’s a small but significant moment that can really put you ahead of the curve of the less energetically informed.


Day Guides: Don’t Let “Being Relaxed” Distract You From These Opportunities!

As discussed in the opening to This Week’s Considerations, Venus’ entry into Pisces can really put you in the mood to just go with the flow. Yet, that’s deceptive because there’s a whole lot going on that needs your attention.

Mars in Pisces can make it seem impossible to make moves, but for the little bursts of momentum you do find, you want to make it meaningful.

That’s why you got these nuggets to guide you below:


Tuesday – Moon in Pisces. Open your intuition today. Take the time to relax your consciousness enough to hear/feel/see the pulls your Higher Self desires to birth. Mercury Retrograde sextiles Venus at the beginnings of her journey in Pisces and Mercury can help shift some mindsets and frameworks this next week to get your closer to where your ultimate self would like to go.

Wednesday – In the afternoon, actively push yourself to get out of any slumps and kick negative habits in the butt! New year, new beginnings. Mercury Retrogrades back to Sagittarius and Moon’s shift from morning to afternoon helps. Moon is in Pisces until 11:14am ET. Then Aries after 11:20am ET.

Thursday – Ugly truths can surface today. Conflicts and fights break out from an emotional, not-so-thought-out passionate level. A teenaged-moment. Keep your distance as much as you can from those who take the immature path. And you, take the high road and make your battle cry of love to get your s*** out there. Moon is in Aries and makes mostly challenging aspects to 5 planets today…!

Friday – Quiet aftermath of yesterday in the morning. There will be some time to reflect, heal, and work out some of your last kinks of problems in mindset and what you envisioned last summer/early-autumn that Mercury Retrograde has been revealing. (During Moon Void, 1:41pm ET – 3:18pm ET). After the moon void, Moon enters Taurus and helps you make some grounded movement and planning.

Saturday – Take in the pleasures of what makes you love life – eat well, be with your solid friends, catch up… Moon is in Taurus until it goes void 9:23pm ET.

Sunday – Mercury Retrograde no more! Mercury stations Direct very early in the morning and sets off to put things back together again. He’ll keep a more subdued, internal nature until his next retrograde because moon is void when he begins to move forward. But that’s okay, it’ll just help you tap into your truth before throwing things out there haphazardly or playing the scavenger. Moon is in Gemini.

Monday – Mercury (now Direct) has got an attitude and challenges fears and false fancies that have led you astray. Your words can stir revolutions and radicalize behavior. How about setting some ground rules in writing that hone in your Mercury Retrograde insights and alter the self-defeating and negative influences you let control you more than you’d like to admit? Moon is in Gemini and crosses Venus, Mars, and Neptune without forgetting to handshake Uranus.


What Do You Stand For? Make Sense of Your Mercury Retrograde

Where do you stand if you had a soapbox?

Mercury Retrograde stationing to Direct in Sagittarius has all along been prodding you to define stand for. Time to make sense of Your Mercury Retrograde!

Personally, I’ve found myself exploring all sorts of ideas on what direction I should take my public facing (Capricorn) and how I can serve my audience better (Mercury Retrograde through my 6th house).

Now my thoughts (Mercury) are starting to go, “So… how does that fit into the bigger picture?” (A typical Sagittarius moment).

This is Saturn’s last year in Sagittarius, and by the end of it, he must be solid on what you stand for, where you want to go, and how you might get there.

This little dip of Mercury Retrograde back into the sign is Mercury’s way of helping out what must happen by the end of 2017.

You should answer affirmatively on all these questions by a year’s time. Use Mercury to start working on them now:

  1. Do you believe what you say?
  2. Does nothing else sound better than what you “preach”?
  3. Is your faith unshakable on what you picture for yourself?
  4. Are the small things you do on the everyday accumulating to make something meaningful to you over the long-term?

Last autumn, Venus went out-of-bounds and sometimes out-of-control in Sagittarius helping you push those boundaries open of what you allow yourself to experience and have.

Now in Pisces – a similar but more internal sign – Venus softens her gaze and Mars (your actions) is slow enough to notice this cosmic pause.

Mercury, small but fast, can be heard.

Let him unscrew your closed doors and re-open the possibilities Venus explored with added perspective.

Mercury is reflecting the voice of your inner wisdom, your inner preacher.

Maybe you forgot to include something important in your plans…

Everything must boil down to the essential values of what you stand for in spirit, in mind, and then… it’s time to build it.

Slowly this year – you’re practicing what you’ll be doing the next 7, 15, 21, and 30 years when Saturn leaves this sign December 2017.

Stand up for the wisdom of your experience. Find your integrity between your mind, Higher Self, and your activities.

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