Summer Solstice 2018

Solstices go together. Back up 6-months ago, and you were on the cusp of Winter. I offered Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Winter Solstice Standards You Can Live By to guide your year ahead.

With these as your value pillars, you could set up traditional goals to something that would better elicit fulfillment. That was the idea, at least!

Now that winter’s pole – Summer – is approaching, it’s time to evaluate and benefit from how this ship is running.

So even though it’s summer, it’s time to make the MOST of these last 6 months and harvest the fruits of your daily life.

YES, still live according to the standards you set up last winter. Revise them a little if they need it. (Or finally, sit down and make them on Sunday when the moon is void all day).

They’re worthwhile.

Listen, I’ve set myself up for some pretty ambitious things this year too. Mine only started to traction with the Spring Equinox (the action pressure to the Winter Solstice).

This self-evaluation part can be a bit challenging. You know it’s important, you know how to do that.  

The next part is really about how you live it.

That’s what This Week’s Considerations is dedicated to – the Summer Solstice and how you might play it out best.


4 Pieces of Advice for Your Next 6 Months

    1. Listen to your heart. Your friends and networks might think something is best for you. But, they might reflect on their own fears in giving you advice. Use talking to a trusted friend or partner to help you understand what your heart’s wisdom really says. That’s where the treasure is.
      (Venus and Mars are in opposition and will constantly conflict you. Venus is next to North Node – your best interest – and terminates to herself… where Mars ends up with a retrograded Saturn. Overall, Venus is in the stronger position to follow these next 6 months).  
    2. Let indecisiveness breathe. Sometimes decisions can feel too difficult to make. Take the time to settle in and let the indecisiveness show you its wisdom. Maybe you have fears to overcome, maybe you’re doing it for someone important and not yourself, maybe it’s repeating the past… Whatever it is, once you understand it’s deeper nature, THEN move through it. After all, decisions are just pathways that lead you to where you’re going. Even failure helps you succeed in the future. Again, go to #1 and listen to your heart when making the decision.
      (Libra Moon is known for indecisiveness. Moon’s square to Saturn aggravates it. And Saturn is retrograde, showing the need to be internal and look inside. Moon also is sextile to the Venus-North node situation above).
    3. Allow “No’s” to Suck. No’s particularly will suck because you might be more emotionally charged than normal. Especially when you’re making decisions from your heart, trying to be positive and enthusiastic, the hard stops are disjointing! Cosmos show that “no’s” are probable, AND it’s a good opportunity to open up to your vulnerability and ask for help to find a better way. For example, if a client declines your services, ask what would make your offer better. Be in a place of service, and it’s much easier to move through the yuck. The insight can lead to new strategies that will pay off later or just knowing that it really wasn’t you.
      (Mercury is emotional – often overwhelmingly so – in Cancer. He’s opposing mean Pluto, who can offer the no’s and agreements that are tough to stomach. Mercury also grand trines Jupiter Retrograde and Neptune Retrograde in Water, giving an outlet but showing a redirect of energies once they land).
    4. Nurture New Circles. People environments are incredibly helpful for giving you to the motivation and mindsets to find success in the flavor you want it. You probably will need to cut ties with some people – or at least minimize the interactions. Even good people sometimes aren’t good fits. If you don’t do it, Uranus might create chaos for you to shake things up. Embrace the changes. The pain comes from not starting or trying.
      (Sun in Cancer – the nurturer – sextiles Uranus in Taurus, which is a gift you have to grab and get instead of just manifest. Uranus is groups, associations and friend. Taurus energy brings in values, ideas of self-worth, etc. Sun squares and challenges in a thought-way Chiron – the wounded, but also the healer – in Aries who starts and initiates).




Astrological Day Guides: June 19-25, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday – Go with your gut feeling today. There’s a lot on your plate, but the single activity that matters most in the moment might be more instinctual. Trust the internal process for external success.
(Virgo Moon opposes Neptune and trines Pluto. Mercury-Jupiter Trine).


Wednesday – Get what you want. Show how you deserve it, and then let your charm and determination finish the job. If instead someone asks something of you, tap into the inner gauge to finalize your decision.
(Libra Moon squares Saturn, sextiles Venus, and trines Mars. Mercury-Neptune trine).


Thursday – With the year half over, take a quick litmus test to see how things are going. Ask your closest friends, business partners, or even how fired up your competition, is to get their advice. Show them the goals/standards to live by for 2018 (see Winter Solstice article) and then briefly what’s going on now. There’s an edge of tension, maybe even anger, about what’s happened or not. Use it to fuel the second half of your year.
(Summer Solstice at 6:07am EDT. Libra Moon makes a T-square with Mercury and Pluto. Venus-Mars opposition).


Friday – Day to build strategy, get your behind-the-scenes operations in place, and improve your collections. Also favorable for networking and sealing strategic partnerships – particularly ones that connect each other’s audiences/networks.
(Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus and sextiles Saturn. Sun-Uranus sextile).


Saturday – Fights can blow out of proportion today. Try to walk away before you say something too quickly. Permanent endings today. In the positive, spend alone time to cut ties with the past that isn’t serving you anymore. Heal, release, do self-care.
(Scorpio Moon makes T-Square with Mars-Venus, conjoins Jupiter, trines Neptune. Mercury-Pluto opposition).


Sunday – Cozy in a nook and don’t do much of anything. Feed your mind with interesting information from old books, history, finance, anthropology… or other Scorpio favorite topics. Have your day of rest be just that.
(All day void moon in Scorpio).


Monday – Impulsive, and sometimes irrational, today you might feel bigger-than-life. However, cosmos warn it might NOT be met with an equal enthusiasm. Perhaps make the great strides and motions for yourself instead of the interpersonal ones today.
(Sagittarius Moon sextiles Mars. Venus-Jupiter square).

Photo by John Gibbons

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