Remember the Spirit That Rebuilds

A tornado hit my college town in the Spring of 2006. Some streets were left untouched, left with an eerie silence and a raw smell in the air.

Only a few blocks away, branches had fallen, then trees on cars, and even a downed electric line. Even in the worst destruction, a place could remain unscratched only feet away.

At that observation, I was at once awestruck at the power of nature’s forces and the specificity of what some may call good and bad luck.

It made me see that the times fate intervenes is not random. It is chosen – and executed – with precise and rapid force to those who require it.

It wasn’t just cars, trees, or homes to be repaired and replaced. There was a human spirit to be refilled after the natural disaster.

Volunteers restored that faith in humanity with their neighbors through their commonalities. Physical goods also were replaced. People were fed and housed as needed.

The great events of our time may not happen directly to you – they may only be in your orbit. Yet, you still play a great part to play in the aftermath of when fate intervenes.

In times of change, there are opportunities for rebirth.

Thursday’s solar eclipse has a character that could bring about sudden changes, particularly those with late degree cardinal planets or points in their charts. (See Last Week’s Considerations for a full guide).

The surrounding cosmic conditions of this eclipse, ask you to be in a place in a service. To re-create smartly what a new environment of interaction can look like.

Maybe something in your life will change directly, maybe it will happen to someone you know.

But just like that tornado in my college town, you have the opportunity to rebuild your communities – and the spirit that goes into them.

This week, hold back and be a witness. See what really is going on beyond the surface. From there, put yourself in service to what benefits your circles and environment.

Be an agent of positive change.

Day Guides: July 10 – 16, 2018

Wednesday: You can feel like your wheels are spinning in the morning. The eclipse and recent planetary shifts bring you more on edge than usual. Once the Moon is in direct motion, channel the energy with a passion. Put yourself around people and situations that elevate your self-image to the next level. Even though you may feel “small” now, associate yourself with the “big players.”
(Void Moon until 1:59pm EDT. Cancer Moon sextile Uranus and Venus, making a Yod with Venus-Mars, later opposes Saturn. Venus-Uranus trine).

Thursday: The evening’s Solar Eclipse shadows over the entire day. See Last Week’s Considerations for a full guide. If you have natal or progressed planets between 17-25 degrees Cancer, Libra, Capricorn or Aries, it’s time to fast-forward in your life. The changes may come suddenly, even if they’re mindsets. Try to embrace them because it’s the closest thing you have to warp speed to evolve your life from (usually) an outside force.
(Solar eclipse in Cancer, preceded by Grand Trine in water with Jupiter & Neptune and opposition to Pluto).

Friday: The aftermath of yesterday’s eclipse can still crackle into the day. Be aware of strong egos butting heads against each other. Or, maybe it’s time you estrange yourself from people who no longer share your values. In any case today, there might be more fractioning and dividing groups that normal.
(Void Moon until 1:31pm EDT. Leo Moon squares Uranus and opposes Mars).

Saturday: Looking outside yourself for guidance may prove to cause more friction than aid today. Too, you can feel bogged down by all the things you have to do. When the moon goes void in the evening, you can find some relief by taking a dose of your medicine and advice. Time to have a conversation with yourself.
(Leo Moon squares Jupiter and conjoins Mercury before going void at 7:12pm EDT).

Sunday: A sleepy morning, be sure to set your alarm if you have somewhere to be in the morning! Once the Moon enters Virgo, you’re ready to make small wins. Being practical and to the point helps bring inner satisfaction. Perhaps nothing will fully appease the mood, but surely doing something about it helps the stomach aches relax.
(Void Moon until 1:31pm. Then Virgo Moon makes a Grand Trine in Earth through translation with Uranus and Saturn and conjoining Venus).

Monday: Pack some healthy snacks and water with you today to keep you fueled to tackle the day’s work. The morning can foster some working relationships, particularly that of someone who can champion your cause. The afternoon may challenge the overall vision you’re going for, so stick to the parts you can rely on, what you know from your research, and the processes you’re implementing now. Play smart, not hard. It may mean bringing in a third person to mitigate your situation.
(Virgo Moon sextile Jupiter, oppose Neptune and trine Pluto).

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