Permanent and Sudden Changes: Uranus Retrograde July 26-Dec 25, 2015

Uranus stationed to go in Retrograde motion on Sunday. In astrology we look to that exact moment (called an ingress) to see the flavoring of this particular cosmic movement that helps us make distinct its condition from other similar ones.

In New York and Washington D.C. the ingress reveals a situation I relate to very intimately.

This week’s Astrological Considerations is a little long, but please stick through the end because I want you to be able to get through the other end of this astrological moment, and I believe all of this is valuable.

About a year ago I embarked on a journey that took me months to resolve within myself. It brought me to the core of who I thought I was and slammed me face down into the dirt of my karmic pretensions.

Uranus had just gone retrograde with some similar aspects to now…

It all started when I arrived later than I expected (15 minutes) to the airport to catch my flight to an annual gathering I attend in Europe with my chosen spirituality group.

(In retrospect, I see how it actually started when Uranus went retrograde, but I didn’t see it at the time).

I tried and tried, and because of “technology limitations,” the airline couldn’t rebook me nor could my travel agent release the ticket in a way that would allow a simple rebooking fee. I ended up having to buy another round trip ticket. (Uranus rules airplanes, technology, and internet).

I felt miserable, beat by “the man,” and did not understand why “they” couldn’t be more human and understanding about it.

On some level, I kept looping in my mind, “I did everything right to get special treatment. They had the power and maliciously decided to do nothing about it.”

When I finally arrived to my destination, the registration process and way the gathering was organized had completed “exploded,” the context in how we would relate, enjoy workshops, and meet was new.

Everyone looked a little frazzled or “shocked” but was accepting with curiosity what was to unfold. (Uranus also rules “explosions,” shocking, chaos, and everything that relates to electricity – so frazzled).

I felt small and limited in the new context, and I was frustrated that I felt that way.

After I finally got as settled in as could be, I experienced another series of events that in retrospect I can see as caustic – burning through my pretenses of my identity. (Uranus can be burning, slashing, spontaneous/sudden all in the name of higher good – and immediate).

They all had to do with who am I in relation  to the group around me.

As a typical Aquarius (of which Uranus is the modern ruler), I am driven by discovery, hopes, dreams, and passions for causes greater than me.

I also have this other typical Aquarian thing – a feeling of isolation or independence from the actual reality of the interconnected collective I am so passionate about.

It’s the Aquarius-Leo polarity, of which is also strong in my chart. Leo is the self, more on Earth and enjoys life with others in the moment while Aquarius is flying through the sky on ideals and exciting, fleeting moments with their fellow human beings.

Aquarius often shares things in spurts or from a distance – research papers, online, at a networking event. Leo shares things through a party, developing friendships, or spending time making art.*1

My experiences last year at that gathering had me in tears daily, frustrated that I couldn’t get things to go as I wanted, feeling entitled to experience something different because of all I believed I went through to be there.

I felt defeated – I wanted to stay in what I knew, but I couldn’t make any movement there. Everything had changed around me.

I was a stage 0 of a new self – trying to accept it but subconsciously fighting with all my might against it.

Eventually the lesson trying to come through to me confronted me with the stark, glaring reality that in order to serve the collective or greater whole, I have to be a part of it.

That sounded great, but it did not feel good. Yet I knew that it made much more sense than the crazy fears and arguments happening in my head.

Honestly, it took me most of the past year to change my purely karmic (in this case meaning not of this life) behavior from I was safer being isolated from those I serve to I was better off being a part of the collective group.

I was revealed the karma I know I have, but another way I had to be in it.

It was not easy – I would have to catch myself in the moments where I was acting out of my old beliefs of how I should relate to groups. But every time I did, I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone and become part of the group.

By the time Uranus went direct that December, I felt like I had a good pulse on my karmic “trap” and could successfully avert the old behavior with the new.

I no longer felt burdened by my new way of being; it was just something I had to grow into a habit, which took the rest of the year.

As a consequence, I began witnessing the groups and collectives in that I make a part actually grow in the ways I had hoped to achieve alone. And they happened with ease and joy from others.

I continually am seeing a better effectation by this approach that Uranus Retrograde offered me than my previous way of taking action in my life.

I actually am living in my purpose better thanks to Uranus, even if it was a difficult journey after the “shocks.”


I always am saying that the planets contain the same energies but simply interpreted by our own minds as “good” or “bad.”

Know that I don’t say things without experiencing their truths.

My story is just one example from my own life where I know that is true, and you can shift “bad” into “good” as well through mindset.

It takes a lot of work, especially when a cord so deep is struck, but the reward to being in a more full expression of oneself is incredible.


Some Uranus Retrograde themes for this cycle:

Get your head out of the clouds, and be a part of the life happening around you.

Uranus rules the descendant or 7th house cusp of Aquarius on how we will relate to this moment, making the ascendant Leo, what this cycle looks like. We are to be the focus as individuals relating to others in a Leo fashion (see *1 of story). The consideration is the groups and associations with whom we interact.

Come from your wisdom place

With Leo being ruled by the Sun, we look at the Sun’s placement and condition for further indication.

We see the Sun in the 12th, subduing the ego to favor one that presents and shows from from a place of wisdom instead of showing off and gambling to be the right face for a situation to get potential gains. Leo can have many masks and personalities that are not the true nature.

Otherwise said, take off the masks and be the presence of your true wisdom, especially in front of groups.

This wisdom theme is further emphasized by looking at the rulers of the 11th house, of which Uranus naturally rules. Here we find Gemini & Cancer, governed by Mercury & Moon respectively.

Mercury is conjunct the Sun in Leo, furthering what I just described about the Sun and bringing in the element of communication, words, and language.

Moon is void of course, which is a time for reflection, inwardness – again wisdom. Conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, this Moon wants us to come from a deep place and find the structures by which to engage in our daily lives. (More on that soon).


The famous “good cop / bad cop” works, and this Uranus Retrograde ingress has both.

Active pushes to support your Uranus story; A T-Square

Uranus squares Mars & Pluto – It’s a little wide in orb, but it is active: with Mars in the 12th & Pluto in the 6th, Uranus is the Apex to a T-Square that releases in the 3rd house.

Squares are hard adjustments that create tension that is noticeable. While uncomfortable, it does get you to do something about it.

Pluto in the 6th house square Uranus requires a profound change of what you care for on a daily basis – your daily routines, health and personal maintenance, pets, your interactions with coworkers, and daily  processes. Uranus’ placement  indicates we should aim to take action on revolutionaizing these activities based on what philosophies, doctrines, or perspectives we’ve found ourselves amongst to explore and test their truth for our own.

Uranus square Mars challenges what you think you know and if your forward movement actually reflects that. Mars in the 12th also allows for your actions to come from a place of profundity. Think radically.*2

Uranus as the apex – or center – of these squares regulates and gathers these energies and channels them to his opposite – in the 3rd house, conjunct the North Node.

The outlet into the 3rd house indicates that you translate these challenges into learning and thinking, developing the new “language” that better expresses yourself with the people with whom you interact on a daily basis (neighbors, siblings), all moving you to becoming the person you were born to be.

Positive encouragements to your Uranus story

Uranus trine Jupiter in the 1st – All the work you have been doing to reveal your true inner nature has the energizing and flowing support of Uranus. Like laser beam, Uranus can help break up the last fragments of the old you, and Jupiter will help you reveal your innate wisdom and maturity you’ve been developing over the past year.

biQuintile Saturn – Bringing down to Earth your discoveries and passions requires discipline and structure to realize. This is a natural gift to make it happen (think of the child prodigee type who just knows how to do something masterfully). You already know how to do it, all you have to do is plan for it. Put the structure in your calendar, define the ways to be accountable to it, then do it (see Mars, *2).


The world needs leaders to step forward to help steer the course of life on Earth in a better direction.

It no longer is this hypothetical idea of the 60s and 70s, it truly is the reality in practically every field of our modern lives.

While there is good work being done, we cannot rely on it continuing for us.

We must be participants and activators for what we feel is right.  We must stand up and represent a greater cause for today and tomorrow’s generation by engaging in our groups, associations, and collectives as individual leaders who empower others within those social settings.

This Uranus Retrograde can make you feel insignificant and small, or you can channel the discovery of your current underperforming life into something much more profound.

I don’t spend hours every week writing these considerations for fun, although it is enjoyable.

I do it because I believe the only way I can die knowing I lived up to my potential is to empower people like you to step up and be the positive influence to their own circles, which just continues as a ripple effect.

Now is the moment. Don’t be shy – break out, create a little beneficial chaos if you must, and show not only me but the world who you really are and what you really know.

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