How Much Do You Care? Uranus Rallies You To Organize Your Energy Less Selfishly. (Or Is It Selfish?)


The beginning of this year until the end-of-summer, Uranus in Aries has a major confluence of planetary energies in the direction of you take.

Ultimately it boils down to this question: How much do you care?

Uranus has a top-down, trickle-down effect of influence as it mixes in every seeming direction to the major events of the first half of 2017, astrologically speaking that is.

Mercury Retrograde (Rx) will station to go Direct on May 2nd direct conjoined Uranus. (Why we’re considering Uranus now).

Mercury Rx happens just after Saturn retrogrades to re-structure (again) the way the vision goes with the plan, ma’am… and Venus turns direct to push new influences of what to value into Jupiter… and Jupiter goes direct to re-connect the right people, places, and things to put you on a better balance of responsibilities…

Basically all this re-organizing gives you the rare lifetime opportunity to listen to Uranus and…

Step up to play your part to the direction humanity takes.

I get it – sometimes I too feel like I’m barely keeping my personal responsibilities together.

However, Uranus is calling you to be less selfish in the short-term, which is the long-term is kind of selfish because this more global/societal/communal responsibility thing is actually more fulfilling.

Consider that. More below:

What’s Uranus’ Influence?

Uranus typically is described as radicalism, spontaneity, accidents, surprises, ruptures, and chaos. This is challenging to manage, but it can work out for good too.

Internalize the meaning by seeing why it has these descriptors:

Uranus has a huge tilt on its axis, and you can imagine its energetic influence on earth as coming in at a sharp angle, like a slit of light, glaringly bright and unlike what you know.

You’re used to what’s right in front of you; yet with Uranus, the perspective is skewed, coming in at a different angle. You choose how you interpret that information – disdain or acceptance.

In Aries, Uranus’ influence gets channeled in areas about initiation, direction, and motivation.


How Uranus Manifests

Manifesting through shock, shaking, breaking, and refracting, Uranus likes to show fragments so to remind you of the whole.

It’s this peculiar juxtaposition between a pride for unique individualism at the same time as feeling deeply connected to collectivism that makes Uranus difficult to do something with consciously.

Your inner Uranus holds space for your “piece in the pie,” and your outer Uranus connects you to people and movements you identify with.

This is where the famous Jim Roan saying of, “You are the average of five people you spend the most time” with comes into play.

You take a hold of Uranus’ manifestation by placing yourself in this dichotomy of seemingly opposing sides to the axis of individualism and collectivism and engage in the interaction between them.

The “mirroring” effect, often discussed in healing practices, is a way of healing yourself by the reflection of what you observe outwardly. Similarly, you heal the world outwardly by healing yourself inwardly.

Ask Yourself: Which 5 parts of yourself do you value in your outward relationship?
(psst, I hear Jupiter Retrograde in Libra, and Venus Retrograde echoing this sentiment).

What ought they be?


Uranus in Aries: What Directions to Take

The ways people divide themselves into “direction to take” are at once starker and more uniting.

Let’s bring Uranus in Aries’ influence from overarching to everyday perspectives (which exist all at once), like Uranus does it:

Global: Strong divides of “direction to take” in political arenas across the globe. Brexit, Trump, Le Pen… and beyond. Even Bernie falls into this thinking, “This is the right way.”


Societal: “Less education often leads to poorer economic opportunity” are less empirical and more evident today. So, direction to take…

Some believe government has to help fill-in the gaps, others feel it’s treating people as “infantile” to provide basic needs. (I heard this on a NPR interview this week).

Uranus in Aries will push for a reform in one direction or another.

Does something like this, which spans across to healthcare access, rile you up? If so, that’s your Uranus speaking. Whatcha gonna do?


“If you’re black, drivers are less likely to stop for you. And if they do, they’ll stop closer to you than to white people).” (seriously, wtf… look here).

That reaction of “You have to be kidding me. This is 2017,” is what is uniting people in ways that challenge their own assumptions of basic human rights and engage them in a sense of collective concern.

Fighting for neighborly love and diversity is Uranus speaking.

The online (very Uranus) movements of #BlackLivesMatter into #AllLivesMatter. #ILoveMyMuslimNeighbor. Etc. rally people into a common direction.

Pay Attention: Listen to your Uranus sharp jabs of emotions at whatever level of collective engagement resonates within you like I started for you above. Organize your life to do something about it.


Uranus’ Ultimate Call To Action

Uranus wants you to step up and be an influence (for positive or not) in the direction humanity takes.

Thanks to technology, life is simultaneously easier and more difficult. (Oh Uranus and these juxtapositions)!!

With the ease of automation, societal roles are less compartmentalized. This makes room for more cerebral and humanitarian roles, but it also puts pressure on you to take care of 80% of your needs yourself and automate as much as possible.

No longer do you have the luxury of time to go to the baker, the clergyman, the governor, the farmer, the blacksmith… etc.  Now you have to vet out the best grocery delivery, spiritual upliftment blog, absentee vote, whether it’s worth to get an Amazon prime membership.

There’s pressure to do things you’re not good at and to figure it out in isolation. Yet, experience shows human beings are never given more than they can handle.

You must learn how to do “you” at a high level of competency, giving space for your spirit to sing. And! You’re being asked to act at the level of a commonality to your community, society, world, collective of all life.

Uranus in Aries wants you to take the center role of being responsible to the world around you in a way that brings the passion for life itself back as a common thread.

Uranus shows where you are fragmented and gives you the yearning for re-found unity.

Uranus gives you

  • Technology to help out.
  • Out-of-the-box thinking to break out of conformity.
  • Inspiration to celebrate your potential through your uniqueness.

It’s time, my friend, to step up your game for the betterment of “good,” even if your personal game has a while to go.

The upcoming Mercury then Saturn Retrogrades give you about 6 months to reframe.

Life, joy, and truth need your fight to exist now, not in a year, 5 years, or by the end of your life. Figure out a way to fight for what’s right – for the sake of all life – today, even if it’s just a sliver of your potential.

Create the habit of waking up this part of your greater nature at the same time as taking care of your personal ambitions and needs.


Day Guides: March 28 – April 3, 2017

Tuesday: Attention span is short. Pick short, quick bursts of activity that you can do. If you have a more complex task to complete today, make it into smaller parts. Moon in Aries will thank you and keep you energized. Also, pay attention to subtle pulls and internal conflicts at the end of today into early tomorrow. Moon could pick up on some themes for your upcoming Mercury Retrograde you can work on more consciously (See Last Week’s Considerations).  Productivity-20pix Love-20pix Creativity-20pix

Wednesday: From 8:07 – 11:48 am EDT, Moon is void. The second half of the day Moon enjoys his favorite sign in the zodiac – Taurus. Enjoy the small pleasures, re-visit your positive relationship to Mars in Taurus (remember slow-cooking, slow-process, slow-and-steady-wins-the race, or see this consideration). Mars’ sextile to Neptune also helps connect the dots between your deeper long-term vision and the moment’s slower but manageable do-list completing. Creativity-20pix Low Profile-20pix Journal-20pixLove-20pix

Thursday: Mercury and Saturn trine, bringing some structure and planning to your otherwise quick to reply words. It’s a trine, so it happens less noticeably, even if it’s a favorable aspect. Hit record and let the ideas flow. If you’re a musician, music can just make itself with this aspect. Or, do some freewriting. Whatever is your way to let inspiration flow, engage it because the Saturn aspect helps it make more sense and have more value that usual. Plus Moon in Taurus (until 7:12pm EDT) just loves to create meaningful pieces from the heart. They’re sweet and timeless in some way. Social-20pix Journal-20pix Fun-20pix Accomplishment-20pix Productivity-20pix

Friday & Saturday: Void Moon until 12:40pm EDT followed by Mercury’s brief entry into Taurus before going retrograde on April 9th. Mercury can feel tied up in Taurus. Like Mars in Taurus, it can take longer to accomplish what you want, yet efforts do tend to be more practical and simple. Simplify your activities so it’s easier to react to what’s important, not just what’s on fire. Moon in Gemini can get you into mischief for the sake of curiosity, and Venus Retrograde at the beginning of Aries will want to be an escapist… Engage your Mercury and Mars in Taurus influence to help enforce reality into the equation. Appreciate what is and find gratitude for the Mercury Retrograde (and soon enough Saturn Retrograde) to untie your a part of your life’s dysfunctions in the hope for something better, something renewing and revitalizing. Social-20pix Journal-20pix Fun-20pix Adventure-20pix

Sunday and Monday: Find and be in your personal sacred place. Moon void 10:43am – 2:27pm EDT Sunday, then enters sensitive Cancer. Venus is hanging on by a thread to Aries today before she Retrogrades back into Pisces at 8:25pm EDT Sunday. She actually likes it a lot in Pisces, but it will make her a bit moody getting there. Now’s the time to recognize where you’ve been faking it, and falling short (refresh with this consideration). Venus Retrograde says you can do better at making your Jupiter in Libra year of attracting the right people and finding your fulcrum between all your responsibilities. Even though the outward world may not see it – or maybe as an occasional hesitation to move forward (because something else wants to sing) – your inward self knows it. In Pisces, Venus sits in that bath of her deepest joys and personal secrets to find the way to bring her inner light forth. Muster up the strength and courage to (again) reignite what matters most to you. Low Profile-20pix Love-20pix Social-20pix Fun-20pix

Legend Key:

Accomplishment-45pix Accomplishment Creativity-45pix Creativity Fun-45pix Fun
Journal-45pix Journal Love-45pix Love Low Profile-45pix Low Profile
Productivity-45pix Productive Purge-45pix Purge Social-45pix Social
Adventure-45pix Adventure

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