Letting-Go Lunar Eclipse & Inspiration Time with Uranus Retrograde

Uranus-JPL-NASA-KristenTodayThe first of two August eclipses officially casts its shadow next Monday, August 7th. As the next heading says, it makes room for your more noble truths, which the 2nd Solar Eclipse will help manifest. For now, it’s a letting-go. Yep, it’ll be gone for good.

Uranus also stations to retrograde motion for 5 months, beginning Thursday morning Eastern Time. That means your Uranus archetypes turn inward. (There’s a nice graphic to help guide you on that).

Like Uranus himself, it’s time to observe your creations and see where precisely the whole orchestration of it can be enhanced.

Below, learn how to avoid what Uranus did wrong and ultimately got him killed by his lady Gaia, aka Mother Earth.

Finally, in This Week’s Considerations, we imagine artistic process from conception (Uranus) to creation (Venus) to see how to enhance your own filter to take-in inspriation from its purest and be a vehicle to its truth.

Day Guides Follow.

August 7th Lunar Eclipse: Make Room For Your Noble Truths

Eclipses re-orient you to True North, and in this moment your north has to do with your greater truth and standing for what moves with you with honor, loyalty, and respect (+ whatever “noble” truths your hold dear).

However, the Lunar Eclipse is conjoined the South Node, signaling this is a releasing eclipse. Habits, attachments to fads & crazes, and your crutches can be discarded wherever your 15 degree 25’ Aquarius +/- 3 degrees is placed in your natal chart.

(You are likely to feel it most strongly if you have any planets at 15 degrees 25’ Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio).

Letting go of maligned Aquarius energies such as bad friends and contacts, ungrounded dreams, or even gossip will make room for the good side.

Right now, just let go. The Solar Eclipse in two weeks will open up the space to inhabit your True North.

Remember, this eclipse joins a combust (extra energized) Mars, so use your Mars to dump out the anxiety, nerves, and rage that boil up to the surface.

No need to fully comprehend why and get yourself all wrapped up in that doo-doo, just get it out of your body. Exercise, sex, and physical labor are all good Mars archetypes to help move things along.

(Read More on this eclipse season here).

Uranus Retrograde: How It Might ManifestUranus-KristenToday

Uranus Retrogrades Wednesday, August 3rd until January 2nd.

Check out this graphic I made for personal manifestations and look for what’s resonating right now. They won’t all happen. And if you’re more on the negative side of  of it – a) you learn that, b) you consciously pick something more positive to use the energy.

For businesses and the public, there can be radical changes, schisms, and chaos, especially if the topic has been out of the “light.” (Uranus is the great, bright light to our individual and collective psyches). Watch out, Donald + friends!


Internal Uranus Needs To Observe and Reflect

Uranus in retrograde motion needs his quiet space to observe and reflect his creations.

That means you need that, in the added context of wherever 24 degrees Aries 34’ and 28 degrees Aries 32’ are housed in your chart. (See below for houses guide).

Taking your distance is sacred for Retrograde Uranus. That often equates to the me-time that tempers impulsiveness and creating maligned things from an unbalanced state-of-mind.

Kristen, the choreographer, speaking here:

  • When you observe what is happening, you can see the precise moment where something can be added to enhance it.
  • When you act impulsively, you are in chance. You may create dissonance with what already is, which just makes a bunch of chaos you have then manage. blah!

Uranus in mythology created many children with Gaia, aka Mother Earth, and some frankly were monstrous. That when he decided to impregnate her out of impulsiveness instead of intention.

Needless to say, the mixed-bag Uranus became stressed Gaia out for several reasons, including his abandonment to their children, and she eventually sent their son Saturn to kill him (which he did).

Moral: You need the right mindset and self-control to take responsibility and co-parent the ideas you want to give birth to and nurture through the years.


Idea Conception & Channeling it Consciously

Uranus Retrograde is the “conception” phase of procreation. “Hmm, that could be brilliant and unique!”

Besides making great things for the world (Uranus), by taking inspiration, you understand yourself and your uniqueness (also Uranus) better by observing the creation and enjoying its beauty (Venus).

To create consciously, you need to influence your ability to perceive the Source (Uranus) purely and openly let your vehicle to create (Venus) flow. Venus brings the Uranus spark from inside to something you can talk about.

If you’re doing nothing with those sparks of Uranus inspiration, you’re doing yourself and the world a disservice. Such an neglect hinders your overall Venus’ expression.

Let’s look to artistic process to better understand this Uranus (inspiration) & Venus (act of making from inspiration) interaction at play.

Many artists make then observe; it can be therapeutic and self-revealing. However, the results can be erratic if there’s no bridge to the public. The work may turn out brilliantly and uplifting. But sometimes the outcome is disturbing and depressing to others. (In this case, I personally don’t find this socially productive if others are affected negatively by your art).

Starting with a positive mindset and intention can go a long way. Just think of it:

If you’re taking inspiration starting from a state of:

  • rage and frustration, imagine what that image would look like.
  • state of curiosity and openness, imagine what that image would look like.

Much can be accomplished by simply getting yourself in a good place before tapping into your inspiration Source and deciding to give birth to something new.


The House Where It Lives Is How It Manifests

For the Uranus Retrograde, see where 24 degrees 34’ Aries and 28 Aries 32’ Aries (and all the degrees in between) are housed in your chart. lands in your natal chart. Then look to these archetypes to see how the transit might manifest. Be aware that aspecting planets to the transit, especially squares and oppositions, also are more likely to play a part in how it comes to reality than not.

For the August 7th Eclipse, see where 15 degrees 25’ Leo +/- 3 degrees is in your chart. Then include the houses where any planets might reside in 15 degrees 25’ Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio in your natal chart.


Personal Life Archetypes

1st – Yourself, Your Image and Look

2nd – Values, Money (in the bank), Self-Worth, Gifts

3rd – Expression, Mind, Siblings, Neighbor/hood, Short Writings, Multiplicities, Early Education

4th –  Home, Parents, Family, Personal History, Conditioning, Inherited Traits

5th – Children, Creativity, Games, Luck/Chance, Leadership

6th – Daily Routines, Pets, Responsibilities/Chores, Employees (& those who serve you), Environmental conditions, Health

7th – Relationships, Partnerships, Compromises, Culture

8th – Resource sharing/transactions, Psychology & Archetypal referencing, Impregnation, Transformation, Rebirth

9th – Philosophy, Religion (and Faith), Teaching, Talks & Lectures, Foreign Lands and Ideas, Visionary, Grandparents, Mentors

10th – Career, Authorities, Goals, Achievements, Recognitions

11th – Groups, Associations, Dreams, Discoveries, Networks

12th – Intuition, Belief, Unconscious, Research, Knowledge and Understanding, Fight or Flight, Obsessions and Addictions


Day Guides: August 1-7, 2017


Tuesday – Conflicted, your actions might need to respond more to helping out than your desire to break free and touch base with yourself. Eat healthily, it’ll help flow the frustration and anger away.

Productivity-20pix Creativity-20pix



Wednesday – The morning wavers like yesterday between the hunger for summer escapism and duty. After noon (Eastern time), things should lighten up and feel more social and open.




Thursday – Over night, Uranus stationed to retrograde motion. Me-time becomes sacred in connecting the fragmented parts of yourself. You have the challenge to stand for yourself without fractioning off the whole of you or your part of your collectives. (i.e. Your family, friends, peers, associations, etc.). This Week’s Considerations reveal more on this 5-month period.




Friday – Jupiter and Pluto butt heads today. Jupiter should win the conflict because he’s the Direct Motion one. So when the poo-poo shows up, redirect it to those who are actually responsible. Own what is yours, and show the path to the high road. That’s how you engage your Jupiter in the Pluto conflict!

Social-20pixProductivity-20pixLow Profile-20pix




Saturday – Count of your accomplishments. Feel good for how they advanced you to where you are today. Treat yourself with the honor you feel these upliftments deserve. Then, if you can, just release the emotional attachment to these things, objects, and titles that demonstrated who you were and what you did well then to make space for a new recognition. What would you like to be recognized for in the near future? What accomplishment would elevate you like those you have enjoyed in the past?

Social-20pixPurge-20pixProductivity-20pixLow Profile-20pix



Sunday – Forget “the day of rest,” this busy Aquarius Moon Sunday will get excited by many things. Be social, get stimulated, try something new. The eclipse energy for tomorrow is even more palatable, get the nerves out as best you know how.




Monday – Eclipse #1 of 2 for August 2017. News likely is flying around like popcorn, and it won’t always be pretty. This south node eclipse flushes out the gossip and bad friends so to discover a greater truth and stand for something that moves you. Again, the eclipse joins a combust Mars, so use your Mars to dump out the anxiety, nerves, and rage that boil up to the surface. No need to fully comprehend why, just get it out of your body. Exercise, sex, and physical labor are all good Mars archetypes to help move things along.



Legend Key:

Accomplishment-45pix Accomplishment Creativity-45pix Creativity Fun-45pix Fun
Journal-45pix Journal Love-45pix Love Low Profile-45pix Low Profile
Productivity-45pix Productive Purge-45pix Purge Social-45pix Social
Adventure-45pix Adventure


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