Why You Should Lay Low Before Mercury Retrograde & Mars in Pisces Next Monday – AKA Electoral College Day


This week seems straightforward, but you might want to keep your distance and do the minimum possible.

Next Monday, December 19th, is beyond whopper. Mars moves into Pisces and Mercury goes Retrograde all during the Moon in Virgo.

These alone can proliferate all sorts of unexpected shifts and grumpiness, especially over the next month.

And just when you start to get used to sludgy Mars in Pisces (he’s really not happy there), Uranus stations Direct December 29th. (Take note: that somehow is only 2 weeks away).

The inner journey about your convictions, the circles you travel with, and your higher calling since end of July shifts outward.

I know several people who went outside their comfort zones and volunteered in U.S. election process; and after the results, found space and time to start doing civic duty for the first time.

That’s Uranus turning Direct. It takes a while to turn, but you totally can feel the pull now. Likely, you won’t do anything about it until Uranus is Direct in the New Year.

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Why I Predict that Donald Trump Will Not President

Like I said a few weeks ago, we cannot know what exactly, but something big is happening on the U.S. Electoral College Day because ALL these cosmic shifts happen the same day – December 19th.

Mars enters Pisces, Mercury goes Retrograde within eardrop of Pluto – which often is dramatic endings and remarkable transformations, followed by the aftermath of Uranus stationing Direct – showing there still are disgruntled groups brewing and about to come out.

Here’s my crazy prediction: We’re going to have to do a whole new re-election, (and my personal ideal way) with new candidates.

That means No Donald. No Hillary. Probably Obama for another 3-6 months.

Moon’s position during this December 19th cosmic shift helps understand the context to which all these changes are played.

Moon rules groups of people at the same time as unconscious “urges.” Conscious awareness of these unconscious draws helps unlock karmic shackles and realize the best of the sign.

Moon in Virgo brings up everything related to “duty,” – from civic duty and jobs in service (aka the electors & the president), to everyday self care, tending the physical body and necessary accommodations, taking care of others and pets, working on what needs to get done, etc.

You can see why I think large groups – including the Electoral College – will be coming from an especially trying place of “what’s right,” “what’s ending,” and “what’s broken.”

The country already is broken, but after Dec. 19th, the cosmos are ready to take it like a broken toy and try to fix it – by first undoing all the workings to get at the innermost parts. Maybe or maybe not the Electoral College will play an unexpected / unprecidented part in this way.

On a societal and collective level, those less attuned to the energetic influences can be easily swayed, angered, made depressed, and feel like the world is ending.

That’s dramatic, I know…

People will do things that have no logic because these astrological aspects can make them feel small, overworked, malnourished in body and spirit, and the lie that no one cares about them.


Enough of that Neverending Stress. What About Me?

During the Retrograde with Mars in Pisces and eventually Uranus Direct, you will be asked to let go of more mental clutter preventing you from releasing your best work – aka your duty – to share your gifts with the world.

So you might be thinking, “Why not get more done this week while it’s still not this astrological intensity?”

Because just before a Retrograde period, it’s the current stories that will play out, undo, and reorganize during and immediately after the Retrograde period.

This week, then, better would be utilized in seeing the stories going on and doing the emotional work to detach from their outcome to find an even better solution.

Cosmos are always rooting for you, believe it or not.

So all this, it’s gonna get messy.

Just think of it as confetti to usher in a new way. (It has to get cleaned up at some point – that Virgo Moon – that’s her specialty). Oh, and I had a great writeup here on Mercury Retrograde a couple weeks ago.

psst! Refresh on my great writeup here on Mercury Retrograde Prep from a couple weeks ago.

Daily Considerations

As mentioned above, I recommend reflecting on the current stories playing out in your life. Let go of emotional attachments to how you perceive them and open space to loosen it so it can be reorganized in a better way.

BEST DAYS FOR INNER WORK & INTUITION: when Moon’s in Cancer, Wednesday – Thursday 4:37pm ET.  When Moon gets to Virgo Sunday afternoon – Tuesday 8:56pm ET, it’ll transfer to gut feelings and hunches. Don’t pass them off for overdoing it at brunch this weekend.

BEST DAYS TO FORGET YOUR WORRIES: when Moon in Leo Friday through Sunday ~noon ET. Give yourself a break between the inner intensities and party, live large, and temporarily forget your worries.

BEST DAYS FOR ORGANIZING: Funny enough, the same days as your inner work & intuition. Moon in Cancer helps you sort and put things away (in the garbage, in a box, in a safe place…) That’s Wednesday – Thursday 4:37pm ET. That’s better for the more emotionally loaded things. For the detail-oriented things that require focus, wait for Moon in Virgo, Sunday afternoon – Tuesday 8:56pm ET.

BEST DAY TO PRESENT: Have a video to record, a toast to make? Moon in Leo this weekend gives you great assistance to have an awesome hair day, be charismatic, and invoke smiles. Friday 8:15am – Sunday ~noon ET.

AVOID: Drafting agreements that will take longer than this week to sign (terms might change a bit anyway). Do shoot for the stars if you are making your proposals, and make it quick to complete (limited time for Mars in Aquarius).

AVOID: Getting on your high horse with a crazy man or aggressive person. They really are crazy, and it’s just not worth your energy.

READ BETWEEN THE LINES: Going to an event sponsored by someone? Check out who – it matters. Any causal agreement, just ask more questions till your inner gauge is satisfied you have the whole truth. (Mercury near Pluto can stretch the truth for self-gain and will do so through mind games).

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