This Week’s Astrological Considerations (June 8th, 2015)

Mars has been traveling forward in Gemini as Mercury has been traveling backward in it. This is to say that your Mars principle (action, forward movement, and determination, to name a few positive characteristics) has steadily been moving you forward as Mercury has been unwinding the figurative knots in your Venus desires to create and take pleasures in your life. (These were from Venus’ journey in Gemini in May).

This week is particularly special because Mars will perfect his conjunction to the Sun allowing for the possibility to see your true self in the actions you take.

I like to conceive of time as an election:whatever time I spend on one thing is voting for my life producing more of what was intended behind my action.

What version of yourself are you voting for by your time?

Too, this week Mars will reach exact sextile aspect to both Jupiter and Uranus. Sextiles are planetary relationships that easily can be missed, but they are considered gifts if you’re aware enough to find and use them. Jupiter expands and multiplies – so whatever you are doing (whether positive or negative in your life) will have double, triple or more effect than normal.

Jupiter & Mars also make a Yod/Finger of God to Pluto in Capricorn. So be mindful of how you schedule your time and energy this week! It should be in alignment to your higher goals and how you want to be known.

If you’re not in integrity, that can be revealed in an aspect like this Yod –
– Transform your aggressions into earnest efforts to become someone better.
– Expand and repeat over and over even the smallest thing that you want to be more of.

Uranus in Aries initiates by means of surprise, innovation, sudden inspiration, and even accidents. Sextile to Mars this week, you can add surprises or anything unusual, preferably spontaneously for Uranus, into what you are doing and learn something from it. This also means to look at unexpected happenings this week as potentially revealing gifts.

These planetary supports go very well with the themes I’ve discussed with Mercury Retrograde and last week’s full moon. So just when you’re bringing to light your new being, growing and discovering a truer nature to yourself today, Mercury stations to go direct at the end of the week.

Mercury stationing to go direct can feel like the brakes are being put on, like it’s difficult to get out what you need. But it’s great for clarity because it focuses the everyday quick-transition video into a still image.

This is why it’s important to make commitments to yourself during the station about what version of yourself you want to become. Read my 6 Steps to reveal your positive Mercury Retrograde Story.

So this week, I’d recommend continuing ahead in your projects this week but with some flexibility. Know what’s valuable to do, but be open to how and when it happens.

When Mercury goes direct, he will retrace the moments, thoughts, lessons, and ideas you’ve accumulated this entire Retrograde period.

If you’ve been keeping a journal, start reading your entries backwards each day, one a day, starting from June 11th (the day Mercury stations direct) until you get to May 18th (the day Mercury stationed retrograde). Each day make a conscious effort to do a to positive, or even better version of the themes/topic you did during the Mercury Retrograde period.


Gained something, want me to discuss something more in depth? Have a question? Post it here or on my FB page.

Have a great week!


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