Find Simple Pleasures

Over here, peonies have been put on sale at the markets. When I lived in Brooklyn, I would relish the few weeks of the year they bloomed.

Of course, I brought some home!

So now, I cherish the sweet smells I can capture whenever I pass them. They make me feel renewed… and I find I do smile almost every time after doing so. 🙂

What a simple pleasure!

Astrologically speaking, there are sweet and innocent moments to find pleasure in these next few days, especially when the Moon enters Aries.

And there are other aspects of arousal – sexual and aesthetic.

Plenty to look forward to!

Find where you’re drawn to and let a mini-journey deliver you to heightened senses, in the positive way.

You’ve been pushing against walls and been forced to be a skeptic these past weeks.

Now is the time to relax that protection muscle and soften a bit.

For This Week’s Considerations, I ask you to keep it simple and don’t overthink. Be drawn-in like a child to your surroundings and rebirth yourself into a purity that is uniquely yours.

Astrological Day Guides: June 5-11, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday – You may want to retreat and hide from it all, but something inside you is screaming. Listen to what’s incongruent, and make amends.
(Pisces Moon sextiles Uranus and Saturn. Sun-Mercury conjunction. Venus-Pluto opposition).

Wednesday – Listen to your intuition – it will guide you to the right place over the course of the day (thanks to a Grand Trine “translation of light”). You might be challenged, and even moreso, to speak your truth. Catch the little lies you may tell to make things sound better and see what the whole truth could bring.
(Pisces Moon trines Jupiter and Venus, squares Sun-Mercury, conjoins Neptune, and sextiles Pluto. Sun & Mercury square Neptune).

Thursday – Fly through your checklist today and (almost) be in two places at once. Highly energized and favored for going out and making things happen!
(Aries Moon, no aspects).

Friday – Let passion be your throughline today and see how it breaks you out of your routines and patterns. Love life also can be extra creative tonight. 😉
(Aries Moon sextiles Mars and squares Saturn).

Saturday – Stress can manifest on your relationships (or Libra house), looking for another (more positive) expression. You may be ready to blow it all up and start over… maybe just try to see it from a more detached view instead!
(Aries Moon makes a T-Square with Pluto and Venus, sextiles Mercury, and conjoins Uranus. Void Moon from 3:37pm ET until midnight).

Sunday – Appreciate what’s reliable – nature, a loved one, your friend… and pay it forward.
(Taurus Moon trines Saturn and squares Mars).

Monday – Invest in the worthwhile activities that lift you up and nurture you. It’s a path that keeps giving, and therefore, maybe nothing is ever “lost”…
(Taurus Moon trines Pluto and sextiles Venus).

Photo by Annie Spratt

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