In Fact, Not Broken, Still Whole.

refract-straw2Remember that science experiment on refraction where the straw looks bent, but it’s not?

You are used to seeing things one way, but when there’s multiple mediums to look through at the same time, it appears different – broken, but really it is one – whole.

This is pretty much the lesson of Mars in Pisces, where he now will be until end of January.

What you see isn’t the full reality, but you must find your way forward (even if there’s some backpedaling at times) as an integrated unit – as a person, in your relationships, and communities.

Mercury Retrograde compliments this sentiment the closest in a busy astrological week. And what you do this week and following two will influence the direction for your 2017 year, thanks to the Winter Solstice aka Capricorn Ingress.

Finally, Uranus and Saturn perfect a trine this week, breaking apart your summer dreams only to (hopefully) place you on a bigger one that you can build with responsibility.

Venus’ friendly aspects to the big guys – Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn help you relate to all this, but they’re sextiles – so you have to put some conscious effort into it.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Welcome Solstice!
Because of the holidays, there’s a break from the daily astro potentials section. You should crack down and get serious about the Winter Solstice, though.

Read more below and see how these three weeks will play into your 2017 ahead.

Mars in Pisces: Oops, I Was In Illusion, Now What? (Use My Example to Help Yourself)

Mars in Pisces travels (rather pushes, shoves, and kicks) through the land of illusion and deception as well as places of privacy and reflection (your inner temple, nook, etc).

As you know, I thought that president-elect was going to have a Hail Mary denial of his presidency. Clearly, I was in the deception. Now, I have to work through that in Pisces.

So because Mercury is Retrograde the moment Mars enters Pisces, it’s something I have to work on both mentally and emotionally.

Mentally, I’ll start by looking at my fixations on the situation and my judgments. (That’s the Mercury)

I’ll also have to sort through the emotions and intuitions (Pisces), how they interconnect and merge (again Pisces) to undo the untruths (through Mercury) and make myself whole again to renew me (Pisces).

What were your deceptions or wishful thinkings have been revealed? How can you tap into your truth?


Mercury Retrograde & Mars: What Do You Have to Say About Yourself and Your Actions So Far?

Mercury archetypes (the mind, thoughts, repetitions, multiples, neighbors, work, communication, parts in motion) all are regressing, pushing you backward and into the past.

Since Mercury went Retrograde very close to Pluto, on Tuesday, the 19th, there’s an especially deep introspection about what you stand for and what you have amounted to so far in your life.

Mars in Pisces reiterates this sentiment, just more in an emotional way.

It’s literally treading water with Mars in Pisces. It’s exhausting, heavy, and slow.

Seeing what’s made you exhausted is a good clue for finding what you’ve been doing unrealistically and out of present-day character. (So you can get by easier now).

Consider your:

  • Actions.
  • Go-to’s when you didn’t want to face what was real in favor of now-understood ungrounded aspirations.
  • Self-preserving behaviors (even if destructive… hey, even if you’re sad and sleep your sorrows away, at least it’s predictable and thus preserving).

Having to amount to something is a big responsiblity to shoulder. With such earthly, real things, you seemingly would want to be in perfect certainty that each of your actions are in confidence and calculated.

However, the Retrograde in Capricorn, Mars (the action maker) sign of Pisces… it is all about the unknown.

Comfort is found when you surrender to certainty that the unknown will always be unknown and that yes, that can be counted on.

As you’ll see in the Winter Solstice section, you’ll need to create a new framework for your life the upcoming year in this landscape.

You’ll need remember your stay positive toolbelt all this next year.


Winter Solstice: How to Structure Your Spring Initiatives Now.

Winter Solstice is Wednesday the 21st, marking the time when more and more sunlight enters the Northern Hemisphere. That’s why all these-time-of-year holidays are so HOPEFUL. It’s part of the nature of our Earth as it connects to a greater Creation in our solar system, universe, and beyond.

Winter Solstice really is a New Year, maybe moreso that the Spring Equinox. This one – the start of Sun in Capricorn – is more mental than the Spring.

You’re creating a foundation for aspirations of what you want to do over the next year.

When it comes to Spring Equinox – the start of Sun in Aries – you don’t have time to contemplate this or that like you do in the cold of winter (aka Capricorn).

In Aries/Spring, you’ll want to get out of the house and do something already, and preferably something new.

That’s why this entry into Capricorn is so significant.

You have the ability and (supposedly) time to make a structure to follow when you have the energy again (in the Spring) to initiate it.

Planning and making structures is quintessential Capricorn qualities as well as setting standards of excellence, status, and achievement.

These things do not come without some grounded nurturing the right things and some intuitive background on where to go. That’s why Capricorn is a seagoat, not just a goat. There’s a reference to Cancer – his opposite sign – in there. They need each other.

  • So be structured about this, eh?
  • Set some time off to create your next operational year (beginning Spring). Do it so you know if it’s good or not when you make it.
  • Defined goals and milestone with date and something measurable to evaluate your progress.
  • Create some loopholes for decisions, and shifts to make.

Remember, this Capricorn cycle is defined with a Mercury Retrograde, Mars in Pisces, a Uranus-Saturn trine, and Venus sextile to Uranus and Saturn .

Meaning, these themes of sorting through your illusions, tapping into your unknown, calling out your false promises, burning attachments and karma by the force of your inspiration, and then putting it all back together again, figuring out how you relate to it all and who is involved and… that is ALL YEAR. Not just this week.

If you look at this week and next, you’ll see lots of reflections of this moment thematically in feeling and activity throughout 2017.


Happy Holidays. Make some time to set yourself up for success and being true to yourself.


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