Collaborate & Let Go. Fast-Forward to New Dreams.

I come from a family that collected things. Some might call them hoarders because it seems they never let go of anything.

For over 35 years, my grandparents would schedule regular trips across several states to go to antique auctions, flea markets and garage sales. It fit into my grandma’s dream to have an antique shop. Except the shop didn’t take off, the habit continued, and their inventory became nested tetris blocks in their home.

Those items meant something to my family. They represented the spirit of adventure. They represented dreams. They represented an inheritance of value to leave to the family.

And now, the family is ready to let go of the objects behind those significance leaving years of work to photograph and package everything into an Etsy store.

The questions now are – is this junk? Is this valuable? Is this worth my time? What’s my duty to finish this legacy and what’s my own path?

They’re ready to let go… after decades of holding.

The eclipse in 2 weeks is preparing for you to let go of something you’ve held strongly to, particularly if you have planets at degrees of 0-8 degrees Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.

This kind of eclipse – because where it’s situated to the moon’s nodes – is about letting go and releasing. That’s how the energy activates the chart.

I’ve observed, the more you collaborate with the energies, the better it usually flows.

That’s why This Week’s Considerations in dedicated to simple way to let go.

Whether your stuff is physical, emotional or mental, it’s time to put in the effort to remove the stack and release the weight.

When you do, flow creates and your true path can illuminate.

Let Go of One of These

Collaborate with the cosmic forces to grow and evolve. Eclipses are a powerful time to fast-forward your life.

As written above, this next eclipse operates by first letting go of something so you can move forward.

Free yourself to realize an even better, more fulfilled life.

Simple Work:

Feel deeply into the lifestyle and joy want to live in. Then spend 5-10 minutes brainstorming any resistance, struggle, stops, or slows to making your life the way you want. Commit your next two weeks to working on releasing – or making a way for it to keep releasing.

Hint: What you let go doesn’t have to be major. It can be something you’ve been ready to do for a while, but for whatever reason time is ripe now!

Free yourself to realize an even better, more fulfilled life.

Advanced Work:

Follow the steps below to find out what section to read. Then in meditation, choose to work on 1 or 2 that resonate the strongest as being dead weight in your life, even if your want to avoid it.

If you need help interpreting this advanced work below, you can book a session with me, just email me at

1) Go to your natal and progressed charts you’ve received from me or for free from

2) Look at the degrees of the planets. If you have something between 0-8 in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, then keep going. If not, it’s your choice on whether to continue or not (energy is present but as strong for you personally).

3) Look up the planet’s sign and the house it inhabits for the archetypes listed below that resonate strongest with you.

(Hint: If you find planets in your natal or solar arc progressed charts, they likely will have a more external/visible influence. The secondary progressions will show more internal/personal influences).

4) Get in action and collaborate with the cosmos.

1st House/Aries – Ego. First Impressions. Personality. Initiative. Head.

2nd House / Taurus – Money. Values. Self-Construct. Self-Image. Throat.

3rd House / Gemini – Siblings. Communications. Conversations. Notes, letters, diaries, journals, etc. Neighbors. Options, choices, multiplicities. Arms.

4th House / Cancer – Home. Family. Mother. Foundations. Roots. Personal History. Breasts.

5th House / Leo – Creativity. The Arts. Personal Expression. Loyalty. Nobility. Championing. Protection. Pride. Ego. Lovers. Heart & Chest.

6th House / Virgo – Everyday Routines & Responsibilities. Co-Workers. Employees / Those Who Serve You. Studying. Processes. Purity. Cleanliness. Hygiene. Intestines.

7th House / Libra – Partnerships. Marriages. Clients. Audiences. Open Enemies.

8th House / Scorpio – Inheritance. Sexuality. Rebirth. Transitions. Transformations. Sudden changes. Finances & Financial Products. Debts. Fears. Commitments. Subconscious Archetypes. Psychology. Strategy. Genitals.

9th House / Sagittarius – Philosophy. Outlook. Foreign/Unfamiliar Things and Places. Travel. Voyages. Meditation. Finding Awareness/Consciousness. Passion. Vision. Adventure. Hips & Thighs.

10th House / Capricorn – Career. Father. Goals. Objectives. Structure. Outward Appearances. Surface. Skin, Bones, Spine.

11th House / Aquarius – Aspirations. Outer Space. Science. Collectivism. Humanism. Individual Expression. Eccentric. Unpredictable. Spontaneous. Surprising. Sudden Changes. Explosive. Electricity. Online/Internet. Ankles.

12th House / Pisces – Dreams. Sleep. Unconscious. Blind Spots. Imprisonment / Isolation. Secret Lovers. Hidden Enemies. Wisdom. Spirituality. Oneness. Feet.

Focus on The Result & The Dream

Remember to keep your eye on the prize.

For me, the eclipse is hitting my Sun in Aquarius in the 7th House as well as 3 planets in Scorpio in my 4th house. I’m going to be putting in some last efforts to help get my family’s Etsy store online. By letting go of family things, a new relationship to our “collections” is placed from personal to online.

Time to let go of the past to make room for the future and all it can do to help my family grow in their personal dreams.

Maybe my uncle gets a new home near his sons in Colorado. Maybe my dad can build his dream model train set environment.

I don’t know exactly what will happen, but I do know new dreams will be made possible by letting go.

Astrological Day Guides: July 17 – 23, 2018

Wednesday – Quiet day without much distraction. Let yourself integrate and balance more. For example, be both structured and creative, analytical and intuitive, or social and internal. If you get more on one side, stimulate yourself with the opposite to re-equilibrate.
(No aspects. Libra Moon).

Thursday – Sensitive but open, today’s mood is good for taking in new ideas and approaches. Go look for inspiration and apply the insights straight away. If someone challenges you, search for a solution that works for everyone.
(Libra Moon sextiles Mercury, and squares Sun before going void at 3:52pm EDT. Scorpio Moon begins at 9:13pm).

Friday – Give credit to yourself on what you’ve mastered and how much you’ve grown. Let yourself feel powerful and influential because you are. Lean into your strengths and exercise them without restrain. Not a day to be shy, my friend.
(Scorpio Moon square Mars, sextile Venus and conjoins Jupiter).

Saturday – Take care of unfinished business. Champion what you care about. Make some lasting changes that can transform for the positive.
(Scorpio Moon sextiles Pluto and squares Mercury).

Sunday – Break free of old habits and mindsets that keep you down. Time to hold yourself to those high ideals and go after them, one smart step forward at a time. Shine.
(Sagittarius Moon sextiles Mars. Venus-Jupiter sextile. Sun enters Leo).

Monday – You might find some friction between what you want to do and what you need to today. Allow yourself to truly make your own choices, don’t be swayed to “put out the fires” that your inbox might deliver. If you have a hard time with the decisions, go back to what you value as most important and let that be the driver.
(Sagittarius Moon square Venus and Neptune).

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