Belong. Heal. Integrate. Neptune Retrograde – June 16 – Nov. 22, 2017

NASA-Jet-Propulsion-Sky-Universe-KristenTodayEver since I was a little girl, I remember internally reinforcing, “Trust Your Instincts, Kristen!” What I really meant was “Trust Your Intuition!,” but I had not yet known the word.

I’d say that whenever I had a thought that something would be one way, I ignored it, and then it happened anyway.

There was a knowing inside of me that I wanted to trust, but my mind was in the way and I knew it.

I kept working on it, and my intuition developed with practice over time.

First it was in synchronicities: picking up the phone and knowing who it was (before caller ID); thinking/praying one thing and then seeing it come to life a few weeks later…

…Fast forward to a series of workshops at the end of 2012 where I had a serious mindshift.

I no longer thought of myself as a result of a greater thing orchestrating me – aka synchronicity – but I thought of myself as an important agent in co-creating that greater thing orchestrating the All that we all live in.

Follow me? Basically, I realized that I created change in the world just as much as the world affected me… and on an energetic mindset level.

That sounds simple, but what would happen is barely describable.

The interactions and images would play out almost immediately before my eyes in a way I thought symbolically. They were answers to the important and meaningless questions my mind would generate.

I felt like I was talking one-and-one with the unseen Maestro but also a part of this great Cosmic Play at the same time.

I belonged to a greatness beyond me; but I was also just single, alone me.

This profound change was all in the context of a Neptune Retrograde, and archetypally speaking, quintessentially so.

You too have this planetary condition starting this week until approximately Thanksgiving time (end of November).

Neptune stations Retrograde on Friday the 16th, and all week waves of emotional mud will land around you – whether it’s personal, in the news, or amongst family (that depends how 14°16’ Pisces interacts with your chart).

Retrograde brings the story inward and puts the world’s problems on your shoulders.

Now, breathe.

The world’s problems are not your responsibility – only you need to recognize what is your domino to affect the positive change in it (and work on that).

Astrology’s teaching of the 1st and 7th house axis is a lesson in healing called “mirroring.”

Basically, your inner world reflects how you observe your outer world. Likewise the outer world confronts you as a representation of your inner world.

Working inwardly or outwardly heals the other.

Just like caring for the outer collective needs (i.e. sanitation, healthy water, food…) helps YOU, healing yourself heals the world around you.

The inward story of Neptune Retrograde is about your healing to become integrated and whole.

See, you have this seeming conflict of “collective and other” vs. “self.”

In Neptune’s perspective, there is no true separation – you, me, and we are all part the same Oneness.

Like cells in one body, we carry different roles like the organs do, yet we are all part of the same body. One cell is integrally needed to survive as a whole.

Together, this collection of “cells,” us individual humans are one living Being called Humanity.

Like your body, Humanity can harmonize and integrate its functions if given the right environment.

What environment YOU need, though, is totally individual.

It is your perceptions and series of trial-and-error that makes you know what makes you feel good.

Whether it’s food, activity, exercise, stimulation, relaxation, or whatever breadth of human experience, it for you to figure out so you can become whole.

When you find your own center, you “click in” to where you belong without effort. Think “hive mentality.”

If you are off-balance, the whole organ or organism is not at optimal level.

This is why you have a responsibility to yourself in the context of your outer world – whether it’s your relationships, family, or colleagues. This the overlapping nature of who we are.

This is the play between you and the world, and likewise your inner world with your actions in it.

It is Neptune who gives you the search for belonging within your singularity.

Like a single flame is a sea of darkness, you have to align all the parts of yourself to become pure you.

You strive for this as wholeheartedly as you are able today, even though it’s a lifelong work.

To do that, on an emotional level, Neptune helps:

  • Dissolve… washing away former significance so you find what’s even purer.
  • Merge… bringing together former dissonance so you better communicate.
  • Fade & Shade… bringing range to former automatic behaviors to tap you into your own humanity.
  • Blur… your focus so you consider a greater scope in your actions.
  • Numb… the pain so it’s all seems easier.

On a more negative manifestation, Neptune (especially in Retrograde) can bring:

  • Depression
  • Overwhelm
  • Yearning
  • Addictions
  • Dependency / Codependency
  • Illusions / Delusions
  • Out of Touch with Reality
  • Distance / Retreat from Living

A major reason why negative manifestations happen is because the Neptune energy is a LOT to manage.

It can be scary to dive deep into such intimate place, places where there’s beauty, sure, but also where there is pain and grief.

If you have a tendency to fall into these behaviors, please check in regularly with yourself until Thanksgiving (about when Neptune stations Direct).

Too, if these more negative manifestations start to rear their head, seek professional counsel that can help you restore balance and perspective on reality.


The best way I’ve found to get out of negative manifestations is to make constant action to do a more positive version despite the strength of my feelings.

This is a true test of strength of character, and it’s also a way to build that strength and resilience.

When I had my 2012 Neptune Retrograde breakthroughs, I had to:

  1. open (not force) myself to evolve my beliefs, to see the world in a different light.
  2. test my new powers of mind over matter over and over again to believe not only it, but myself.
  3. face my darker sides not as “bad” but as “experiences” that hold value, lessons, and character to who I am and why “I” am here.

In a greater context, once Neptune goes Direct at the end of November, Saturn only has another month tour in Sagittarius until another 27 years.

This Neptune Retrograde helps you develop your powers of belief to pull you through difficult moments to do what is right for you when it comes time to be in outward actions.

The outer work with Saturn brings structure to realize the greater truths within yourself that no longer are believed but proven in reality.

Day Guides: June 13 – 19, 2017

Read this week’s Day Guides on the entirety. There’s a lot of overlap. Then get specific as you need to each day.

Tuesday –  Challenge yourself to prioritize your inner vision and set the stage for paring down commitments that actually don’t need your energy. Your relationship with yourself is about to deepen and can become more pure with Neptune Retrograde, discussed in This Week’s Considerations. Mercury in Gemini trines Jupiter then squares Neptune, setting the stage to stabilize your inner knowing and how to divide your efforts among true responsibilities.

Social-20pix Productivity-20pix Journal-20pix Fun-20pix Creativity-20pix



Wednesday – Exciting and energized Moon in Aquarius makes favorable aspects to Sun, Saturn and Uranus. It’s intense, yet take advantage of it to make the connections you’ve been waiting to do! Also, it’s a good day to do an everyday task in a different way just to see if there’s a better way. Aquarius Moon does not want you to be a creature of habit!




Thursday – Sun-Saturn perfects an opposition today with Moon in Pisces. It confronts your cynicism and simultaneously calls out your earnest quest to understand and learn. Over the past 2 years, you’ve been on a Saturn quest to map out how your renewed understanding of self can manifest in the world. What does it take to put that together? In the practicalities of everyday life, Sun feels small to this greater picture but open (if you’re careful not to judge and demote yourself). Find the childlike innocence inside that doesn’t get yet how this new life works but is curious. It’s the innate sense of belief that drives us to figure out what formerly was magical in the land of imagination to become reality. That’s why the Neptune Retrograde period will help you bridge, starting tomorrow. Give yourself the gift of that pure, hopeful state.

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Friday – Moon approaches Neptune as she turns Retrograde at 7:09am EDT. Time to collect all your wisdom – from this present life and what you know without explanation to guide the mending of you. Dive into the inner work of harmonizing your seeming conflicts with the energy of love that binds all. Don’t do it haphazardly like an inner Frankenstein. You are not a freak; you are a work of nature. Cultivate your inner garden of ideas, mysticism, and belief so they season in a never-ending cascade as rich and diverse as the soul you are. It’s time to play your A-game and show – in softness – your true powers.

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Saturday – Long void moon from 7:33am-1:55pm EDT coming from a Pisces Moon. Talk about a lazy morning! Stay in your pj’s, read a good book, and tickle a hello inside to your simple pleasures. Then when moon enters Aries in the afternoon, enjoy that “initiating” energy and get moving, however it inspires you.

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Sunday – Be careful with your words today because it’s easy to just want to speak before thinking, especially if you’re in the seeming comforts of family for Father’s Day. Moon is in Aries and makes everyone a more irrational and impulsive. Too, remember Mars is in Cancer (the family), so your interpersonal stuff can come up. Oh boy! Just keep it to yourself, eh? And if others act up, try to mitigate by changing subjects, because that’s what an Aries moon aspects so many planets today is good for.
* Possible subjects to plan for the non-confrontational aspect of them: new relationships you’ve made for business and friends; social outings, networking opportunities made; contracts and deals upcoming.
*Avoid: “your plans,” “he said/she said,” and talks that aren’t yet finalized (no false hopes and unsolicited advice for negotiations); the dreamer pigeonhole.




Monday – The day is mostly an Aries Moon, allowing you to initiate your week’s projects ahead with a strong start. If you can foresee what will be difficult to finish on your own, make those connections today to help get the help you need to reach your goals by the end of the week. From 3:42pm – 5:53pm EDT, Moon is void. Gather up what you accomplished today (and last week), try to see what’s happening from an outside perspective, and reorganize your action plan as needed. The Taurus Moon now following will help you harvest the benefits to move that energy around and get to you what matters most.




Legend Key:

Accomplishment-45pix Accomplishment Creativity-45pix Creativity Fun-45pix Fun
Journal-45pix Journal Love-45pix Love Low Profile-45pix Low Profile
Productivity-45pix Productive Purge-45pix Purge Social-45pix Social
Adventure-45pix Adventure

Picture: WISE Image of entire sky by NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA

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