Drop The Mic for 2016. Uranus Direct, Mercury Retrograde, and Mars As Your Year-End Collaborators

hulk-hogan-womanIt’s New Year’s Aspirations (to turn into Resolutions throughout 2017) time. Both a period of action and reflection simultaneously, it’s a good thing the planets support it all this week.

Check out the Day Guides below to measure your efforts and end 2016 with a GOLD STAR!.

Read the brief below on Uranus Direct’s surprises, Mercury Retrograde Week 2’s revelations, and Mars’ slosh through Pisces to meet up with Neptune.



Day Guide: Astrological Affinities for Your Work & Life

Being intentional with end of year activities may seem like a joke to you. You need to make s*** happen to reach year-end goals. You’re more aware of the markers (usually financial) of how things are going. That brings an added intensity to “doing”, but it also puts you in a reflective place to propel you forward into a new year’s cycle.

Day Guides below help you shape your week to get the best of it all – wrapping up 2016, getting ready for 2017, and partying with your kin. Cheers!

Tuesday – Use your post-holiday, long-weekend high to setup stellar connections for the new year. It’s a particularly visionary day where you can enroll others to be a part of the awesome you’re creating.

Wednesday – Buckle down and get into the nitty-grit. Analyze what’s going on – skip the overview and look at the details. Moon in Capricorn coupled with Mercury Retrograde aspects will reveal otherwise hidden truths as clear, hard facts. Useful.

Thursday – Firecrackers today. Entertain the many voices and put best foot forward. A taxing day energetically, but it is productive. Keep your de-stress kit within arm’s reach. And I don’t say this often, but keep going as long as it takes.

Friday – Clean slate for 2017’s fresh start today. Moon is Void all day. Meaning, you have time to recover from yesterday’s intensity and do the things you put off, until now.

Saturday – Social and inspired, bring in the new year with the people you love. This New Year with Moon in Aquarius promises for impassioned expression and breaking from the norms – might as well surround yourself with the good people who sympathize with you.

Sunday – Happy New Year! Festivities continue. Support your New Year Aspirations with the people, information, and resources you’ll need to collect and organize to turn them into Resolutions. Mars-Neptune join to help you tap into ones that matter. Moon in Aquarius aspects Jupiter and Saturn to help you identify your key people to aim to partner with and a do-able plan to follow.

Monday – A slow and internal day. Continue to enjoy the benefits of Mars-Neptune conjunction yesterday as well as Moon now in Pisces. Nurture yourself by check your aspirations set up yesterday to match whatever success means in the values of your soul. Venus enters Pisces tomorrow and will report for duty in this way immediately.


Reflect Strategically on Year’s Past for 2017’s Future

Becoming aware of your past year is a natural activity for the last week of December.

This is what the cosmos want you to reflect on:

July –

Uranus goes Direct on Thursday early morning (4:29am Eastern). Since the very end of July, he’s been Retrograde, radicalizing your inner sense of self.

Maybe you feel more fractured and confused, or maybe you feel more inspired to a greater cause. Both are Uranus stories – take note of them.

Turning Direct, Uranus now externalizes these stories to reflect them back to you through your groups, associations, and friends, OR more consciously manifested, through making your projects reality to your inner circles to test-drive what you have going on.

Uranus is full of surprises and sudden shifts, he rules accidents, explosions, and sudden endings because of that.

Be extra careful on Thursday/Friday as everyone gets used to the subtle, but present energy shift.

The Uranus Direct is also a welcomed shift of enthusiasm to counter all the emotional tides and weights that Mars and Neptune bring in Pisces.

End of August –

Mars approaches a conjunction to Neptune this week, bringing up the story at the end of August where Mars – your inner rebel – begrudgingly had to negotiate between Neptune’s dream to be big and Saturn’s immediate pressure for structure and purpose with visionary actions. (More on that struggle here).


Mercury help you recall all that and what flooded into your September, by aspecting Neptune, Mars, and finally Venus, all this week. Because it’s Week 2 of Retrograde for Mercury…

…you may have to untie some of the verbal agreements you made with yourself end-of-summer and get ready to adjust your action plans what standards hold in this new realistic version of visionary means.

Remember last week’s reality check & the  Winter Solstice / Sun entering Capricorn homework last week? (It’s still pertinent this week, review it).

Present Day

Be ready to see your reality as it really is. Uranus Direct is like a flashlight to wherever Aries is in your chart. And, Mars is the eyes shining light on your Neptune obsessions – whether positive or negative.

Venus soon is entering Pisces, her favorite sign. There she’ll sing the secrets of your soul and help you connect the days in-out to make this all make sense.

First, get the right stuff done. Check out that Day Guide above!


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